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Just Like Heaven #2020

Just Like Heaven It all started with a red lace thong Normally Kate is a twin set and pearls kind of girl who wouldn t be caught dead in such a thing But that s exactly what happens when sudden chest pains leave her l

  • Title: Just Like Heaven
  • Author: Barbara Bretton
  • ISBN: 9780515142624
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just Like Heaven By Barbara Bretton, It all started with a red lace thong Normally Kate is a twin set and pearls kind of girl who wouldn t be caught dead in such a thing But that s exactly what happens when sudden chest pains leave her lying in a parking lot with her skirt hiked up around her hips for all of Princeton to see It s a man in a Grateful Dead t shirt who saves her life, and then disappears withIt all started with a red lace thong Normally Kate is a twin set and pearls kind of girl who wouldn t be caught dead in such a thing But that s exactly what happens when sudden chest pains leave her lying in a parking lot with her skirt hiked up around her hips for all of Princeton to see It s a man in a Grateful Dead t shirt who saves her life, and then disappears without a trace A total stranger and yet Kate would give anything to see him again How is she to know that her mystery man is planning a new, far away life for himself, one that doesn t include romance, even if he can t seem to get the woman in red lace out of his mind Romance isn t high on Kate s list of priorities either But when the handsome good Samaritan shows up on her doorstep, they discover that even the strongest heart is no match for love

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    1 thought on “Just Like Heaven

    1. AwesomeSo far I have enjoyed every book from this series Moving on to book 4 I know I m not going to be disappointed.

    2. Just Like Heaven Jersey Strong Book 3 The love story of Kate and Father Mark Father Mark is a Episcopal priest who save the live of Kate While in the ER he lost her and with no name he start looking for her When he find her, sparks fly Can a relax catholic find love with an Episcopal priest You love it Great summer read.

    3. Love,love,love Loved reading this story s always a pleasure to get lost in Barbara Bretton s happy imagination Her stories are always a good balance of reality and fantasy Already looking forward to reading

    4. ORIGINAL POST at FANGS, WANDS and FAIRY DUSTfangswandsandfairydustspo JUST LIKE HEAVEN in New Jersey Like a lot of novels this book s forty year old protagonist is rather an agonist about her age This riles me nothing to do with the book to do with society I am 52 and at 40 did not feel as awesome as I do now Women, stop acing like life ends at forty Everything until then was a rehearsal.That s kind of the point, though, don t wait to live or love You shouldn t put stuff off because you re happ [...]

    5. Kate is a very career oriented women who is filled with apprehension and has no need for a man, which she continually tells her mother and daughter One fateful day she has just come back from an acquisition in London, she is running late to a meeting with a buyer, has no clean underwear except a sexy red thong which she must wear, has not eaten since before take off, has her daughter chatting her ear off on the phone, and is in traffic Not a good combo which over rides her and gives her a heart [...]

    6. This is a wonderful sweet fun and romantic story I loved the fact that it was set in my state of New Jersey and that the characters were real people and did not appear to fall into any of the standard stereotypes It made the reading so much fresh and interesting These characters are real people dealing with real life issues I also loved that this was the first time in forever that I ve been able to pick up a read about characters that are actually older than I am That s how I know I am getting [...]

    7. 355p A beautiful morning in early spring What could possibly go wrong Just returned from a buying trip in England, Kate French was jet lagged and exhausted and running on fumes She was already running late for an appointment but a wave of dizziness forces her to pull into the shopping mall parking lot in search of a quick fix of caffeine and protein.When the pain first hit, she ignored it and continued racing across the parking lot toward the food court But within moments she realized something [...]

    8. It first, I thought I had stumbled into a Christian romance and gave up on it, but then had second thoughts as I had enjoyed reading this author before I went back and picked it up again a few days later and am so glad I decided to continue It was a sweet love story of two 40 sensible, intelligent, and very nice people So refreshing to read a story where the couple are not in constant conflict and struggling with themselves as well as each other Their inner dialogs were funny yet reasonably real [...]

    9. Sometimes it takes a big life event to make us realize we haven t been living and so it was for Kate Kate has a heart attack in a mall parking lot and a stranger in jeans and a Greatful Dead T shirt sves her life by performing CPR The stranger turns out to be a priest on sabbatical The two of them finally meet and sparks fly I like Bretton s books and this was a very enjoyable one Hey ya gutta love a priest wearing a Grateful Dead T shirt administering CPR and saving someone their is a certain a [...]

    10. A beautiful romance with spark and sizzle, as well written as any Christi Craig novel, but with characters that don t jump in the sack after two days of just meeting I seriously doubt an Episcopal priest would jump in the sack at all before they were married, but at least they waited six weeks There are a number of characters to keep track of, and amazingly they all have a lot of depth Very enjoyable

    11. A book review with the word religion in it automatically has me turning away Sorry, just not my preference But, For some reason I wanted to read this one I was very pleasantly surprised It was a sweet story with a VERY HEA, which is one of my favorite thing to read.Yes there was a good amount of church talk but it made me think of a very loving family not rules, etc Religious or not the love they fond, everyone would be better off if they had it as well

    12. Man this was such a good book On the one hand it s a little bit humorous, on the other hand it s a little bit hot and steamy Mostly it s touching and romantic.So apparently I just re read this book and totally don t remember anything about it from the first time because it didn t seem familiar to me at all I enjoyed the plot and the characters this time around too though Original finish date August 1, 2009

    13. This is a very unusual story about a heart attack patient and a recovering alcoholic priest Written in a very traditional style, this sweet romance will make you sigh at points and laugh at others Barbara Bretton gave this book a pretty interesting twist when she added the priest as the hero I gotta admit I have never looked at a priest that way and probably never will look at one the same again.

    14. Barbara Bretton s books are a peek into real life How do people honestly react to everyday problems You will find it here I enjoy these even because they mention places in NJ that I am very familiar with since I am a Jersey girl even though I live in NY I would recommend her to anyone who enjoys a pleasant read.

    15. I do not know why this was on my list I usually don t go for romance all by itself But it was clean mostly , and had some humor The age of the protagonists was early forties, which is unusual And one of them was an Episcopalian spelling priest I enjoyed it I must have been in the mood for a change of pace.

    16. This one was ok I struggled with it for several reasons I think if you are going to write about a minister then you need to stay true to character, or at least the idea of what a minister represents This is a confussing topic for me personally so I m not sure how I feel about it She s a good writer though.

    17. A sweet, romantic story that answers the question Can a recovering Catholic really fall in love at first sight with an Episcopalian Priest It hooked me in the first few pages and kept me interested with Kate and Mark s intense attraction I liked this book a lot.

    18. Quite a strong contemporary romance The people are real with their personalities, foibles and emotions The plot believable without being pedestrian Mark and Kate were or became likeable characters with great dialog.

    19. An unexpectedly warm and inviting story about finding love where you weren t expecting to What a powerful lesson to anyone who is just cruising along life seemingly in automatic Bravo for Kate and Mark and their extended families both born and chosen.

    20. Another great story by Barbara Bretton I love that the characters in her romance novels are 30 Will definitely keep reading Bretton s books

    21. This book was a nice break from my string of depressing novels It s a serious romance novel the character have real ives and real problems.

    22. I can t remember why I originally picked up this book, but I suspect it was something that recommended to me It was OK I m still seeking that elusive LaVyrle Spencer successor.

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