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Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin #2020

Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin Upea juhlakirja Sormusten herran vuotisjuhlan kunniaksi Kaikki Tolkienin oma kuvitus Taruun Sormusten herrasta on koottu nyt ensimm ist kertaa yhteen kirjaan jokaisen Tolkien fanin pakkohankinta J

  • Title: Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin
  • Author: Wayne G. Hammond Christina Scull J.R.R. Tolkien Jaakko Kankaanpää
  • ISBN: 9789510413630
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin By Wayne G. Hammond Christina Scull J.R.R. Tolkien Jaakko Kankaanpää, Upea juhlakirja Sormusten herran 60 vuotisjuhlan kunniaksi.Kaikki Tolkienin oma kuvitus Taruun Sormusten herrasta on koottu nyt ensimm ist kertaa yhteen kirjaan jokaisen Tolkien fanin pakkohankinta J.R.R Tolkienin kaunis kuvitus h nen Hobitti romaaniinsa tunnetaan hyvin Harvat tiet v t, ett Tolkien laati paljon kuvia my s suurteokseensa Taru Sormusten herrasta LaajaUpea juhlakirja Sormusten herran 60 vuotisjuhlan kunniaksi.Kaikki Tolkienin oma kuvitus Taruun Sormusten herrasta on koottu nyt ensimm ist kertaa yhteen kirjaan jokaisen Tolkien fanin pakkohankinta J.R.R Tolkienin kaunis kuvitus h nen Hobitti romaaniinsa tunnetaan hyvin Harvat tiet v t, ett Tolkien laati paljon kuvia my s suurteokseensa Taru Sormusten herrasta Laajassa taidekirjassa Tolkien tuntijat Wayne G Hammond ja Christina Scull esittelev t kaikki Tolkienin sormustaruun liittyv t maalaukset, piirrokset, luonnokset ja kartat, yhteens l hes 200 ty t , jotka on kuvattu t t teosta varten uudestaan Kuvia havainnollistaa teksti, joka kertoo niiden taustoista ja suhteesta tarinaan.J.R.R Tolkienin 1892 1973 fantasiaklassikko Taru Sormusten herrasta on valittu useissa nestyksiss 1900 luvun vuosisadan kirjaksi.

    • BEST KINDLE "↠ Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin" || UNLIMITED (KINDLE) ☆
      336 Wayne G. Hammond Christina Scull J.R.R. Tolkien Jaakko Kankaanpää
    • thumbnail Title: BEST KINDLE "↠ Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin" || UNLIMITED (KINDLE) ☆
      Posted by:Wayne G. Hammond Christina Scull J.R.R. Tolkien Jaakko Kankaanpää
      Published :2020-04-19T16:07:59+00:00

    1 thought on “Taru Sormusten herrasta Tolkienin silmin

    1. To anyone reading this, I sincerely advise you not to buy this book If you re interested in the art of Tolkien then try The Art of the Hobbit.That book actually has artwork in it Tolkien did many illustrations for The Hobbit, and whilst they re not exactly masterpieces, they show how he pictured his world At least, in a way that his limited abilities would allow him Tolkien was wonderful with maps and letters, but he could not create environment or characters very well He was a master of the wor [...]

    2. Enjoyable enough, but not entirely what I was expecting when I purchased this.It s mostly full of half finished scribbles and sketches drawn by Tolkien, a lot of which were of a look into his thought process as he wrote than actual pieces of artwork he intended for others to see There are a few of his finished paintings, which are gorgeous, but I was hoping to see of those tbqh Additionally, the dialogue felt a little bit redundant I would have much rather had a book full of his finished LotR [...]

    3. Tolkien employed several world building components in the soup of the secondary world he built for his life long work on his legendarium It is the specific craftsmanship and Elvish skill of Tolkien s invention and development of each of these components that gives his secondary world of Arda a much explored sense of depth and verisimilitude that has given Modern Fantasy an incredible work to explore and re discover again and again Each of these components text, invented languages, para texts hav [...]

