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Blind Side #2020

Blind Side I accept the part I played in the demise of my marriage I accept the things I cannot change I m a cheater I m a whore I m an outcast in that place I left behind the second the first embers fizzled aga

  • Title: Blind Side
  • Author: K.B.Nelson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: None
  • Blind Side By K.B.Nelson, I accept the part I played in the demise of my marriage I accept the things I cannot change I m a cheater I m a whore I m an outcast in that place I left behind the second the first embers fizzled against the cracks of the night sky It wasn t supposed to be this way Anyone with the faintest understanding of decency would know this to be true But it did happen this wI accept the part I played in the demise of my marriage I accept the things I cannot change I m a cheater I m a whore I m an outcast in that place I left behind the second the first embers fizzled against the cracks of the night sky It wasn t supposed to be this way Anyone with the faintest understanding of decency would know this to be true But it did happen this way It went exactly like this, because maybe that s the way things had to go There was no way out, and just when I thought of pulling the proverbial trigger, he appeared to me He was the student.And I was his teacher.And he saved me in every way I imagine one could ever be saved So, he became my teacher and I became his student as he taught me how to love again

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      346 K.B.Nelson
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    1. 5 4 LIVE AGAIN stars This book was like a punch in my gut I honestly don t know why i was affected so much about this story, but i didI just can t stop thinking about it and it s pissing me off that i m feeling that wayI stay up until the morning hours to finish it and still, when i was done with it, i just couldn t sleepThe last pages were hurting me so much and i just can t over it I m still hurting I think that this is a great talent of the author To having the ability to affect so damn much [...]

    2. 2 Is it cheating if he cheated first Stars.This book was a three and a half to four right up to the last 5%, then it went right down the crapper.Seriously, that s probably the worst cop out ending, I have ever read.The author has a really unique writing skill, and I will be honest the tropes in this book are usually my Kryptonite, but I picked this up off Netgalley and ploughed through it, I can t lie and say I had an ending in my head, but the author took three very troubled people, two of whom [...]

    3. I m partial to a forbidden romance and the student teacher trope is one that usually ticks those boxes But cheating, particularly in the present tense rather than the past, isn t something I look for in a read I m still not convinced the blurb makes that clear but, based on its shorter length and the fact it was a buddy read, I stuck with it I m regretting that somewhat not the buddy read, the support was welcome Is it cheating if he cheated first The passion Stassi and Kemper create during the [...]

    4. Whew Where do I begin Maybe I should start off this review by saying if you re easily offended by student teacher involvement or anything having to do with affairs, then be warned, Blind Side has this and However, that aside, if you still decide to give this one a read then you probably won t cringe at the situation when you get to understand the main character in particular Stassi is dealing with a lot A tragedy in the past, along with her husband s behavior, has left her internally bruised an [...]

    5. Whenever K.B Nelson releases a new book, I know that I might as well forget about the real world because I won t be able to put the book down until the last page is turned Blind Side was no exception and I found myself getting sucked into the drama that was unfolding with each and every page and getting lost within the words of this utterly captivating and fiercely sexy story that breaks every rule you could imagine.Blind Side captured my attention right from the start and kept me engaged throug [...]

    6. This book was a really hard one for me to review Not only is it emotionally draining to read, but the story didn t really have a clear arc to it When I was done reading, I couldn t help but feel a bit confused There were a lot of questions left unanswered and I had a hard time accepting Stassi s sudden and surprising decision that ended the story I can t say too much without giving away a lot, but it s essentially a story about a very broken woman Stassi who is stuck in a marriage that she despi [...]

    7. I was provided an ARC by the author for a review I really wanted to love this story The plot was good The writing was good But I was so irritated at Stassi and her wishy washy attitude She loved her husband She liked Kemper but didn t want anything Then at the drop of a hat she was in love with this boy And yes, I say boy because he s only eighteen If I had known this was a teacher high school student romance, I probably wouldn t have read it I kept reading because I wanted to know what happene [...]

