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The Sandman: Overture #2020

The Sandman Overture Twenty five years after THE SANDMAN first changed the landscape of modern comics Neil Gaiman s legendary series is back in a deluxe hardcover edition From the birth of a galaxy to the moment that Mor

  • Title: The Sandman: Overture
  • Author: Neil Gaiman J.H. Williams III
  • ISBN: 9781401262051
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Sandman: Overture By Neil Gaiman J.H. Williams III, Twenty five years after THE SANDMAN first changed the landscape of modern comics, Neil Gaiman s legendary series is back in a deluxe hardcover edition From the birth of a galaxy to the moment that Morpheus is captured, THE SANDMAN OVERTURE features cameo appearances by fan favorite characters such as the Corinthian, Merv Pumpkinhead and, of course, the Dream King s sibliTwenty five years after THE SANDMAN first changed the landscape of modern comics, Neil Gaiman s legendary series is back in a deluxe hardcover edition From the birth of a galaxy to the moment that Morpheus is captured, THE SANDMAN OVERTURE features cameo appearances by fan favorite characters such as the Corinthian, Merv Pumpkinhead and, of course, the Dream King s siblings Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, Destruction and Destiny.This edition, exclusive to comic shops, features a new dust jacket art by Dave McKean This volume collects THE SANDMAN OVERTURE 1 6 in its entirety, plus bonus material.

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      424 Neil Gaiman J.H. Williams III
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    1. The Sandman returns This TPB is the Deluxe Edition, in hardcover format, including an extensive behind the scenes section and a gallery of sketches.Creative Team Writer Neil GaimanIllustrator J.H Williams IIICovers Dave StewartLetterer Todd Klein NOT UNUSUAL QUESTIONSIt is hard to create things We have such high hopes for our creations.When you may thought that The Sandman had ended, the series returns in this prequel storyline titled Overture.I enjoyed a lot the reading of this, since it was an [...]

    2. Do you know that feeling you get when you listen to your favourite album or piece of music and you re just wiped out You sit there You think You imagine You dream It s cathartic It s purifying and cleansing it s almost liberating Do you know what I mean This piece of profoundness this thing of beautiful art was that and .I m literally lost for words I m not going to give you a plot summary that would be to do this a great injustice This was transcendental I cannot define it or explain its effect [...]

    3. A star has gone mad and has infected others with its madness, threatening all of creation Dream of the Endless must put right something he left undone years ago With him are a girl named Hope and another version of himself in the form of a catConfession time I ve been confessing a lot this week In my late teens early twenties, most of the comics I read were Vertigo or Vertigo esque The Sandman was at or near the front of the pack I started in trade paperbacks and read the last ten or so issues a [...]

    4. It s taken two years for Neil Gaiman and his art team to complete the six issue limited series prequel, The Sandman Overture, but they finally did it It s easy to see why it took them so long when the results are so utterly impressive high quality work takes time but it s always worth the wait There are about four hundred billion cells in the human brain all it takes is for one to misfire and start a reaction where a cancer forms and kills the human There are about four hundred billion galaxies [...]

    5. And a glorious and great nomination for the 2016 Hugo nominations for Graphic Novel goes to Sandman To say that this is a either a coda or a prequel, or both, is to entirely miss the point.The fact is, there s a ton of new material, a haunting story, and some truly exemplary artwork suffusing these pages I think this is easily the work of love that the series always wanted to be, not that it wasn t already a gorgeous work of art It s this one that slams it s fist into our guts and blows our mind [...]

    6. They say you can never recapture the pastBut this book warped me right back into a certain time and place that sure felt like it There was a magic about discovering The Sandman back in 1989, and Gaiman crew have still got it It s also about time and place and going back to deal with what you ve done in the past, with other versions of who you could have been what is you and what is other about responsibilities, and consequences, and being stubbornly independent to a fault Awfully apropos, in man [...]

    7. Well I m lost for words, The Sandman Overture is quite simply an extraordinary piece of work, one of Neil Gaimans finest, I ve absolutely no doubt So my version is the HC Deluxe edition, containing a good few pages of extras, exquisite, gorgeous and some serious drooling done over every page The thing I have to mention first is the artwork, sublime, mesmerising, magnificently bewitching artwork covered tick although I may mention it again and I could ve spent twenty minutes on dictionary referen [...]