    4. It should be accurately called The Sketches of the Lord of the Rings Art is kind of misleading, not that I m going to complain, I actually found Tolkien s sketches to be quite engaging, but I hardly think this will entertain a broader audience.The commentary, however, was completely and utterly pointless Most dissertations of Tolkien s art sketches amount to either stating the blatantly obvious, or referencing Christopher Tolkien s obviously superior understanding and appreciation of his father [...]

    5. The artworks shown in the book are awesome and a must for all fans The descriptions however have been written in a style which is too academic However, it provides many many details

    6. A marvelous book containing artwork by Tolkien that he produced to aid him in the writing of the book, The Lord of the Rings It contains sketches of scenes and landscapes and especially maps of Middle Earth that covers the story he was telling at various levels of detail.In contrast with the earlier book, The Art of The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, most of the artwork produced here was not meant to be printed they are meant as a guide for Tolkien to refer to as he was writing the book, helping him [...]

    7. This is a seriously in depth book about the art JRR Tolkien made himself for his books and world There is a large focus on maps and drawings of buildings Tolkien made as reference And incredible detail about the notes Tolkien left about the drawings and tidbits of information on the items in the drawing and the text that relates to the piece.This is of an academic piece on Tolkien and less of a fluff filled art book If you are interested in in depth analysis in Tolkien s art, this is definitely [...]

    8. A great book for all Tolkien fans The pictures Tolkien drew while he was writing The Lord of the Rings are like sketches and doodles in miscalleneous papers that helped him to plan the story and also how it s places would really look like as he said he didn t have time nor want to fully illustrate The Lord of the Rings Map sketches and book cover desings are very cool looking and also all the other stuff will certainly satisfy any Tolkien fan who likes to know about his works.

    9. An absolute gem for fans of Tolkien s work Showcases a significant amount of original art by JRR Tolkien himself, with extensive commentary on each drawing by the editors, providing very interesting pieces of information.The artwork in itself is really great, the maps are fantastic, and the quality of the book is outstanding.If Tolkien s work is dear to you, don t hesitate.

    10. An interesting look into Tolkien s own designs and drawings What I found funny was that a lot of the doodles seemed to be drawn on exam papers, backs of students essays or course syllabi Makes me wonder what it would have been like to be his student.

    11. The title is misleading This book is mostly filled with sketches some very rudimentary that Tolkien drew to help flesh out his ideas I lost interest in the text after awhile, but I enjoyed studying the drawings with a magnifying glass which I highly recommend using unless you have ultra keen eyesight Using one enhanced my enjoyment of the drawings a hundredfold as many of them are tiny and faint.

    12. Previously, I read the author s comprehensive book on J.R.R Tolkien s art and was quite pleased with it, but this book fell somewhat short Clearly, Tolkien s artwork for the Lord of the Rings was never meant to be included in any sort of publication besides the map , since they aren t than prepatory sketches Ironically, the few paintings that Tolkien did complete and do appear to be finished artwork were not included in publications unil their much later use for promotional merchandise

    13. The Art of The Lord of the Rings is the long awaited companion volume to The Art of the Hobbit The publisher kept the size of the hardcover the same 10 x 10 , which I always appreciate There is nothing worse than having a book that belongs with another and them being different sizes The length of this book is almost 250 pages, which is 100 pages than The Art of the Hobbit 250 pages is a generous plenty, but greedy Tolkien fan that I am I was hoping for close to 500 pages, since this is a trilog [...]

    14. It took me much longer to read this than I d like to admit Partially, this book isn t really written with a beginning and end, instead it focuses on different maps during Tolkien s massive undertaking when creating Lord of the Rings The captions are rather dry, mostly dealing with a lot of map and geography terms, which I will admit, is not interesting to me, but seeing it in the context of Tolkien s work, is impressive how he constructed the Lord of the Rings saga The title is a bit deceiving t [...]

