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Downhill Chance #2020

Downhill Chance With the bestselling and beloved Kit s Law Donna Morrissey established herself as a stunning new voice in Canadian fiction With Downhill Chance she has crafted a captivating successor and in Clair

  • Title: Downhill Chance
  • Author: Donna Morrissey
  • ISBN: 9780143012276
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Downhill Chance By Donna Morrissey, With the bestselling and beloved Kit s Law, Donna Morrissey established herself as a stunning new voice in Canadian fiction With Downhill Chance, she has crafted a captivating successor, and in Clair Gale, she has created an unforgettable heroine Clair is the unsinkable heart of the novel, a story of two families during wartime the Osmonds and the Gales joined by love, yWith the bestselling and beloved Kit s Law, Donna Morrissey established herself as a stunning new voice in Canadian fiction With Downhill Chance, she has crafted a captivating successor, and in Clair Gale, she has created an unforgettable heroine Clair is the unsinkable heart of the novel, a story of two families during wartime the Osmonds and the Gales joined by love, yet torn apart by fear and secrets Morrissey blends melodrama, gritty realism and a flair for the comic in this unique novel At its core is the unravelling of secrets and the redemption that truth ultimately brings to the people who inhabit these pages so memorably.

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    1 thought on “Downhill Chance

    1. I am really going to miss this book the people really got under my skin Imagine having these folk in tiny outports being the centre of a book about WWll and about the Confederation issue The events are huge in Canadian history, yet the way they play out in these little lives and the horrible results in some cases, become much bigger to the reader I felt some confusion as to where we were in the narrative, as Morrisey switches back and forth in time, almost in the same sentence sometimes and I fe [...]

    2. This is a beautifully written novel that describes ,in Newfoundland argot, the hard life of the outports where men extract a difficult dangerous living from fishing, logging, and hunting, while the women support them with affection household chores It takes place during the late 1930 s ends some times after confederation 1948 It deals with 2 small outports interweaves 3 families through friendship, jealousy, tragedy death, marriage childbirth The main characters are well described hold our sympa [...]

    3. Different I ve never read or heard anything about Newfoundland I thought it was an excellently told story, especially because it still comes to mind a long time after reading it.

    4. A complicated yet fascinating read about life in a small Newfoundland town filled with superstition, abuse, and the ravages of the War The story has a lovely ending with reconciliation between sisters due to the determination of nine year old Hannah.

    5. I didn t care much for this book and found it extremely slow going The second half of the book was better than the first but not by much I only persevered with this book as I couldn t not finish it having already given on a different book this year

    6. Wonderful Now I know what touten is a type of traditional pancake commonly made in Newfoundland.m Thankx Donna Morrissey.

    7. I almost didn t finish this book, but struggled through it I found that it was a chore to keep up with the storyline The author had moments of lovely writing interspersed throughout, but I found it wasted on this book because of the general negative theme The dialect didn t really seem accurate and there were situations that didn t jive with the Canadian way of life For instance, at one point someone was drinking iced tea for breakfast My mother being a Canadian, I know that wouldn t have taken [...]

    8. This is my second Donna Morrissey novel and she did not disappoint Again she takes the reader off on a journey to the wild Newfoundland landscape and a pair of isolated outport villages in the bleak years during and after WWII.Over at Rocky Head, Prude Osmond reads her tea leaves and predicts dark days ahead At the Basin, an hour s boat ride away, Job Gale decides to join the war, leaving behind his wife, Sare and two daughters, Clair and Missy At the core of the book is the unravelling of secre [...]

    9. I could almost not stop reading this book Beautiful writing and compelling story It is so strange for me when a setting far far from my own tells me a truth and makes me feel that the author is speaking in my own voice even It happened even strongly with the first Nadine Gordimer book I read The story is set in remote Newfoundland around the time of WW II Most of the story is told from the perspective of two young girls Clair and then later, her daughter Hannah It deals with confronting the pas [...]

    10. This novel about forgiveness of oneself and others delivers a real sense of what it was like to live in rural coastal Newfoundland in the 1940 s and 50 s The main characters, sisters Clair and Missy, are well drawn, as is Clair s daughter Hannah The story has such an epic quality to it that I wanted to rated it higher than 3 stars, but it s a bit long winded and some characters are caricature than flesh and blood Prude, the sisters grandmother and Uncle Sim, for example.

    11. It was a hard one to get into but I persisted to the end and that is saying something Too much foolishiness about fairies and such and I hope that is not her best book Some of the things the chatacters were doing was bizarre and unreal and therefore unbelivable , so that takes away from the story as such And it was hard to follow the story through Ah , just not one of the real good reads but okay to past away the time as I see it.

    12. I wouldn t say it s as good as Kit s Law In fact it s probably about only half as good but it was still an interesting read The talk of fairies bugged me a bit, I m not really the whimsical type If you like Canadian fiction I would certainly recommend reading this book probably enjoyable to women than men.

    13. This is a great big book set mainly in two Newfoundland outports during the second world war, when Newfound and was not yet a province in Canada The isolation from the rest of the world was thorough Good writing, steeped in place Sometimes I felt a little too foreign to completely comprehend, but well worth the effort reqyired.

    14. I really enjoyed this book but did have a difficult time adjusting to the Newfoundland dialect that it is written in The characters lure you in with their hardships and you just want to keep reading hoping for a good outcome for them I am on to my last of her three books, Sylvanus now I enjoy her story telling.

    15. Loved it Amazing characters, wonderful story Full of place and scenes A little too much scene and not enough action at times Why wait to the end to fill in all the parts missing But as a second novel, it was darn good.

    16. Morrissey excels in dialogue Her characters come to life with their speech But this does, at times, make it tricky to follow the plot A bit melodramatic for my taste Nevertheless, I was moved by the courage of her characters to show love and forgiveness.

    17. If you liked The Shipping News by Annie Proulx you ll love Donna Morrissey s books This story follows the story of siblings leaving home small outport town in Newfoundland for the money to be made in Alberta s oil boom Wonderfully drawn family, landscape just a fantastic read.

    18. A story of Canadians that flows along nicely keeping the reader s interest Three stars for the story and one for being Canadian because we tend to rate ourselves the hardest

    19. It s just as well written well characterized as Donna Morrissey s Kit s Law , though I found that earlier novel to be a bit engaging, story wise.

    20. I learned about the Newfoundland fishing community Also that Ms Morrissey does a fine turn of a phrase This was a good followup to Sylvanus Now but I felt the first book was superior.

    21. I was put off at first by the language colloquialisms and bad English The story takes place in Labrador and is somewhat bleak If you can get into it, though, the story is satisfying.

    22. A Canadian author well worth reading if you love the east coast, or even if you are not familiar with Atlantic Canada.

    23. A NF saga by a Halifax NS author that paints a vivid picture of life in outport NF in WWII excellent choice.

    24. Wonderful story of family and close knit communities I was born in Newfoundland so loved the setting and the language Took me back to listening to stories told to me by my Grandfather.

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