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Triztan #2020

Triztan This book is filled to the brim with hot sex scenes secrets betrayal and a whole lot of love A definite one click must It took me days to write my review because the ending OMG Megs and Her Books T

  • Title: Triztan
  • Author: Alyson Raynes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 209
  • Format: None
  • Triztan By Alyson Raynes, This book is filled to the brim with hot sex scenes, secrets, betrayal, and a whole lot of love A definite one click must It took me days to write my review because the ending OMG Megs and Her Books Triztan Petrovsky is a man who knows what he wants He likes his women curvy, open minded and ready for anything he is willing to give them in the bedroom.An adrenaline jThis book is filled to the brim with hot sex scenes, secrets, betrayal, and a whole lot of love A definite one click must It took me days to write my review because the ending OMG Megs and Her BooksTriztan Petrovsky is a man who knows what he wants He likes his women curvy, open minded and ready for anything he is willing to give them in the bedroom.An adrenaline junkie, he seeks adventure in other places and ends up falling in love with an older woman.Stephanie Stone is a school teacher that has been living a sheltered life, until one night with Triztan unleashes her deepest, sexual fantasies.Will Triztan continue with his bad boy ways, or will Stephanie be enough to finally tame his insatiable sexual appetite Pick up your copy of Triztan today.

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      Alyson Raynes

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    1. Triztan AKA Tristan is one dirty russian bad boy He moves to America to have a better education.Leaving that one person behind.That ll never be forgotten but not enough to change his ways for Change his life for.In ways than one Slutting it up with his man whore ways, swinging either way is an experience that he s always wanted To not settle down until he s all puckered out.As the years go by, the experience gets dull, boring Looking for something new on a whim he gets introduced to his buddies [...]

    2. TRIZTAN Russian Roulette 1 by Alyson RaynesOH, SO GOOD When I imagine Tristan Petrovsky and the Russian Roulette series, my mind automatically takes me to Dolph Lundgren playing Ivan Drago in Rocky 4, I must break you I had the hots for Dolph back then because of his mysteriousness and sexier than sin bod and that s exactly how I feel about Tristan He s mysterious, he s sexy as hell, and he likes to fuck a lot There is so much going on in this book besides the fact that our lead male character i [...]

    3. NO FREAKIN WAY THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPENWOW I knew I wanted Triztan s story since meeting him in the Fixer series but I didn t expect it to turn out the way it did We follow Triztan from childhood to the present and his life has never been dull He has suffered a lot of heartache and although he does get an HEA I was just so shocked at how that came together I really didn t expect that , obviously I just finished the book and I am still trying to process that ending WOW Such a fan of the male POV [...]

    4. Triztan by Alyson RaynesI beta read this book for the author for an honest review.Raise your hand if you read The Fixer Series MEEE TOO Who fell in love with Mr Tall Dark Russian Hottie with a player mentality MEEEE TOO Who couldn t WAIT to read this book and kept yelling at Alyson to get it out already MEEE TOOO Hrm, I am guessing we are best friend then LOLI met and fell in total love with Tristan in Dylan s books Don t get me wrong, I love me some Dylan BUT something about the mysterious Russ [...]

    5. If you have read The Fixer Series by Alyson Raynes then you have been introduced to Triztan already Triztan is Dylan s best friend and partner and I knew from the first time I met him I needed his story and have been patiently waiting for it Alyson did not disappoint I love Triztan, shamelessly so Yes he is a man whore but at the same time he knows that nothing is important than family and loyalty Triztan has always been enad with Anya his older sister s friend and finally gets his chance As mu [...]

    6. Triztan is quite the manwhore Never settling down and never opening his heart to a woman Well until he connects with Anya He doesn t realize the depth of his feelings for her until he is going off to college and leaves her behind That moment when they say goodbye is the first glimpse of vulnerability that he shows My heart broke for Anya knowing that she is deeply in love with this man He arrives at college and meets Dylan and they quickly grow close He spends much time with Dylan s family and t [...]

    7. I was given a copy of this book by Stephanie s Book Reports in exchange for an honest review.4 stars for Triztan by Alyson Raynes This is the first book in The Russian Roulette series, and it is a really good read.How to describe Tristan Petrovsky He is the ultimate man whore After losing his mother at a young age, he vows to never get close enough to let a woman hurt him ever again I swear he changes sexual partners like you and I change our pants Tristan leaves his home country of Russia to tr [...]

