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Monsters: A Love Story #2020

Monsters A Love Story A cracklingly funny and poignant debut novel about the ways we love even when we re not at our best Stacey Lane feels like a monster Tommy DeMarco might be one Since her husband died eight months ago

  • Title: Monsters: A Love Story
  • Author: Liz Kay
  • ISBN: 9781101982471
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Monsters: A Love Story By Liz Kay, A cracklingly funny and poignant debut novel about the ways we love, even when we re not at our best Stacey Lane feels like a monster Tommy DeMarco might be one Since her husband died eight months ago, Stacey s been a certified mess a poet who can t write any, a good mother who feels like she s failing her kids She s been trying to redefine herself, to find new bA cracklingly funny and poignant debut novel about the ways we love, even when we re not at our best Stacey Lane feels like a monster Tommy DeMarco might be one Since her husband died eight months ago, Stacey s been a certified mess a poet who can t write any, a good mother who feels like she s failing her kids She s been trying to redefine herself, to find new boundaries Tommy has no respect for boundaries A surprisingly well read A list Hollywood star, Tommy s fallen in love with Stacey s novel in verse, a feminist reimagining of Frankenstein, no less His passion for the book, and eventually its author, will set their lives on a collision course They ll make a movie, make each other crazy, and make love but only in secret As Stacey travels between her humdrum life in the suburbs of Omaha and the glamorous but fleeting escape Tommy offers, what begins as a distracting affair starts to pick up weight It s a weight that unbalances Stacey s already unsteady life, but offers new depth to Tommy s About desire, love, grief, parenthood, sexual politics, and gender, Monsters A Love Story is a witty portrait of a relationship gone off the rails, and two people who are made for each other even if they re not so sure they see it that way.

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    1 thought on “Monsters: A Love Story

    1. I love when a book comes from out of nowhere and charms you completely That was definitely the case with Monsters A Love Story I can t remember how I found out about this book, and although the plot isn t necessarily earth shattering, it s an enjoyable twist on the traditional love story.Stacey Lane s world was rocked when her husband Michael died, leaving her alone with their two young boys Michael was an actuary, a planner, someone who believed in the power of routine, not just in raising chil [...]

    2. So, you pick up a book even though you re not entirely convinced by the description But you pick it up because you want to get to know it better since you need to talk about it You start reading at 1AM, precisely because you have low expectations and you expect to put it down after 15 mins so you can get to sleep And then it s already 5AM and you re still reading the book You ve tried to put it down several times but you end up picking it up again because you want to know what happens next to th [...]

    3. Monsters A Love Story is Liz Kay s debut in the fiction genre I viewed this novel as a mixture of contemporary romance, women s fiction, and literary fiction Monsters follows lead character Stacey Lane as she moves on as a woman and parent during a very new widowship Life drops some unexpected career and romance opportunities in her lap that she slowly navigates through Like Liz Kay herself, Stacey is a poet and in this novel one of her works is gaining national attention Although the reader is [...]

    4. This was one of the best contemporary love stories I have ever read Five stars, just stunning, I cannot believe it is a debut novel The writing blew me away though I love first person, present tense in general, this style was so sharp and just slayed me with the rythmic beauty I just wanted I wanted every single detail of their lives How I could so relate to a woman so not me, I have no idea It was the ultimate fantasy, but also a nightmare, and also just completely raw and gorgeous I didn t wa [...]

    5. Oh, look Another book with dashes of adultery thrown in for fun What are the odds Lucky me Apparently, most people are drinking the Kool Aid from all the positive reviews I m seeing here or maybe its because I didn t drink the Kool Aid.I didn t hate this book because hate is a strong word, as my mom likes to remind me and it wasn t badly written Remember that scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas where Chuck is standing on the stage and screams out loud Can anyone tell me what Christmas is all abou [...]

    6. Monsters A Love Story was one of those books that I picked up on a whim and then couldn t stop reading listening to it Stacey and Tommy s relationship is explosive and destructive, funny and sweet all at the same time While there were several moments where I felt completely frustrated as a reader, the entertainment level was really high.Stacey is a widowed mother of two whose best selling novel gets the chance at the big screen Tommy DeMarco, one of Hollywoods hottest actors, purchased the right [...]

    7. Stacy, widowed mother of two small boys and author, is given an opportunity when actor Tony decides to make a movie of her book I must say that at first I didn t think I was going to like this book Tony seemed like the cliche heart throb actor and Stacy seemed somewhat out of character for a mother Somehow, Liz Kay made this one work I started liking the characters despite their extremely obvious flaws and found this book to be quite a page turner While on the surface things seem to unrealistic, [...]

    8. 3.5 stars This is a fun literary romance novel It was the perfect zippy read for me this past weekend I enjoyed getting lost in this twisted, addictive story about a widowed Nebraskan poetess and an arrogant promiscuous Hollywood actor I can understand some of the protests about the nature of the relationship, but it was the kind of book I didn t think too hard about and just let myself enjoy.

    9. Well written and relatable, but manipulation and sexual violence have no place in anyone s love story.

    10. My recommendation Do not read this book Do not support this kind of behavior Do not get sucked in.I picked up this book because the plot looked interesting, and I needed some lighter fare after all the heavy, wartime fiction I ve happened to read lately This book is anything but light I can t even get past the horrible main characters to determine if it was good writing or a good plot or anything else I give the book one star and the author credit only because the people are such train wrecks th [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book Even being sleep deprived with a newborn I finished it pretty quickly and wanted to continue reading any chance I got The storyline of adapting a book of poetry into a movie was interesting and I was glad that the novel spanned a long period of time so we got to see every aspect of it as it came into fruition I liked the blocked chapters and writing style a lot it made for a really easy read The characters were interesting, but definitely drove me crazy at times I love [...]

