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Pippi Calzaslargas: Todas las historias #2020

Pippi Calzaslargas Todas las historias Pippi Calzaslargas es la ni a que todos querr amos ser vive sin obligaciones en una casa enorme con un caballo y un mono Dedica todo su tiempo a dar rienda suelta a su desbordante imaginaci n Aunque

  • Title: Pippi Calzaslargas: Todas las historias
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren Blanca Ríos Eulalia Boada
  • ISBN: 9788416290543
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pippi Calzaslargas: Todas las historias By Astrid Lindgren Blanca Ríos Eulalia Boada, Pippi Calzaslargas es la ni a que todos querr amos ser vive sin obligaciones, en una casa enorme, con un caballo y un mono Dedica todo su tiempo a dar rienda suelta a su desbordante imaginaci n.Aunque le encanta vivir sola, ha abierto las puertas de su casa a millones de lectores, con los que sigue compartiendo un mont n de aventuras inolvidables Porque Pippi, como susPippi Calzaslargas es la ni a que todos querr amos ser vive sin obligaciones, en una casa enorme, con un caballo y un mono Dedica todo su tiempo a dar rienda suelta a su desbordante imaginaci n.Aunque le encanta vivir sola, ha abierto las puertas de su casa a millones de lectores, con los que sigue compartiendo un mont n de aventuras inolvidables Porque Pippi, como sus historias, no envejece.Edici n especial 70 aniversario, con pr logo de Ellen Duthie.

    • BEST AZW "å Pippi Calzaslargas: Todas las historias" || READ (KINDLE) ↠
      369 Astrid Lindgren Blanca Ríos Eulalia Boada
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    1 thought on “Pippi Calzaslargas: Todas las historias

    1. Me encanta Pippi y sus aventuras Adem s sus p ginas est n repletas de buen humor y chascarrillos c micos que funciona tanto para ni os como para no tan ni os Langstrump o Calzaslargas es un personaje que me provoca mucha ternura adem s de ser una revolucionaria total Seamos todos un poco Pippi en la vida y la disfrutaremos m s.

    2. Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim s Daughter LongstockingIf you loved Pippi as a kid, you probably had that memorized My sister and I used to repeat it to each other frequently Very useful for annoying the older siblings With adulthood came the memory dump of all nonessential information, but as soon as I started re reading the book it all came back to me Maybe I should give the sibs a call and recite it, just to remind them how lucky they are to have me as a little sister I [...]

    3. st Pipi v dosp losti je z itek st ji se sv mi mal mi d tmi a sledovat, jak historky o nezkrotn hol i ce pro vaj ony, je k nezaplacen Nikdy by m nenapadlo, e se m t let dce i slo it Pipi zal b v c ne jak koliv klasick poh dka, j ji etla a n kdy v jeden cti letech a pokl dala jsem ji je t doned vna za knihu pro star d ti Chyba l vky Lindgrenov dok zala ps t tak geni ln , e si jej p b hy u ije snad ka d v kov kategorie.

    4. Head in palms of hands, softly sobbing to myself.n t let the dreams start again.We had a cat and unfortunate for it, she had a striped leg and, yes my wonderful little darling of a sister threw a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE Tantrum the likes noone has ever witness since, and all because the family wanted it to be called Mona and little sis wanted it to be called Pippi LongMeow.

    5. Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim s Daughter Longstocking moves into the Villa Villekulla after her sea captain father is lost at sea Not lost precisely, as in dead, just lost as in Pippi believes he is now a Cannibal King on a South Seas island Pippi, as she is known, lives with her monkey friend Mr Nilsson and discovers a horse living on her porch When the neighbors, Tommy and Annika, good little children, meet Pippi, their world changes Life suddenly gets a lot colorful a [...]

