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Candie Is Not Always Sweet #2020

Candie Is Not Always Sweet This edition is no longer available See Revised Edition

  • Title: Candie Is Not Always Sweet
  • Author: Richard Nurse
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Candie Is Not Always Sweet By Richard Nurse, This edition is no longer available See Revised Edition.

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      Richard Nurse

    1 thought on “Candie Is Not Always Sweet

    1. From the cover Welcome to the new Jasper, Street Fighter, and Me Detective Agency I say new because until just recently its name was the Jasper and Me Detective Agency Forgive me, and allow me to introduce myself I am Me , aka Maggie McKenzie, Major, USMC Ret I am permanently 39 years old, and retired from the Marines early when my father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig s disease I was part of the Military Police within the Marines, and a dog handler Thanks to changes in the law regarding K 9 memb [...]

    2. This story follows Maggie McKenzie, formerly of the Marine s Military Police, who teams up with one dog and one cat to take on an adversary hell bent on causing chaos and destruction.A fairly short story of the thriller variety, things move along at a pleasingly quick pace from the very beginning There are a few twists and turns along the way, although overall the storyline is pretty straightforward.For me the book fell a bit short in two areas I would have liked character development, especial [...]

    3. A quick, entertaining read that suggests a promising series The book introduces an unusual detective agency made up of a female ex marine, her combat dog and a streetwise alley cat When they take on a new client who claims she is being followed all is not as it seems Engaging characters, a fast paced story line and concise clear writing made the book a pleasure to read and I ll look out for later books in the series to see how the characters are developed and what they get up to.I didn t like th [...]

    4. Customer Review5.0 out of 5 stars Breath taking crime thriller in the detective series January 21, 2016By CustomerThis review is from Candie Is Not Always Sweet Jasper, Street Fighter, and Me Book 1 Kindle Edition Candie Is Not Always Sweet is definitely a tempting, appealing title in the detective series of Jasper, Street Fighter and Me by author Richard Nurse which instantly draws its readers and glues them to this mystery thriller from the very first page where we learn that our protagonist M [...]

    5. Candie Is Not Always Sweet is a short, fast paced thriller Your heroes are Maggie, an ex marine, her military dog, Jasper and a large cat named Street Fighter How can you not love these guys Maggie is a no nonsense private eye Jasper is a wonder dog and Street Fighter is a miniature lion They are all fun.The plot is fast paced and interesting The story is too short to adequately develop the characters As a result there is little to distinguish between the four main ones all female, all accomplis [...]

    6. In Episode 1 of his new detective series, Richard Nurse introduces us to Maggie, a retired Marine with a Master s degree in Criminal Justice, and her mutt Jasper The family expands with the addition of an alley cat named Street Fighter The story takes off at break neck speed, with Maggie in the shower when an intruder breaks in It s Abdul, and Maggie suspects he s been sent to avenge his brother s death And so begins another of Richard Nurse s tales with their twists and turns He does a great jo [...]

    7. This is a small book, but fast paced with twists and turns The trio of Jasper ret military dog , Street Fighter and Maggie ret Marine, now Private Detective are such a good combination that it keeps the plot moving in a great way Includes some very interesting characters, including the title person Candie, that are well rounded individuals and carry the story in unpredictable ways I received a free copy of this book in exchange for honest , non reciprocal review.

    8. A story that is as much fun to read as it was to write The story simply flowed out of me, as I let the characters take the lead once again The twists turns and the conclusion were all of their doing.

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