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Same Page #2020

Same Page What happens when chemistry gets complicated New to Providence RI Naima Adewunmi had every intention of fulfilling everything she left her New York borough for finishing up her Bachelor s degree an

  • Title: Same Page
  • Author: G.L. Tomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Same Page By G.L. Tomas, What happens when chemistry gets complicated New to Providence, RI, Naima Adewunmi had every intention of fulfilling everything she left her New York borough for, finishing up her Bachelor s degree and finding a job while doing it.She wasn t supposed to fall for Timothy Ferreiro, a smooth, slick talking, sexy specimen of a man, messy bedhead hair included, who also happensWhat happens when chemistry gets complicated New to Providence, RI, Naima Adewunmi had every intention of fulfilling everything she left her New York borough for, finishing up her Bachelor s degree and finding a job while doing it.She wasn t supposed to fall for Timothy Ferreiro, a smooth, slick talking, sexy specimen of a man, messy bedhead hair included, who also happens to be her new boss From first wink she was under his spell, which wouldn t be a problem if there weren t one underlying issue Tim s got a long distance girlfriend.Drama unfolds in a tale of will they or won t they in this steamy office romance Can two people in a messy game of attraction find themselves on the same page Same Page Book One in a duology It is suggested for Mature audiences due to strong sexual content and slight drug use.

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      361 G.L. Tomas
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    1 thought on “Same Page

    1. Just a heads up I received a copy of this book in exchange for a typically blunt Fountain Pen Diva review With that said, on with the show, lol.I have not been a fan of the New Adult genre To be perfectly blunt, outside of a few notable exceptions, the entire genre has been a complete and utter waste of trees If anything, it comes off as having turned the clock back on feminism at least twenty years Between the slut shaming, near glorification of rape culture, so called bad boys who any self res [...]

    2. Ok, here we go This is the first book and definitely not the last that I ve read from authors yes, authors Twins at that G.L Tomas I am feeling their flow The dialogue, the language A lot of it is AAVE or African American Vernacular English , the setting, the rocky, complicated relationship between Timothy and Naima This is young love at its finest One thing I must say that sets this book apart from most of the new adult romances that I ve read, is all of the things that I ve mentioned above The [...]

    3. 4 STARS this is not a standalone I m so happy mad at myself for enjoying Same Page because there is cheating To me cheating does not great romance book But our main character was darn lovable F k my life I m a horrible person.So what happens when you put two people who are highly attracted to each other in the same place day in and day out.In this case, they end up hooking up The chemistry was amazing Both main characters were beautiful Naima is an absolutely stunning, beautiful, chocolate woman [...]

    4. Naima is my girl and Timothy is my dude I loved them The cheating thoughUgh And yeah, I knew going in that there will be cheating involved But Timbo, you could have done some spring cleaning out with the past before blissfully and thoroughly messing your crib up with your new love And Naima, you could have order Tim to come correct go fix his business and then come back to you But then again that would have been a total other read and maybe not that entertaining So even though I was in a constan [...]

    5. Okay so here s the deal I hate cheating I think it s gross and ridiculous and SO unnecessary and yeah, I definitely don t want to read about it in my little escape from reality, but here I amSo you know those people that say things like, violence solves nothing, guys But then they re the first one to whip out their phone and record a fight happening in front of them Yeah, that s me with this book It doesn t help that I loved all the characters Tiiiiiiim I love Tim That s my bro and the whole wor [...]

    6. First of all I just want to say a massive thank you to NetGallery, G.L Thomas and Rebellious Valkyrie Press for gifting me with a copy of this book for a honest review.I can t, I just can t I have tried but I just can t get into it The characters seem lifeless and dull while also seeming to care strongly about appearance and judging by peoples fronts For example, right from the start we meet a cute guy only to then dismiss him completely because he has an apron on while he is working in a cafe I [...]

    7. Fast paced NAI hate how much I loved Timothy Both characters were well fleshed out, but Tim was my favorite.Great pacing and great characterization I hated the ending, so only four stars But it was well worth the read.

    8. Totally rachet Everyone, of all ages, races, cultures, educational levels and genders in this book talks like they re auditioning for Straight Outta Compton The authors prose is rachet the multitude of spelling errors etc is insane The side chick story line is rachet The situations, characters and behaviour all rach But, for what it is an authentic look into another lifestyle and age it s engrossing And since it s a Kindle Unlimited, I may, in the right state of tolerance, read the sequel since [...]

    9. I really loved Naima and Timothy They are real people to me Multidimensional They were well developed characters with depth, and I loved the dialogue and how modern this is I laughed on several parts The ending would have killed me if I didn t know this was a cliffhanger already What can I say I m ready for I hope book 2 isn t a very long waitGood job G.L Thomas.

    10. 3.5 Stars This was a pretty good story I couldn t get into this book until the 40 45% mark Mainly because of the friends aspect It was clear they both wanted to be than friends from the beginning I am looking forward to reading the next book to see how their story ends.

    11. Kind of a young read Or a young writer I can t tell But it was funny to read about these kids just train wrecking their way through their lives.

    12. While Same Page is another duology by the duo, it differs from the F THS NA duology as this book felt like an ensemble piece with the supporting Symposium co workers, which drew the main characters, Tim and Naima, closer together as the book went on.In fact, a part of me wanted there to be a separate chapter or spin off story focusing just on the workers of the Symposium because they were all too crazy funny not to have their own spotlight.The chemistry between Naima and Tim s characters is und [...]

