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The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues #2020

The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues The latest installment in the hilarious bestselling series Kirkus calls a splendid romp Ths Stainless Steel Rat the th century s most canny criminal is handed an unusual sentence in exchange for hi

  • Title: The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues
  • Author: Harry Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780553569391
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues By Harry Harrison, The latest installment in the hilarious, bestselling series Kirkus calls a splendid romp Ths Stainless Steel Rat the 25th century s most canny criminal is handed an unusual sentence in exchange for his life journey to a prison in order to retrieve a legendary alien artifact.

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      Harry Harrison

    1 thought on “The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues

    1. This is the third prequel to the original book, and was quite disappointing The good points are the setup Jim DiGriz forms a musical group to infiltrate a prison planet and how quick it is to read.The prison planet itself contains a multitude of societies, each less believable than the one before One of these is clearly Harrison s clumsy commentary on Robert Bly s Iron John A Book About Men Having now read all three sequels, I would recommend stopping after the first one.

    2. A rather involved series of misadventures that challenge the Rat s abilities Dumped on a prison planet shades of Botany Bay, Australia , the Rat and his band encounter a number of mob style groups that either want to kill them or keep them for entertainment.But, as usual, the Rat with the unusual help of his companions overcome their challenges in their quest for a stolen article.Of course, there s the usual ineptness and double crossing of authorities and government big shots Everything I ve le [...]

    3. This is the eighth Stainless Steel Rat book and the third prequel to the original book Sadly, while I m a big fan of Harrison s work and have found The Rat hugely enjoyable over the years this sequel to a sequel to a prequel suffers from a number of issues which doesn t make it an awesome read.The Stainless Steel Rat books are never meant to be taken too seriously they are a distraction, pure entertainment, nothing else They ve always been fun affairs which favour escapades and exploits over dee [...]

    4. Not recommended, even for the most hardcore of Harry Harrison fans In this volume, Harrison aims at too many targets and doesn t hit any of them, complicating the mess in an attempt to squeeze in his own sci fi blues lyrics with a critique of Robert Bly s Iron John I enjoyed the Stainless Steel Rat books as a kid, but this was probably the worst one of the bunch Even the latter ones, such as Gets Drafted and for President were amusing, but this is not worth the time even as a time wasting pulp n [...]

    5. This one appears to come right after A Stainless Steel Rat is Born, even though it is written after most of the other Rat stories.I am giving this 4 stars because this book becomes preachy and most of the societies that are created are stupid and unbelievable It s too bad Harry Harrison decided he needed to beat the readers over the head with his social commentary, it is intruding on the fun of Jim DiGriz.

    6. The Stainless Steel Rat is a great idea that somehow doesn t quite hit as well as it should It may have been the sort of story I would have appreciated as a twelve year old boy, but as an adult I was underwhelmed I m not sure why I keep reading them other than the possibility that I forget they re adolescent nature in the years between reading each one and only remember the first time I read the first in the series.

    7. Good stuff This reminded me a lot of the writing in the later part of the Foundation series, where the fiction sort of seems to become anthropological I also enjoyed the weaving in of these sort of archetypal mythos and especially the way that they are used Very creative This series is just getting better over time and I absolutely appreciate the innovation the author puts into each subsequent book.

    8. Genre sci fi, bureaucracy bashing, militarismSummary After a failed heist, Jim diGriz is unwilling drafted to volunteer for a reconnaissance mission for a lost artifact on a top secret prison planet The powers in charge have their own agenda which they don t let Jim on until the end, so when he gets his revenge, it is quite sweet Response I do wish there was some form of authority that is trustworthy in this alternate world of Jimmy diGriz I understand the whole man on a mission and lone wolf co [...]

    9. Second worst in SSR series, after SSR Joins the Circus , in my opinion.Pros complicated enough plot that could be made interesting.Cons Its development and style The only common things with SSR series in the Jim s name and catch phrase Stainless Steel Rat s used as a music band name, and a complicated, interrupted storyline.Main character behaves not as a stainless steel rat in the walls of advanced society, but as a person doing almost nothing by himself, all problems are solved for him by some [...]

    10. A series I could and I do read and reread over and over again and enjoy just as much if not than the first time.

    11. I m a huge fan of Harry Harrison and i tore through his books as a teenager My favourites were the Stainless Steel Rat books which as well as being sci fi, were witty, irreverent, fun and action packed They don t have the level of social comment that you get in a few of his other works but like many of his stand alone novels they were great quick reads and stood up to repeated reading, with the science although always plausible, second to pace and action.As i said, i read most of these as a teen [...]

    12. Jim is caught stealing cash and is offered freedom in exchange for a dangerous mission to find a missing artifact lost on a prison planet With his chosen team, under cover of a criminal band of musicians, they go to it.OK, so that s the story Not one of the best DiGriz novels In fact, one of the worst I loved reading the older ones when I was a teenager, but they either haven t aged well like me , or the older ones are probably better than the new ones, or both So what was wring with it Well, th [...]

    13. Although this Slippery Jim DiGriz novel does have it s humorous lines and fast pace as most fans will have come to expect, I can t say it is all that good I m glad I managed to miss this one when I was reading the series many years back, because I would have probably stopped Luckily, I skipped this one some how and managed to move on to the better books in the Stainless Steel Rat series The only reason I intend to read the last two I have not yet read is because I m a completionist I just gotta [...]

    14. Continuing after The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted, the Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues is the last of the prequels chronologically before the first book published, The Stainless Steel Rat Slippery Jim has to put a band together and go on tour The problem is the tour is of a prison planet.I feel this is the weakest of the Stainless Steel Rat books Jim appears quite powerless and is dependent upon others to save him regularly Pleasingly this is the last of the prequels The rest of the seri [...]

    15. It was great Need i say Yes I think I must There is no other series that has the quick charm of Harry Harrison s Stainless Steel Rat series This book is a solid addition to the series For discerning and intelligent readers the book is smart, funny, and wonderfully satirical while being quite entertaining and fun.Those who dismiss this book out of hand obviously missed the subtle jokes and maybe even the not so subtle puns that make this book great

    16. Hummm I suppose I can say that this was entertaining, in a kind of manic way It was quite a good read, but wasn t the sort of clever, ground breaking SF that I normally read It reminded me off an episode of some cut price TV show, like Buck Rogers or the the original Battlestar Galactica Still, it kept me busy for a couple of days and did make me laugh in places, even if the plot was so improbable, you just had to hang your common sense out the window

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    18. Excellent bloody marvelous This is in my opinion the best science fiction character created, his wit, smarts and overall attitude are funny as hell, and insanely clever I love the stainless steel rat in another exciting episode his is drafted unwilling to another escapade fore the core no spoilers, so go and try it you wont be disappointed

    19. Not as good as some of the others in this series not helped by the fact I decided to reread them in story order rather than in published order.The Stainless Steel rat is recruited to find an alien artifact on a hostile prison planet Naturally only a criminal is up to the job Gadgets and sci fi galore Another light and frothy fun read.

    20. fun read, as always This one was a bit deeper than usual, looking at gender and mythology but only just a bit deeper fun, informed, but no deep insights mostly fun

    21. I always enjoy these books The main character is such a smug, self assured ass but you can t help liking him and rooting for him.

    22. I consider this book a slump in the SSR series It was an OK read, just not particularly memorable.

    23. Another in the stainless steel rat books They are all quick reads with alot of humor in them The stories remain fresh and new Very recommended, especially to teen readers or someone new to SiFi

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