    12. I can t understand how an A List movie star could fall for a grouchy alcoholic woman whose vocabulary consists mostly of f k and a hole.

    13. I went back and forth with 4 or 5 stars Ultimately I gave it 5 because this romp of a read isn t missing anything and I wouldn t want to change anything I think I finally figured out my criteria for stars I m so stingy giving 5 if something is missing, feels off, needs to be changed, etc, even from a good read, then no 5 stars From the story although if I m honest, the set up is a tad unlikely but then, life does throw crazy things at you , to the writing, to the really quite fascinating charact [...]

    14. The start of this book was so promising About 1 2 way in the relationship drama started to ruin the story for me If this had been YA or New Adult, I would not have been so irritated by all the miscommunication or lack of communication and the immaturity The main characters are in their 39 s and have children That makes me less tolerant of all the drama.

    15. This was just so thoroughly engaging I think it s the writing, while the plot is a tad predictable the dialogue and scenery are so realistic and sharp I couldn t help myself from devouring this one and loving every minute of it.

    16. Boy did I dislike Stacey I kept reading, though, to see if this story would end as predicted Even at the end I still didn t like Stacey.

    17. It s only fair, given I m a fellow Omahan, that I defend my rating of Monsters I don t know much about Kay, but that I saw her read a selection of poems based on news articles, this being perhaps eight years ago I deeply admired her work, at that time To read her novel and find it void of the same lyrical qualities, to find Kay badmouthing the town she lives and writes in, to discover her apparent contempt of narrative form, it s as if she published her novel to insult novelists, to express hate [...]

    18. This was so much fun Really, I blame my friend, Larry Hoffer, who writes tremendous reviews, and piqued my interest for this book Thanks Larry, so glad you did It s best to read the book s summary, but a poet with a quirky book gets to make a movie with a handsome, Hollywood actor, used to getting his way, and all the women Our poet is way too smart to fall for his charms, so she fights him off even when he s sincere Smart and funny dialogue blended with a great storyline A win win Enjoy.

    19. As I ve mentioned before, I adore books with characters who aren t always likable, and in MONSTERS, half the time I loved the characters and half the time I hated them because they were despicable, but in a way I totally got and enjoyed The story is a fun love story built around a poet and a huge celebrity actor and all the dysfunctions and neurosis that go along with that and it doesn t help that the poet is a widow and the mother of two young boys A fast satisfying read.

    20. A book full of disfunctional people saying and thinking believable things I was sorry to see it end.

    21. RATING All the dysfunctional stars REVIEW This book is my new best friend test No, seriously I want to administer this book to all potential new friends because if you can understand why I absolutely love Monsters A Love Story then clearly are hearts and souls are on the same wavelength and we were meant to be best friends Okay, where to begin and what to say You haven t made this easy Liz Kay, because I want to tell everyone every last thing that I love about your book but I pride myself on giv [...]

    22. Enjoyable, entertaining, and just plain addictive.I feel I can t give anyting less than 5 stars, if only for the sole reason that I could not put this book down I started it on a Saturday evening and found myself completely glued to it, telling myself just one chapter, just one page, until I could no longer keep my eyes open Then first thing Sunday morning my nose was back in the book until I turned the last page This does not happen often for me, and in fact it is quite rare, with few books h [...]

    23. It s hard to explain this book, but ultimately I fell in love with it in a way I haven t felt about a book in a long time It s rare for me to get so absorbed by a book that I really can t put it down, so the fact that I genuinely lost track of time while I was charging through it says a lot about the story.The title says it all This is a love story, but it s also about two very broken people, and while their relationship is the centerpiece of the story, you as the reader are not really sure if i [...]

    24. The prose in this book is additive Tight lines that consistently ring good notes, a story with a serious pull, and a considerable ability to move I regularly forgot the characters weren t real as I read Definitely a book to recommend.

    25. Impressive debut, a story of a complex relationship that rings trueYou might think it s a Mills and Boon story poet is called to Hollywood to make her book into a film, meets the star, lust and passion take over but it s absolutely NOT that This is intelligent, witty, layered and demonstrates a relationship that is not perfect, people that are just that human and a slightly un average twosome, but one you take to.I didn t warm easily to Stacey I hated her reliance on alcohol , but appreciated he [...]

    26. I would have given this book 3 stars only because it was entertaining enough that I didn t put it down immediately However, I almost wish I had put it down because the I read the less I liked it so, I will settle for a fair 2 stars The writing is mediocre at best Almost like something I can imagine Kardashian Family devotees would find to be Uhmazing I know that sounds a bit snobby but let me explain This is the story of a recent widow who lives in the exciting sarcasm metropolis of Omaha, Nebr [...]

    27. For me, the ideal beach read is one hundred percent about the inability to put a book down, since it is, after all, competing with the ocean for my attention I recently devoured Monsters A Love Story by Liz Kay whole Frothy, and yet still smart and sharply observed, it s packed chock full of humor and wit and plot and than a little warped wish fulfillment Goes well with any and all beach bags Julie Buxbaum bookish articles beac

    28. I seriously read this book on accident I read the back of the galley and it sounded terrible, but I started skimming the first few pages and thought, what the hey , and took it with me I read it on my commute home and couldn t put it down Read it on my commute to and from work for the next two days, as well as on all my work breaks Do you even know how rare that is I basically never read for real audiobookz 4 life on the bus because I get too distracted by all the people and the scenery and shit [...]

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