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The Price of Silence #2020

The Price of Silence This is not a Barbara Holloway novel Disappearances Murder The Price of Silence in a Small Town In dire need of a job Todd Fielding accepts the offer to work at The Brindle Times even if she has to m

  • Title: The Price of Silence
  • Author: Kate Wilhelm
  • ISBN: 9780778323389
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Price of Silence By Kate Wilhelm, This is not a Barbara Holloway novel.Disappearances Murder The Price of Silence in a Small Town.In dire need of a job, Todd Fielding accepts the offer to work at The Brindle Times even if she has to move to the lackluster town of Brindle As she settles into her new home, Todd is fully prepared to adapt to the boredom of small town life, but her preconceptions of Br This is not a Barbara Holloway novel.Disappearances Murder The Price of Silence in a Small Town.In dire need of a job, Todd Fielding accepts the offer to work at The Brindle Times even if she has to move to the lackluster town of Brindle As she settles into her new home, Todd is fully prepared to adapt to the boredom of small town life, but her preconceptions of Brindle are completely shattered when a local girl disappears Even shocking to Todd is the town s sheer indifference to the incident No one not even the police appear particularly concerned.When Todd looks deeper into the story, she discovers that five other girls have run away from Brindle under strange circumstances over the past twenty years As she sets out to uncover the history of a town that has cloaked itself in secrecy for far too long, evidence of manipulation and cold blooded murder begin to unravel And Todd may be the next victim to pay the deadly price of silence.

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    1 thought on “The Price of Silence

    1. Anna Fields narrating say no And oldish early 2000s small town serial killer crime story.New couple move to the picturesque town to take up work the wife, that is He the husband travels back and forth for the time being to his existing job.All starts off well as Todd the wife takes up her position as editor of the local newspaper It soon becomes evident that over the years children have been going missing and the only explanations offered is that they have run away Todd thinks there is to it a [...]

    2. First of alle main couple in the story are young, beautiful and intelligentBUT.who would want to name these type of characters Barney and Todd.Todd being the beautiful woman that is the catalyst of the story.riously Barney and Todd sounds like a Bert and Ernie type of deal.just had to get that out of my systemSecondly.I figured out the killer from the first moment he is brought into the storyez.talk about a bummer mystery here.Thirdere is this mystery deep cold that just shows up but doesn t sho [...]

    3. Mystery The small town of Brindle has a secret hanging over it Too many of its children have gone missing over the years, and no one seems to notice the pattern until Todd moves there to take a job at the local paper Now her life may be in danger too.This couldn t decide if it was a ghost story, a mystery, or a thriller, and made a hash out of all three The pacing is slow like a ghost story, unless it s fast like a thriller and Todd is doing something totally paranoid like jumping out of a movin [...]

    4. I just wasn t that impressed with this and it didn t really capture my interest excitement It annoyed me how one minute Todd and Barney could she have chosen uglier names were on the same page and the next minute they were isolated, like they went back and forth a lot Their relationship also seemed really flawed, since they wouldn t talk about things or be honest and open with each other.

    5. A ghostly story, a young girl is abducted, and a small town history is investigated The setting is the sagebrush and juniper country of eastern Oregon Wilhelm can weave a story as tight as an Indian basket but I was able to see the pattern this time.

    6. The setting is a creepy, little town in Eastern Oregon that has unexplained cold air spells that remain unexplained I made most of the correct assumptions early on in guessing the mystery It isn t an altogether logical book but it is still reasonably entertaining.

    7. Wasn t real impressed, but this was romantic suspense and not meant to be a really impressive mystery I guess I figured out the kidnapper early on and wanted to scream at the main characters who couldn t figure it out It was way too obvious for me to enjoy the rest of the book.

    8. Lovely descriptions of the setting in eastern Oregon I enjoyed the details about putting out a small town newspaper Some interesting characters, especially Ruth Ann Colonna, the older woman who publishes the newspaper, and Ruth Ann s housekeeper and handyman, Maria and Thomas Bird But the plot was a little too familiar, and I found the main character s husband to be pretty much one dimensional The story is tied up in a pretty bow at the end.

    9. lame boring the narrarator was good enough to keep it moving I didn t realize that the story went nowhere till it was too late so I just finished it hoping for the best it didn t get any better.

    10. The narrator, Anna Fields, did a masterful job of bringing the characters to life I really enjoyed listening to the story as it unfolded.

    11. Todd Fielding takes a job at Brindle Times as a newspaper woman and gets a great boss, Ruth Ann But her time in this small Oregon town is marred by the bitter chill that descends on some nights, and the strange insularity of the population Barney, Todd s husband seeks a scientific reason for this phenomena, but it only effects certain people, like his wife A central conflict, familiar from Constance and Charlie mysteries erupts between them, when Todd is led by her intuition than Barney is comf [...]

    12. Brindle, Oregon is a dying town but in spite of this Ruth Ann Colonna, who has run the town s newspaper for almost sixty years, wants to put out a special centennial edition of The Brindle Times with photos, letters and newspaper articles about the inhabitants back to the founding fathers Todd Fielding needs a job and is offered a job at The Brindle Times utilizing her computer expertise It seems like the perfect job opportunity for her since she and her husband, Barney, desperately need the mon [...]

    13. Todd Fielding lost her good paying job Since her husband is teaching a couple of courses while he finishes his doctoral dissertation, he can t support them Todd lucks into a job as editor for a small town newspaper It means moving but her husband manages to consolidate his courses into 2 days a week and arranges to stay with a family friend for those days so the commute is a small issue Things were working out perfectly until a local 14 year old disappears and the police want to write it off as [...]

