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The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear #2020

The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear In this election caper from a leading political operative and commentator a cynical campaign manager finds his family skeletons coming out of the closet on the eve of the convention New Orleans July

  • Title: The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear
  • Author: Stuart Stevens
  • ISBN: 9780451493194
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear By Stuart Stevens, In this election caper from a leading political operative and commentator, a cynical campaign manager finds his family skeletons coming out of the closet on the eve of the convention New Orleans, July 2016 It s hot and sticky and JD Callahan is fighting the campaign of his life His candidate, the sitting vice president, is neck and neck with an anti immigrant, right wingIn this election caper from a leading political operative and commentator, a cynical campaign manager finds his family skeletons coming out of the closet on the eve of the convention New Orleans, July 2016 It s hot and sticky and JD Callahan is fighting the campaign of his life His candidate, the sitting vice president, is neck and neck with an anti immigrant, right wing populist as the Republicans head into their first brokered convention in decades Callahan, a New Orleans native without much affection for his hometown, is frantically trying to coordinate the convention and round up delegates when his estranged brother shows up, asks for an inconvenient favor, and threatens to reveal embarrassing family secrets if JD says no Soon after, a series of bombs sets off a mass panic and tilts the convention toward the vice president s law and order opponent As JD scrambles to contain the damage, he finds himself contending with a sexy, gun toting local gossip columnist, an FBI agent convinced that JD is cynical enough to set the bombs himself, and a host of family secrets.The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear is a hilarious, sharply entertaining whodunit and a knowing satire of our political culture the perfect summer read for everyone who says he s sick to death of the 2016 campaign, but can t stop reading about it.

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    1 thought on “The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear

    1. The problem, as usual, is Donald Trump.What satirist can keep pace with his exponentially rising outrageousness The mocking of a disabled reporter, the demonization of religious minorities, the boasting about his genitals, the bragging about his wealth A literary form based on exaggerating a subject s foibles for comic effect must finally collapse in exhausted awe at The Donald s very large feet.This, alas, is where we find ourselves in Stuart Stevens s new novel, The Innocent Have Nothing to Fe [...]

    2. I loved his last book and I think he is the King of Twitter, but maybe heightened expectations took the edge off for me At one point, the main character thinks It was all so desperate it might just work It is such lazy cliched writing that I started wondering that the improbability of how predictive this novel is of current political realities caused the publisher to push it out prematurely I really liked the family resolution but the main resolution was much too pat to be plausible It is a slig [...]

    3. For reviews, check out ebooksandcooksWritten by a top strategist from Mitt Romney s presidential campaign, this book is a look into the craziness of a contested Republican convention where neither candidate has enough delegate votes to win on a first ballot Stevens said he began writing this book about a traditional GOP female Vice President running against a bombastic Trump like Colorado Governor while on the trail with Romney The novel follows the VP s campaign manager through the contested c [...]

    4. This isn t the kind of thing I usually pick up a political satire but I found myself enjoying it, probably because it so accurately depicts the current state of American politics I don t know how Stevens got this out so fast or got the politics so dead on, but it s a good, quick read And it s alarmingly close to reality, especially considering the recent bombing of a Republican office in North Carolina I m beginning to wonder if Stevens has some kind of psychic window into the future of politics [...]

    5. pointless i d rather read Wolf Blitzer s script for a week s worth of campaign coverage about as much depth here as to be found in that sad, puffed cockatooriously, in this campaign season why read this the protagonist wants to win big on a losing politician so he can make this his last campaign and get famous as a pundit not the kind of person worth spending time with in real life, and certainly not worth reading about run, don t walk away.he hopes to woo a CNN journalist in the spin room after [...]

    6. Terrible Interesting concept, especially in light of current political circumstances, however, this novel reads like a cheap third rate film and is poorly constructed from beginning to end It s to Advise and Consent what Sharknado is to Jaws Even worse than the AWFUL writing is the hastily developed plot, which takes the story of a disputed convention and infantilizes it by including elements that make it utterly unbelievable.If you were hoping to read this for a behind the scenes account of a p [...]

    7. Unfortunately, almost nothing about this book is any good The characters are flat and often incoherent The dialogue is a bad imitation of witty banter The sentences and paragraphs are choppy and mangled The plot is tepid The ending is a total cheat It s just not good.The cover design, on the other hand, is great Kudos to the designer But if the cover is the best part of your book, you re in trouble.

    8. Mr Stevens, who was a senior strategist on Mitt Romney s 2012 campaign and for various other Republican campaigns for the past two decades, proves that working in a particular sector and knowing a lot about that sector does not supply one with the skills necessary to write a coherent novel set within that sector.

    9. A surprisingly good political thriller comedy As steamy as a Southern summer night, this book has some twists and turns and a satisfying ending Though I had a bit of an issue with the language, I could see this plot playing well as a TV movie It s not high art, but it s a fun diversion of a page turner.

