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Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed #2020

Undeniable How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed Throughout his distinguished and unconventional career engineer turned molecular biologist Douglas Axe has been asking the questions that much of the scientific community would rather silence Now he

  • Title: Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed
  • Author: Douglas Axe
  • ISBN: 9780062349606
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed By Douglas Axe, Throughout his distinguished and unconventional career, engineer turned molecular biologist Douglas Axe has been asking the questions that much of the scientific community would rather silence Now, he presents his conclusions in this brave and pioneering book Axe argues that the key to understanding our origin is the design intuition the innate belief held by all humanThroughout his distinguished and unconventional career, engineer turned molecular biologist Douglas Axe has been asking the questions that much of the scientific community would rather silence Now, he presents his conclusions in this brave and pioneering book Axe argues that the key to understanding our origin is the design intuition the innate belief held by all humans that tasks we would need knowledge to accomplish can only be accomplished by someone who has that knowledge For the ingenious task of inventing life, this knower can only be God.Starting with the hallowed halls of academic science, Axe dismantles the widespread belief that Darwin s theory of evolution is indisputably true, showing instead that a gaping hole has been at its center from the beginning He then explains in plain English the science that proves our design intuition scientifically valid Lastly, he uses everyday experience to empower ordinary people to defend their design intuition, giving them the confidence and courage to explain why it has to be true and the vision to imagine what biology will become when people stand up for this truth.Armed with that confidence, readers will affirm what once seemed obvious to all of us that living creatures, from single celled cyanobacteria to orca whales and human beings, are brilliantly conceived, utterly beyond the reach of accident.Our intuition was right all along.

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      Douglas Axe

    1 thought on “Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed

    1. There s a word I tend to over use a lot to describe books and that is interesting.Well, this book is interesting As Christians and for that matter most Theists we tend to spend in my opinion of course way too much time debating an argument usually stated as evolution vs creation The problem is as I m sure most should realize that s a false dichotomy The Bible teaches creation but doesn t go into how God chose to create The creation in Genesis is told in a way so as to be understandable to a hunt [...]

    2. Douglas Axe is a heretic He s a molecular biologist who did his doctoral work at Caltech and went on to postdoctoral work at the University of Cambridge As such, he can t be dismissed as some uneducated Bible thumping Luddite.Axe is arguing that evolutionary science is closed to any other explanations for the origin and development of life despite the inadequacies of natural selection to explain how life began and how natural selection is able to result in entirely new life forms.Advocates of In [...]

    3. Axe ably dismantles the don t believe your lying eyes arguments of neo Darwinists Using unassailable mathematics and logic, as well his own groundbreaking discoveries in microbiology and evolutionary statistics, he will silence all but the ideological and sometimes dishonest Darwinists who show themselves to be the real enemies of science Read it A very important book Like riding the crest of a wave sweeping away a disproven, bankrupt paradigm that has dominated and numbed minds for a century.

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and appreciated its take on the debate surrounding evolution and intelligent design It is obvious by the title that Dr Axe takes the view that life is designed, which I do as well, but his argument for it is much different from many other books Most other books attempt to reinterpret data that is used to argue for evolution and show that it does not support evolution There is a place for that, but as I have told the many college students to whom I teach about scien [...]

    5. I m typically skeptical of books on intelligent design I m not so skeptical of the philosophical aspects of the project which I see as it s main strength , nor the scientific aspects of which I have no expertise More than anything else, I m skeptical of the theological aspects of it.My understanding of redemptive history sees God s action to uphold and sustain creation at all places and in all times, but sees God s miraculous activity at specific points in redemptive history to make his glory ev [...]

    6. How do we think about evolution What do we make of it Do I need to get a degree in biology just to join the discussion While Douglas Axe is a biologist, and therefore has all the credentials necessary to enter into the conversation, Axe makes the case that common science is sufficient for assessing the claims of modern evolutionary theory I want to highlight four things that were significant for me from Axe s book.First, scientists are no different from people in other fields some are people of [...]

    7. The book deals much with common science than with Biology this is exactly what disappointed me To refute an established idea of Biology, it is better to come up with Biology, and lots of Biology.I do admire writer s effort to express his idea, but the book contains so many repetitions of the same thing, which at some points may become boring Also, there are times when writer gave unnecessary details which took the reader s mind out of context.I learnt a few new things though, but it didn t enjo [...]

    8. I have heard about this book and author for a while, and was pleased to finally be able to read it As someone who is generally familiar with the work of Intelligent Design philosophers of science 1 , I found a lot of this book to be quite familiar This familiarity was in no way a bad thing, but rather it was like the familiarity of home and hearth, of a good friend talking about his own life and bringing complicated matters into a straightforward language, about someone with genuine populist ap [...]

