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The Bet #2020

The Bet What would you do if a famous producer approached you at a club and told you he wants to make you a star Would you take the leap Brando Nash is a bad boy with a wall of platinum records and a line of

  • Title: The Bet
  • Author: J.D. Hawkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Bet By J.D. Hawkins, What would you do if a famous producer approached you at a club and told you he wants to make you a star Would you take the leap Brando Nash is a bad boy with a wall of platinum records and a line of girls just begging to work with him and under him And he wants to make me famous Who could say no But I m not in this for cheap thrills, no matter how hard his body is,What would you do if a famous producer approached you at a club and told you he wants to make you a star Would you take the leap Brando Nash is a bad boy with a wall of platinum records and a line of girls just begging to work with him and under him And he wants to make me famous Who could say no But I m not in this for cheap thrills, no matter how hard his body is, or how good he is at charming my panties off When we start working together, I fight to keep my heart in check He s unbelievably hot, a musical genius and a dirty talking, arrogant playboy There s no way I can resist But when I find out he s just in this for a bet, everything changes I m not just a dirty game With my heart and career on the line, I have too much at stake Can I risk it all and give him a second chance The Bet is a full length, stand alone romance starring a dirty talking alpha male If over the top sexual fantasy and out of control chemistry offend you, don t buy this bestselling book This was previously published as Brando 1 and Brando 2 and contains additional scenes.

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      213 J.D. Hawkins
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    1 thought on “The Bet

    1. 4.5 Phenomenal stars NOTE The Bet is a combined version of J.D s novella series Brando with a few additional senses.Wow THE BET,was just amazing.They were so many things I loved about about this book.The characters,the plot line,the writing style as always and justWell,Everything Brando Haleyare two very interesting characters to love and follow I ve read numerous Rock Star and Hollowood books.But INSPITE of all that, this book still managed to have that amazingly fresh feeling with its original [...]

    2. UK UK THE BET was previously published as Brando 1 and Brando 2 but is now presented as one full length novel with additional scenes THE BET is an erotic romance about one girls dream and a man with his eyes set on his perception of, the perfect prize The premise caught my attention with the bet, an agreement of sorts I cannot resist this kind of book combined with ingredients that culminate in pure gorgeous light and breezy romantic reading with a dash of angst and an abundance of sexy moments [...]

    3. I m going to do this review a little differently I read Brando part 1 2 last fall And it quickly became my favorite out of all of JD s books So when I was asked to do a reread of the full length version, with some new scenes, that was also renamed, along with a new cover RIP Stu called The Bet I said HELL YES I loved it even the second time around So instead of rewriting my reviews or trying to merge them into one, I m going to break them down into 2 parts These are my original reviews The thin [...]

    4. Hey Lucky Readers I read the original, Brando parts one and two, but Now it s combined in this one sexy book with extra scenes Yay Get your hands on The Bet today I ve been Brando ed Hard.is story is a very sexy, eye guzzling, heart melting read Brando Nash is my favorite all in one kind of alpha man package Sure he s bold and brash on the outside, but so very cuddly and sweet on the inside What I really loved was seeing the chink in Brando s white knight armor, making him feel so authentic and [...]

    5. This was a well written romance with a great story line What I enjoyed the most though was that J.D.Hawkins, inserted all the details regarding the music industry in such a realistic way, that never appeared as unnecessary info BRAVO

    6. Dear ALL THINGS HOLY I m gonna need a minute or 100 Phew Ok, I m going to cut to the chase first thing and say, READ THIS BOOK This is a fresh, sexy duet that will leave you breathless and smiling ridiculously I could not have cheered for a couple any harder.There was begging and pleading for a Brando book when we all finished Insatiable What I just read exceeded my expectations Not just exceeded blew them out of the water.JD added a great depth to the playboy from the Bronx we met in Insatiable [...]