    6. Letto, riletto , visto , amatissimo Rileggerlo a mia figlia 35 anni dopo stato un tuffo nel passato

    7. Pippi Calzaslargas, Pippilota para los ni os soy.Esta sinton a y un trozo de pan con chocolate fueron, hace a os, el preludio de m gicas tardes para los ni os que un d a se hicieron adultos.En plena era de las pantallas, vivimos nuestros d as apuntalando con mucho orgullo y nostalgia aquellos recuerdos que tantas horas de felicidad nos regalaron La historia de Pippi Calzaslargas es uno de ellos y, por eso, la editorial Blackie Books ha querido recuperar todas las aventuras de este singular perso [...]

    8. I recently finished reading these three Pippi books to my seven and four year old boys I was worried that it would be outdated or boring or demonstrate too much bad behavior My seven year old was worried that it would be too girly I m happy to report that we all loved these books After the first chapter, the boys were running to bed every night with the book, begging for another chapter I loved Pippi so much She really loves her friends and does all sorts of big and little unseen things to make [...]

    9. i gave this three stars because it includes pippi in the south seas and i remember that one being weird around race i can t remember if pippi goes on board has those same elements i love pippi for beating up cops and robbers, washing her floor with sponges strapped to her feet, playing inside a hollow log, sleeping with her feet on her pillow, and making the uptight mom next door have a hissy fit because she doesn t know how to behave like a lady but her encounters with people in the south seas [...]

    10. Pippi is such an enchanting character She s refreshingly peculiar and she owns up to it She is an unlikely heroine who has a heart for adventure, justice and goodwill I appreciate that her imagination is rich, that her spirit is strong, and that her creativity is endless Without question, I have enjoyed reacquainting myself with her stories.

    11. I wasn t a big fan of Pippi when I was little, but this time around I had so much fun reading this book Pippi is undisputably crazy eating death cup mushrooms and randomly shooting with her father s gun like it s no big deal but she also has the kindest and most generous heart I loved that.

    12. I spent the entire summer and most of September reading this wonderful edition of Pippi Longstocking with my 10 year old daughter and I m so we spent the time to do it we laughed and laughed.

    13. The first book out of the 3 was amazing Brought back so many memories and made me smile when I pictured the scenes from the movie that was made The second book was ok but by the time I made it to the third book I was kind of over reading it If I had read it as 3 separate books instead reading it through as 1 it might have been better Overall I enjoyed it though and REALLY want to watch the movie again.

    14. Imagine being nine years old and living on one s own However do you handle it Well, it might help if you re the strongest and richest girl in the girl This week I reread The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, which contains all three Pippi novels by Astrid Lindgren, as part of my ongoing study of literary anti heroes Pippi does whatever she desires, whenever she wants, which is a reason her character caused controversy when first introduced and to this day appears on lists of female anti heroes Y [...]

    15. Was soll man schon gross zu diesem Klassiker sagen Pippi ist ein Charakter f r sich, ich liebe ihre unabh ngige und starke Art, aber gleichzeitig nervt sie mich aber auch mit ihren st ndigen L gen und grossen Klappe Was jedoch am meisten z hlt ist ihr grosses Herz und wie sie sich stets um das Wohl der anderen auch k mmert Lasst uns nur hoffen, dass Pippi weiterhin ein Vorbild f r kleine wie grosse Kinder bleibt PS Diese Illustrationen sind zum Teil schon urkomisch Besonders kleiner Onkels Kopf [...]

    16. Someone left this by the self checkout machine at the library and I thought Why not and checked it out for a re read I owned at least the first book when I was a kid As a redhead and descendant of redheads yeah It was probably inevitable On the one hand, I m kind of blown away by Pippi s girl hero qualities I kept thinking she was very Peter Pan ish except that she wants to be a pirate instead of fighting them , and that was before I got to the end and read that the thing she wanted the most was [...]