    8. Update I finished After first picking up this book I had to put it down because I couldn t connect to Stassi Her attitude grated on my nerves but I really do enjoy K.B s novels so I had to pick it up sometime in the future.Ignoring my distaste for Stassi I enjoyed this There s than meets the eye happening here and it s quite emotional Her struggles are written so realistically that you can t help but feel everything she s going through I applaud the author for making my heart hurt It s hard to [...]

    9. Another amazing story from K.B Nelson I have loved everything that this author has published He is one of the most talented authors that I have read When I read books in general, I get lost in them and I become unaware of everything going on around me When I read something by K.B Nelson it is a completely different experience altogether I not only get lost in the story, but I also find myself fascinated by every single part of it, the words, the story line, the characters, everything It is a fee [...]

    10. This is a student teacher romance between two broken people with a pasts that haunt them every day Stacci is a teacher and her husband is the football coach, they were hs sweet hearts and loved each other like crazy Stacci was in a bad accident with a student which caused a ripple effect not only losing a life but her marriage went on the rocks Secrets, betrayal, and heartache is all this short story is about This book will literally tear your heart out and then turn it around with twists when [...]

    11. BLIND SIDE is available now For release week only, you can purchase your copy for only 99 cents Or, read for free on Kindle Unlimited dp B01FYKJ5FG

    12. Wow Blind side blindsided me I usually don t like those teacher student romances but the blurb looked so interesting and I just had to read and it did not disappoint Everything was so well written and gave you STRONG feels My heart broke so many times and it was just such a great great read ALTHOUGH I am just a little bit let down with the ending because I feel like it was too rushed and left a few unanswered questions and I didn t LOVE who she ended up with but nonetheless I enjoyed very much C [...]

    13. if you want to read this novel, read this without exceptional expectation coz in someway, even though there s a fucked up conflict in the plot, this novel didnt satisfied a reader like me who pay closed attention to the detail of each character s mind this novel was just like some action movies full of figthing and shooting here and there but the reason of why they did it or how the action can wrecking their emotional mind or how it affecting each characters wasnt being explain nor describing in [...]

    14. Have you ever said, or heard anyone say, that just punched me right in the gut That is exactly what this book did It s amazing how one book can seriously shake you so much I FELT the words coming off the pages, the emotions that the characters were feeling I have been where some of them have been, felt the things they felt, had the reactions they did and battled the thoughts you though were never going to leave you alone At the same time, I felt like it just WASN T meant to go how it went I want [...]

    15. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Words cannot adequately describe how this book made me feel, but I ll give it a whirl This book was so utterly intense that I felt myself tuning out the rest of the world The sheer angst, hatred, disgust, and love described in this book was mind blowing I m not usually one to read books about student teacher relationships, but this one was written so well that it captivated me from the very beginning Stassi s path to remembering h [...]

    16. Actual rating 3.75 Stars Love has no rules has no limits To love you must lose To lose you must truly love firstThis was a good read I love teacher student romances, so I jumped to read this I really liked the characters, but it felt jumbled at times and the ending was just not completely believable.This is a story about a woman who is struggling with life She is lost after an accident claimed her unborn child and caused a major riff in her marriage She s drowning in her marriage, in her life, i [...]

    17. This was a good story that was written well I believe that I would ve enjoyed it if there had been interaction between the characters It was difficult for me to continue reading the inner dialogue of Stassi for many reasons A lot of what was there was repetitive, she was self centered, selfish, wanted everyone to pity or feel sorry for her, blamed everyone else for everything but took very little responsibility herself, she thought and acted as though she was the only one allowed to hurt, she [...]

    18. ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review OK, Blind Side by K.B Nelson did totally blind side me I must start by saying that I had a hard time writing this review It was made harder as I m not a person that enjoys reading about it or thinks that cheating is ok This author does have a great skill to her writing and just because it was not for me and I found it a little wrong about the whole Student Teacher relationship it does not mean others won t enjoy it.The story was very building well and was [...]

