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Making Sense of Stream Processing #2020

Making Sense of Stream Processing None

  • Title: Making Sense of Stream Processing
  • Author: Martin Kleppmann
  • ISBN: 9781491940105
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • Making Sense of Stream Processing By Martin Kleppmann, None

    • [AZW] ☆ Making Sense of Stream Processing | By ☆ Martin Kleppmann
      352 Martin Kleppmann
    • thumbnail Title: [AZW] ☆ Making Sense of Stream Processing | By ☆ Martin Kleppmann
      Posted by:Martin Kleppmann
      Published :2019-09-23T07:46:43+00:00

    1 thought on “Making Sense of Stream Processing

    1. A succinct argument for turning the web application database inside out to simplify modern convoluted development s many moving layers of indices, caches, and derived computed views of data throughout the stack The author s solution and focus is the ordered immutable log, supporting simple normalized writes and loosely coupled re playable pipelines populating all forms of derived data for reads.Basically this book is the super short version of the path many of us have taken the hard way in webde [...]

    2. Another great book from Martin Kleppmann If you read about streams stream processing before and you re familiar with logs and stuff like that, this book does not contain any new info for you But since it s a short book, It can be a great review for you knowledge One of the awesome things about this book and Martin Kleppmann in general is that he put lots of references for each chapter for the reader to expand his her knowledge about the chapter by following to references Awesome book Totally rec [...]

    3. One of the best books that one can read on the topic of Event Stream Processing A very good account of simplifying complex solutions to issues related to modern distributed systems without betraying the basic guarantees of data consistency and integrity A very recommended read.

    4. I read then used several concepts from the book at work It s very useful for better understanding additional use cases for Kafka topics and their respective consumers processors.I particularly liked the analogy Unix pipes and how producers consumers can be loosely coupled.

    5. Very basic overview of the core concepts and benefits of using Kafka Some nice thought provoking discussion comparing databases and append only logs Many illustrations in the book were simply text that added 0 value and seem to have been added to make the book lengthier.

    6. Simply excellent It s a free download from O Reilly I would ve happily paid for it.I bought Designing Data Intensive Applications halfway through reading this.Stream processing platforms are a real change from the traditional database world They offer such a powerful set of abilities at such a low overhead.They aren t applicable to every use case but given how good they are I wonder if the use cases they don t work with become mostly irrelevant anyway If you have any interest in this area I cann [...]

    7. Nice coverage of many data base and distributed systems related concepts with clear, fluent explanation and great drawings Especially, I love the comparison of data streams esp Kafka with Unix pipes You should read this mini book if you want to review your understanding of many computer science topics.

    8. A good read, focussing of course on concepts of and solutions with Kafka Not a lot of new content, though, if you have already read Martin s and Jay s blog posts.

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