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Nonlinear Magnetised Plasmas #2020

Nonlinear Magnetised Plasmas None

  • Title: Nonlinear Magnetised Plasmas
  • Author: Shukla
  • ISBN: 9780521326315
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nonlinear Magnetised Plasmas By Shukla, None
    Nonlinear plasma wave in magnetized plasmas Physics of Aug , Nonlinear axisymmetric cylindrical plasma oscillations in magnetized collisionless plasmas are a model for the electron fluid collapse on the axis behind an ultrashort relativisically intense laser pulse exciting a plasma wake wave. Three dimensional Nonlinear Structures in Magnetized The nonlinear structure, as reported here, could be useful for controlling and maximizing highly energetic pulses in dusty plasmas View Show abstract The disintegration of wavetrains on deep Nonlinear solitary waves oscillitons in dusty magnetized Dec , Nonlinear theory is presented for solitary waves propagating parallel to the magnetic field in a cold plasma with charged dust grains or heavy ions The particular case of Nonlinear dynamics associated with rotating magnetized Indeed, the presence of magnetic field in astrophysical plasmas plays an important role in linear and nonlinear regime of the plasma dynamics, and affects on the stability profile of plasma waves Also, the force generated from the rotation, the so called Coriolis force, has an effective dominant role in rotating astrophysical space plasmas. Three dimensional Nonlinear Structures in Magnetized Plasma Physics Reports Plasma Physics Reports November , Volume , Issue , pp Cite as Three dimensional Nonlinear Structures in Magnetized Complex Plasmas Nonlinear interactions in magnetised piezoelectric Based on hydrodynamic model of plasmas an analytical investigation of frequency modulational interaction between copropagating high frequency pump Nonlinear Phenomena in RF Wave Propagation in Magnetized Elements of Nonlinear Interaction of Waves in Plasma Weak Turbulence Theory and Large Amplitude Coherent Waves Quasi linear Theory modi cation of the equilibrium distribution function with excited or externally injected waves based on linear Landau Damping Wave wave scattering interaction of or waves mode mode coupling Self focusing of nonlinear ion acoustic waves and solitons Mar , Nonlinear waves, solutions of the Zakharov Kuznetsov ZK equation for a dilute plasma immersed in a strong magnetic field, are studied numerically It is found that the most unstable mode rides with the carrier wave and leads to period doubling. Non local CorrectionstoCollisional Transport in Magnetised structing a closure in magnetised plasmas Inertial fusion experiments today work in regimes where the transport in the plasma is non local With the use of very strong magnetic elds, a better understand ing of the interplay between non locality and magnetisa tion Dynamics of Nonlinear Interactions between Electron Dynamics of Nonlinear Interactions between Electron Temperature Gradient Mode and Ion scale Fluctuations in Linear Magnetized Plasmas Electric Fields, Turbulence and Self Organisation in Magnetised Plasmas Workshop , Lisbon, June , Chanho Moon,, Toshiro Kaneko, Rikizo Hatakeyama, Tatsuya Kobayashi , Kimitaka Itoh

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