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Who Brings Forth the Wind #2020

Who Brings Forth the Wind Tanner Richardson the volatile duke of Cambridge sees his wife with another man Misinterpreting the situation he erupts in rage and throws her and their unborn baby out Tanner s anger smolders unti

  • Title: Who Brings Forth the Wind
  • Author: Lori Wick
  • ISBN: 9780736913232
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who Brings Forth the Wind By Lori Wick, Tanner Richardson, the volatile duke of Cambridge, sees his wife with another man Misinterpreting the situation, he erupts in rage and throws her and their unborn baby out Tanner s anger smolders until the night he is shot.

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      317 Lori Wick
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    1 thought on “Who Brings Forth the Wind

    1. Very cool book I stayed up way to late reading this 2 nights in a row telling myself just a little , but as with all the Lori Wick books I ve read there s always something that happens to make you want to read just a little This is a great story.

    2. I can not say that Tanner Richardson is to my liking I ended up liking this story, though Stacy is a strong, defiant, capable woman Truly remarkable I really like that they fall in love, but I do not like the way Tanner treated her, he didnt give her a chance.I do understand though with the way his ex wife Leslie treated him That does not give him an excuse to do it He eventually grew on me I love the last parts when they truly are in love again.

    3. Another of my all time favorites and one I ve read a few times This book is about a country girl who goes to visit her aunt in London and falls in love A misunderstanding ensues and she moves back to the country You root for her husband to realize the truth Very good book

    4. I m not sure where to start with this train wreck of a book It was confusing, disjointed, and poorly researched The hero, Tanner, and heroine, Stacy, seem to fall in love with just a glance across the ballroom, and after he says a few rude things to her, she starts pining after him Then after virtually no time spent with each other, he thinks himself in love with her but only wants her for a mistress After she falls from a horse and he looks upon her tenderly seriously , he realizes he must marr [...]

    5. Much like The Pursuit, the book was flawless until the epilogue, for once again she tried to wrap up too much The novel was concluded 15 to 20 years prior to the events of the epilogue, and the intermarriages of the two key noble families something she often uses wore a bit thin However, Stacy is my favorite heroine after Meg in this series because she s the most real.

    6. I really like this book I found myself getting so into the storyline that I accidentally yelled at one of the characters and woke my hubby up LOL

    7. This was my first Lori Wick and after that I read every Lori Wick novel I found If you are into serious writing, layered characters and all that then this book is not for you But if you like mushy yet clean love stories then I recommend this story of wide eyed innocent Stacy and Tanner Tanner has trust issues yet he wants Stacy when he can t have her as a mistress he marries her Since its a love story they fall in love by the end of the story but not until after those trust issues have caused so [...]

    8. Overall I give this book 4.2 out of 5 Rating breakdown as follows Characters were quite realistic and believable, very good character development 4.5 out of 5 because they were a little choppy for lack of a better wordey weren t as nuanced as I would have liked them.Plot 3.5 out of 5 view spoiler There were some parts where I rolled my eyes, like when Tanner doesn t make any effort to see Stacy for 3 years and then suddenly realizes he wants her to move backThe way Lucinda manages to hide Stacy, [...]

    9. Lori Wick is one of those authors, that when girls need a little romance, they turn to her I have read this book 3 or 4 times because it s just such a good love story There is such an innocence with Stacy, one of the main characters, and a gentleness but an intimidation with Tanner, the other.Stacy is that small town, wide eyed girl that lives with her grandfather and loves life She goes to live with her aunt for a summer and meets Tanner, a strong man with a very troubled past They marry by the [...]

    10. Tanner and Stacy s story is so wonderful I love that they fell in love slowly over time even though they rushed into a marriage and had many ups and downs I felt that if they would have just communicated better, they would have had a good relationship the entire time That did frustrate me Also, the beginning of the book is so day by day detailed, but as the book goes, the time frame becomes stretched out, which I found distracting Overall, I enjoyed the story and seeing the characters develop.

    11. I loved this book, the beginning was shaky I admit freely, the girl was naive to the extreme and the guy was trapped in his past, not knowing how to break free from it After they separate, which you ll see coming in advance I assure you, the girl matures and grows some back bone and the guy misses her a lot but is stubborn as a mule, eventually they reunite but he doesn t know what to do with her, she however tries her hardest to make their marriage work And in the end she grow to be perfect for [...]

    12. I remember reading this book for three days nights I just couldn t cover the book without anticipating what would happen next I love Anastasia warm, trusting, beautiful and loving and Tanner Cold, cynical and charming it s a great story and a must read for someone who spots it on a bookshelf

    13. Stacy, Anastasia, is drawn to Tanner Richardson when they first lay eyes on each other But Tanner, the Duke of Cambridge, would rather look for a mistress than a wife Stacy s Aunt Lucinda changes his mind and soon they are wed Unfortunately through misunderstandings, Tanner turns Stacy away Will they truly come together as husband and wife

    14. I love the way that Lori Wick writes and this is a good one Stacy was raised by her grandfather and is now of marriageable age So, her aunt takes her to London to be introduces into London society In London she meets and marries Lord Tanner Richardson The story is about their life and how God can help and intervene.

    15. Hated this I read this after I read Hawk and the Jewel, which was an amazing concept but only mildly executed well This one was so brutal, but in a none brutal way It was like the author was trying to convey deep depression, without letting there be a reason for it Baffling story Not well written, OR thought out.

    16. Stacy is a sweet, innocent, beautiful young woman who captures the interest of Tanner Richardson, a duke with a terrible temper As we read about the grace with which this young woman handles every situation, we find that she is worthy role model This was one of my favorites and is now on my to keep shelf.

    17. Tanner Richardson, the volatile duke of Cambridge, sees his wife with another man Misinterpreting the situation, he erupts into rage and throws her and their unborn baby out Tanner s anger smolders until the night he is shot.

    18. I could not put this book down Lori Wick has to be one of the best writers I have ever read She pulls you into the story with such emotions You feel like you were actually there I would recommend this book to anyone.

    19. so almost embarrassed that I love this book series It is a cheesy Christian romance where everyone is rich and those who aren t love to be servants I don t know why this series just makes me smile and I can literally read it in a day

    20. One of the main themes of this book was how a woman trusted in the Lord to bring her husband to Christ and put their marriage back together after her husband falsely accused her of something.

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