    8. I am blown away This book is a genuine thing of beauty The last time comicbook artwork had such a deep and profound effect on me was Dave McKean s work in his magnum opus Cages.J.H Williams III has raised the bar for comicbook artwork in this incredible book I defy any artist to read this book and not have to keep picking their jaw up off the floor JHWIII has created a kalaedoscope of perfectly observed and rendered styles here that he has proven himself to be a master of the art form.Having jus [...]

    9. They are called the Endless Destiny, Death, Destruction, Delirium who was once Delight , Despair, Desire, Dream.Where do they come from where they present at the birth of the Universe Will they be present at the final battle How did Dream manage to lose his powers and become imprisoned before the start of the original run of the series and, if the Endless are a family, who are their progenitors and why were they send out to play havoc with reality Who wrote the rules of the game view spoiler Dre [...]

    10. I ve read several of Gaiman s novels, but Sandman The Overture luckily it s a prequel is my first exposure to the Sandman Series What stands out right away is the art So many of the illustrations have a fantastical and hallucinatory quality you can t help but feel drawn into Gaiman s dream world The narrative was interesting as were the characters even when several of them were merely aspects of the same character however, it somehow took me quite a while maybe the pace was a bit slow to feel en [...]

    11. I have two confessions to make 1 I don t like Neil Gaiman s fiction I just can t So kill me 2 My single experience with Neil Gaiman in person left me feeling a little snubbed Long story, but I met him at the World Fantasy Convention, where I approached him and tried talking to him, but I found him rather cold and uninterested, constantly looking for important people to talk to I don t want to go on and on I could about the whole experience, but that is the summation of my feelings I frankly di [...]

    12. An engaging tale with depth and scope bordering on brilliance The artwork by J.H Williams is out of boundaries and impressive.Gaiman is at his highest when working on Sandman IMO OVERALL GRADE A minus to A.

    13. I got this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley.2.5 stars I m rounding up because of the artwork, the cool McKean covers, and the great epilogue Oh, and the special appearances of Merv Pumpkinhead and The Corinthian.Yes, it was fun to revisit some of our old friends from The Sandman As per usual, Neil Gaiman s imagery is wonderful and goes perfectly with the excellent artwork provided The story though, left me mostly confused and eager to get through it I get that it s part of it, the Drea [...]

    14. Sandman Overture Stunning artwork enhances an excellent storyI re entered the world of comics after a 30 year hiatus thanks to fellow FanLit reviewer Brad Hawley s impassioned Why You Should Read Comics A Manifesto and his 10 part essay on Reading Comics It was clear that Neil Gaiman s SANDMAN series was the gold standard for sophisticated, intelligent comics for adults Having read Brad s review of the entire series, Welcome to The Dreaming An Introduction to THE SANDMAN, I embarked on the 76 vo [...]

    15. Overture is a prequel to the Sandman series, and it ends with an explanation of how Dream came to be imprisoned by an evil magician in the first place Well, some sort of an explanation Actually, Overture its a rather involved, allusive series of meditations and philosophical disquisitions showing how Dream and a score of other Dreams from parallel planes attempts to cope with a crisis involving an angry star and how our own particular Morpheus ends up on the short end of the stick It also involv [...]

    16. For me it is such a pleasure to be reminded that before the success of a few middling novels led to an even disappointing trudge of half hearted YA efforts, Gaiman was once capable of creating the truly wondrous, and he clearly still has the goods when he embraces his true medium the sequential art form This overture is a dense psychedelic fantasia of wild desire and unhinged dreaming Reminded me of why ten years ago The Sandman made me fall head over heels for the potential of the comic book a [...]

    17. Received from Netgalley for review My first reaction to hearing that Sandman would have a prequel was that it was unnecessary I felt like the original run had been a complete story, and that there was no need to dip into that well again I was wrong there Giving it thought, we had sort of been teased that something major had happened just before Dream was captured, and it was never explained in any sense This is that explanation, and it fits in just as it should.The story itself is quite success [...]

