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Double Black #2020

Double Black This is the second book in the Stark Springs Academy series which should be read in order You should read Black Diamond before reading the description below If you don t like the rules make new ones

  • Title: Double Black
  • Author: Ali Dean
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: None
  • Double Black By Ali Dean, This is the second book in the Stark Springs Academy series, which should be read in order You should read Black Diamond before reading the description below If you don t like the rules, make new ones.If you want to the best, show no fear.And if Ryker Black is your boyfriend, you better be ready to fight On and off the slopes Overnight, Roxie Slade went from an outs This is the second book in the Stark Springs Academy series, which should be read in order You should read Black Diamond before reading the description below If you don t like the rules, make new ones.If you want to the best, show no fear.And if Ryker Black is your boyfriend, you better be ready to fight On and off the slopes Overnight, Roxie Slade went from an outsider at Stark Springs Academy, to a ruler at the prestigious boarding school for elite winter athletes But Roxie didn t know if she wanted that power, and she definitely wasn t sure about sharing it with Ryker Black, who came from a different world and lived by a different set of morals Ryker may have decided to trust her, but could she trust him Roxie only cared about her rising position in the ski rankings, but now her status at Stark and within the winter sports community is skyrocketing, whether she asked for it or not Can she handle both while attempting a real relationship with Ryker Black Roxie once believed that her sole purpose was proving herself on the slopes, but she s done that once, and she s far from satisfied She has so much to prove.

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    1 thought on “Double Black

    1. Oh la laI never thought i d get so excited while reading a YA sport angsty drama without any sex in it, obviously LOLBut it just so happens that this author not only presents the story fluently, and easy flowing, she also steps up a notch in developing the characters as just slightly mature than they d be for their age which gives the plot further credibility, even though that same age issue had set me back in book 1.In this case, for me that fact worked perfectly as i could get involved in the [...]

    2. Ryker s world is exhausting with political maneuvers I feel for him I don t know what Roxie is going to do to survive.

    3. 3 1 2 stars After the intense, angsty beginning to this series in Black Diamond, the sequel didn t quite live up to my expectations There is some conflict between Ryker and Roxie, but it centered on the secrets that Ryker is keeping Secrets that put distance between them, but not a lot of drama These secrets aren t revealed until the final chapter, but I never felt like they were building to a boiling point and if they weren t released, an explosion would occur There s also a lack of competitiv [...]

    4. Un poco mejor que el primero El gran secreto de Ryker era bastante obvio, por cierto No me sorprendi para nada.

    5. Something I loved of this book was the competition I don t know about you, but my hear starts racing when Roxie is about to compete or give it all while training And when she beats the others I get giddy with happiness Besides the competition, this book is pure drama with Roxie and Ryker s relationship I mean, she is about to go to Europe and him to Canada, but she will be close to an ex boyfriend and an almost boyfriend, so you can expect Ryker s about to explode with jealousy.Oh, and let s not [...]

    6. Addictive storylineWhen I read this book, I thought it was a cross between mafia book and Tijan s Fallen Crest Series Ryker being the hot tough guy, Roxie as the beautiful new girl, secrets that people want to remain hidden and all the drama makes this story so very intriguing As soon as I finished this book I was already purchasing the next two books.

    7. Double Black picks up where the first book in the Stark Springs Academy ended These books are fast paced reads with lots of angst and drama Enjoyable and interesting characters, especially if your looking for a easy fast read.3.5 Stars

    8. This book picks up with the new rules, that there are no rules Roxy had managed to shake up the social structure at Stark, and emerged as a new leader Again, the best parts are when Roxy is training and competing I have read a lot of sports romances , where an athlete is involved, but there really isn t any sports I like that Dean brings us into the head of the athlete, and we get to see a lot of action Roxy s races, successes, and failures are something I really enjoyed sharing This book brings [...]

    9. li Dean is one author that I have all her books on preorder, so this one was no different.When I read Black Diamond I was lost in so much of the terminology and lingo of skiers, but I think this go around I got a better grip on what they are referring too Ryker and Roxanna Roxie are an item It has only been a few days and things are already drastically changing Those at the academy are noticing the shift in power of the Pose group a.k.a the popular kids Roxie has put her foot down on changes and [...]

    10. Received in exchange for a honest review.What can be said First the ending I loved the tender moment with Ryker and Roxie but what happened with Petra was just wowI wasn t a fan of hers and didn t agree with her ways of doing things but still just wow.Ryker has grown so much since the first book We see who he really is and why he was how he was We see him show compassion, kindness, love and start to be his age We see all that he has on his plate and how well he handles things I loved watching hi [...]

    11. 1.5 stars rounded to 2.The second book of this series isn t as silly as the first, but all the inner monologue still is I guess all the social aspects of high school strike me as a little odd, and the emphasis on the posse or former posse or whatever is too strong for me to find this book interesting A new leader of the high school Don t really care New social structure, whatever that means Not feeling it People feel free to make friends with previously untouchable elites Meh So I guess what I m [...]

    12. I m giving this a 4.5 stars because it was just as good as the first one.The story continue with Roxie trying to balance her new school life by dating Ryker and having almost as equal power as him in the school where her decision also matter as well While she is doing that she been invited to go to a FIS Europe tournament next month While she is doing her things by getting as much point and showing everyone that she is not someone to be push over when it comes to skiing, Petra, her team captain, [...]