    13. I absolutely loved this book by the Twinjas as this sister duo likes to call themselves It was a mix of urban realness Naima and Timothy getting together wasn t without complications One being he had someone and it was a long distance relationship What I know about long distance relationships is that communication is key as it is in any relationship but even essential when you don t have that day to day communication with the one you love One thing I loved about the book that even though Timoth [...]

    14. The group Read It Reap provided a copy of the ePub in exchange for an honest review.Same Page by G L Tomas is a New Adult Romance This novel visually reflects a diverse society.Naima is immediately drawn to Timothy when she meets him at her job interview Same Page explores a complicated relationship as Timothy has a long distance girlfriend Naima and Timothy also work together he is her boss Their chemistry is undeniable and perhaps unstoppable Both characters are likeable and their personalitie [...]

    15. 4 starsThe chemistry and connection between Timothy and Naima was just right It wasn t forced or rushed which I love I loved how they brought out different sides of each other and pushed each other as well Having a woman of color as the lead was so cool and she s from Staten Island like myself The authors didn t lie there is nothing to do on this island This story does have cheating but if you can get pass the cheating, you will definitely be in for a special treat I enjoyed the writing style an [...]

    16. DNF 30%Yea I got this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review I m sorry, I couldn t get into this book I tried to finish it for a proper review but I just couldn t I hated the story and the characters The female lead, meh she was annoying at best Hated Timothy because I do not like books about cheating You have a long distance relationship already Break up with the current gf if you intend to kiss Naima for a second time I don t care how much the authors try to sugar coat this love story [...]

    17. It s Complicated.These two were so not on the same page, but things tend to get complicated in love I wasn t sure that I would like this, because well, cheating, but the story is well written and the characters were likeable and three dimensional, so this book is certainly worth the read I can t wait for the sequel Keep up the good job guys

    18. Really, really liked it Lots of steam and drama Definitely approaches strong subjects that won t be of the liking of many readers such a as affairs, but Tim and Naima s relationship is sweet, cute and hot The book is a little slow in the beginning, but totally appreciate that the author developed their relationship starting from the moment they meet at work all through their complicated love affair This is the second book I ve read from this author and I m finding her work really entertaining an [...]

    19. I don t usually give one stars but this book was just not for me The characters were so dull, the plot did nothing for me and to top it all off, The main character Timothy had a gf yet was over here messing around with Naima, and it wasn t even done in a way where I was like okay, fine i can see why he s doing this There wasn t The only thing was probably an issue and would cause him to cheat was that his girlfriend lived miles away but he claimed he loved her, he claimed that his gf was his wor [...]

    20. Same Page, Bookish Friends to Lovers Series Book 1, G.L TomasReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, So, I knew from the description there was cheating here I don t like that, but usually in novels its done in such a way that I ve some sympathy, its kind of wrong but understandable but here Ugh No It was I know you ve got a girlfriend but I know we shouldn t be doing this its so wrong as they re ripping each others clothes off roll eyes I couldn t get the whole Timothy long distance [...]

    21. I was provided a free copy through the Read It and Reap group for an honest review Naima and Tim have an unconventional relationship that they struggle to define Friends with benefits seems to be the best label Under normal circumstances it could be a good arrangement But when you add in that Tim loves someone else serious GF long distance and that Tim Naima are quickly falling for each other, it gets complicated I was in culture shock for the first 1 3 of the book Although they are in Providenc [...]

    22. See this review and others on Around the World in 80 Books Same Page is cute It s a quick read, and I actually think there were a couple of subplots that could have been developed like Naima s relationship with her parents why was she always deleting texts from her mom , what she was doing in school or outside of work what kinds of classes was she taking, how was she doing during each semester I left me wanting to understand of Naima Further, there was a hint of connection between Naima s room [...]

    23. Disclaimer got an ARC of this book Here is my review.This was an ok read I liked Naima, she was an interesting lead character, I liked the fact she was Nigerian American and that we got to read about her interacting with her family I wish there and been moments like that in the book, especially with her room mate who started out like some one who she could be close and hang out with , but that ended up popping up just once after the initial introduction and that was otherwise barely mentioned T [...]

    24. Wow, this is the first I have read anything from this author I normally stick to paranormal books but seen a friend of mine recommend so gave it a chance Can t wait to read the next book in the series

    25. Naima is relocating from the big city NYC to a smaller town for school and to find a job She finds a job working in a Coffee shop slash book store, which works great for her since she loves books Timothy has a girlfriend but he notices the new girl that they all call Staten Island, a place of work where every employee has a nickname and isnt called by their real name What I enjoyed most about Same Page is watching all the close friendships and fun they each have at work, seeing that Timothy is p [...]

    26. I read this book in exchange for an honest review Here goes nothingThe good Naima was the perfect traditional wishy washy girl that stayed in her feelings and underestimated the power of good sex combined with personality Tim was honest and charming and made all the girls swoon just right Twist The main character being in a long distance relationship Effect It took me, the reader, on a journey where I felt involved in the scandal There was playful banter, a level of real life entertained into my [...]

    27. Naima is new to Providence, but loving the town and her new job She s trying not to love her new boss, but can t help herself She knows he s attached, but is his long distance relationship enough to talk herself out of him The Same Page is a new urban romance novel that chronicles the meeting and initial attraction of Naima and Timothy It alternates first person narration between them, and honestly I liked it I am usually very critical of first person narration, as it s hard to pull off, but it [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley for an honest review After seeing the cover and reading the premise, I knew I was going to enjoy this short read I was wrong I did not like the characters I did not like the story It was boring at times and seems to be drawn out And the issues in the book were just a little much to see into I mean who has a long distance relationship where they only see each other a couple of times a year I know people in the military do this but thats not something t [...]

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