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How I Created My Perfect Prom Date #2020

How I Created My Perfect Prom Date Nicole Maris has it all looks popularity and Brad Selden the hottest guy in school at her fingertips But then Brad decides to take someone else to the prom Now Nicole s got a project on her hands

  • Title: How I Created My Perfect Prom Date
  • Author: Todd Strasser
  • ISBN: 9781416954101
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • How I Created My Perfect Prom Date By Todd Strasser, Nicole Maris has it all looks, popularity, and Brad Selden, the hottest guy in school, at her fingertips But then Brad decides to take someone else to the prom Now Nicole s got a project on her hands find an even better prom date Enter Chase Hammond He s not exactly Mr Popular, but with a makeover and some help form Nicole, he just might be prom king material.

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      227 Todd Strasser
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    1. Confession time I love the movie Drive Me Crazy Like, an almost unfortunate amount So of course when I stumbled across the book it s based on in the library today I had to give it a read First impression was that the one page turns between jumping character perspective is a fairly irritating way to write a book Other than that, the characters and plot were your basic high school kids There were even parts where I knew they lifted the dialogue directly out of the book for the movie I much preferr [...]

    2. Nicole and Chase are childhood friends and neighbours, but in their Highschool years, they r not on speaking terms Nicoles life is with the popular crowd and she does everything to stay popular Chase likes to do pranks but he s clever too And when Nicoles plan for prom date asks another girl, she decides not to give up So she s left with Chase and a huge makeover But what do you do when you start having feelings for your selfmade prom date Nicole and Chase told us by turns what they decide and w [...]

    3. I d love to give the book stars but it s just not worth it.I bought it because one of my favourite films Drive me crazy is an adaptation of this book So I thought I should give it a try.So, I got it This 200 pages with large letters book with the shortest chapters ever I read it whitin one hour, seriously.It s funny and very superficial I kind of liked it because I always thought of the movie during the reading But you can t feel the love, you can t feel the people, you can t get into it becaus [...]

    4. It s amazing that screenwriters were able to make anything of this book Drive Me Crazy is a sleepover nostalgia favorite of mine, so I wanted to read the book it was based on.Other than the character s names and the basic popular girl turns boy next door into a hottie bit, the book and the movie are totally different I enjoyed the movie, for starters Also, the narration trades off between Nicole and Chase, not every chapter, but every two pages Though here s a fun thing, if you read the eBook ed [...]

    5. After re watching Drive Me Crazy for about the 15th time last week, I finally discovered it was based on this book Certain scenes are straight out of the book But there are some differences, too.The book is definitely a little grown up in some ways, which was all right with me Ray s habit and the confusion and responses of Chase and Dave the reason for the divorce of the Maris parents, although that felt a bit far fetched Pros of the book You get depth behind Nicole and Alicia Ray and Dave wer [...]

    6. SPOILER ALERT How I Created My Perfect Prom Date the second book in the Time Zone High series was okay through my eyes I made a prediction about what I thought Stacy s job was going to be when the book first started The book was so predictable and flat out boring, but there was something that kept me going probably who was going to end up with who situation I think that was the thing that made me finish the book Sadly Ray and Nicole end up together Chase goes to the prom alone Brad and Dulice sp [...]

    7. So, funny note My copy of this book is titled GIRL GIVES BIRTH TO OWN PROM DATE the title was the thing that got me to salvage it from a local book sale If the title d been How I Created I would have deeeeffinniitely passed it up The description on the jacket seemed a little fluffy, but I thought, Hey, with a title like that it s gotta go someplace funky, right Oops, kinda Also, I didn t know this is the novel Drive Me Crazy was based on Go figure A real piece of 90s nostalgia.Anyways I feel lik [...]

    8. The review is also available on my blog, Bows Bullets ReviewsWell, this is the book that the movie Drive Me Crazy is based off Unfortunately, this book goes in the category where I enjoyed the film than the book It s similar in a lot of ways, but completely different in other Like, Nicole Chase never had a big falling out and it never discusses what happened to Chase s mom Ray is completely different, he is a big pot head and ends up having to go to rehad after driving a car into one way traffi [...]

    9. WowI had been looking forward to reading this novel ever since I first saw the movie Drive Me Crazy Andwhat a let down I would have given it 1 star, but I gave it two Just because, for the most part, it had the ability to keep me entertained But I can see why they changed the movie so much.First of all, I read the Kindle version and it was loaded with errors Another thing that bummed me out was that I think the book was updated for contemporary audiences The book mentions iPhones and Halo, but t [...]

