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Clean Exit #2020

Clean Exit Anton Jax Ajax Clean to those who know is a professional cleaner As in cleaner for the mob Bloodstains on your shirt No problem Fingerprints and DNA evidence all over the crime scene enough to put y

  • Title: Clean Exit
  • Author: J. Kent Holloway
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Clean Exit By J. Kent Holloway, Anton Jax Ajax Clean, to those who know is a professional cleaner As in cleaner for the mob Bloodstains on your shirt No problem Fingerprints and DNA evidence all over the crime scene, enough to put you away forever For the right price, Clean will make it all go away But now someone wants to make Ajax Clean go away His instincts told him the job was too good to be tAnton Jax Ajax Clean, to those who know is a professional cleaner As in cleaner for the mob Bloodstains on your shirt No problem Fingerprints and DNA evidence all over the crime scene, enough to put you away forever For the right price, Clean will make it all go away But now someone wants to make Ajax Clean go away His instincts told him the job was too good to be true He should have trusted them Two dead bodies, trace evidence pointing to him everywhere, and those sirens he hears in the distance Yeah, coming for him On the run, Clean will have to take help where he can get it from a half crazed voodoo hitman, a retired homicide detective, and the beautiful young medical examiner Clean is desperately trying to protect All he has to do now is survive long enough to clear his name, get some payback, and maybe, if he s lucky, make a clean exit.

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      292 J. Kent Holloway
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    1 thought on “Clean Exit

    1. And now for something a bit different from J Kent Holloway At first I was hesitant, I mean Holloway is synonymous with amazing folkloric fantasy writing, but when I started Clean Exit I was immediately sucked in The characters are well thought out and realistic, and the way the scenarios are written makes you feel like you are really there A must read

    2. An amazing new stand alone from J Kent Holloway I ve read some other people say they weren t sure how they felt about liking a bad guy I have no such reservations I absolutely adore Ajax Clean He s a cleaner for organized crime who wants to play video games on his much needed vacation He has a strong moral bearing, he knows what s right, but sometimes he just does not care Some people deserve whatever they get And this guy isn t afraid to do the squeamish work Holloway s forensic background shin [...]

    3. love or hate mr CleanDefinitely have a love hate relationship with Mr Ajax Clean, in the end I was rooting for him So many surprises and twists and turns in this awesome story It would make a great movie.i am looking forward to adventures.

    4. As an avid reader of just about every genre ever written, I do not give high recommendations lightly Therefore, this one is truly deserved I am a police officer and have sadly worked than one crazy case of the type that Ajax Clean specializes in Holloway did an excellent job of describing crime scene details in a way that the general public can understand without getting overly graphic The beetles were an interesting touch It was refreshing to have a main character of Asian descent without the [...]

    5. My rating is still 5 stars, and I actually enjoyed this book the second time around The audiobook was very well done and I greatly enjoyed it The narrator did a wonderful job of matching voices to the personalities of the characters in the story and it was very entertaining This is such a good book, and I am still waiting for the next installment in the series Original review from December 31, 2015 What a great new series by J Kent Holloway Ajax Clean is an intriguing character, as I couldn t d [...]

    6. I really liked the alternating POV s in this book J Kent Holloway once again proves how great of a writer he is I don t read a lot of crime thrillers, however, I couldn t get enough of this one and I think that comes from the author actually knowing what he s talking about All the characters are memorable for varying reasons, standouts for me are Ajax Clean, who is a fun, witty, scary character, I definitely wouldn t want to get on his bad side and he really is the sort of character that you thi [...]

    7. Clean Exit has an imaginative storyline which is supported by the author s knowledge of forensics Ajax Clean gets into some scary situations, not always his doing and he has some useful friends helping him out, most of whom are on the wrong side of the law Not that Ajax is whiter than white himself Even the most evil of characters has his saving graces and the story is peppered with a touch of humour that had me smiling on than one occasion Altogether a very good read and highly recommended if [...]

    8. A new home run series from Kent HollowayBy Miss Lyn on December 25, 2015Format Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseThis is such a great book.It contains Mr.Holloway s expertise in forensics,his marvelous sense of humor and nonstop action and thrills.Ajax Clean is a Cleaner.He cleans up crime scenes for the perpetrator and makes the murder pretty much unsolvable.This time,Ajax finds himself on the run from folks that want to make him the next victim.Many twists and turns and much mayhem ensures.I hop [...]

    9. Ready to cheer for the bad guy Meet Ajax Clean, the guy who cleans up when the underworld dirty work is finished He might work for the bad guys but he s not so bad himself You just need to get to know him Just one word of warning don t mess with his friends By the end of this book, your mouth will be watering for the next in the series.

    10. Ajax Clean is an unusual heroNot the usual hero, and certainly not the usual story line Ajax Clean is a Cleaner He cleans murder sites, working for whoever pays him I am looking forward to reading stories about him.

    11. Clean Exit is a fantastic 1st book in a new series by Kent Holloway Clean Exit is about a cleaner who cleans a crime scene for the bad guys making sure their murderer is never found Ajax a definite play on words is one of the best.Even though Ajax is on the wrong side of the law, who want the guy to stay safe It is impossible not to love him He does have standards and a soft side to him.Clean Exit has numerous twists and turns with a ton of action You are not always sure who the good guys are I [...]

    12. Kent Holloway has created endearing characters and believable plots in the Ajax Clean series.A man of many aliases and even faces, Ajax Clean is the most entertaining of sociopaths He is a cleaner who is paid big money to make murder disappear But, an old enemy inserts himself into Clean s tidy, controlled world Clean discovers an unexpected ally, out foxes mysterious enemies, and protects those he loves in this action filled novel The best thing about it It is the FIRST of a new series Love, l [...]

    13. While not Mr Holloway s debut book, this is the first crime thriller he has written, and he has definitely knocked it out of the park The story of a professional cleaner of crime scenes, Clean Exit is a fun, action packed thriller that will keep you guessing to the last chapter Mr Holloway s knowledge of forensics shine brightly with the details and this could be a handy how to guide, should you ever need to dispose of a body not that I m suggesting anything A great new series and I look forward [...]

    14. If you like crime thrillers you MUST read this book Ajax Clean Isn t your everyday criminal He gets called in after the crime to clean up their mess and get rid of all the evidence WHATat right there is enough to make this the most intriguing book I ve read in years Next, add in that is sister is a pathologist that is always trying to figure out who Ajax Clean really is and you have the makings of a great story No I don t want to spoil the FUN Just buy and read You won t be able to put it down.

    15. Clean Exit is a great crime thriller type book I was hooked quickly and enjoyed the ride all the way through I usually like my novels in the sci fi horror vein, but J Kent Holloway has good uns in those categories as well, so I picked this up Very cool, I hope there will be of Ajax Clean in the future

    16. Clean Exit is the first in the new series An Ajax Clean Thriller series by author J Kent Holloway The two main characters are Ajax Clean and Luna Mao Ching Ajax is a cleaner someone who cleans up after criminals ensuring no evidence is left behind He s also a clich of a young Asian male Luna is a medical examiner She doesn t have a big role in this except to be protected, captured and controlled by the males in the story The two have a unique relationship They both live in Florida A man from the [...]

    17. First readWas a good first read Became a little complex in the middle and hard to follow Got lost a couple of times while the story switched between the two main characters Can see the opening for continued stories Would have given 4.5 stars if available.

    18. Oh my word I love this book What an unusual character Ajax Clean is You really don t want to miss out on this crazy book, it s funny and very entertaining Can t wait for the next one

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