    14. This was an excellent mystery with two very strong emotionally at least female characters Todd is the new editor at a small town newspaper in eastern I think it was Oregon but could be Washington only mentioned once and I m not familiar enough with the cities to be absolutely sure She is working with the matriarch publisher, Ruth Ann and learning to live in small town America There are other wonderful characters introduced including Todd s husband, Barney, the local doctor, Sam, the publishers s [...]

    15. 3.5 starsTodd and her husband, Barney, decide to move to a small town, Brindle, Oregon, so Todd can take a job at the local weekly newspaper, while Barney travels back and forth for school Shortly after they move, a 14 year old girl disappears without a trace, and everyone in town writes her off as a runaway Todd decides to investigate and find out what happened, and she raises the ire of some of the townsfolk by printing some editorials in the paper In the meantime, Todd s boss, Ruth Ann, is wr [...]

    16. Kate Wilhelm s lifelong productivity is amazing and the consistent quality of her writing is impressive The Price of Silence 2005 is a departure from the familiar Barbara Holloway series, and is set in Brindle, a small, eastern Oregon community somewhere near Bend Town matriarch Ruth Ann Colonna begs Todd Fielding to rescue her newspaper, and Todd finds herself emeshed in an ghostly, ghastly situation There s an inexplicable coldness that brings tears and misery, and she s haunted by the spirit [...]

    17. In dire need of a job, Todd Fielding accepts the offer to work at the Brindle Times, south of Bend even if she has to move to the lackluster town of Brindle As she settles into her new home, Todd is fully prepared to adapt to the boredom of small town life, but her preconceptions of Brindle are completely shattered when a local girl disappears Even shocking to Todd is the town s sheer indifference to the incident No one not even the police appears particularly concerned.When Todd looks deeper i [...]

    18. Todd Fielding, journalist, moves to the small town of Brindle, Oregon to work for the local newspaper with her husband Barney, who teaches college students in a nearby town They d only been there for a few weeks when a local fourteen year old girl disappears The primary suspect is Barney who spends the week at his residence near the college where he teaches While following leads, Todd learns that over a span of years local girl started turning up missing and piecing together the clues, she learn [...]

    19. I find myself quite addicted to Kate Wilhelm The first book of hers I read was the first in the Barbara Holloway series It came highly recommended, and quite frankly it took me quite a while to get into it, and even then I didn t love the story I don t know if it was the story itself or my frame of mind at the time However, I tried another and was hooked I am methodically making my way through each and every book Kate Wilhelm had written, and weather she surprises me at the end or I figure it ou [...]

    20. Kate Wilhelm is known for her psychological thrillers The Price of Silence was disappointing, though The beginning of the book was very heavy handed, almost ordering the reader what to think rather than giving hints to allow for the reader s imagination Some of the questions that are essential to the plot are never answered, which left me with a sense that I had been manipulated and or cheated out of a really good story.Having said that, however, The Price of Silence kept my attention, and I did [...]

    21. Todd took a job at the Brindle Times as editor but her husband, Barney, would have to commute between his job as teacher and only be home a few days a week A young girl had gone missing but it was dismissed as a runaway Todd wanted to find out what really happened to her and other young girls in the past Did they really run away, or were they kidnapped or even worse The people at Brindle wanted her gone no sense in bringing up old stories This was a good read that kept you wondering to the end.

    22. First off, I love the way Kate Wilhelm writes She writes across several genres, and it doesn t matter which I am reading, I just love the way she writes.This is a psychological mystical kind of mystery, not a courtroom drama, not a detective story, not science fiction This one did not have the series characters I so love that she writes, it has standalone characters in the usual strong style I know I can count on her for gorgeous descriptions of physical territory that takes me there, in mind an [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book It had a good bit of mystery I do find that Wilhelm s female leads tend to be a little whiney at times Its a little off putting for a character that is suppose to be brave and daring I also had a hard time remembering that this was not a Barbara Holloway book, as Todd sounded a lot like her The writing is very similar It also didn t help that I have listened to all of these on audio, and the reader is the same.

    24. As a mystery, it s a little disappointing The clues all fit together well, but I knew who the bad guy was way too early, and if I picked up on it it had to be pretty obvious So I spent the second half of the book waiting to see how Todd would tie it all together It was still a gripping story but not as suspenseful as it could have been I did like how the town s past helped the women figure out the mystery in the present, how it was all interwoven.

    25. A real mystery until the end I love how eccentric Kate Wilhem s characters are I liked the foils of Ruth Ann to Todd in this story, young to old, generations apart but still linked by the discovering of the town s history and the consequences it had on its citizens years later A nice easy read that keeps you interested but is a faster toned story, suspenseful I think than some of her others

    26. I didn t like the use of the Lolita myth For me, the ending was a spoiled by the writer s notion of a 14 or 15 year old girl intentionally seducing a grown man Yes, 14 or 15 year old girls become infatuated with grown men, but it was a cheap plot device when juxtaposed with the main plot driver being an unknown villain abducting and abusing 14 year old girls over a 20 year period.

    27. This is the author of the month for my mystery book group At first I couldn t tell if it was a romance, mystery or sci fi thriller But I stuck to it as the setting was a place was interesting high desert Oregon Although I nailed the villain early on, I kept reading to see how they would figure it out Basically a good read, but the sci fi part never was resolved Big HUH

    28. I really like Kate Wilhelm s mystery books In particular, the ones based on the female attorney whose name escapes me at the moment.However, I knew who dun it so early in this book, I was very disappointed to be proved right If you re supposed to be guessing who the bad guy is, then this one will disappoint It disappointed me, anyway.

    29. After enjoying Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang so much, I had hoped my 2nd book by Wilhelm would live up to it Alas, it wasn t the case This one was super formulaic, and like some other posters I couldn t stand the MC names.

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