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The Good Divide #2020

The Good Divide This is the book I was waiting to read Laura Kasischke The Life Before Her EyesIn the lush countryside of Wisconsin Jean Krenshaw is the ideal s dairy farm wife She cooks sews raises children

  • Title: The Good Divide
  • Author: Kali VanBaale
  • ISBN: 9781944850005
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Good Divide By Kali VanBaale, This is the book I was waiting to read Laura Kasischke, The Life Before Her EyesIn the lush countryside of Wisconsin, Jean Krenshaw is the ideal 1960 s dairy farm wife She cooks, sews, raises children, and plans an annual July 4th party for friends and neighbors But when her brother in law Tommy, who lives next door, marries leery newcomer Liz, Jean is forced to conf This is the book I was waiting to read Laura Kasischke, The Life Before Her EyesIn the lush countryside of Wisconsin, Jean Krenshaw is the ideal 1960 s dairy farm wife She cooks, sews, raises children, and plans an annual July 4th party for friends and neighbors But when her brother in law Tommy, who lives next door, marries leery newcomer Liz, Jean is forced to confront a ten year old family secret involving the unresolved death of a young woman.With stark and swift prose, The Good Divide explores one woman s tortured inner world, and the painful choices that have divided her life, both past and present, forever The Good Divide surprises with the depth of heartache, the intensity of the torments and jealousies that its characters succumb to, or survive Caitlin Horrocks, author of This is Not Your City VanBaale serves up romance, deception, and a final, surprising retribution The backdrop is a Wisconsin dairy farm, but the subject is the wounded recesses of the human heart Pamela Carter Joern, author of In the Reach and The Floor of the Sky With gentle echoes of Richard Yates and Sherwood Anderson, The Good Divide conveys the chaos and complications of domesticity it is sure to make your heart simultaneously swell and splinter Mathieu Cailler, author of Loss Angeles VanBaale masterfully captures that crazy mystical spirit of farm folklore Dark and delicious reading for those of us who love best the characters who ve earned their baggage Jennifer Wilson, author of Running Away to Home

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    1 thought on “The Good Divide

    1. I enjoyed the setting of this book, a dairy farm in the 1960 s, the picnics, lemonade and potato salad in a big glass bowl Could definitely relate as my grandfather would take my sister and I to a dairy farm once a month, we drank unpasteurized milk, horrors drank cold water straight from the well, and attended many church suppers and picnics at the farm This book reminded me fondly of those times Hard work for farmers and their wives, farming is definitely not easy as this book abundantly portr [...]

    2. Rating 4.5 of fiveMy review of THE GOOD DIVIDE is live now at my blog, Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud As always, I ll post the full review here in a few weeks for the click a phobes.Midwestern Gothic online literary magazine has a micro press arm, and this feminized modern Ethan Frome ish novel by author Kali VanBaale is one of the best things they, or any other press, has done this June.

    3. I bought this book because it shared the same cover photograph as my latest book I am also happy to support books from smaller presses this from Midwest Gothic Press From the outset, The Good Divide is a book fully in my wheelhouse dark, Midwest rural realism Vanbaale grew up on an Iowa dairy farm, so she knows of what she writes But the novel was not what I expected, in good, surprising ways It switches in time between the early fifties and early sixties, bookended by the eighties, following th [...]

    4. VanBaale s precise prose and esoteric Midwestern stoicism makes The Good Divide a delightful read The author manages to combine the boiling romantic frustrations of Ethan Frome with the warped psychopathy of Gone Girl, all among a small community of dairy farms in rural Wisconsin, a balance that makes the plot shiveringly plausible Her keen ability to build a sense of locality while also maintaining regional tropes gives the novel a sense of timelessness The events that unfold in The Good Divide [...]

