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Take the Reins #2020

Take the Reins When Sasha Silver and her horse Charm arrive on the campus of the elite Canterwood Crest Academy Sasha knows that she s in trouble She s not exactly welcomed with open arms One group of girls in pa

  • Title: Take the Reins
  • Author: Jessica Burkhart
  • ISBN: 9781416958406
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Take the Reins By Jessica Burkhart, When Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, arrive on the campus of the elite Canterwood Crest Academy, Sasha knows that she s in trouble She s not exactly welcomed with open arms One group of girls in particular is used to being the best, the brightest, and the prettiest on the team, and when Sasha shows her skills in the arena, the girls claws come out Sasha is determinWhen Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, arrive on the campus of the elite Canterwood Crest Academy, Sasha knows that she s in trouble She s not exactly welcomed with open arms One group of girls in particular is used to being the best, the brightest, and the prettiest on the team, and when Sasha shows her skills in the arena, the girls claws come out Sasha is determined to prove that she belongs at Canterwood Will she rise to the occasion and make the advanced riding team by the end of her first semester Or will the pressure send Sasha packing

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    1. I love the book Canterwood Crest Take the reins This is book is about star horseback rider Sasha Silver and her horse Charm and how they enter an elite boarding school with an excellent riding program Only the best of the best can handle it, especially with all the pressure of mean girl Heather Fox and her superior horse Aristocrat Heather and her Trio which consists of Julia Meyers with Trix and Alison Robb with Sunstruck, try to make her life as miserable as possible in order to send her back [...]

    2. i loved this book and found a new series to read this book seems so real if you know what i mean i some books our thinking that would never happen in real life it was very good and i m looking fowerd to the next book chasing blue

    3. When I started Take The Reins, I wasn t really sure what I was going to think of it I had not read any middle grade books for a while and was worried that I wouldn t enjoy it At first the writing was a bit hard to get used to, especially since I had just finished Into the Wild, which is a fantastic read, but vocabulary and writing is so much adult it was difficult to get into the flow at first Once I did though, it was a very fast cute read.I really liked how Sasha s character unfolds throughou [...]

    4. I m not sure if the fact that I don t usually read equestrian novels affects my judgement, but I found this a quite typical series The same girl goes to an academy and it s not all that cracked up to be, makes a few enemies, makes a few friends, fall in love, and lose a few friends that we see in most indie series Testament to this is how it barely made an impact on me because I don t even remember the details or even much of the story and characters save the general idea and plot I probably enj [...]

    5. This book was not as good as I expected it to be With my sister being obsessed with the series, and people in the Horse Lovers Only group reccommending it to me, I really expected it to be better I was really disapointed with it There are heaps of better horse books out there that follow a similiar storyline.Firstly, there was hardly any plot I didn t really feel like enough happened It was just a bunch of kids standing around doing stuff It was horribly boring, and the characters weren t intere [...]

    6. Sasha s starting 7th grade at Canterwood Crest, a boarding school known for its equestrian program Almost immediately she gets off on the wrong foot with Heather, a snooty rider gunning for the advanced team who isn t above a little sabotage to get her way Between school and riding, it s surprising to find that Sasha has enough time for a little romanceAh, to be in seventh grade again I was fully expecting this to be very much about snooty rich girls with Sasha being some kind of poor scholarshi [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading Take the Reins It shows you what it s like to own a horse and all the responsibilities that come with it It doesn t just show what it likes to be an equestrian, but what it s like to be a normal teenager It shows you how hard it can be to fit in with others It also shows how hard it is to make new friends and enemies My favorite part is when Sasha tries out for her school s equestrian team I think this a good book for all teens, especially those who love horses.

    8. Canterwood Crest Take The Reins, was a really fun book It was funny, real, and very enjoyable.I m excited to read the rest of the series

    9. i loved it it was sooooo great i finished it in like 2 days max it is a great read for anyone that like horses drama and a great read

    10. Personal response I liked this book because it always kept you in suspense I also liked it because it was about horses This was a book that I could not put down once I started it I think this was a good book to start off the year with.Plot summary In the beginning of this book Sasha moved on a new campus called canterwood On the first day she had to bring her horse Charm to the canterwood stables, when Sasha was walking Charm he spooked and took off He ran right into another horse causing him to [...]

    11. Personal response I think the author did a good job of having drama, but also not looking the main purpose of the book.Plot In the beginning of this book Sasha moved on a new campus called Canterwood On the first day she had to bring her horse Charm to the Canterwood stables, when Sasha was walking Charm he spooked and took off He ran right into another horse causing him to spook also After Sasha calmed down Charm she went over to Heather She snaps at Sasha and calls for Callie for her to come a [...]

    12. CANTERWOOD CREST TAKE THE REINSJessica BurkhartRealistic Fiction249 pagesCANTERWOOD CREST TAKE THE REINS by Jessica Burkhart is about a girl named Sasha Silver who is accepted into a new school Canterwood is very different from Sasha s old school, Briar Creek She was only there one day and she already had made an enemy She doesn t know it, but Sasha is in for a big surprise Heather, Sasha s enemy, has it in for Sasha After that accident Heather seeks revenge On testing day Sasha is put in the in [...]