    7. Part 1 Four minutes What can you accomplish in four minutes You can t learn how to dance a tango, but you could dance one I was watching Strictly Come Dancing when I wrote this.You could, however, find a star and wish upon it then just as you reach to grasp it, it slips away, like a snowflake in L.A.Brando yes he is a player BigBoldBrashBrando Surf dude But bless his little cotton socks, he has a heart as big as the universe He falls hard He falls fast.JD Hawkins writes with humour He writes lik [...]

    8. Wow Just Wow I have read everything that JD Hawkins has published and although he would be considered a somewhat newer writer each book seems to get better and better I could not put this book down until I finishedat is how well it is written and how it kept my attentionJD s writing literally blew me away I was in amazement about how this author has grown in such a short time I am not even sure I can describe whyjust the way the words flowed and how descriptive they are, the metaphors he uses, m [...]

    9. I originally read this when it was Brando Pt 1 and 2 but now it contains new scenes You definitely want to check it out and best thing no cliffie Here s my review for Pt 1 and 2 Pt 1.Well sh t, JD outdid himself this time Brando is my favorite of his characters to date We all wanted to know his story when we first met him in the Insatiable series which, if you haven t read yet, is super hot , and what a story he has Brando is super sexy, a bit wounded, a bit of a manwhore, but overall, he s such [...]

    10. 2 book series I thought it would be brief and smuttish, but it was Liked it Review to come Meanwhile follow me and my book adventures at Bookshelves and Everything Else Keep reading

    11. Who doesn t have hopes, dreams, and aspirationscially about becoming a famous musician JD Hawkins takes you on a wild ride of one young woman s dreams about to become a reality all because of The Bet Haley is a true independent artist and has aspirations of being center stage, playing her music for her fans The only problem is how does she get there Brando is an A R along with being one of the biggest players known to mankind His former girlfriend used to be one of the artist he represented unti [...]

    12. I m a big fan of J.D Hawkins and the male narrator POV I read Brando and Brando Part Two on their release dates and I can t wait to do a re read with The Bet and some new scenes Yum

    13. I LOVE Brando and Haley In this book, we get to watch Brando grow as a man, and Haley is just the one to do it JD Hawkins knows how to suck you in and keep your attention through the pages Highly recommended if you are looking for a hot read

    14. Whew Brando Nash is hot, sexy, and determined The writing is amazing You felt and heard Everything that went on Haley is this aspiring singer with raw talent and it was the bet that brought those two love birds together I love Haley She doesn t take anyone s shit She never compromises her art for sales, she loves music and art of music She s a spitfire, sarcastic, beautiful, and stubborn Yet, she s passionate Determined.just as determined as Brando.Brando was a playboy who still has the hots for [...]

    15. 3.75 stars Alluring characters, catchy proposition, but the writing fell short of completely captivating with characters that seemed always at the precipice of being real.Cocky hot talent manager Brando delivered in the bedroom but was underwhelming in his relationships The music industry was a great backdrop with lots of interesting details weaved in The intriguing premise of trying to get back your ex lured me in, but the story came up short in revealing all of Brando and Haley to us For examp [...]

    16. The Bet was previously published as Brando, Parts 1 and 2 I reread it and stand by my original review 5 big, bold, brash Brando stars There s something special about JD Hawkins s writing and it all comes shining through in The Bet, his third effort I ll attempt to explain what that is.We met Brando Nash in Hawkins s debut, Insatiable which if you haven t read, you really must as Jax s best friend You don t need to have read Insatiable to read The Bet, although if you did, you might be predispose [...]

    17. A very good storyI liked this story This author always has strong characters who are smart and good Both characters grew throughout the book It s fun to read a story about a female musician who is not a diva, although there is one in this book A good story you will want to read.