    5. Addictive fiction novel that will suspend all sense of time A story well told with credible character build up The first thing I did upon completion was bolt out of my chair to find of the same

    6. This truly gives you a slice of life in WI dairy farm reality It s written within several periods of flip flop fashion starting in 1952 to the late 1980 s NOT a favorite for me But it is written also in clear and quite authentic period and placement The narrator is Jean one of the two wives cored in this dairy farm placement scenario The other wife is Liz They are married to the Krenshaw brothers And as a whole piece, I would designate this a study of the women s relationship, yes but than that [...]

    7. An incredible novel rife with all the emotions and rides a reader can enjoy You will be richer for reading this work Highly recommended.

    8. I loved every single word of this book It reminded me so much of Ann Patchett, being a family driven story with secrets, unrequited love, and an incredibly well rendered sense of place Set on a Wisconsin dairy farm in the 1950s and 1960s, this is a story about Jean Krenshaw, who falls in love with the brother of her soon to be then husband The story weaves through past and further past to explore how Jean s crush develops, grows, and then the sorts of secrets she s kept buried relating to that c [...]

    9. After a lonely childhood in 1950s Wisconsin, Jean Krenshaw has the life she dreamed of She lives on a prosperous dairy farm with her loving husband and three healthy sons and is a valuable member of the community But Jean is not the self assured woman she pretends to be She is consumed with guilt from a ten year old tragedy, unrequited love for her brother in law Tommy, and vicious jealousy of his beautiful young wife When those toxic emotions become too much to bear, Jean cuts and burns herself [...]

    10. Reminiscent at times of Jim Harrison s Legends of the Fall and Edith Wharton s Ethan Frome, The Good Divide is a riveting read, illuminating family tension in a quiet mid western town where passions heighten and reveal themselves in surprising ways Secrets are kept and shared Some are born in ways that can t be hidden VanBaale takes risks here, merging time and place with psychological issues that are both timeless and universal Well done

    11. The Good Divide is a pocket Venus of a book Between the intriguing question at the beginning of WHO and WHY, and the satisfying ending, is a story told in sparse, beautiful prose The style of writing, the mood, the details seem just right for a story of the fifties and early sixties set on a Wisconsin dairy farm A delightful read

    12. This book keep you up late The setting is so rich it becomes a character The plot is interwoven perfectly You ll feel both sympathy for and disappointment in the well developed MC It s a great story.

    13. A dark, tragic novel is a balancing act, one that VanBaale walks so well, bringing the narrative full circle, arching it over and back onto itself without the support lightness A compelling examination of the complexities of relationships and how they tangle, strangle and overlap, and also a study in how pain and pleasure intersect, The Good Divide is a brutally honest account of a woman s endurance, or her descent, over the course of decades.

    14. Oh, how I love a title that says everything and gives nothing away I also love fiction that explores good and evil with a nuanced pen Those who sincerely seek to understand that divide are often confronted with the overwhelming mystery of demarcation Certainly it seems safe to assume that, before the large horrors are committed, smaller acts breach the line Every day is a brutal day, and VanBaale exposes this brutality in the domestic setting of a Wisconsin farm, honing the details of a life bui [...]

    15. The Good Divide is not a book about farming it s a book about living.In a little under 200 pages, Kali VanBaale captures what living is really about, no matter where you do it a constant balancing of the scales Having what we need sometimes barely but not always what we want Showing people only what we think they can handle and hiding the rest Experiencing ethereal joy one moment and earthly grief the next Like Jean and Tommy with the escaped heifers, Kali wrangles it through prose perfectly pit [...]

    16. This makes two really impressive books in a row which I have read Wow I loved this book so much So well done Definitely recommended

    17. It took me a long time to read this I m not sure if it was just a reading hum drum or the book In the end it was a pretty good book

    18. An Ethan Frome like parable of love lost and romantic rivalry set on a family farm in Wisconsin in the 50s and 60s Jean Krenshaw, a simple and devoted farm wife, secretly pines for her husband Jim s brother Tommy, who lives in one of two neighboring houses the brothers inherited from their twin grandmothers Rich in detail, the novel craftily captures rural life outside a small Midwestern town Whether intending to do so or not, the author aptly conveys what life must have been like for women in r [...]

