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A Playdate With Death #2020

A Playdate With Death From the national bestselling author of The Big Nap and Nursery Crimes In between planning playdates and playing dress up Juliet finally gets some much needed kid free time working out at the local

  • Title: A Playdate With Death
  • Author: Ayelet Waldman
  • ISBN: 9780425191040
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Playdate With Death By Ayelet Waldman, From the national bestselling author of The Big Nap and Nursery Crimes.In between planning playdates and playing dress up, Juliet finally gets some much needed kid free time, working out at the local health club It s going well She s losing weight She s even happy until her personal trainer commits suicide.A cheerful aspiring actor, Bobby Katz seemed to have it all anFrom the national bestselling author of The Big Nap and Nursery Crimes.In between planning playdates and playing dress up, Juliet finally gets some much needed kid free time, working out at the local health club It s going well She s losing weight She s even happy until her personal trainer commits suicide.A cheerful aspiring actor, Bobby Katz seemed to have it all and Juliet can t believe he died at his own hand She suspects there s a sinister explanation and that it may lie with his grieving fiancee, a recovering addict who just fell off the wagon Or with his birth mother, a woman he recently started to look for Always up for a task that will get her out of the house, Juliet keeps running down secrets until, at last, she runs into the truth Smoothly paced and smartly told The New York Times Book Review Sparkling swift and engaging Publishers Weekly Juliet s got charm, spunk, and a reason to get out of the house Kirkus Reviews

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    1 thought on “A Playdate With Death

    1. A run of the mill murder mystery in the USA The protagonist is a female lawyer, now at home with two young children but drawn into investigating the death of her gym trainer She s so politically correct, it hurts Not clear whether the author is proselytising or has tongue in cheek Anyway, the plot is so bogged down with the intricacies of genetics and inheritance that I could not quite say I enjoyed it But I would read another if it came my way maybe.

    2. I had this book sitting on my book shelf forever, and decided to give it a try.This wasn t a bad story, but their was a couple things I didn t like about it either.This story is about a stay at home mom named Juliet She used to be a lawyer, but had a couple kids and decided she wanted to spend time with her kids then putting lots of hours in at the office Well here comes my beef number 1 Why, if you are a stay at home mom would you ALWAYS pawn your children off with their working father so you c [...]

    3. I m not really sure why I read another in this series I remember not liking the first one I read The mysteries are good however I detest Juliet She s a whiner and seems to hate mommy duties as well as working full time.

    4. This is the third in this series Once again, it is billed as funny and cozy like, but the ending was very sad Her children are growing up very quickly and I don t think an average 2 year old would have the vocabulary that her son has but that is a quibble of mine with this series I m sure I will read the next one but will take a break from this series.

    5. The one with the personal trainer Once again, I m amazed that at one time I thought that little sentence was enough Not that I d reread these for the plots Actually, as strongly as I would recommend these to mystery loving parents, I don t think I m likely to go back to them Now, Daughter s Keeper, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, and Bad Mother A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities, and Occasional Moments of Grace, those I d all go back and read for the rich pleasure of it.

    6. Ok, this book had an amusing cover that caught my eye in the new book section at the library, so I grabbed it It s really what I d call a fluff mystery, but unlike the other book I didn t like, I loved this one Yes the main character is dealing with death possible murder , but she is still great fun while she tries to solve the mystery while still dealing with her little kid and husband who try her patience I figured out that there is just one in of the books in a series that deal with the same [...]

    7. In the third book of the Mommy Track series, former defense attorney and stay at home mom Juliet Applebaum arrives at her L.a gym to find that her personal trainer and friend has been found dead of an apparently self inflicted gun shot wound Juliet has her doubts that upbeat Bobby would have committed suicide, and when his fianc also expresses doubts, Julist launches her own personal investigation into his death.These books are both entertaining and interesting Juliet Applebaum is such a fun, re [...]

