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Congress Of Secrets #2020

Congress Of Secrets The year is and the Congress of Vienna has just begun Diplomats gather to draw a new map of Europe and aristocrats and royals arrive to celebrate the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte Among them i

  • Title: Congress Of Secrets
  • Author: Stephanie Burgis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Congress Of Secrets By Stephanie Burgis, The year is 1814, and the Congress of Vienna has just begun Diplomats gather to draw a new map of Europe, and aristocrats and royals arrive to celebrate the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte Among them is Lady Caroline Wyndham, one of the wealthiest widows in England But, like so many others at the Congress, Caroline has a dark secret.Caroline was born Karolina Vogl, the dThe year is 1814, and the Congress of Vienna has just begun Diplomats gather to draw a new map of Europe, and aristocrats and royals arrive to celebrate the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte Among them is Lady Caroline Wyndham, one of the wealthiest widows in England But, like so many others at the Congress, Caroline has a dark secret.Caroline was born Karolina Vogl, the daughter of a radical Viennese printer When her father was arrested by the secret police, Karolina s childhood was stolen from her, lost in a pit of dark alchemy and despair Now, under the protection of a new name and a new nationality, she has returned to Vienna to save her father at last When she comes face to face with Michael Steinh ller, her father s old apprentice, now a charming conman and professional survivor, they are both granted an unexpected chance at love but the supernatural forces that shattered Caroline s childhood still rule Vienna behind its glittering fa ade of balls and salons, and her disguise is fragile than she realizes.

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      Stephanie Burgis

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    1. My new book and it s out today Eeeeee This is both my darkest and my most romantic book It s my love letter to Vienna my favorite city in the world It s full of disguises, deception, dark alchemy and an unexpected romance between a powerful, ruthless, manipulative heroine my editor described her as having a spine made of steel and a charming conman hero in the middle of his biggest ever gamble, all set at the glittering Congress of Vienna.I am so happy to finally be able to share it with you guy [...]

    2. I love a well written, well thought out historical Add some fact with fiction and just a touch of magic and you have something that I take notice of Congress of Secrets was such an interesting, unexpected read One that left me eagerly turning the pages curious at what would transpire next What truths and deceit would unfold and what the author had in store for our main characters There were twists, turns, darkness, and light It was fun, entertaining and with just a touch of romance, it really wa [...]

    3. Burgis takes on a complicated, fascinating period of history the Congress of Vienna as the backdrop for this dark historical fantasy romance, as a troupe of actors attempt to find fame among the glitterati at the end of the Napoleonic wars, and a pair of con artists, separated since childhood, pursue their own goals among those gathered to dance, gamble, flirt, and negotiate the borders of Europe as they play the game of kings.The story is at its best with the actors, at least for me, especially [...]

    4. since this is a historical fiction there s an amount of political maneuverings and manipulations so my only negative thing not enough alchemy.

    5. The year is 1814 and all the aristocrats and royals from across the continent have converged on Vienne for the Congress of Vienna to celebrate the downfall of Napoleon It is a celebration but also a week of high politicking as each diplomat hopes to control again or be granted lands within the new map of Europe.Caroline Wyndham, a wealthy English widow, is among the guests and hopes to gain the Emperor s ear Caroline is not at all who she seems, although she plays the role to perfection She was [...]

    6. thrilling and interesting story great writing, interesting characters, though maybe the secondary ones were not as fleshed out, alot of times it felt like they were props, acting in a certain way just so the main characters could react to it and the story could go a certain road that said, really liked the whole story and would recommend it to friends.

    7. I was lucky enough to be asked to read an ARC for this book.No spoilers, but you want this book Dark magic, plots within plots, so much good stuff.Pre order now

    8. Short of time travel, this is the best way I know to spy on the intrigues of the rich and powerful at the 1814 Congress of Vienna Burgis s pacing is impeccable, the plot taut to the point of inevitability, and her characters beautifully drawn There s a lovely parallel here between the high stakes political negotiations of historical politicians and the personal schemes of the novel s protagonists, Caroline and Michael The conclusion was moving and pitch perfect This novel is sending me scramblin [...]

