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Monsterland #2020

Monsterland In a middle grade adventure full of humor heart and cinematic storytelling a boy takes off on a once in a lifetime journey through a mysterious land with the help of some monster friendsIt s Hallow

  • Title: Monsterland
  • Author: James Crowley
  • ISBN: 9780399175893
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Monsterland By James Crowley, In a middle grade adventure full of humor, heart and cinematic storytelling, a boy takes off on a once in a lifetime journey through a mysterious land, with the help of some monster friendsIt s Halloween, and everyone in Charlie s small town is excited for this year s festivities Charlie s grandfather, Old Joe, is famous for his holiday haunts, and his pumpkin patch is thIn a middle grade adventure full of humor, heart and cinematic storytelling, a boy takes off on a once in a lifetime journey through a mysterious land, with the help of some monster friendsIt s Halloween, and everyone in Charlie s small town is excited for this year s festivities Charlie s grandfather, Old Joe, is famous for his holiday haunts, and his pumpkin patch is the center of the town s zealous celebrations But for Charlie, Halloween s just one reminder that his cousin Billy isn t around any Charlie plans to keep to himself this year, hanging out in the haunted barn with his trusty dog Ringo.But when Charlie runs into some neighborhood bullies who are after his candy, he heads off into the woods to escape He quickly gets lost, but spots a kid who he thinks is Billy As Charlie chases after him deeper and deeper into the woods, he finds himself entering Monsterland a mysterious place where werewolves live amongst trolls and goblins Here he meets the Prime Minister, a vampire who tells Charlie he may be able to see his cousin again in this strange new land Accompanied by a hulking monster chaperone, Charlie s determined to find out just what happened to his cousin, and sets off to explore the secrets hiding in this uncharted territory.

    • BEST MOBI "☆ Monsterland" || READ (PDF) ☆
      497 James Crowley
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    1 thought on “Monsterland

    1. This was a good book Not one that you can rave about, because it doesn t inspire that sort of passion, but a good, solid book Monsterland is a curl up with a cup of cocoa and sink into the pages book The fact that it s meant for middle graders doesn t make a whit of difference Crowley s writing wrapped me up in the story, calmed me down, and enabled me to just focus on it I read it over the course of a few days because I ve been ill, and loved each dip into it.I don t think I can adequately revi [...]

    2. What a pleasure it was to accompany Charlie on his journey into Monsterland The ability of Crowley to describe, in vivid detail, Charlie s struggle allows the reader to build sympathy for him quickly and continue to cheer for him throughout his quest Throughout his journey, we get to see this young man tackle physical emotional challenges, meet new friends and foes , and discovery he is a lot stronger than he believes I really enjoyed the new characters that came to life throughout and the updat [...]

    3. My name is Charlie I should have done when Billy disappeared underwater, and he s been gone for over a year However, I could have sworn I saw him on Halloween, and I followed the vampire costume into the graveyard I was surprised to discover it was actually the Prime Minister of Vampyreishtat, or Monsterland, and this place is where monsters were sent after World War II The Prime Minister thinks Billy might be found in uncharted regions of this world, where horrific monsters roam wild Franklin [...]

    4. I picked up this book hoping it might be a bit like Neil Gaiman s The Graveyard Book, and it did not disappoint It s the story of Charlie, a boy who loves Halloween and lives in a time and place where the holiday can still be celebrated His grandfather, Old Joe, sets up a haunted barn that has become an annual event for the entire community But Charlie is not in the mood to celebrate since his cousin Billy disappeared On Halloween night, Charlie stumbles upon an amazing land hidden behind an aba [...]

    5. I happened upon this book due to an event at BookPeople here in Austin The author was holding a reading and signing for Monsterland, and all around the book store, I could see the excitement among both children and adults alike that seemed to be uncontainable I grew up reading Harry Potter, and book store events like this brought back those memories For a story to bring this much thrill and excitement, it must have been a worthwhile read I have to say it brought back almost every feeling I had w [...]

    6. Monsterland by James Crowley is a fantastic young adult novel and will be enjoyed at any age The author has taken characters and beings that have existed in our collective imagination for generations and given them new life The story is engrossing, entertaining and unique The world created here and the quest the young protagonist undertakes reminded me how I felt when I first read the Narnia Chronicles, myself a young boy around Charlie s age I hope that, like that series, we have many books to [...]

    7. As Charlie embarks on an unforgettable adventure, you can t help but to feel the urge to follow the young protagonists footsteps on his quest to find missing pieces of his past Meeting many infamous monsters on his way, he discovers that not all are as bad as they are painted to be, but not all are necessarily good.A brilliant, page turning novel, Monsterland is an excellent fantasy for young adults I loved it and can t wait to read of James Crowley s work

    8. What a fantastic adventure I loved the monster Franklin, he made the book for me I enjoyed every minute, I think it s 4 stars because I was pretty sure if I had to read the passage about his dream with his cousin one time I was gonna throw the book across the room Like we get it, but it felt like I read about his dream 100 times Other than that I loved every bit.

    9. A quest book at its best This book was fun, the characters were interesting and full, with both good and bad qualities I liked how the author chose do deal with the death of a loved one, and how to come to terms with it The world building was fun if a little vague, and kept the action moving along really well Overall a fun fast paced fantasy

    10. I loved the beginning ending of this book The middle tended to drag a bit for me, and I think it could have been trimmed down a bit, but many might find Charlie s harrowing adventures exciting This book was very reminiscent to me of The Halloween Tree.

    11. I ve tagged this as fantasy as there are monsters involved.As you can tell by the star rating I really enjoyed this book I think any child who enjoys reading and monsters will like this book.I m glad that the ending wasn t how it could have turned out.

    12. Hmm This was definitely a solid work of middle grade fiction, but it just didn t do much for me Maybe I m just burned out on the whole monsters aren t as bad as they look angle right now I also never felt like I got to know Charlie as a character beyond his sadness over Billy s loss.

    13. We re definitely not in Kansas here This quest adventure is a great twin to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz except with monsters Franklin Prometheus Dwight The sense of fun with the genre is evident and this is a great addition to the October scary haunted monster story display.

    14. Perfect for Halloween season Beautifully described love and friendship and when to let go and know your limits.

    15. Great storyI loved the story of Charlie and his travels I liked the characters and was rooting for Charlie to find peace.

    16. I loved this book I loved the tenacity of Charlie I loved the message of chin up throughout the book I loved all the monsters, especially the Monster of all Monsters James Crowley really did Frankenstein s Monster justice, in my opinion We read it out loud, so it was slow going, but we stayed engaged throughout I think it will be even better when I reread it on my own eventually I d love to read adventures in Monsterland.

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