    17. I d like to recommend this book to my friend PJ, hopefully she will perfectly relate herself to Pippi Here s to all life enjoying happy go lucky people out there I myself, have read all stories on Pippi Longstocking back in the year 1990 1993 One long school holiday I recall, my parents went to Gramedia, and brought home a basket literally a basket full of Astrid Lindgren s writings Emil, Lotta, Madita, children of Bullerbyn, and of course, Pippi Longstocking It was madness, I say I finished all [...]

    18. I am the sea, and nobody owns me Pippi Longstocking is an inspiring and rebel like character, with amazing traits such as being able to lift a horse Of course, this is a fictional book Astrid Lindgren is a wonderful author, and when she had crafted this story while caring for her sick daughter, the idea sprouted into a wonderful collection of stories In the first story, Pippi travels across the world with her father, but when he gets blown off the boat in a horrible storm, Pippi has to live by h [...]

    19. Baca deh penggalan cerita di bawah Pippi is an irrepressible, irreverent, and irrefutably delightful nine year old girl who lives alone with a monkey in her wacky house, Villa Villekulla When she s not dancing with the burglars who were just trying to rob her house, she s attempting to learn the pluttification tables at school fighting Adolf, the strongest man in the world at the circus or playing tag with police officers Pippi s high spirited, good natured hijinks cause as much trouble as fun, [...]

    20. Rebecca and I have spent many a too late school nights reading through the Pippi trilogy It s nothing but fun If you want a book that builds character, this probably isn t it, though you d be hard pressed to find a kinder soul than Pippi I believe stories like these are perfect for children Pippi is generous, fun, and just, qualities that I see in my own children She doesn t have good manners, she can t read very well or do pluttification , and she has a bad habit of lying telling outlandish sto [...]

    21. I only read Pippi Longstocking out of this anthology I have been rereading books from my childhood and I remember my mother and I getting this from the library when I was in kindergarten or so This book is a very strange book Pippi is a girl who lives on her own because her father is the king of the cannibals on an island somewhere She has a lot of gold, so she bought her own house and a horse and she also has a monkey She is extremely strong.I did not realize that this was translated The book w [...]

    22. I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 11880746 This set includes all three of Pippi Longstocking s adventures All three of them feature Pippi, the red haired girl who is strong enough to pick up her horse, and her two friends, a brother and sister Pippi and her friends have wild adventures in the town where they live and at her ramshackle house with the tree that grows chocolate bars and or sodas, depending on the day All in all, they are fun reads for there s and younger depe [...]

    23. I used to wish I was Pippi, to be able to carry a horse, hang out on tropical islands, and have a monkey for a friend although not named Mr Nilsson Although she doesn t act like a grown up, she reminds us of the things that are really important in life I have only read the first 3 books I didn t know there were , so when they all come in from the library, I ll post an update to this review I m not going to rate them all individually.

    24. Just finished reading this book to my boys who are 6 1 2 Three Pippi Longstocking books in one Pippi Longstocking, Pippi goes abroad, Pippi in the South Seas The boys loved it and it brought back a lot of childhood memories for me It is nice to cuddle up with them and read on the weekend or after school to unwind and of course in the evenings and see how engulfed they get with the stories They rather have had a Pippi story read to them than watch something on TV long may it last

    25. I never really liked the Pippi books, I was much addicted to the original TV series with Inger Nilsson as Pippi.But as a character I really liked this rebellious little girl that managed quite nicely by herself in the world Yes, she was sometimes sad that her parents weren t there, but as a whole I think she lived the dream many kids want to live nrealistic Oh, don t break my heart by mentioning reality.

    26. Zelfstandig, dapper, lief, vrolijk, scherp, waanzinnig sterk en onschuldig brutaal Pippi Langkous is het ideale speelkameraadje en misschien wel een van de meest anarchistische personages uit de kinder literatuur Zo zou je ook wel willen zijn Maar in je hart weet je dat je eigenlijk meer lijkt op Pippi s brave en kleurloze vriendjes Tommy en Anneke Ontzettend grappig, fris en lekker schoppend geschreven en terecht legendarisch kinderboek.

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