    19. Blind Side is a dark, impassioned tale of a forbidden relationship between two damaged souls.I don t want to give anything away because there were a few surprises.The story itself was conflicting I enjoyed it a lot but I found myself frustrated through every single bit of it The things I thought I knew about Stassi and Kemper, I apparently didn t Tiny details of the backstory were revealed bit by bit That definitely kept me reading.K.B Nelson s writing was excellent, full of beautiful and though [...]

    20. I am quite new to KB Nelson s work but I cannot recommend her enough Her books suck.you in from the first page.It was hard to write about this book as it had so many twists and turns and I have to be careful about what I say as I don t want to give to much away.We meet Stassi Hamoililton a broken 24 year old She lost her unborn baby in a accident Stassi is also stuck in a marriage of hell as much she wants to hate her husband she is still in love with him All Stassi wants is to disappear and fin [...]

    21. ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book by this author I have a double mind about this one I liked some part of the plot but others left me scratching my head This is a story about an affair between a teacher and a student After loosing her unborn baby in an accident Stassi is having a hard time moving on with her life She has a lot of anger and sadness toward her husband She is saved by Kemper when she tries to kill herself There relat [...]

    22. This one was an good read I was sucked right into the story Not all the facts are giving up front and that made me want to read to find everything out When somethings come out, they are a little surprising Stassi is interesting At points I wasn t sure whether I liked her or not I think it was around 40% or so is where I got a better feel for what she was goign through and started to like her She s a complex character She has a lot of stuff happen to her and she deals with it in different ways [...]

    23. What makes forbidden romance so good For me it s knowing that it s wrong of them to be getting involved, the sneaking around with the risk of getting caught, the longing for each other so great that they are willing to lose everything just for a touch or a glance.I never once disliked Stacci, she went though so much and was in use a bad place in her life when Kemper entered it I honestly blammed her husband, although realized sometime after I judged him a bit harshly.Twists and turns in this boo [...]

    24. This was a different story I like parts of it and didn t like others Its a teacher student romance that is different and has some twists and turns Things are not great in her marriage and she seeks comfort in a man but he isn t a man he ends up being her student She almost kills herself but he stops her and saves her becoming the teacher and her the student From this encounter she learns to love again and isn t so broken Its different type of story and I liked it I would recommend it if you re o [...]

    25. This book is everything that I love that a lot of other people dislike This is a completely forbidden romance with cheating The main character, Stassi Well you might not like her very much She is a broken woman who can be very mean But the author writes her in a way that you can feel her pain You almost understand her Her demeanor is shaped by a split second decision she made in order to try to help someone that starts a downslide of awful things to happen to her Kemper comes along and is a temp [...]

    26. 4 STAR REVIEW Readers Discretion Advice A twisted trio, an ulterior motive, a broken heart and one forbidden love.Stassi and Brock Hamilton and Kemper Scott cross path and there is nothing good about this encounter There is history between them but not all of them know about it This book has a forbidden relationship between a teacher and a eighteen years old student, cheating, death and a whole lot of sorrow The plot will leave you emotionally scared.Please remember this is a fictional book and [...]

    27. I got this book from net gallery for an honest review This was an interesting book but sometimes it left me a little confused I found some parts of the plot engaging and some very draining I found it incredibly hard to connect to Stassi and found that Kemper s presence calmed her character just enough to allow me to enjoy the book The forbidden romance was dark and sexy and I liked Kemper The ending was strange and I think I would have preferred her with someone else For me, Stassi s character w [...]

    28. We start off with a huge incident that happens last fall, high speed and fears are running high.Stassi is tired, she wants to disappear for just a short while, when she meets No body under that football stands.Both of them have it in common, they want to be invisible just for a short time,Stassi is in a loveless relationship or so she thinks.Heartbreak, betrayals, love, hate, lust abit of everything that gets your heart pumping.I really enjoyed this book like i always do with K.B Nelson books

    29. I tried to get into this story but I just couldn t I got into 20% and I just couldn t go any further The cheating is unexplainable and just happened There is not words to explain this story Sorry just couldn t read the rest However I must say I love the book cover

    30. I liked the plot and I liked the characters but I feel the ending could have been better And I want to know what happened with Kemper

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