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The Knockout Artist #2020

The Knockout Artist The hard hitting narrative of a black boxer of uncommon promise and his descent into the New Orleans underworld A brilliant specialist in black humor Crews delivers the goods once again uncannily eff

  • Title: The Knockout Artist
  • Author: Harry Crews
  • ISBN: 9780060915742
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Knockout Artist By Harry Crews, The hard hitting narrative of a black boxer of uncommon promise and his descent into the New Orleans underworld A brilliant specialist in black humor, Crews delivers the goods once again uncannily effective Publishers Weekly
    The Knockout Artist A Novel Harry Crews Aug , The Knockout Artist A Novel Harry Crews on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Eugene Talmadge Biggs escapes poverty in Georgia to become a boxer in New Orleans, selling his soul to the city s seamy underworld for money to send home to his family The Knockout Artist Harry Crews Aug , The Knockout Artist Harry Crews on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Eugene Talmadge Biggs escapes poverty in Georgia to become a boxer in New Orleans, selling his soul to the city s seamy underworld for money to send home to his family THE KNOCKOUT ARTIST by Harry Crews Kirkus Reviews This knockout artist isn t another Mike Tyson, but an ex boxer with a jaw so glassy he makes a living by KO ing himself with roundhouse punches and that s not the only metaphor that Crews belabors in this lively but obvious novel, his second since his ten year layoff from s A Feast of Snakes to s All We Need of Hell. THE KNOCKOUT ARTIST Harry Crews Books What the Knockout Artist achieves is what great writers do make you feel something I am a huge Crews fan and this book for a fan is essential Crews has fun and takes us on a great journey into the heart through the mind of his protagonist. The Knockout Artist NPR Jul , The Knockout Artist George Garrett is a young man in the s, making his way through the world of the California Youth Authority with his two fists of fury, his wits and a secret. SIR N the_knockout_artist Instagram photos and videos .k Followers, , Following, Posts See Instagram photos and videos from SIR N the_knockout_artist

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      478 Harry Crews
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    1 thought on “The Knockout Artist

    1. I enjoyed this one far than Feast of Snakes It makes me want to read Harry Crews I d give it 5 stars but the story line of the character s signature knockout schtick didn t quite sit right with me It just didn t make sense, or if felt kind of silly to me Otherwise, I did love the characters and watching many of them sink to the bottom while the main character worked his way up from the depths Anyway, a nice twisted little tale of depravity and redemption.

    2. Probably Crews best work And the setup for the story couldn t be any better a boxer whose only skill is knocking himself out The opening sequence alone is worth it for this book I d put this one above A Feast of Snakes, if for no other reason than Crews natural tendency towards misogyny, which runs rampant in AFoS, is tampered down here because of the well crafted characters Jake serves as a natural foil for Charity, whose, for lack of a better term, using of Eugene and anyone else she can get h [...]

    3. Caveat I m a huge Harry Crews fan I ve been hooked on him since I read Celebration when it was released, then went backwards trying to find every one of his weird little feasts of testosterone and pain The closest comparison I ve ever been able to make has been a cross between John Irving s canon of masculine redemption through physical breach and Carl Hiaason s ludicrously over the top Northern Floridian swampy dark comedy I wish I liked this book better It was written while Crews was at the ta [...]

    4. crews was working on this one while i was attending the university of florida he read some of this in class, that bit in the lockerroom, where eugene has just lost a fight, his manager comes in, tells him he couldn t even knock himself outgene proceeds to coldcock himself, knocking himself out a star is born he goes on the circuit new orleans some fine american teachers make an appearance they re special people heh heh some others w crews, you have folk who have a public appearance, and a very d [...]

    5. This is my favorite Harry Crews novel thus far Critics often refer to this book as black comedy, but frankly you have to be pretty demented to find much humor in this book Really a journey right up to the edge of the moral abyss Strongly written with surprisingly endearing characters Highly recommended.

    6. This was just excellent My first full Crews novel I d only previously read a long excerpt Might also be my first real boxing novel Somehow manages to be filled with abberant behavior and social misfits and still manages to seem matter of fact and normal As I said elsewhere, kind of feels like a cross between Flannery O Connor and Thomas Pynchon Can t wait to read Crews.

    7. Riveting I spent all day Saturday and a couple hours on Sunday tearing through this one Glad to remember that can t put it down feeling

    8. Often compared to Flannery O Connor, Crews novels take place in the south and often depict down and out characters who struggle internally as much as they do with the trials they encounter daily in their convoluted and difficult lives Themes often include drinking, sex, racism, religion, etc The Knock out Artist spends too much time on the development of a character who has very little character After all of this, we still do not entirely understand his motives or actions Further, the story is a [...]

    9. Took me forever to read this book I don t know why I just wasn t into it, or it wasn t working for me, or there was other books I wanted to read It sat under my bed for weeks, then I d take it out, read a few chapters and put it away for another spell of down time I like Harry Crews style, I ve read some of his other work and thought highly of them Like I said, I m not sure why it took me so long to read Although I have to admit I first thought the plot a little lame a washed out boxer with a g [...]