    13. I liked this book, but not as much as the first book just for the fact that Roxie drove me a lil nuts I loved, LOVED her in the first book She was strong and never wavered In this book she lost some of that her inner dialogue, self doubt, and doubt between her and Ryker relationship drove me a lil insane At first I got her There relationship doesn t start out with trust Ryker in the first book is closed off and things happen to Roxie in the first book that she has a hard time trusting Ryker In t [...]

    14. I received a free copy for an honest reviewAs much as I enjoyed the first book, this book, in my opinion, suffered from the second book syndrome The romance between Ryker and Roxie dragged and did not escalated or improved like I expect, and it lacked the lacks that apprehensive, intense style roller coaster romance that the series was so popular of Which resulted in it having a dull and boring romance for me The entire book dragged in its plot line and story, and I find myself getting bored The [...]

    15. This was a great follow up to the first book We finally see Ryker open up and Roxie is getting her moxie I really enjoyed this book I liked learning all of the skiing lingo Made me respect professional skiers even really.Watching how the social system change and evolve at a school like Stark was very interesting But eventually I felt like it was boring I felt like this series was about Stark, how Ryker was shaped by it and how Roxie is trying to fit in It s less about the relationship between [...]

    16. Check out of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuch3.5 StarsBlack diamond is book 2 in the Stark Springs Academy Series I was gifted a copy of the book to read for Gemma Reads Too Much.I really enjoyed the first book and I managed to get straight into this second book and instantly engaged with the characters.I really like Roxie she s very young but she acts like she s a teenager so I enjoyed her youthful view on life I found her relationship with Ryker a bit stilted in this book and I missed [...]

    17. I liked this book a little better than the previous one in the series Obviously because Ryker isn t such a jerk now and him and Roxie are together So Roxie is pretty much in charge now Not really but kinda Haha I love how Ryker is changing things and becoming a better person You finally get to see into Ryker s world and why he is the way he is especially at the end of the book, YIKES He really opens up to Roxie, which you know is hard for someone like Ryker He s got a lot on his plate, and Roxie [...]

    18. Gifted a copy in exchange for honest review I need to start off saying that I have not read book one in this series This is why I feel this book would probably be a 3 3 4 stars than 4 star book Even though the synopsis gave the warning, I still read the book out of order There are important factors that come to light that will not be understood if you haven t read Black Diamond first That being said, I still enjoyed the relationships and dynamics of the plot There are twists and yes there is a [...]

    19. The story is getting and hard to relate to So unfavomable, yet I ve got to read the next one to find out who the killer is

    20. So after reading Black Diamond I was interested in what will happen with Ryker and Roxie I mean they fell in love sharing the same hobby and yet in some ways they are still different Roxie is still like an outsider still working hard to prove she can be the best but there are others determined to see her fail Have to say I still hate Petra but the others are funny All in all I loved how easy it is for Ali Dean to make us feel like we were in the slopes there with Roxie the snow and the fans root [...]

    21. Ryker lost all his intensity in this book He is the perfect boyfriend What I loved in book 1 was that there was still that mystery about Ryker Ryker gives up everything for Roxie which I still do not understand what it is about her that makes her so special I hear there is a book 3, but I am not sure Also, I am not sure if I will read it This book really did not leave me wanting except we find out Ryker s secret but I saw that one coming Ryker has lost his edge that he had in book 1 so I was bo [...]

    22. It started where the first book ended which took me by surprise but a pleasant one We watch the development of relationship between Roxie and Ryker and again, I appreciated that it wasn t only roses and sighs but that there were also downs, doubts and even some fights I likes every word and couldn t stop just as was the case with first book There were two major events the first when Roxie got injured due to Petra s meddling and the second when we learn that Petra died which is a sort of clifhang [...]

    23. While not a sensational knock out like the first book, I still fell in love with this book I expected for Ryker to open up in this book and I wasn t disappointed Ryker was a great boyfriend and always there for Roxie Roxie was still a take charge girl just like she was in the first book The only thing I disliked about Roxie is she doubted the relationship and was constantly in her head about the same stuff over and over The antagonist has gone overboard in this book and the ending is a major cl [...]

    24. The second book in Ali Dean s fabulous Stark Springs series, starts right where Black Diamond endet Roxie not only has to deal with her new fame as Stark Springs Academy s new winter sports prodigy, she is now also the infamous girlfriend of Ryker Black Roxie dealing with her new relationship, the fallout between Ryker and his former posse and the new challenges she faces as an athlete make another great story And right now I can t wait for the next book Black Ice.

    25. The web of secrets continues to spin and grow, as does her relationship with Ryker As she tries to prove herself Roxanne has to over come her enemies and prove she is worthy It all ends on a cliff hanger with a sudden and unexpected death I remember reading it and thinking the romance was bland and not very exciting Again not bad 2.5 5.

    26. What Just Happened Seriously a good story Wow Just Whoa I did NOT see any of this book coming At all I was thrown off by his confession and her accident but never did I see the other situation And now I am on pins and needles for the next one Seriously a great series so far.

    27. Love the series Another good edition to the Stark Springs Academy series Rosie and Ryder s relationship seems to be going very well, and Roxie s skiing is going even better This is a pretty wholesome y a series with excellent sports themes I look forward to reading the last book.

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