    8. Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock 4.5 fangsI loved Tristan from page 1, even his man whore ways He wasn t born into the Russian Mob, but circumstances in Russia changed where his father went into the Mob to better his family Tristan wanted to have nothing to do with that life and decided to go to America to better his education so that he would never have to depend on the life he didn t want He finds himself enad with one of his sister s friends, but he won t call [...]

    9. 4 starsTriztan has left Russia for the States to get a better education and life for himself He is enjoying his new freedom at college And the girls, Tristan is not short on having his fill of any girl that he wants When Tristan returns to Russia 4 years later, he is met with a little surprise But why did no one tell him What is he suppose to do now He knows he will have to continue to better himself so that he can provide for his family Tristan meets Stephanie and everything changes She is ligh [...]

    10. Title TriztanAuthor Alyson RaynesGenre RomanceFormat EbookPages 200Rating 4Heat 5Thoughts Wow, this was quite the ride For the most part this story is told from Triztan s POV, which isn t something you see often There were a few chapters from the POV of the leading woman in his life but there weren t many of those either At times I really didn t like Triztan, and other times I just loved him After his mother died when he was teenager so he put up walls and encased himself in the armor of sarcas [...]

    11. Triztan is a Russian immigrant, who only thinks about Hockey and having a good time with the women, for one night that is Triztan swears he will never date a woman, he loves them to bits but for that one night till he meets Stephanie that is.Stephanie is a teacher who has lived a pretty vanilla life till she sees Triztan He literally turns her life around What they both swore they wouldn t do happens They fall in love, Triztan finally meets the woman that changes his life But tragedy strikes and [...]

    12. 4.5 Sizzling Stars I knew I loved Tristan my favorite man whore from the first time I laid eyes on him while reading the Fixer Series He s cocky, sexy, mouthy and gorgeously hot Alyson writes a male POV really well There were times I d get so engrossed in his story that I almost forgot a female author had written it Well done Tristan s backstory is full of heartache, mistakes and secrets He moves to the U.S to start a new life for himself and his best friend Dylan presents him with a job opportu [...]

    13. I loved Triztan He is one hot guy He s a player in ways than one He loves women and sometimes not just one Without giving too much away, he has past baggage ex love and daughter and stuff and falls in love with Stephanie There love for each other is heartwarming I definitely had my heart in my stomach at times leaving me breathless in ways than on And I did cry too I am definitely going to invest in Alysons first series which introduces Triztan The Fixer Trilogy And I can t wait for the next t [...]

    14. This story is one that I have been patiently not patiently waiting for and DEAR god Alyson did not let me down.Triztan is one of the Hottest characters I have ever read he is sexy, cocky, all Alpha and strong, Alyson has out done herself.I wont give this story away all I will say is I has Happy, Hot, Heartbroken then Happy again Alyson bring out so many emotions out of me when im reading her books that why she is my Favorite Author

    15. WOW, This book has got me hooked I could not escape from this book until I finished the very last page and I cannot wait to see what happens next It moved along at a great pace, has amazing characters that you will fall in love with and a story that does not stop You will not be sorry that you read this book It is one of the best that I have read this year You must read this book by this fantastic author, no doubt about it.

    16. If you ve had the chance to read Alyson s Fixer series you ve already been introduced to Tristan, who is Dylan s best friend If you haven t, no worries you still need to take a look at this latest release from Alyson Raynes.Tristan Petrovsky, just thinking his name gives you delicious shivers doesn t it Tristan is one hella delicious Russian bad boy He loves the ladies and takes what he wants when he was talking it But sometimes life doesn t take you where you d think.Alyson did an amazing job g [...]

    17. Tristan is trying to make his life in the US, and stay out of whatever his father has his hands in He leaves behind Anya in Russia and try s to move forward with his life The last thing he expects is for Anya to keep a secret from him Tristan meets Stephanie, Brooke s sister, and they hit it off Will Tristan be able to let everything go and let Stephanie love him

    18. This book was soo amazing and i could not put it down at all well just couple time but anyways i love the story line about this awesome book i was in the same type of emotion and yes i did cry in this book but im not giving it away This is one book you have to read and trust me you will understand I look forward to the next book in this series.

    19. TriztanWow, what a story, loved Triztan, breaking away from his family, and leaving his country, then making a life, then basically being blackmailed back into the mob business, then so much heartbreak.

    20. After reading the Fixer Series, I was so excited to read Triztan Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed Apparently I was the only one that didn t want that ending

    21. I m normally a huge fan of this author but I have to say this book lost me I was totally bored but forced myself to read until the end I m sorry but I was totally bored not for me.

    22. Alyson Raynes did it again She really knows how to write a story in such a way that her characters walk off the page.

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