    10. i was taking a course taught by harry crews, 85 87 thereaboutsd he was working on this one, brought in a few pages from the manuscript, read that bit from the locker room where the guy s trainer gives him what for after a losing fightd he knocks himself out, since that is what the trainer a man who d been like a father to him said that he could not doother story that tries to reconcile the past to the present so that there can be some sort of future.i like how this one endsere s some wild things [...]

    11. Not my favorite Harry Crews, but mostly that makes me relieved that there is a ceiling to each book of his topping the last Not my favorite Harry Crews is still damn good and weird Harry Crews.

    12. As a story about morals and identity, desire and destiny, The Knockout Artist not Chris Hero, unfortunately almost has all the right pieces But, holy shit, some drastic editing would have helped.In a way, I feel like this is what Barry Hannah s classic novella Ray would have been like had Gordon Lish not chopped it almost in half Crews goes on for a hundred pages to set up a story that ends just as the characters start to turn a corner Maybe that s what he was going for a journey and a dark yet [...]

    13. I thought the premise was kind of stupid guy makes a living by knocking himself out , but the story and characters kept me interested, and I like Crews writing style.

    14. Before this book I d only read Feast of Snakes by Harry Crews, which I absolutely loved While not as visceral and low down gritty as that book, Knockout Artist has great characters and an engrossing story Gets a strong 4.5 5 from me.

    15. I picked this book up because it was a choice of several offered in an English Lit class I took years ago I didn t actually read until on a road trip with a group of friends circa 2001 I read it aloud to them as we drove up the east coast and all over Mass and New York I tell you this, because I think it lends to the proof of the entertainment value of this novel It is certainly a dark novel, with tons of dark humor if you are open to it, otherwise it ends up being a very sad tale of a boxer who [...]

    16. A boxer whose only skill is knocking himself out Outside of this work which takes the skill seriously for the down on his luck freak of ahtletic, I have only seen the ploy as a gag Crews makes it work, which is impressive and especially to me that rarely reads and is less rarely moved to remember modern fiction Setting the hero s career in the New Orleans underworld was part of the reason I originally read the work I then and still now loved the city and its possibilities From such possibiliites [...]

    17. well executed noir where the already rather sordid world of professional boxing provides the only escape from a far depraved underworld of drugs, sex, and failure i enjoyed this book a lot but there are some stumbling blocks to it firstly there s the stereotyping of the supporting cast, tinged with homophobia, judgement, and occasional racism this is actually liveable insofar as pretty much every one debased, depraved, and eventually pathetic it s uncomfortable and would be a significant issue [...]

    18. I pretty much liked it My main complaint is that most of the characters were too eccentric, cartoons really The main character and his friends Pete and Tulip rang true, but not the rest.I have a question though I read a used copy that was marked Advanced reading copy from uncorrected manuscript , and the main character was white In fact, one of the other characters keeps calling him white boy But in the promotional blurb at the top of the page, it says the book is about a black fighter Was his r [...]

    19. Eugene Biggs, a very very very glass jawed boxer, makes money as a freak show for hire in New Orleans, knocking himself out He falls in with an assortment of strange characters sex workers, junkies, rich fetishists and a psyche student who makes him the subject of her thesis With his own identity and dignity at stake, the boxer struggles to escape his life as The Knockout Artist and regain his bearing on his own life.Crews prose moves quickly but never misses a thing The dialogue captures the aw [...]

    20. Every time I come to a Harry Crews book I forget what a great story teller he is, until I ve read about 30 pages and find myself completely sucked into to his yarn This one is no exception, set in New Orleans and filled with an assortment of crazy characters how can you not be intrigued by someone called Oyster Boy , Harry takes you on a crazy but riveting journey through the underbelly of the city Not for the fainthearted but loads of fun for the Crews fans out there.

    21. I liked it I really enjoy Crews dry writing and was glad this one turned out with an optimistic ending Eugene is a boxer who has a glass jaw and knocks himself out for money Getting involved with a seedier side of New Orleans and a Phd psych candidate leads him to self reflection that he may or may have not wanted to see Its as much about coming to terms with yourself as it is about honor and truth and acceptance of the truth no matter how brutally harsh.

    22. A bit of that semisweet, nonsensical ending bit that I m noticing in a lot of Crews s work, but otherwise great A lot of plain language with perfect economy, but every once in a while he ll floor you with a perfect sentence Stopped and reread a few pages than once A master craftsman of Southern gothic, with some swear words and graphic images thrown in for good measure.

    23. Good book with some truly excellent existential moments But every time Crews starts developing something truly interesting he moves on from it Recommended only after reading other books by Crews first

    24. This was one of the last books I read on my Crews cruise Feast Of Snakes was such a singular experience that I kept trying to make plural Not happening I liked it okay, but found the premise of a boxer who beats himself up thin and implausible.

    25. An abrupt ending, but brilliant throughout Excellent depiction of the complexity of boxing, the beauty and ugliness of it as an art, a trade, an institution, and a tradition.

    26. Like having your hand held, and pulled along a slow decent into the truths you never wanted Seeing what people are truly capable of, and that nothing is ever what it seems.

    27. This one has some clunky moments, but there are also moments that I still recall and relish 16 years later.

    28. A good book, though not one of my favorite Crews books Still, worth a read if you re working your way through his bibliography.

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