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Judy Moody Goes to College #2020

Judy Moody Goes to College It s her funniest adventure yet A few sessions with a college age math tutor turn Judy into a jargon spouting polygon princess Crucial Judy Moody is in a mood Not a good mood And definitely NOT a math

  • Title: Judy Moody Goes to College
  • Author: Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780763628338
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Judy Moody Goes to College By Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds, It s her funniest adventure yet A few sessions with a college age math tutor turn Judy into a jargon spouting polygon princess Crucial Judy Moody is in a mood Not a good mood And definitely NOT a math mood The substitute teacher in Class 3T thinks Judy s math skills need improving So Judy has to start meeting with a math tutor Does this mean flash cards Does this mIt s her funniest adventure yet A few sessions with a college age math tutor turn Judy into a jargon spouting polygon princess Crucial Judy Moody is in a mood Not a good mood And definitely NOT a math mood The substitute teacher in Class 3T thinks Judy s math skills need improving So Judy has to start meeting with a math tutor Does this mean flash cards Does this mean baby games Does this mean school on weekends But when Judy meets her tutor a sick awesome college student with an uber funky sense of style and gets a glimpse of college life, Judy s bad math i tude turns into a radical glad i tude Pretty soon, Judy s not only acing her math class she s owning it Time to say good bye to Judy Moody, old skool third grader, and say hello to Miss College Small tall upside down backward non fat capp with extra whip, anyone

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      112 Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds
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    1 thought on “Judy Moody Goes to College

    1. Older kids are always cool They ve got the freedom to do and say what they want Youngsters envy that To elementary school kids, college students are tops J Moody, in her latest adventure, experiences college firsthand With an entertaining storyline, Judy Moody Goes to College will please fans of the series, but may not be a good starting point for the uninitiated.When Judy s substitute teacher says she need some help in math, her parents set up a tutor Judy is not pleased, until she finds out he [...]

    2. Judy Moody Goes To College by Megan McDonald is a good book you may think this book is for 3rd graders but this book is for grades 3 5 the book is really easy to read so I read this book as a holiday book I recommend this book to you if you like Humor and Comedy books

    3. Judy Moody could be a little of a brat when she comes back from college but she does learn to love math because of her tutor I thought that the students all aspiring to go to college was great and Judy s art class painting was something I wish I could have done in college I just wish her attitude could have been better or improved like it has been in the last books I ve read after she learned about something.

    4. I just finished this book with my daughter and it was just okay This, of course, came out way after I was a young child I enjoyed the likes of Ramona Forever , but it had little nuances that were annoying to wade through such as every chapter and reference being directed to the word attitude It didn t consistently hold my daughter s attention, however, I will take some blame for that as she may still be too young to really understand and enjoy a book such as this All in all, two stars.

    5. I m reminded why I loved Judy Moody so much as a kid She s sassy, smart, and confident It was nice to return to a character I adored as a kid, and was one of the reasons I fell in love with reading Judy Moody Goes to College was a great addition to the series

    6. I really like this book because Judy finds a tutor and her tutor has a really funny sense of style and Judy thinks that how collage people dress and she goes to school dressing like a weirdo and her friends ask her why she is dressing like that and she says that that s what collage people wear.

    7. When Judy finds she s not doing so well in math class her parents decide to get her a tutor, a college student This means Judy gets to go to college every weekend to not only learn math, but learn how to be a college kid In this eighth installment, Judy is off on bigger and brighter adventures It s fun to watch Judy become older than she really is to prove how smart she is, although she doesn t need to do this as readers know how smart she is through her love for learning The plot was super enga [...]

    8. Judy has an attitude that reminds me of Junie B Jones I tend to not like books with bratty kid characters, but this one was actually pretty entertaining.This particular story shows Judy getting a math tutor and learning that math can be fun She also has to deal with a substitute teacher who she doesn t get along with.

    9. I think that this book and any other Judy Moody books are great for students to read because they are fun and students enjoy reading them This one I think is a great way for students to think about what they want to be when they grow up and can be used in the classroom for fun activities.

    10. This was another novel I grew up reading Although this time, I picked one that I hadn t remembered reading as a kid It did not disappoint I always reminded myself as Judy Moody so I have always had a heart for these books These books, I would say, are one level above Junie B Jones or maybe even the same reading level I say this because Judy Moody books tend to have a few illustrations rather than Junie B but, Junie B tends to have shorter chapters Either way, they are both entertaining and fun [...]

    11. Judy Moody Goes to College by Megan McDonald is about a young girl named Judy who s substitute teacher decides she needs help in math At first Judy is very upset that she has to get a tutor She feels like a baby, and is scared her tutor is going to make her use flash cards However, when Judy s parents inform her that her tutor is actually a college student, Judy becomes excited that she gets to hang out with an older, college girl and gets to be on the college campus Soon after she begings the t [...]

    12. This book is another great part of the Judy Moody girl detective series This book begins by focusing on the fact that Judy is very moody Today, she is not in a good mood at all She is actually in a very bad mood today Her bad mood all comes from that fact that she is doing not so hot with her math class and homework Judy doesn t want to get help from anyone for her math, but she ends up having to have help Her teachers tells her that she has to get some help, so off they go to find moody Judy a [...]

