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Invisible Dead #2020

Invisible Dead A gritty private eye series begins on the streets of Vancouver from an award winning new crime writer Dave Wakeland isn t the usual PI A year old ex cop he makes a habit of bad ideas Chelsea Loa

  • Title: Invisible Dead
  • Author: Sam Wiebe
  • ISBN: 9780345816276
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Invisible Dead By Sam Wiebe, A gritty, private eye series begins on the streets of Vancouver, from an award winning new crime writer.Dave Wakeland isn t the usual PI A 29 year old ex cop, he makes a habit of bad ideas Chelsea Loam falls squarely into that category Chelsea disappeared eleven years ago, leaving a trail leading towards career criminals and powerful men Taking her case quickly startsA gritty, private eye series begins on the streets of Vancouver, from an award winning new crime writer.Dave Wakeland isn t the usual PI A 29 year old ex cop, he makes a habit of bad ideas Chelsea Loam falls squarely into that category Chelsea disappeared eleven years ago, leaving a trail leading towards career criminals and powerful men Taking her case quickly starts to look like a good way to get killed Whatever ghosts drive Wakeland, they drive him inexorably, addictively toward danger and the allure of an unsolvable mystery In this fresh and fast paced noir thriller, echoing the darkest troubles of our age, a witty and badly bruised new face takes his place in the ranks of the very finest characters in crime fiction

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      Sam Wiebe

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    1. I won a copy of INVISIBLE DEAD Wakeland 1 by Sam Wiebe, a dark gritty detective tale set in Vancouver, Canada, through the Giveaway Contest This is a stand alone debut novel.In Canada we have a problem that is coming and to the forefront and it involves the number of missing murdered aboriginal women in British Columbia whose cases remain unsolvedINVISIBLE DEAD focuses on one fictional victim, Chelsea Loam.Dave Wakeland is a private investigator, former cop, looking for a woman named Chelsea L [...]

    2. Sam Wiebe s an exceptional writer and it shows from the first page of Invisible Dead For those who enjoyed his debut detective novel, Last of the Independents, his new Wakeland series feels very much like the next level of that storytelling The prose is crisp, maintaining the economy and directness of the early noir writers but without following so closely as to dip into self parody The characters and relationships feel real and compelling, and his compassion for the subject matter that of missi [...]

    3. I love a novel that knows what it s trying to be and that doesn t try and take moral responsibility for anything Sam Wiebe s Invisible Death is, like his first novel, very much a PI story although it feels considerably polished and atmospheric Influences of Dashiell Hammett and especially Ross MacDonald were palpable, I thought Perhaps the novel s calling card is that everything in there is so believable Private detectives are the most romanticized creatures ever and here is an author putting a [...]

    4. I can t overstate how impressed I am by this novel Sam Wiebe s novel is a detective story that crusades for social justice It s also about loneliness and identity, and includes the best character portrayals I ve read in a long time Wakeland s past is skillfully filled in bit by bit, just when you need to know about his motivations Some of the secondary characters are limned in for now, but already interesting in their own right I look forward to getting to know them better as the series progres [...]

    5. INVISIBLE DEAD Wakeland 1 Written by Sam WiebeJune 14, 2016 320 PagesGenre canadian, suspense, thriller, mystery I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review 4 1 2 Former cop turned private investigator, Dave Wakeland cannot seem to catch a break He relies on his business partner to bring in the money while he takes on dead end cases Dave starts to look into the disappearance of Chelsea Loam who disappeared eleven years ago Chelsea s foster mother is dying soon and would [...]

    6. Deals with the disturbing number of deaths of aboriginal women by focusing on the life of one dead one and one live one Perhaps a bit too much violence for my taste, but still, how could it go wrong being set in Vancouver

    7. Must read If you want to see Vancouver in all her glory and grit, read this book Sam Wiebe turns his city into another, important character in this book, and Vancouver comes alive in his words in much the same manner as Monument Valley did through the lens of John Ford s camera A must read for fans of noir or of crime fiction in general

    8. I ve noticed a lot of the film and literary work done in Vancouver seems very interested in pointing out the criminal aspects of the city It seems as if the place can t be taken seriously unless some nasty stuff boils at its heart In this case the centerpiece is decorated with missing native wmen Who knew I have no problem with this desire to give Vancouver a big noir , gritty, and corrupt underbelly I am sure it s there and it would help put Vancouver firmly in the great cities to die in list B [...]

    9. I finished the last chunk of this book in downtown Los Angeles It suits a full stomach and a cold beer, elbows on the bar Sam writes with a gritty aplomb that draws you in, and like a good tour guide should, shows you locals only spots It was cool and unusual to me to experience reading a book where I m intimately familiar with the city and settings The narrative is strong and it s hard to put down It does what the best crime fiction should keeps you guessing, about who committed the crime and h [...]

    10. I received this book through a giveaway I entered the giveaway thinking that it may be a decent book to read, and hey, that s face it, it was free.It follows Dave Wakeland, a PI and one time very short time Vancouver Cop He is hired to track down am Aboriginal girl who had gone missing The plot alone seems torn from the headlines of Canadian news For years women, mostly Aboriginal and mostly sex trade workers, have gone missing from Vancouver The women in this story is both and could easily be o [...]

    11. I read this book as an ARC, and although it is not my usual sort of book, I was intrigued by the description and rightly so It was great to read a book that touched a little bit on issues like colonialism, violence against sex workers, addictions, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous and Aboriginal women I liked that a lot of the characters were self deprecating almost anti heroes, at the risk of using that cliche I wasn t expecting to like the protagonist, Dave Wakeland, as much as I did I thoug [...]

