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Allegheny Front #2020

Allegheny Front Set in the author s homeland of West Virginia this panoramic collection of stories traces the people and animals who live in precarious balance in the mountains of Appalachia over a span of two hundr

  • Title: Allegheny Front
  • Author: Matthew Neill Null Lydia Millet
  • ISBN: 9781941411254
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Allegheny Front By Matthew Neill Null Lydia Millet, Set in the author s homeland of West Virginia, this panoramic collection of stories traces the people and animals who live in precarious balance in the mountains of Appalachia over a span of two hundred years, in a disappearing rural world With omniscient narration, rich detail, and lyrical prose, Matthew Neill Null brings his landscape and characters vividly to life.

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      240 Matthew Neill Null Lydia Millet
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    1. My new review ALLEGHENY FRONT by Matthew Neill Null tinyurl hfaqot4My first monthly short story collection review for The Oak Wheel Since this is National Short Story Month, a few other favorites might appear as well Sarabande Books and Matthew Neill Null collaborated to produce a beautiful book, and a beautiful literary work Lydia Millet deserves our thanks for selecting ALLEGHENY FRONT as the 2016 Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction.I ll post the whole review next week sometime, but go look [...]

    2. This is what a short story collection should be Varied, gritty, unpredictable, concise, clever, and heavily rooted in place Clearly written by someone from there much like Silas House can write of somewhere, in full disclosure, without demeaning the parts others would leverage in purely stereotypical ways Except this West Virginia is much rawer than Silas House s version of Kentucky not to say it is, but it s certainly written that way Favorites were Gauley Season , The Island in the Gorge of th [...]

    3. When I was a grad student, I taught a course in creative writing The first day I had the students write me a letter about their writing experience One fellow, a freshman, wrote, I like to go for the guts I spent the the better part of the semester trying to persuade him that in fiction the relationship between viscera and a visceral response in the reader is a tricky one Not necessarily inverse, but not quite complementary either Regardless, he kept drenching his prose in blood, sweat, tears, an [...]

    4. This book was excellent Gritty and dark and believable.When I finished the final story, I wished for a dozen .

    5. These stories are grim, authentic, elegant, spare They will stay with you I belatedly one page in recognized one that was previously published three years ago I d read it once, recalled it vividly, and now that I ve read it twice it ll undoubtedly be with me for a lifetime Totally worth it for writing this good Now if you ll excuse me, I have to find someone who loves me and get him to hold me Now.

    6. Although I ve spent precious little time in West Virginia, these stories gave me an appreciation for its condition in the early 21st century Modern industry and land use have destroyed the natural habitat for many native creatures, and in the process disrupted the traditional ways of life for people in the region, which included farming, hunting, and fishing The demise of mining and manufacturing has now left many of those people without meaningful employment, consigning them to low end service [...]

    7. Another short story collection that blew me away this year VERY gritty and displayed much of what I dislike about people This is rugged terrain and men kill one another but they kill animals Don t let that turn you away, though Well, maybe it might Lidia Millet s introduction to the book sums up the collection perfectly Read it If you are still turned off, then fine But I bet her exquisite words will make you want to turn the page and venture into this world Also, I can t express enough how rel [...]

    8. One of the best new short fiction writers of the last few years now has a collection out Deep, dark, Appalachian Gothic.

    9. In Allegheny Front, Matthew Neill Null s first story collection and the winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, the author returns to the West Virginia territory he mined so beautifully in his thrilling first novel, Honey from the Lion The bolderfields, the spaces empty of people a lonesomeness city dwellers could never comprehend, he writes of the setting Sometimes it seems you know animals intimately than people In these nine stories, Null continues the work he began in his first [...]

    10. I give this a 4 because I recognize that it is fantastic writing but I m adding the caveat that the subject matter is not my usual cup of tea It s out of my comfort zone, a really powerful read, but it took me three months to get through this 165 page book This is a for lack of a better descriptor mountain manly collection of short stories It s about bear hunting, and log running, and mining, pioneers, and hard living people in gritty settings It s also about nature and female scientists and sli [...]

    11. Don t let the abhorrence of the first story put you off I almost put the collection down, but thankfully continued Null channels Caravaggio, depicting the horror of Judith Beheading Holofernes so masterfully that you can t put it down, no matter how much you want to Every vivid story is unflinchingly real, the prose sings the bleakness, and you are transported to an alien world not often depicted It is hard not to wonder at his gorgeous prose Null truly is an Old Master, a storyteller at his fin [...]

    12. The logging story, the bear story, and the other bear story with the murderer were all amazing works of art In the Second District is unforgettable The tone of that story is different than each story in the book with crisp clean lines and vivid imagery The narrator felt so personal and so real.

    13. These are amazing short stories, often grim but alive with the natural world and the language of the people of the mountains and the hollows Not patronizing, Null knows these people and beautifully writes of their reality past and present His characters have a deeply felt sense of place, one that it is not at odds with the need to exploit all things wild and beautiful for survival The book gives insight into people from a part of America that voted for Trump, people who don t often see themselve [...]

    14. Such an amazing collection of short stories Some of the best fiction I ve read in a very long time.The author s inclusion of, and appreciation for, our natural surroundings breathed an extra dimension of life into these stories There aren t many authors, outside of those who write exclusively about their interactions with nature, who can so seamlessly weave the behaviors and pervasive presence of animals, birds, and fish so effortlessly and beautifully into a character s narrative experience lik [...]

    15. I bet you ll see this one on a lot of best of lists this year, if you haven t already It just came out, but it s had a lot of hype and it lives up to it She was charmed by the motions of trout How they take their forms from the pressures of another world, the cold forge of water Their drift, their mystery, the way they turn and let the current take them, take them, with passive grace They turn again, tumbling like leaves, then straighten with mouths pointing upstream, to better sip a mayfly, to [...]

    16. With gorgeous description and nuanced depth, Null brings to life the animals and landscapes of the titular area and the roles and subsequent choices people play when interacting with nature and each other.I feel like I want to unpack each story individually, but I promised that my reviews would remain short.That said, these stories have layers, great writing, interesting story lines and you should be reading this right now.The only thing that kept it from 5 stars was that the depth and nuance wa [...]

    17. Another book I grabbed based on the cover I loved the graphic and textural quality I was not prepared for a book of short stories introducing me to the hard side of nature Though some of them made me cringe, I was left fairly satisfied at each end Overall, I enjoyed this book Though I wouldn t say that I d have read it on purpose, knowing what it was.

    18. A really good collection of stories set in rural areas of West Virginia Different time periods and life paths, with the converging themes of living off the land and interacting with animals And showing us city folk how the rural people live.

    19. One of the best collections of short stories I have ever read I refreshingly brutal and honest look at life in rural West Virginia.

    20. This fella wants to be Breece D J Pancake He doesn t quite get there, but he comes close at times Well worth a read.

    21. I feel the author did a fine job in describing the terrain of West Virginia but the stories were so incredibly boring that this should be a one star review.

    22. Chilling, brutal and beautiful A spare yet revealing portrait of a corner of the world and the people that inhabit it.

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