    10. 4 stars i f you are into politics and can stand thinking about the current presidential raceis is a book set at the beginning of the Republican convention with many echoes to our current situation Lots of humor and a nice diversion if the cynicism can be thought of as a diversion

    11. Humorous book about the GOP national convention and a shootout between a center right lukewarm milquetoast VP and a hotshot outsider who wants to push a far Right new Bill of Rights Character development was meh, but throw a terrorism bombing during the convention and infighting among political insiders and it s a good leisure read.

    12. I listened to about a quarter of this Dan John Miller s voice is fantastic, but that was the only thing keeping me in the book The prologue was mostly a series of insults towards fat people, and from there it went nowhere I couldn t tell the difference between the ex girlfriend and the potential girlfriend, and the male characters had even less personality.

    13. Talk about topical This author is obviously savvy about US politics sets up a page turner with characters who are realistically complex Funny, fast read.

    14. 3.5 stars, really Entertaining and humorous how it kind of predicted recent political events Quick and kinda fun.

    15. JD is the campaign manager for one of the candidates in the race to be the Republican candidate As the country is sliding into complete disaster under a Republican president, the choice is between JD s candidate, the Vice President who was appointed after the previous VP had to resign, and a demagogue who comes across as a violent version of Trump.Things are coming to a head as the RNC convention opens in New Orleans, JD s home town, which he would have liked to have avoided at all costs And no [...]

    16. The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear, Stuart Stevens, author Dan John Miller, narratorThis is a very timely book that ridicules our elections and how they are conducted Two Republican candidates are pitted against each other Both are running unorthodox campaigns in order to be nominated by their party for the Presidency both campaigns and their campaign managers think nothing of using underhanded methods to achieve that goal As the campaigns are explored, the corruption that exists across the spect [...]

    17. Stuart Stevens timely novel about the shenanigans surrounding a GOP convention in New Orleans is mostly humorous and often educational, but unfortunately not enough of either It reminds me a bit of a politically infused Carl Hiassen story, with a couple solid characters, a few goofy ones, a pretty funny plot that has touches of realism embedded, and a strange ending It s just not quite wacky enough to make up for the parts that drag If you re into politics, you ll find enough here to like If you [...]

    18. Set at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, Campaign manager for Vice President running for Republican Nomination is working hard to get her elected, when events outside his control start happening Characters come crawling out of the woodwork to make his job even harder It s an interesting peek into the campaign process, and how outside forces control things than we realize Also, it involves a strip joint and way scheming than one would anticipate.

    19. Perfect timing to read this book about a presidential election and what goes on behind the scenes Just HAPPENS to be about a non politician running for elected office for the first time and the first woman presidential candidate.

    20. The similarities between this novel and the realities of the current election today is July 17, 2016 are hauntingly uncanny especially considering the author started the concept of the book 3 years ago long before presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump appeared on the scene The presumptive nominee in the book is Armstrong George, a pseudo fascist law and order candidate His goals include building a wall on the US Mexico border, initiating a new Bill of Rights and stopping the influx of immi [...]

    21. Very short, political intrigue book I thought it was fine, but nothing extraordinary Take it to the beach or the pool.

    22. This book is right up there with Thank You for Smoking for it s cleverness It tells the story of a campaign manager during the republican national convention and all sorts of insane complications that get in his way It gives the reader a realistic look into the world of politics while it keeps piling on the crazy.

    23. I received a free copy of this book in a giveaway in exchange for my honest review And honestly, this book was just not for me Not to say that there aren t people out there who would enjoy it, I just was not one of them The author s misogyny and or complete lack of understanding of women came through very, very clearly in his writing None of the female characters had any personality whatsoever aside from their sexuality The writing itself wasn t bad, I just had a really, really hard time getting [...]

    24. This novel didn t disappoint and I devoured it The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear combines the author s wittiness, dark humor, an interesting story of the book s narrator, political operative J.D Callahan, the sex and seediness of New Orleans and politics , all wrapped up in the messy strangeness of a presidential campaign and political convention As disconcerting as a look behind the curtain at how campaigns are run can be, it s exciting and intriguing nonetheless Stevens writing talent and deca [...]

    25. I pity this book a little bit I think maybe Armstrong George was supposed to be like Trump, but the author couldn t have known just how awful Trump would be, so Armstrong George seemed totally normal for Republicans Actually, even before Trump, George would ve been normal for the Republicans, but the Republican author of this book is probably just incabable of seeing that I never laughed once reading this, but I think it was supposed to be funny The satire wasn t really on point, the characters [...]

    26. You know what I like about being in the security and girl business Everybody knows what they want I received a copy of this book through a first reads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.I really wanted to like this book It starts out like a parody of this year s election cyclebut it never really went anywhere from there This is the kind of book that focuses on dialogue and snappy retorts If you break down the scenes of the book not a whole lot actually happens It seems like it wants to be [...]

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