    10. My 11th grade daughter, and some of my students I m a high school teacher , were assigned this book, so I picked it up and took a look It s not exactly Hamlet or The Great Gatsby , but it is a fun read, and I m sure it holds the attention of many young readers.As a fellow writer struggling I found it annoying that this has sold millions of copies, but after reading it, one can see why The chapters are extremely short 2 4 pages, the action is steady, and teens can relate to the gravity of dating [...]

    11. This book was amusing in parts Amusing enough that I had a smile on my face every once in a while But by the end of the book I wondered what exactly the point was Yes, I understand that there was plenty points made throughout the book about our miniscule amount of time we spend on earth That there was forever before and forever after and we are some spit on the sidewalk somewhere during that time With some of the other characters thrown in the story there are some other valid points the author w [...]

    12. When I read the cover I conjured up a bunch of ridiculous explanations to the title Did the mom take his son to prom Nah Is this one of those Frankenstein books Hope not But when I read the book I was really into the whole concept The only flaw that I point out is that it should have been longer cause the ending was like a cliff hanger When I looked for the sequel, it was about completely different set of teens in the same school, I want to know what happened without reading a completely differe [...]

    13. Short, fun read that was the basis for the movie Drive Me Crazy Written in 1996, the book is already surprisingly dated In truth, I like the movie better than the book In the novel, the characters somehow lacked dimension and while unintentional, I think Strasser was a little heavy handed in his attempt to moralize the past discussions of The Establishment in the context of the Vietnam War.

    14. Nicole is Miss Popularity, who is expecting jock Brad Selden to ask her to prom so they can be the most popular couple Nicole is a little disturbed by the superficiality of it, but still can t help wanting it But when Brad falls in love with Dulcie, Nicole is desperate for a prom date She decides to make Chase, long time friend and neighbor, into a hunk Chase isn t sure, however, that he wants to be with the popular crowd.

    15. I guess in a way the book was an exception to my normal reading This book was light, boringly so The narration was new though, about two pages of chapters each I think it is too keep the attention of bimbos who read They do have the attention span of a gnat I didn t really get why she first wanted to go out with Brad, then Chase, then Ray and then Chase again The ending was a twist, but not a surprise I hated that she added scientific facts to look smart.

    16. This is a case where the movie is so much better than the book What s weird is there is character development in the movie than in the book, something I didn t think possible I felt like the book was just an excuse to philosophize on morality and the meaning of life, but in the most superficial way possible My advice to any would be readers is to skip the book and watch the movie, Drive Me Crazy, instead.

    17. I recently re watched the movie Drive Me Crazy and saw in the opening credits that it was based on this book and so I decided to read it This is a situation where I actually enjoyed the movie than the book It s not a bad book, I just liked the movie The movie actually follows the book a lot, but there are many things it changes as well Many were for the better Overall, enjoyable.

    18. Oh this is the one that got me going You might be familiar with the mediocre movie called Drive me Crazy starring Melissa Joan Hart and a pre Entourage Adrian Grenier The chapters alternate between Nicole and Chase and their budding romance Nicole is queen of the populars and Chase is her childhood neighbor and scruffy slacker There s backstory galore and all kinds of wackiness.

    19. This was ok It was very close to the movie Drive Me Crazy starring Melissa Joan Hart but I actually preferred the movie which is always a surprise The story is told from alternating points of view between Nicole and Chase The whole first 3 4 of the book seemed to drag and then out of nowhere everything happens and ends in the span of about 5 pages.

    20. This is the novel the movie, Drive Me Crazy with Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier was based on Our main character takes her childhood friend and tries to turn him into a popular guy so he can be her prom date It was good, definitely a novel for teens But I can t help but think that the movie was better.

    21. This book was actually humorous When a girl needs a date for the prom she manages to turn her good friend, next door neighbor, into a passable prom date This was made into the movie Drive Me Crazy.

    22. THis book wasn t too bad, but it had way too many turns and some stuff that made me wonderch as boys getting super drunk at parties, drug use, talking about making out though nothing in detail, and that kind of stuff a little bit of swearing I don t think I would reccomend this book.

    23. El libro no es que sea malo es que es no tengo palabras para lo que es He le do peores, eso s Pero este libro no tiene una cabeza ni un punto final ni nada de nada de nada No me causa ning n ruido porque me acerqu sin esperar nada y recib nada a cambio Yeii.

    24. This was the book that inspired the oh so classic teen movie Drive Me Crazy It was a lot different from the movie and awesome.

    25. This was thoroughly entertaining and did not end the way I thought it would This is high school cliques at their best Very realistic characters and situations.

    26. Nicole finds that the perfect prom is not the end all in life.Chase rebels against any norm, until Nicole talks him into going to the prom with her.Meanwhile, their parents fall in love.

    27. Cute story There were little things that bugged me here and there and I didn t get to know the characters as well as I would like, but, overall, enjoyable.

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