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A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924 #2020

A People s Tragedy The Russian Revolution The first single volume history of the century s most tragic and brutal revolution It will be the definitive account for a new generation

  • Title: A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924
  • Author: Orlando Figes
  • ISBN: 9780712673273
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924 By Orlando Figes, The first single volume history of the century s most tragic and brutal revolution It will be the definitive account for a new generation.

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      222 Orlando Figes
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    1 thought on “A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924

    1. While I was halfway through this, an inspirational quote from Lenin happened to come up on my reddit feed Something from one of those early speeches, about equality for all I left a comment to suggest I thought quite mildly that it was, perhaps, ethically questionable to be quoting with approbation someone responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people only to be downvoted into oblivion by other users You re probably thinking about Stalin, said one Fuck off, clarified another Leni [...]

    2. If you thought the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones was brutal, Orlando Figes wants to educate you You don t pick up a book like A People s Tragedy with the notion that it s going to be filled with newborn puppies, ice cream giveaways, and people finding rolled up and forgotten twenty dollar bills in their pockets If you do have that notion well, you should really reread the title Even so, the collection of misery in Figes massive history of the Russian Revolution is pretty overwhelming This i [...]

    3. Recent memory, modern memory and then history We are all living in recent memory The oldest generation is the eye witness to modern memory When it passes on, we will begin to receive the history from the events and people of that generation without the influence of contemporary bias or dialectics.It has been almost hundred years since the Russian Revolution and Civil War It is still too early for its pure history, but reliable narratives, unbound by predictable dialectics, are finally beginning [...]

    4. First, Figes briskly deals with all those things you thought you knew about the Russian Revolution, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Kerensky the liberals, the Bolsheviks, the Tsar Again and again, I realized I had picked up myths either promoted by those who lost, or those who consolidated, the Revolution The mythmaking machine was going full tilt from 1917 onwards particularly during the Stalinist and Cold War Years and this book would be irreplaceable if only for stripping away so much that you though [...]

    5. An astonishing and grand overview of one of the most defining events of the 20th century the Russian Revolution.A powerful and convincing portrait of the madness and decay of Imperialist Russia to the total bloodshed of WWI and beyond Portraits of all of the major figures the inept tsar and his fat toady ministers, the futile attempts of the fledgling Duma, the insatiable drive for power of the Bolsheviks, and the intense suffering undergone by the masses of peasants.

    6. This is at one and the same time a very long book and a fascinating one As a exhaustive study of Russian history from the reign of Nicholas II to the death of Lenin, it is epic in its sweep The only reasons I could not find it in me to give it five stars are the following 1 Orlando Figes has developed a reputation for controversy First, he wrote reviews for.Com under an assumed name Birkbeck in which he excoriated competing writers on Russian history, blaming them at first on his wife Secondly, [...]

    7. The Russian Revolution launched a vast experiment in social engineering perhaps the grandest in the history of mankind It was arguably an experiment which the human race was bound to make at some point in its evolution, the logical conclusion of humanity s historic striving for social justice and comradeship Figes writes about the Russian Revolution as of a coup in both February and October the second time only Bolsheviks participated and it was even haphazard by culturally isolated intelligen [...]

    8. This is a remarkable book on the Russian Revolution It s coverage from 1891 thru 1924 is detailed, but very readable We are presented with a wide panoply of characters Tsar Nicholas II, Lenin, Prince Lvov, Kerensky, Gorky and many This gives a distinctive personal feeling where history is populated by real people and provides us with a ground view of the turbulent events of Russia It s a brutal history.Sadly, there were periods during the Tsar s rule and the first months after the 1917 revoluti [...]

    9. Exemplary mix of the political, the social and the personalIn order to tell the story of the Russian Revolution, Figes begins three decades earlier, in 1891, with the famine that could be seen as starting the journey towards revolution and continues up to 1924, the year that the first dictator, Lenin, died This is a huge work, massive in scope, meticulously researched and delivered with a level of clarity that makes it surprisingly easy to read and absorb, even for someone coming to the subject [...]

    10. Orlando Figes masterful A People s Tragedy The Russian Revolution 1891 1924 provides a rich and complex portrait that of Russian society at the time of the fall of the Romanov dynasty and the birth of the Communist state One does not read it for Figes opinions but rather for the amount of detail that he is able to marshall and synthesize on the key social, cultural and political trends of the revolutionary era The book is a great pleasure for anyone fascinated by the culture and history of Russi [...]

    11. This is probably the best single volume work about the Russian Revolution ever printed in English It was written after the Soviet archives were opened, making a vast mass of new material available to historians and significantly changing the story as it had been previously understood in the West It is also the work of an author determined to present as full and true a picture as possible of what happened in Russia during those terrible years, a picture as free from bias and ideological distortio [...]

    12. Orlando Figes is a social historian nonpareil He can summon up the world of pre revolutionary Russia like no writer I ve read His descriptions of the peasant world of Icons and Cockroaches, of the Tsarist army where soldiers were whipped and had to memorize intricate addresses for every possible superior, of the socialist underground where the new intelligentsia embraced the cult of the bomb and the gun, where murder and the scaffold took on a magnetic charm, as one of their own said, all provid [...]