    9. A sumptuous and romantic tale of two ordinary people caught at the confluence of history, politics and dark alchemy, CONGRESS OF SECRETS will have you turning pages late at night.

    10. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty All the of world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players.Opening Sentence Of course, I could never go back to Vienna, Michael Seinhuller said.The Review Michael is a con man or a player on the world stage and he has a play to set him up for life, he just needs some help getting into Vienna so he can get land, title, and money When he runs into a troupe headed into Vienna he knows how to get them to help him Once he is in, he just n [...]

    11. strong 4 Having fairly recently read and enjoyed Masks and Shadows by Stephanie Burgis I had no hesitation at all in putting in a request for Congress of Secrets This book definitely does not disappoint and in fact I personally enjoyed it even than Masks and Shadows Using real historical events and people Burgis once again brings to us a story that weaves together magic and mystery in a most compelling way.The year is 1814, Napoleon has fallen and the Congress of Vienna is being hosted by Emper [...]

    12. Last April I read Stephanie Burgis Masks and Shadows, her first novel for adults and fell absolutely in love with her writing So I after I finished the book, I was really happy to discover that she had a book set in the same variant of our world coming out in November of last year Congress of Secrets was everything I hoped it would be and , taking what I loved about Masks and Shadows and improving on the things that niggled me Burgis enchanted me once again with Caroline s tale and I would have [...]

    13. I think I just read a reskinned version of Masks and Shadows, only set during the Congress of Vienna 40 years later A somewhat polished version of Masks and Shadows because there were fewer POVs, but still Widow of questionable nobility wields flirtation as a weapon at court while an unconventional love lurks in the background, spies use alchemy, a theatre troupe gets twisted up in it all, and the great reveal is on stage.I still like though Recommended for fans of Mary Robinette Kowal, so long [...]

    14. It is 1814 and the Congress of Vienna has made Vienna the place to be for schemers of all sorts The kings, emperors, and diplomats are scheming to divide up Europe now that Napoleon has been deposed The well to do from all over Europe are gathering to be part of the social scene.Two others have come to Vienna again for their own purposes Caroline, Lady Wyndham, is searching for her father who was arrested for political dissent when she was eleven She fell under into the control of the Austrian E [...]

    15. I didn t like this one as much as I liked Masks Shadows I think the ending just kinda blew it for me, and there were other aspects where I was just like, what Not my favorite EDIT 12 8 16 Review originally published in Booklist on October 15, 2016.Set during the historical backdrop of the Congress of Vienna, which occurred after the defeat and exile of Napol on Bonaparte, this novel is not only about the lengths political leaders will go to gain power but the lengths a daughter will go to save h [...]

    16. 3.5For some reason Masks and Shadows matched my taste, or my mood at the time of reading, a bit than Congress of Secrets, but this was still a very good read, with vivid characters and a roaring good story.

    17. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures bookswithoutanypictures 20After Napoleon s defeat, world leaders and aristocrats gathered for the Congress of Vienna in order to negotiate peace between the world s powers In Congress of Secrets, Stephanie Burgis reimagines what the Congress of Vienna would be like if dark alchemy was in play.The story alternates between two major protagonists Caroline Wyndham is an English heiress with a secret She s actually Karolina, and g [...]

    18. 3.5 5.0Once I read the synopsis for Congress of Secrets a few months ago, I knew that I HAD to read it Historical fantasy novels are quickly climbing up my list of favorite things to read and this one looked beautiful , it didn t just have the looks this book had awesome content, from the setting to the characters, to the devious plots I thought Lady Caroline Wyndham was superb she was beautiful, conniving, and clever She managed to go from a printer s daughter to a wealthy lady of English high [...]