    19. Jean Krenshaw is the ideal 1960 s dairy farm wife in the countryside of Wisconsin She cooks, sews, raises children, and plans an annual July 4th party for friends and neighbors But when her brother in law Tommy, who lives next door, marries a newcomer named LIz, Jean is forced to confront a ten year old family secret involving the unresolved death of a young woman The Good Divide explores a woman s tortured inner world and the painful choices that have divided her life, both past and present, fo [...]

    20. I did enjoy this book, but I wanted to be really moved and in that way, I was disappointed The cover photo and strong opening paragraphs promise gritty realism, and truly there is that throughout the novel So I was disappointed when the author tapped of a romance novel style, especially in handling the main character s cutting herself For me, that romance novel style lets me off the emotional hook, so to speak, as a reader, and weakens the impact.

    21. I really enjoyed this book It s one of those books where you want to yell at the MC Please love the one you re with LOL This was a good book from beginning to end I actually didn t predict the ending, which is rare.

    22. I read this book while riding all day in a car, stopped only when it grew too dark to read, and then finished the book in the hotel hot tub that night I HAD to know what was going to happen next to poor, tormented Jean, and what harm she was going to inflict on herself and others in consequence This is a perfectly structured, beautifully written, searingly honest book.The prologue shows us the end of Jean s story, eliminating suspense in some ways, and building it in others We know she ends up o [...]

    23. This little novel snuck up on me by the end of it It unfolded slowly and carefully, like the long expanse of land and hollow space of the Wisconsin dairy farm the story is set against Jean Krenshaw, the main character, is tall and solid and the type of young woman that does her duty of accepting her place as the wife of a dairy farmer despite the longings and restless waters that run beneath her cool veneer It s the 1960 s and she, a utilitarian girl, has set into her utilitarian life That is, u [...]

    24. I thought the characterization was very well done, and the setting of a Midwestern dairy farm was enjoyable I could relate very much to the setting and the feel of the people.I thought the book was a little depressing, as too many people don t deal well with past pain, and it s also sad when people don t CHOOSE to be content with their life I have to admit I didn t get the whole Tommy appeal a pretty face and teasing eyes aren t enough to rule a person s life, I wouldn t think.I would have given [...]

    25. Hard work and perseverance are the principles of the American farmer But when that work ethic turns malevolent and perseverance becomes a wicked obsession, we find we are not in Kansas or in this case, Wisconsin any we have entered the dark heartland Kali VanBaale deftly portrays the life of a Midwest farmwife torn between what she has and what she wants but can never have She s rejected the safe, sane world of her husband for his brother, a wild thing That choice only leads to an unhealthy comp [...]

    26. I was so excited when I got this for Christmas Biggest moment EVER I started off the book like oh hey, this is pretty interesting Set in an older time period Then the story kept hinting with Jean and Sandy I kept thinking, Who s Sandy Who s Sandy I would read it in the car and wouldn t let anyone talk to me until I finally figured out who she is and what happened to her Of course it s right when I start really liking the character This novel creates a lot of drama and back story, and an ending p [...]

    27. I found the main character Jean rather hard to relate to, she wasn t all that likeable for me Yes, she finds herself in situations that aren t happy for her and is faced with hard choices, but she doesn t seem able to make a good choice that changes her situation for the better or to let go of things It was a strange read as I kept wanting to like it and to like the characters but in the end I think her husband Jim was the only person I cared about.

    28. This is interesting but needs impetus to the whole story It rambles at times so you have to think harder to get back on thread of story Ending not so hot I rated it as a 2 star as it was slow at times but then it would ramble on Some of the facts changed as it was told but the editors fault in not catching it Like making a hat but then changed to scarf just a few paragraphs later

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