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Point of No Return #2020

Point of No Return Charles Gray has come to a pivotal point in his career he is competing for the vice presidency of the select private bank for which he works While waiting for the fateful decision Gray returns to the

  • Title: Point of No Return
  • Author: John P. Marquand
  • ISBN: 9780897331746
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Point of No Return By John P. Marquand, Charles Gray has come to a pivotal point in his career he is competing for the vice presidency of the select private bank for which he works While waiting for the fateful decision, Gray returns to the small Massachusetts town where he grew up, to try to find out how he has reached this point, and to decide which way to go.

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      111 John P. Marquand
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    1 thought on “Point of No Return

    1. I loved this book Published in 1947, and contemporary at the time, at this point it almost qualifies as a historical novel Charley Gray, a hard working assistant vice president at a small but tony New York bank, is twisting in the wind waiting for news about whether he, or a presumed rival, will be tapped for a vacant vice presidency We spend a day in Charley s life, and then flash back to his coming of age in, and ultimately leaving, a tradition bound small Massachusetts town in the wake of tra [...]

    2. Annoyed by the amused detachment of the observers in When Prophecy Fails and Doomsday Cult Strike back by reading this Charles Gray has a solid job in a solid bank in New York in the solid post war years, being passively pushed forward by his ambitious wife, when he has a chance encounter with a sociologist who conducted a study of his Massachusetts home town circa 1925.As he reads the resulting book Yankee Persepolis , we re drawn into the inner narrative Charles memories of those days, how he [...]

    3. I first read this in a high school class 40 years ago I loved it then, so I recently looked for it at the library to see if I still would like it I did, very much I love novels like this, and wish I could find If you like John O Hara and Louis Auchincloss two of my other favorite authors , I think you will enjoy PONR I also would recommend Melvin or is it Melville Goodwin, USA, also by Marquand Just an excellent read.

    4. John P Marquand, once among the most popular novelists in America, is now virtually unknown Reading Point of No Return, his novel of middle to upper class manners in a small New England town, it s hard to see why The high brow critics of his era never had any use for him but the public adored him He won a Pulitzer Prize and many of his books were Book of the Month Club selections Nearly all his novels published after 1937 s The Late George Apley were best sellers And now he s virtually unread Wh [...]

    5. John P Marquand s tremendous 1947 novel of the upper middle class, Point of No Return, is as much a cry of despair as anything in Kafka.

    6. I enjoyed this novel of pre and post Wall Street Crash The story of Charles and his Father and the influences, subtly left after his Father passes away Charles, like many of the period, constantly compares himself to others, as does everyone in the story of small town Clyde, Massachusetts In the end, the striving he has made over his lifetime, somehow seems an echo of his past experiences, and is not what he had been trained to think it would be Very well written and probably a very accurate tal [...]

    7. During a stressful possible career step up in the late 1940s, banker Charles Gray reflects on his family, home town, and coming of age in the 1920s Too introspective, dated, and lengthy to appeal to me despite the historical details Originally published in 1947.

    8. Made me think about how we as people view the different events in our life and how perspective really is everything A slow moving and thoughtful book, obviously not a page turner, but satisfying nonetheless

    9. I loved this book and highly recommend it, especially if you are interested in small town New England social politics and stock market crashes It has been out of print for years a totally overlooked masterpiece.

    10. My kind of writerI took to Mr Marquand s writing style immediately and plan to read all of his novels I enjoy character centric novels most and his characters were well developed and interesting.

    11. Really a tremendous read loved the whole thing Haven t fully processed my reaction to this work, but it s certainly the best book I ve read this year

    12. woof woofHow come nobody remembers J.P Marquand any At his best, he produced some of 20th century America s great fiction POINT OF NO RETURN is perhaps his greatest novel and surely one of the great American novels , up there with An American Tragedy by Dreiser, Warren s All the King s Men , and Norris McTeague Lewis Dodsworth , and several by Faulkner It is quieter, it takes its time, and there are no dreadful family secrets, no violence, sex, or perversions of any kind In short, it is a novel [...]

    13. Young man from a small town cannot move upward into the next social level at home so moves to New York to find success and love I feel the author could have written this book with far fewer than 559 pages felt drawn out It does show what life was like in the late 40 s with people feeling restricted by the class in society that they are born into, like a person in the lower upper class could not easily date someone from the upper upper class or even the middle upper class.

    14. Published in 1947 and set in the then present day Tells the story of a man working at an investment bank in NYC and him struggling with the conflicted feelings he has about climbing the corporate ladder and whether it really matters A good chunk of the book goes back in time to his young adulthood in the 20s in a small town in Massachusetts and how that shaped him as a person I really like this author Most of his books deal with the upper middle class of the Northeast and are semi satires and al [...]

    15. I enjoyed this story about nothing Most would view it as boring by today s standards but I loved the characters and the typical family flaws After recently reading Washington Square and Persuasion I found the significance placed on class overcooked or perhaps I am just tired of having class place such an important part in literature.

    16. A good novel about a man of my age Interesting to me both for that and because of the account of finance between the wars The previous reader s of my copy hadn t bothered to cut the final pages though, which is quite revealing.

    17. Having lived in New England and New York I found this odyssey set in the 1920 40s delightful story telling For some it might be tedious but I found it very accurate to small town living and small town thinking.

    18. This is a trenchant explication of early 20th century American society It weaves together the personal growth of the protagonist with the changing social and business climate of the times I enjoyed it very much.

    19. Reminiscent of Theodore Dreiser s An American Tragedy, minus the shocking murder A thoroughly enjoyable book.

    20. The meaning of life, you can t go home again, etc Like the portrait of life in Boston area before after WWII.

    21. Prequel to the Mad Men era As someone raised by parents of this generation who read this book when it was published, I was very engaged.

    22. Before all the making it in New York stories, there was Point of No Return 50 years later, Wall street and Connecticut is still the same.

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