    12. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Wow This book is potent In all honesty, I almost abandoned it a third of the way through I set it aside and came back to it after several months and I m glad I did I m not sure why it didn t grab me right away but when I picked it up the second time, I eagerly read straight through The story is emotional but serious I wish I could say it s truly fiction While it is a fictional story, the characters situations are sadly all [...]

    13. This novel kept my interest and I loved the characters I felt connected to each of them even though I have nothing in common with any of them , which isn t always an easy task for an author I WILL definitely be reading the next book in the series, even if juat for the characters I enjoyed the book but it just wasn t un put down able I was interested and absolutely had to finish it, but there wasn t a point where I absolutely couldn t put it down There are a lot of secondary characters that are b [...]

    14. Sam Wiebe does all the right things in Invisible Dead Every sentence, every word is effective and well crafted The dialogue is crisp and realistic The characters are revealed through their actions and interactions, little by little Wiebe catches the flavours of the different neighbourhoods in Vancouver very well.My only criticism is that although the subject matter is dark, the story didn t feel gritty like I thought it should I was never concerned about the protagonist s safety because David Wa [...]

    15. Author Sam Wiebe knows Vancouver very well I like his descriptions of the gritty side of life in the city Invisible Dead is a good crime story and anyone who is familiar with Vancouver knows that the subject matter is very current A good read that held my interest as I tried to figure out who did the crime.

    16. The first Dave Wakeland mystery is not only a splendidly written homage to the golden age of 20th century PI noir, it s an absorbing journey through the gritty reality of drugs, prostitution and missing women of 21st century Vancouver.

    17. Another excellent dark gritty detective tale from Sam Wiebe Loved the Vancouver setting and great cast of characters Highly recommended

    18. I won this book through a giveaway I liked the story but the ending seemed rushed, too easy, like she woke up and realize it was just a dream 2.5 stars for me

    19. Received a copy of The Invisible Dead by Sam Wiebe through the GoodReads First Reads Giveaway program in exchange for an honest review Cases I was doing what the authorities did treating her as a thing A collection of scraps of paper, captured images and faint recollections Chelsea Anne Loam had lived She d been one of the billions Maybe that didn t entitle her to anything There s so many of us, it s hard to maintain the belief that any one of us matters Maybe impossible We value our own life, o [...]

    20. Some choice quotes from Sam Wiebe s PI narrator, Dave Wakeland Whoever had called Vancouver a city of glass hadn t been talking about my city Far from being kind hearted rustics, the islanders are real estate swindlers, corporate sleazes, tycoons, stock manipulators And lawyers Lots of lawyers Bowen Island is a refuge for the undeserving The architect s fondness for concrete and despair helped earn SFU the unflattering distinction of having the highest suicide rate among Canadian universities an [...]

    21. I do read mysteries, but I don t tend to read the gritty crime noir genre Too dark, in most cases I loved this, though Wiebe captures the culture, ephemera, and atmosphere of Vancouver with endless telling details, making his narrative about crime and the seedy, dark underbelly of the city all the alarming Reads smoothly and convincingly, with all too recognizable characters The endless men and some women dismissing the harm they do to others, particularly to the most vulnerable and often First [...]

    22. At first, I was unsure what to make of the protagonist s almost painstaking descriptions of his wanderings around Vancouver But then I realized this setting is absolutely essential to the foundation of this story after all, this is where marginalized women disappear, largely without a second thought They truly are the invisible dead Why shouldn t this dark underside of Vancouver be laid bare for all to see This novel is a gritty, fast paced page turner and, while true that the subject matter may [...]

    23. 3.5 5 The writing was fresh, full of witty banter, and a lot of truth, I believe, in the dialogue of the going ons of a wide variety of people The writing style is definitely not for the faint of heart And some scenes are quite graphic David Wakeland is a 29yo PI, ex cop, who has his own way of doing things, his own honour system if you will While he may be gritty, and hard to swallow at times, he genuinely cares about the cases that make his desk Especially that of Chelsea aka Charity Loam Of w [...]

    24. Whilst there are occasional affectionate nods to its pulp fiction roots, this is a thoroughly modern take on the first person private eye mystery Here the case surrounds the search for a girl who has been missing for ten years, having been estranged from her family after being sucked into a life of drugs and prostitution Wiebe s view of this sleazy world is a nasty and violent one populated with self satisfying characters who you would not want to meet on the dark streets Throughout this, the wr [...]

    25. It is always enjoyable reading books written and based in the city you live in That being said, I still want to be able to enjoy the read This is one of those books All throughout there are reference to places and people who are in greater Vancouver as well as some which allude to places, using other names I also got to hear a talk by the author, when he came to our class to discuss it, and was made to appreciate the book even .So I won t go too much into detail on the book, but it addresses man [...]

    26. I won this book via the Giveaway then a year ago Better late then neverI liked the book, but found the end a little too much fast I would of love to know about the relation of Shay and Dave after the story and what happen with Terry I had the feeling that the end was we have ten page left so let finish it But the story was good and I m excited to read the second one soon.

    27. Found this because the second book in the series got a starred Kirkus and, of course, I had to start with book 1 like the setting Vancouver and the PI but this is one of those with gratuitous descriptions of violence which is not my cup of tea Might give the second one a try and will report back if it s palatable since there s lots that good here

    28. I picked this up because it is set in Vancouver I always love reading books set in cities I know well And it did not disappoint on that front Even closer to home, given my recent work on street level sex work in London, the mystery in the book is loosely based on one of Robert Pickton s victims, Sarah deVries This is going to be a series of books I may just have to get the next one too

    29. You really get a sense of Wakeland s Vancouver from the way Wiebe describes the city, you feel like you re in Terminal City I was surprised at the erotic side adventures that are so well written it has me excited for the sequel.

    30. Action packedI think the characters were well developed and the plot moved along well.There is some very graphic violence, but it fit the characters.

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