    13. 1 I like this book because it shows you how college really feels and how difficult it is to be in college and because you get to read about a youngh girl who feels the expirence of going to college.For example on page 26 it shows how Judy Moody s math tutor is a college student so she Judy gets to do college stuff.Another example is when Judy has to go to different classes and has to take class on Saturday.This shows that college is not like regular school.2 You would like this book if you like [...]

    14. Popular SeriesJudy Moody Goes to College by Megan McDonald is another adventurous easy read chapter book about the interesting character, Judy Moody The book begins by Judy Moody shocked to discover a new teacher in her classroom, a substitute named Mrs Grossman Judy does not really like the way Mrs Grossman teaches Judy ends up taking a note home from Mrs Grossman saying that she needs to get some extra help in Math and her parents hire a math tutor for her Judy meets her tutor, Chloe, a studen [...]

    15. In Judy Moody Goes to College, Judy is like every younger girl who admires an older sister or an older friend Judy had to get a math tutor and Judy quickly became obsessed with Chloe She wanted to dress like her, be friends with her friends and do all of the things that Chloe does while she was at college Judy used the vocabulary that Chloe used, including the words peeps , the bomb and peace out Judy wanted to constantly be with Chloe and hang out with her friends In the beginning of the book, [...]

    16. I will admit to indulging in some selections from the children s section I like the Stink series by Megan McDonald Judy Moody is his younger sister I haven t read many of these, but this one caught my eye It is very well written, and made me wish that I had a math tutor like Chloe I might have learned math if someone had made it fun for me like she did for Judy Now in third grade, Judy is disappointed that her favorite teacher, Mr Todd, is still in Italy at a teacher s conference She doesn t li [...]

    17. Judy Moody has always been one of my favorite series book I decided on Judy Moody Goes to College because I am currently a college student I found it appropriate Judy Moody was clearly in a bad mood, but she was also upset that she was going to have to get a tutor in math She was so upset and thought of the worst possible for her new tutor Well by surprise her tutor ended up being a college student Judy Moody was then extremely excited because she was going to get to hang out with an older perso [...]

    18. Judy mood is shocked to discover a new teacher in her classroom a substitute named Mrs Grossman The classes teacher Mr Todd is in Italy at a teaching conference Mrs Grossman teaching is different from Mr Todos teaching She doesn t care about math so she gives Mrs Grossman an attitude So Judy must take home a note to her parent to tell them that Judy needs extra help in math So her mom and dad decided to hire a math tutor for her Judy is scared that her parents will give her a math teacher becaus [...]

    19. Judy Moody takes a turn in this book, she is going to college Yes, now I hear you all say, College But that girl is only a child Well, thanks to a new teacher at school Judy now has to take a tutor, and that tutor is at college It was a nice change of scenery, though I was a bit annoyed with Judy throughout the book.Why Well, like with some of the other books, she is so easily impressionable, and will drop anything and everything if she finds a new victim to play the role model Throughout the bo [...]

    20. Judy Moody , by Megan McDonald, is a short novel that tells a great story of persistence Judy Moody is really having trouble with her math in school This a problem that many students can relate too, as many students do not have an easy time with math Judy s teacher Mrs.Grossman leaves for a little bit and when a new teacher comes in Judy does not like her as much She starts to not pay attention in math class and her new teacher sends home a note that said she needed a tutor So Judy went to local [...]

    21. I absolutely loved this book Just like every other Judy Moody book, its very entertaining and something that I think all kids especially girls would love This story is about Judy who ends up needing a tutor for math Judy is not very happy about this situation because she does not want people to think that she is a baby Her feelings change when she realizes that her tutor is actually a college student Judy gets to go to the college campus and hang out with her tutor Judy ends up letting the colle [...]

    22. This was the third book in the Judy Moody series and the eighth book with Stink and Judy Moody in it that I have read I love the characters The writing is wonderful The illustrations are amazing Together Megan and Peter have created some wonderful books to be shared by the whole family One of the greatest strengths of these books is that even though there are now 23 books between the Judy Moody books, the Stink Moody books and the two cross over books, they can be read in almost any order Some o [...]

    23. My 8 year old and I read this one together I have to say that I m trying to use different methods to have her learn her multiplication facts and she won t use flash cards now because Judy called them babyish Really Like we couldn t have brought it back around to have them actually help someone or have her change her attitude about them I am frustrated that the book made such a big deal about them And the kids all throwing the test at the end to get to go to college Really We ve enjoyed all of th [...]

    24. This story is about a girl named Judy Moody which goes to college and lives with her mom, dad, brother and cat The setting is at school in college and at home The plot is that she goes to college and has a uber rare tutor The problem she is facing is that she is having another teacher and it s not Mr Todd it s a teacher named Mrs.Grossman My opinion is why would they make a lady which is Judy Moody s teacher be named Mrs.Grossman My evidence is on page 1 which says she had a new teacher Her new [...]

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