    13. Personal Response I thought Take The Reins was a great book There were many conflicts between the characters, but many lessons were learned There were also a few suspenseful parts in the book For being book one of the series I can t wait to read the rest of the series.Plot Summary Sasha and Charm just moved to Canterwood Crest because Sasha passed all of the levels at her old boarding school When she got to Canterwood Crest Charm got spooked and made a girl fall off of her horse which started th [...]

    14. Being the new kid is not always the best thing, especially when your first impression doesn t go that well This statement applied to a seventh grade girl named Sasha Silver and right now things for her were bad Sasha came from Union and now was in Canterwood Crest Academy It s like comparing a school concert to a Grammy concert Trust me, Canterwood is a big deal Normally, Sasha was an A student but ever since coming to Canterwood she has been doing poorly in biology Since showing her skills a tr [...]

    15. When Sasha Silver first set eyes on her acceptance letter to Canterwood Crest, she realized that her previous riding performances and good grades would not be as easily achieved in this high academic school She has to prove that she is up to the challenges that Canterwood Crest provides Making a good first impression immediately disappears when her horse, Charm, goes on a wild rampage within the first ten minutes after arriving Charm s run makes Sasha a new arch enemy and rival that thwarts her [...]

    16. Take the Reins is an exciting, upbeat novel about Sasha Silver Sasha comes from a small town in Union Connecticut She gets invited to top notch Canterwood Crest Academy This academy has excellent education, and a strong superior riding program Sasha and her horse Charm attend the school As soon as she sets foot on campus, everything went wrong Charm got nervous and bolted, making Queen Bee Heather Fox s horse buck, and throw her off Soon after that, Heather and her clique, Alison and Julia, set [...]

    17. This is exactly what the cover implies The Saddle Club meets The Clique Gossip Girl Sasha starts at the prestigious Canterwood Academy, hoping to qualify for their advanced riding team She spends most of the book fighting off the back stabbing Heather, who s worried Sasha will steal her place on the advanced team Oh, and there s a very vanilla romance with a Zac Efron lookalike boy, of course Personally, I could have done with less backstabbing and catfighting and maybe the riding instructor not [...]

    18. I love how the much suspense is in this book I m not a reader and this book turned me in to a book worm with in 24 hours It got a little nurve raking when Hesther the mean girl keeped on trying to make Sasha leave This book keeped me highly intresrested on what was going to happen next Burkhart did a great job using words to play a movie in your head This is the first series I ll completly finish, I hope.I love her room mate I love how Burkharts makes this book relatable to others She knows how [...]

    19. Love the series It takes me less than 45 minutes to read them They are what I love to read, horses riding, friendships and romance Surely the first page was all about lip gloss but after that I was hooked I always will re read them, I never do that with other books When Sasha comes to a new school, she and her horse, Charm are the new ones That means the trio of mean girls can mess up her first week in front of everyone But Sasha takes the reins and steps up her game, no faults on jumps No dres [...]


    21. This story is about a girl named Sasha who is accepted into a prestigious academy She s a talented equestrian but unfortunately on her first day, she already makes enemies She has to work hard to get into the advanced team Her enemies will try their best to prevent Sasha from getting into the advanced team One thing I liked about the book is that most parts of it are relatable and you can relate to the situations in one way or another One question I have is why do Julia and Alison follow Heather [...]

    22. I liked the book enough to place a request for the next volume at the library, but I was still a little disappointed with the cookie cutter plot I was hoping for horsey stuff and less of Sasha studying to keep up in her classes I am still enad with the thought of actually getting to take a horse to boarding school I wonder if I can take mine to the nursing home See my complete review here mangamaniaccafe p 3806

    23. My 10 year old daughter LOVES this series and insisted I read it I agree with her assessment The book tells the story of a girl who goes to a private boarding school She is an equestrian, striving to succeed on a very competitive team I liked the strong role model she presents and the friendships with the other girls There are the normal back stabbing teen aged angst, and the beginning of a slight romance between the protagonist and a boy.

    24. I gave this book five stars because it is breathtaking awesome i have to say this is my favorite series this book is about a girl named Sasha Sliver and her horse Charm transfer to a riding boarding school she meets friends and her enemys there are 13 books in this series this is the first out of all of them and i fell in love with it i hope you follow my reviews on other books to

    25. will update when finished.Ok I love this book This book is about a 7th grader Sasha, must deal with school work her horse, charm the cute boy Jacob and the mean it girls of the school.Her goal to make the advanced team She is covereds that just because your team mates, dont have to be your friends Sasha has a lot on her plate but can she over come it all Better find out.

    26. A great first novel for YAs from Jessica She is a fun and online involved author, who really LOVES horses As I am at the barn every day, and have been for many years, it was important to me that the details of the horses were correct, and this book did not disappoint Move over Saddle Club, you ve met your contemporary match A fun, quick, read for anyone who loves horses.

    27. This book is a great horse story It is about a girl who inroles a very exclusive boarding school named Canterwood Crest Acadmy She is going to join the Canterwood equine team but must be evaluated first Will the preasure of the acadamy send her packing or will she fight to get what she wants Read the book to find out, I would definatily recommend this book to any one who loves horses.

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