    13. Mr May just dropped this thing on my lap it s like 1000 pages , said, GOOD LUCK, and walked away laughing his ass off.

    14. A people s tragedy the Russian Revolution 1891 1924, Orlando Figes 1891 1924 1388 2 9789641850465 1 9789641850441 2 9789641850458 1891 1924 1891 1924 1917 1891 1924 1917 1995 16 1891 1917 1917 1918 1918 1924 .

    15. This is a painful read for a number of reasons First and foremost, it does not spare you with detail of how badly people suffered during this period Life became very, very cheap It demonstrates that wholesale slaughter of Jewish communities was not invented by the Nazis It also firmly places Bolshevism in the same life denying, destructive category as fascism and National Socialism, linking it to a philosophy, born out of the blood of the first World War, that the next stage in evolution was to [...]

    16. I found Orlando Figes A People s Tragedy to be an excellent introduction on the topic of the Russian Revolution Before proceeding, however, I would like to point out that this massive 800 page masterpiece can only be considered introductory by a professional historian or a history buff like myself Therefore, this book is not really recommended for everyone.I am ashamed to admit, but I had very little knowledge of the Russian Revolution prior to the reading of this book What is undoubtedly one of [...]

    17. La literatura existente sobre la Revoluci n Rusa es bastante prol fica Cientos de ensayos y estudios se han hecho, lastimosamente en su gran mayor a, ideologizados y cargados de contenido subjetivo pol tico, especialmente por obra y gracia de historiadores de corte marxista, socialista o sovi tico Igualmente, la mayor a de estos escritos se centra especialmente en los acontecimientos de Febrero y Octubre de 1917, con una visi n rom ntica y hasta heroica de los ej rcitos bolcheviques como salvado [...]

    18. I wanted to know what would motivate a country to adopt Bolshevism Figes does an excellent job with the subject It has given me perspective on Russian politics and culture today than I ever would have had otherwise As with slavery and its lasting effects on American politics and culture, Figes shows how serfdom has a similar effect on Russia today Definitely helps that it is an easy read.

    19. IllustrationsPrefaceGlossaryNotes on DatesMaps A People s Tragedy The Russian Revolution, 1891 1924NotesBibliographyIndex

    20. I have read a few histories of the Russian revolution and civil war from sympathetic Deutchser and Trotsky to unsympathetic Pipes to the hostile Volkogonov , and the fairly even handed Fitzgerald It often seems like each of these authors is talking about different events and people who happen to be in the same place at the same time with the same names One can, with effort, piece together a consistent picture of what happened and why, but you can t really be comfortable with conclusions pieced t [...]

    21. An incredibly comprehensive history of the Russian Revolution Figes s prose is interesting, and his book quite engaging Despite the incredible density of detail, it manages to flow well I only abandoned it because it was far too detailed for my current very limited knowledge of Russian history, and went far beyond my own learning goals in this subject I was looking for an entry level overview of Russian history in the late 19th through 20th centuries This book, for its many virtues, just isn t t [...]

    22. I just pulled this volume off the shelf to revisit the Czech Legion s role in the Revolution Civil War, one of the many amazing subplots of that time and place This book is historical writing as it should be done for a popular audience the style is reminiscent of Barbara Tuchman s very best stuff I read the entire book about 10 years ago and I frequently reread extended passages to refresh my memory of specific events and for sheer entertainment A masterful writer on a fascinating topic.

    23. Prof Orlando Figes, of Oxford University, is unquestionably an authority on Russian history, and better yet he has the skill of a top rate writer He presents compelling narrative of the sad stories interwoven throughout Russian history, from both a macro and micro scopic perspective This book well deserves its acclaim.

    24. I cannot believe I finally finished this book I ve been reading it for nearly a YEAR It s superbly written but and very, very detailed Not really designed for the type of commute reading I do these days I do recommend it to all, though.

    25. This is undoubtedly one of the most intense things that I ve ever read It was highly intelligent and informative It helped me see the Russian Revolution in greater detail But man alive, this was a mighty endeavor It was a hard but good read.

    26. Golden Towers, White Russians, Black Hundreds, Red Terror and Revenge.A Peoples Tragedy is a harrowing insight into how the Russian Revolution far from being a smoothly organized transition into a harmonious Socialist society was actually a process of ongoing opportunism, compromise and cruelty, deft footwork, boot work and brutality by the intellectual leaders who managed to hang on to their ideological bull and extinguish all resistance to their deadlier Autocracy posed under the guise of the [...]

    27. Revolu ia rus reprezint un proces mult mai amplu dec t se crede n general De pild , n ciuda celor sus inute de Figes, octombrie 1917 a fost cu at t mai evitabil cu c t februarie 1917 a fost inevitabil Esen ialul unei sinteze remarcabile precum aceasta este greu de redat n c teva r nduri Cel mai simplu de spus este c pu ini tiu c aceste culori ale revolu iei sunt str b tute de nuan e nu tocmai pure Albul nu este tocmai alb, iar Ro ul nu este tocmai ro u Principalul merit al c r ii este tocmai ace [...]

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