    8. This is a pleasant way to pass the time while the children are napping, if you re not the type to rush around the house mopping and straightening up The action is quick, and there s a lot of wry humor as a stay at home mom investigates the death of her personal trainer The themes of adoption, drug addiction, and racism are all covered breezily and without slighting their complexity The heroine, who like Waldman is a former public defender married to a successful writer, has engaging children and [...]

    9. I like Ayelet Waldman books P.D James said she purposefully removed family from her detective series, but Ayelet Waldman anchors her mysteries with a complicated, messy family life The main character is constantly juggling her interests and complicated feelings for family and for the life she left as a public defender, and a modern marriage where partners are constantly negotiating their relationship and responsibilities while trying to connect Waldman is novelist Michael Chabon s wife and mothe [...]

    10. I ve read a few of this series and they were unusual, well focused and just right for someone with kids, who can t concentrate on too many plot twists and levels of detail for long The amateur sleuth has been a public defender but now she s a stay home mother who is looking for preschools, attending play dates and funerals and all kinds of things that women do instead of being at work She still can t help investigating crimes The kids are pretty good kids I have to say, and the good mother comes [...]

    11. Same as the rest of the series Fun little mystery The two things that continually bug me is that she is so cranky about being a stay at home mom then DON T be and also how she leaves her kids with her husband constantly to get a break There is nothing on between the breaks, practically Anyway, both of these things are such side notes to the story that they don t bother me that much, they are just annoying on the side I like the series in general.

    12. A well written mystery that had enough twists and turns in it to keep me guessing The characters are likable, the mysteries are believable There are a few laughs here and there, but this series is grittier than most and its heroine, Juliet Applebaum is spunkier than most former lawyer turned stay at home mom Each book I have read in this series has been better than the ones before it Highly recommended.3.75

    13. I enjoy this VERY short series Since I moved to a new library system, I am able to get all of Waldman s Mommy Track Mysteries The books are small so they really are like short stories The main character offers her opinion freely about subjects from gun control to parenting Usually she is dealing with a family issue alongside a murder case In this book, she was trying to deal with her son s obsession with guns Quick and readable, great escape.

    14. I enjoyed it the same way I did the big nap fluffy, funny, with a highly relatable heroine CA SAHM of two little children Must say, though, that I wouldn t enjoy these mysteries if I didn t have kids, and she really does write for such a niche audience uber educated liberal stay at home mothers that I m surprised the series lasted sold for 6 books.

    15. This is a really fun series to read a recovering attorney who quits her job to stay home with her young children finds herself bored and restless at home playing Legos, yet isn t prepared to return to her demanding job She ends up smack in the middle of a number of murders in this one, it s her personal trainer and toys with the idea of becoming a bona fide private investigator.

    16. Third installment of Ayelet Waldman s Mommy Track series This book was a solid venture than the first two The story was tight, reminding me of a Sue Grafton story This one set up Juliet in a partnership with Al, so leaves us with a set up for the next book.

    17. Cute, fluffy mystery starring an ex public defender turned stay at home mom I liked Juliet Applebaum, except for the weight disparagement She was definitely a believable ex lawyer Liked the AA, Jewish, and gun control tie ins.

    18. Even though I picked up this series in the middle I really enjoyed it Being a mommy was definitely appealing and I can t believe some of the things that she did I enjoyed this author and plan on reading the entire series.

    19. This is the 3rd book in the Mommy Track Mystery series It was a quick read I read it on the plane I still like the premise of the public defender turned stay at home mom, but this one was kind of blah I already got the next book though, so I hope she adds some twist to it.

    20. A sleuthing mom that bucks traditional mother and wife roles, solving murders and providing an occasional laugh.

    21. The Mommy Track Mysteries 1 Nursery Crimes2 The Big Nap3 Playdate With Death4 Death Gets a Time Out5 Murder Plays House6 The Cradle Robbers7 Bye Bye, Black Sheep

    22. This is my new favorite mystery series The characters are so interesting and real They are fun, light mysteries that are perfect for a slow day.

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