    18. I really enjoyed this story, I loved the drama and the musician aspect It was a little too quick in the insta love department, but it was a sweet romance despite all the bs I will say, I m glad I ve never needed to operate in the entertainment industry

    19. I really enjoyed this book This author a man is really good I love his books, Cocky Chef and Confessions of a Bad Boy Well written I love the Hero s POV You will love this book

    20. Quick and cuteThis was a quick read Very cute book I liked the premise of the book and the storyline And how could you not love Brandi

    21. No cliffhangerStandaloneTold from both POVsNo major editing issuesI always love storylines around bets so just based on the title alone I was likely to purchase this book and it didn t disappoint.Haley is a struggling musician who just needs to find the right break Brando is an AR for Majestic Records who is just trying to forget the girl who broke his heart.Their paths never should have crossed but thanks to a bet they do And man oh man the chemistry is off the charts see what I did there They [...]

    22. 4 This Seems Familiar StarsI ve finally found my way out from under the rock I ve been living under, apparently Where have I been that I haven t read J.D Hawkins yet Brando may be the first book I ve read by him, but it most definitely won t be the last I m seriously diving into Brando 2 asap and then as soon as I get a break in my reading schedule I am going to binge on his entire backlist Brando was pretty much everything I could want in a sexy little package Brando Nash is a music executive H [...]

    23. No matter how much I wanted to, I couldn t warm up to the male lead He is too loud and unthinking to work for me, but hey, maybe his good looks and boldness are for you, gentle reader As for me, the music business background and the female lead made this book worth my while.

    24. J.D Hawkins proved again that he has the talent to write,and with this book he shined The Bet was meticulously crafted with creative charactersand extensive research in the music industry BigldashBRANDO This is exactlywhat we get with every extraordinary chapter.From the Prologue to the end it was just a perfectcombination of incredible chapters JD has craftedthe art of writing memorable sexy scenes He adds drama,laughter and awe inspiring knowledge within his descriptions I pant and moan, barle [...]

    25. I really liked this book it was well written and had a great story line.I didn t give it 5 stars because some scenes were weird and Brando sometimes passed me off There was a scene view spoiler of him jerking off to her video hide spoiler that I thought was creepy as hell and didn t find it cute at all Don t get me wrong I like him I just don t love him His obsession with Lexi was stupid I get it she broke your heart and that stays with you what got me was that at first, he wanted her back to be [...]

    26. Four stars for Brando.So, if you ve read Insatiable, and you don t need to read this, this can be a standalone, you met Brando, Jaxs BFF He came off swarmy to me, and at the beginning of this book, same thing But low and behold, I ended up loving him much than Haley, the female lead Ill even go so far as in some parts of the book her character really wore me down and I was not digging her and hoping Brando just walked away She grated on my nerves Let me explain this feeling.The author ended up [...]

    27. Brilliant Best so far I loved this book How anyone can write a review and say there was no chemistry between these characters is beyond me I actually had this as Brando 1 and when I went to purchase Brando 2, I couldn t find it ANYWHERE I didn t realize JD had released it in this version as a stand alone I was so invested in the first part of the story, I literally searched everywhere for it Not just on That s how hooked on the story I had become I ended up contacting the fabulous man himself a [...]

    28. Wonderful This is such a well rounded and developed plot To me, what stand out in this plot is the realistic details There are a lot of wham bam thank you, ma am stories floating around right now, especially ones written by men This isn t one of those Brando is a music producer who makes a net with a rival, that if Brando can make new talent Haley into a star in one month, Brando can have the choice of any of his rival s acts The big thing here is on of the act s is Lexi Dark, who just happens t [...]

    29. DNF 64% Ugh.The Betis supposedly about a bet but the Hero gives up on that damn bet about 29% of the book The Hero and heroine had sex when they barely even knew each other Okay if this was some other book, maybe I would buy it at least But here s the thing 1 They have zero chemistry Like at all Nada I couldn t connect with them at all They had some when the heroine apparently needed some stress reliever The second time, if i remember correctly was when he made her famous and she was so grateful [...]

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