    9. Pretty good look at the mathematical and logical absurdities of darwinian evolution Axe argues that progressive evolution implies a purpose beyond mere survival, and purposes require intent, aka someone to intend them Further, the possibilities merely of proteins mutating, surviving, and passing on their new traits to the next generation are so small as to be mathematically impossible many times over.The intuition of the subtitle is an interesting argument Sort of like taking an Occam s razor ap [...]

    10. Deserves a wider audience due to its against the prevailing wind topic I found it a bit tiring to have everything explained so carefully, almost as if I was being talked down to, but I decided in the end that approach was necessary to counter the knee jerk reactions of evolutionists, who think that society and the scientific method itself are all doomed if we allow the healthy debate of the theory of evolution I found the evidence for a designer intriguing and plausible and hope that Dr Root pub [...]

    11. Makes you think And think And again Worth reading Good perspective on common science and how science works Though just by disproving that something cannot work , does not automatically proves that one s assumption is correct and works there is always a 3rd and 4th and Nth roads as a potential option.

    12. Honestly, I try my best to read a book until the end On those rare occasions when I put a book down it is because the author failed to capture my attention This book proved to be one worth shelving even though the subject matter makes you curious Yet, to each her own, and I hope you, if you decide to read this book, can find the narrative stream that flows with your current mood.

    13. In this book Douglas Axe uses his expertise as an engineer and molecular biologist to discuss how evolutionary theory falls short of explaining the origin of life More importantly though, he makes a positive case for Intelligent Design using two key principles that empower all of us to make an informed and reasoned judgement for ourselves, the ideas of common science and our inherent design intuition Axe explains how each and every one of us is a scientist and philosopher, even if we don t know [...]

    14. If you re interested in design arguments from an Intelligent Design perspective, I highly recommend this book.

    15. I really liked the premises and ideas in this book, but something about the writing kept me from getting into it.

    16. I think the book lays out as good a scientific argument regarding life s origins as any other idea I ve been taught.

    17. educated where from what answer is true accidents or design, discovered new meaning of facts, science starts with observations not proofs based on expectations or institutionalized agenda, gaping hole in evolutionary theory it cannot invent, what is the possibility of physical impossibility, the fruit of genius is genius, Apollo 13 instructions talked thru, functional coherence of life vs machines and computers, the grace and beauty of spider salmon orca, pond scum over the deep sea explorer tav [...]

    18. Douglas Axe presents a controversial argument in a humble and disarming manner, as he states and develops his thesis, which is that many of the scientific community at large has committed itself to materialism, physicalism, and scientism at the expense of missing an obvious truth The result to this commitment has been cloture to any discussion of a non materialistic, non physicalistic explanation of the Creation The result of this result has been the broad dissemination through celebrity and edu [...]

    19. Axe attempts a difficult thing an understanding of difficult science for those not engaged with science His message is really, really important, but I did find that this message was often overwhelmed with the attempt to make it easy Common science is a neat way of approaching the problem, but to be science evidence must be presented and properly evaluated, which is why I struggled with the book I m going to have to read it again It is a book that should be read with others so that discussions ma [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book Once I started learning about microscopic lifeforms I became awestruck by the complexity and eerie perfection of how the different parts of life fit together Google viruses and electron microscope and the geometric shapes do not seem random at all Biology is very, very interesting Axe posits that it is just possible that life as we know it was not only the result of countless coincidental, minute changes Intelligent Design is not Creationism Axe states that each sl [...]

    21. This book is not a Bible study It is not about the Genesis account of creation This is a scientific book that examines the scientific merits of the origins of life and evolution The origins of life and evolution of life are scientifically distinct The author uses examples and analogies that every day people can understand to show how seriously flawed evolution is as a scientific theory Yes, evolution is what they constantly teach in schools, but when a person actually examine it in detail, one w [...]

    22. I really enjoyed Dr Axe s book He clearly defines and defends Intelligent Design in comparison to Darwin s Evolution I applaud his efforts to pursue every angle of science rather than follow the herd of other scientists spitting out the same facts research that have been done many time over For people who are 100% Darwinism and refuse to see anything differently, you probably won t enjoy this book The author provides information from his own research and the works of others to establish the like [...]

    23. Intelligent case for intelligent designDouglas Axe shows the extreme mathematical and statistical unlikelihood for evolution powered by natural selection He shows that natural selection is powerless to invent anything He shows that 2 billion years is not enough time for natural selection to select all of the complex life that we have now.He demonstrates that our intuition is right, that life is designed.

    24. Fascinating even though I don t agree with the conclusionHe shows how scientists are subject to the same prejudicial filtering of facts as Trump supporters but his fact based conclusions are not presidential.

    25. Very good read Really expanded my knowledge on the workings and limits of random mutations, natural selection, and new perspectives on biology Several very inspiring passages as well I recommend to anyone wanting an introductory lesson on intelligent design.

    26. Excellent arguments for ID from a scientist Darwinism and materialism are linked, and both are found lacking in explanatory power for life s origins.

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