    15. I Absolutely Loved This Book.First, I am obsessed with anything Lord of the Rings related It is hands down, no questions asked, my favorite book ever Second, in all that I have read about both Tolkein and all things Middle earth related, I have not been able to figure out why I love this mythology so much Then I picked up this book Reading about the effort that Tolkein put into his book helped me understand how it is so much than a book it is a work of history, only slightly fictionalized.Third [...]

    16. After finishing up The Art of The Hobbit , I was looking forward to diving into this one It is a great sequel to The Art of The Hobbit , as well as a great companion piece to any edition of The Lord of the Rings you may own most especially the box set featuring the Reader s Companion It features lots of reference to The History of the Lord of the Rings books 6 9 of The History of Middle earth , which makes sense, as Tolkien did lots of artwork mostly maps or other designs as he wrote the book Th [...]

    17. This is one of those books for Tolkien fans I do not recommend it if you did not read other books by Tolkien.It is nice to read if you already read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings This book shows a lot of details that Tolkien used as a guideline to write the book He did not consider himself an artist but this book shows awesome drawings made by him.As it s about all drawings made during the writing of The Lord of the Rings, there are some drafts of drawings and other stuff that is not inter [...]

    18. Han pasado ya m s de 60 a os de la publicaci n de la trilog a de El Se or de los anillos pero Tolkien no deja de sorprendernos Siguiendo la l nia empezada el 2012 con la publicaci n de El arte de El Hobbit en su 75 aniversario , la editorial Minotauro nos ofrece este volumen escrito y editado por Wayne G Hammond y Christina Scull, grandes especialistas en la obra del profesor de Oxford En l podemos encontrar una gran cantidad de bocetos, borradores y revisiones, as como ilustraciones originales [...]

    19. Tolkein had arthritis in his hand and no time to illustrated Lord of the Rings like he did the Hobbit That being said he did a lot of sketching and drawing anyway it helped him world build and orientate himself Some bits did make in to the final book and it is so interesting to see him work through different changes and iterations even in aspects you may not think about like the typeface for the Black Speech inscription on the One Ring or the G ruin that Gandalf signs off with or Balin s grave m [...]

    20. Honestly, not as fantastic as the book of art from the Hobbit Most of Tolkien s art for LoTRs consisted of very vague sketches of landscapes and maps There were a few really really amazing pieces of cartography or calligraphy, like the lost books Tolkien actually created, but mostly it was simple sketches used to help him keep the story accurately going One thing I do like about these books of art is that they don t try to speak for Tolkien There are some nerds people who claim to know exactly w [...]

    21. Honestly, between the HoME and Pictures by J.R.R Tolkien, there isn t really anything significant in this book that hasn t been published already and the text itself mostly follows suit Like most Scull and Hammond projects, however, the purpose here is to curate information about Tolkien, and it does this well The Art of The Lord of the Rings is a glossy, comprehensive book containing all the known art I use the term loosely Tolkien created in the process of creating his epic.

    22. 3.5 STARSA beautiful book with color reproductions of Tolkien s drawings and their progress through various drafts I started out reading the accompanying text, but soon focused all of my attention on the images themselves The evolution of the maps and key landmarks in Middle Earth are the highlights Enjoyable, but best gotten from your local library Not an essential part of a Tolkien fan s personal library.

    23. An interesting book The very few actual full size color pieces by Tolkien are awesome and gorgeous, but most of the rest of the art in this book is very vague sketches or tiny doodles included in Tolkien s papers Some of these were interesting, some of the maps and book cover mock ups were great, but overall, I would rather have just had an illustrated copy of Lord of the Rings, with Tolkien s illustrations and cover art.

    24. Includes thorough descriptions and reproductions of all of Tolkien s sketches and art while writing Lord of the Rings Not sure Hammond and Scull could ve messed this up Very interesting the whole way through, completely changed my view of some scenes Worth picking up for Tolkien fans, even if just flipping through

    25. Loved this book It s amazing being able to see the actual drawings Tolkien made on scraps of paper and sometimes in the manuscript itself A must see for fans.

    26. I admit I am not that interested in every early version of Tolkien s drawingsabout The Lord of the Rings.But some are really interesting

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