    19. The year is 1814, and the Congress of Vienna has just begun The Emperor Napoleon has been defeated, and the great powers of Europe have gathered in Vienna to carve up Europe among themselves Along with them have come the powerful, the deposed nobility of old Europe, and the opportunistic, hoping to grab power and wealth for themselves Amid glittering balls, parties, and salons, the great of Europe meet, plot, and position themselves.Into Vienna come Lady Caroline Wyndham, a wealthy English widow [...]

    20. 4 4.5 stars.Finally finally finally bought this, and I am so confused as to why this book doesn t have attention There is an amazing historical setting the Congress of Vienna of 1814 , fantastic characters that develop lovely and at just the right place, a romance that suits the story brilliantly and that I, for once, adored and rooted for, villains of nightmares, and alchemy magic of a new sort to me, and I thought it was so inspired and unique I have no complaints.While the first part of the [...]

    21. Another enjoyable, rich historical fantasy for adults from Stephanie Burgis As always with Staphanie s books, I was fully immersed in the world she created I loved the mixture of politics with alchemy I enjoyed this slightly less than Masks and Shadows only because I felt of a distance from the main characters I still loved it, particularly everything about the world building and intrigue.

    22. An intriguing historical fiction novel with just the right touch of romance and necromancy, and an informative historical note which always makes me happy One make out scene that is disrupted with clothes still on but you definitely know where it is going This is an adult book, with some adult themes, but still much cleaner than a lot of YA I m looking disapprovingly at you Sarah J Maas.

    23. Historical fiction check Elements of fantasy check Intricate caper plot check This book should have been right in my wheelhouse, but it just wasn t The fantasy alchemy elements felt tacked on It was slow to start, and I never really felt attached to the characters Finishing felt like a chore The historical bits were the redeeming feature I wouldn t mind finding another book set against the same backdrop.

    24. It might be easy to understand why I enjoy reading Stephanie Burgis s combination of real 18 19th century history, romantic adventure, and touches of magic She has an impressively solid familiarity with the history and manners of the era she draws from which, if you check out the topics of her graduate education, is no surprise The Congress of Vienna, sorting out the political consequences of Napoleon s defeat, is a natural setting for intrigues of all sorts.Two people, neither of whom is the pe [...]

    25. Set in the same world as the author s Masks and Shadows, Congress of Secrets takes place in Vienna, 1814 at the great Congress of Vienna which marked the end of Napoleon s rule across Europe and the meeting of leaders from countries both subjugated and victorious in the wars that deposed him Against this backdrop, Caroline, a wealthy English widow and tourist at the Congress ingratiates herself with the players and noble onlooker Unbeknownst to them, she is playing a part, returning to Vienna an [...]

    26. I liked Masks and Shadows better, but this is still a good read My main complaint is that while Karolina was awesome, every single male POV char is varying levels of infuriating I m sure it was on purpose, especially as couple of them were antagonists which, I m a hard sell on a villain POV where we just get to see how eeeevil they are It s almost never actually necessary for the plot , but still Also, there was a little too much reliance on the characters getting in each other s way because of [...]

    27. Congress of Secrets is set in Vienna where a Europe recovering from Napolean is dividing the territories, mostly with respect to the major powers which do not include France Two people who fled Vienna when the Repressive King Francis burned the printers accused of sedition, return many years later seeking to settle their losses One is Lady Caroline Wyndham, aka Karolina, a girl sold into sexual slavery that transformed into two marriages, leaving her wealthy and far from her childhood home Micha [...]

    28. I received this book from Pyr through Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review my thanks to them both for the opportunity to read this novel.If I enjoyed Stephanie Burgis previous book, Masks and Shadows, this one went well beyond any expectations I had, after my first encounter with this writer Congress of Secrets is far richer and multi faceted than its predecessor and I enjoyed it very much, as the levels of tension and intrigue kept me glued to the pages until the end The story is set a f [...]

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