    18. Sandman Overture J.H Williams III Steals the Show Despite all the unfair shit talking that s been done about Sandman over the years, criticism about the mediocre tending toward awful artwork that plagues the early going of the series are legitimate As unfortunate as it is that between Vol 1 Preludes and Nocturnes and Vol.4 Season of Mists , the art is tolerated than enjoyed, Gaiman s still evolving ideas were strong enough to keep readers interested The early material has been re colored, and o [...]

    19. A short story arc giving the readers the pre story of Dream The story starts out a bit disjointed and even at the end is not as satisfying as I would have liked The artwork is great and offsets some of my disappointment in the story.

    20. Utterly gorgeous, every page, every panel is a work of art Just for that alone, this is a very worthy addition to the Sandman mythos The story takes place immediately prior to the first book in the series, Preludes and Nocturnes, we now see just why Dream was able to be captured, and why he was so weary However, as it does bookend some spoilers, it s best read after the main series Not just for spoiler avoidance, but also with hindsight to deepen the understanding of why Dream chose the path he [...]

    21. Though it ends with the beginning of the opus , this overture produced after the finale is best performed read after the finale I imagine if you reread what came before though it s really what comes after , you will see than you did before.The art is spectacular in the true meaning of the word as well.

    22. Read Sam Quixote s fine and appropriately exuberant review review showof this volume and about a Neil Gaiman book, Sam It took me decades to get down to reading the whole ten volume series, after what I initially thought was a slow start, I couldn t get into it, it was fits and starts for years, and then one day I just sat down and read the whole thing and was thrilled with it And then, once I got through it, I was able to appreciate the slow and confusing beginning, of course I was also as happ [...]

    23. So it s a sequel to the famous Sandman series, which is actually a prequel to his adventures that started in vol 1 of the series Gorgeous illustrations, good story, although a bit too short for my liking But in general Gaiman never disappoints me with Sandman Made me want to reread the whole series again, damn And I will The beginners in Sandman s universe should NOT start reading series from this point though, it might spoil a lot of mysteries and surprises.

    24. I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review I m completely unfamiliar with Sandman other than knowing that it ran for 75 issues and was written by Neil Gaiman I was hoping that this would be a good jumping off point into the series, but I had a hard time following what was happening The artwork was odd, and some of the fonts used were very difficult to read.

    25. Ameeeii As p ginas dessa HQ podem facilmente serem colocadas em quadros Que trabalho incr vel A historia me deixou com um gostinho de quero mais Maravilhada de mergulhar nesse mundo de novo Adorei.

    26. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors He, yet again, has produced a veritable piece of art It works on many levels superb artwork, wonderful plot and great dialogue are the cornerstones of this wonderful prelude to his epic classic Sandman series.Morpheus must undertake a pressing journey to save reality and the ending of the tale is where the Sandman series starts More than that I shall not say since this one is a must read for anyone who appreciates the brilliant talents displayed in this [...]

    27. Definitely for fans of Sandman, you wouldn t want to start here even if it is the prequel As Gaiman says in the intro, this comes after the last issue of The Sandman, and also before I did have some questions about Dream and what came before, and this does answer some of them, although there are fewer scenes with the siblings than I would have expected The art is stunning and varied, as I have grown to expect, in fact I put off reading this for a while after it came out because I knew that would [...]

    28. This might just be the most gorgeous graphic novel I have ever read To be honest, I haven t read a ton of them the Sandman series, some Alan Moore, some Warren Ellis and some of those were amazing, don t get me wrong But this, this is not just a graphic novel it s a mind blowing work of art.I can t think of anythng to say about it that hasn t been said before I ve only had one coffee, my brain can only do so much with so little fuel it s at once the beginning and the end of Dream s story Its abo [...]

    29. what can I say about this that hasn t already been said a million times Neil Gaimen is a master Being immeresed in the worlds he creates has an almost nastalgic feel It s not quite the over the top fantastical feeling I m used to, it has of the older classic feeling like Tolkien or T H White s once and future king but still has it s own quirks and twists to make it uniquely Gaimen I love this story, dream is such an amazing character, all the characters Gaimen writes even the small bit parts ar [...]

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