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Classic Star Wars: A New Hope #2020

Classic Star Wars A New Hope None

  • Title: Classic Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Author: Roy Thomas Howard Chaykin
  • ISBN: 9781569710869
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Classic Star Wars: A New Hope By Roy Thomas Howard Chaykin, None

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      391 Roy Thomas Howard Chaykin
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      Posted by:Roy Thomas Howard Chaykin
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    1 thought on “Classic Star Wars: A New Hope

    1. A New Hope has always been one of my favourite Star Wars films, most likely because it was my very first glimpse at something that would eventually develop into an epic Luke Skywalker s story is where it all began, and I really did enjoy seeing it in this form The artist has rendered the planetary systems, the deserts of Tatooine and the oppressive nature of the Death Star perfectly The environments look great, but there are a few issues with the characters So, I have mixed feelings about its ov [...]

    2. This is one of the few cases known to me where the film came before everything else So maybe this comic has had it easy or easier in a way It had its plot, pacing and characters already set And as a reader you know fully what to expect But still, as visual as they both may be, those are two different media, with different dynamics and focusing of different aspects The film and the comic aren t identical They couldn t and shouldn t be And yes, some things differed from what I had come to know and [...]

    3. I was leaning toward rating this less than four stars when I remembered that it was STAR WARS This is a collected volume of the original Marvel comics from that magical year of 1977 when something from a galaxy far, far away took over Planet Earth My dad bought me the oversized version of these comics and I wore them out after repeated readings As a child I remember thinking that the characters didn t really look like the actors from the movie Even Chewbacca didn t look like the infamous Walking [...]

    4. The artwork was a little bit rough All the characters looked pretty bad and in particular all their jaws were so distracting But the icing on the cake was Luke He looked like a middle aged man, it was that weird Leia and Chewbacca were also walking disasters.The narration also needed some work It felt childish and I couldn t feel the thrill that I felt while watching the movie or reading the novelization I don t know about the original version, it might have been better, but since I read the Br [...]

    5. This is a reprinting of the original Marvel comic adaptation of Star Wars A New Hope The reprint looks great They did recolor the entire story using a modern method I have mixed feelings about the recoloring If I had never seen the original comics I would say that they did a fantastic job However, the art now has a 21st century comic look to it It has lost some of the 70 s comic charm I remember that the original cover to issue one showed Darth Vader s helmet with a green hue Also, the original [...]

    6. A very cool hardcover remastering and reprinting of the first six issues of Marvel s 1970s and 1980s ongoing Star Wars series, adapting Episode IV This book features some excellent recoloring that brings a beautiful modern flair to the 1977 artwork These issues also feature some interesting aspects of the movie that were cut for one reason or another we see Luke on Tattooine witnessing a space battle and a very different Jabba the Hutt to name a few Also included is a covers and artwork gallery [...]

    7. Han shoots I d say Han shoots first, but that would imply there s a second shot Five stars.This is a reprint of the original comic adaptation of the films Colors have been retouched Good stuff.

    8. A bit bummed about the boring looking Jabba the Hutt but I just found out that he actually didn t appear until Return of the Jedi in the original theatrical releases , and the comic format made the fighting scenes very chaotic However, nothing can spoil the pure magic known as A New Hope well, originally just Star Wars, but you get the point

    9. Is it lightsaber, or lightsabre I never had to think about it until just now, seeing it in writing This is the reissued, remastered, and freshly colored hardcover collecting the original six issues first published in 1977 prior to the release of the film Sidenote I don t think a pre release of essentially the ENTIRE story of a hotly anticipated film would ever be released like this way again Hello, spoiler alert Funny that even then, the covers screamed The greatest space fantasy film of all I p [...]

    10. It s difficult to say whether it s something to do with the pacing and style of story, or just the plain horrible artwork that s a cross between a 2001 Kubrick style lightshow fantasia and someone vomiting uncontrollably over the page Either way, this comic adaptation of Lucas classic movie falls somewhat short, to the extent that I m struggling to offer even the most ardent Star Wars fan a good reason to pick this up and spend time with it I suppose the fact that it s the first Star Wars comic [...]

    11. I have read these issues before notably in the Dark Horse, two issue collection from the 90 s But here, the art is presented in a new, remastered colorwhich breathes new life into the comic Bound in a nice hard cover presentation, this is a fine bookshelf edition It also includes a digital edition to read with your Marvel online account If you are hesitating, don tis is a confident buy.

    12. What I really liked in this adaptation was that Marvel got the script from George Lucas himself before the movie was released The artists did a good job They stick closely to to the original lines, so as a Star Wars fan I easily could visualize the movie images Back in 1977 any fan could enjoy Star Wars again reading this adaptation The rough sketching of the images aren t always my taste as I m used to a detailed and precize coloring of comics as is normal in Europe.

    13. Absolutely beautiful edition of the original Marvel adaptation Brand new colouring techniques give life to the artwork like never before The back of the book contains some sketch covers of the original issues,plus covers of previously collected editions.Perfect

    14. This was a collection of the original Star Wars A New Hope comics by Marvel in 1977 It was great to read the originals that were started shortly after the movie came out.

    15. I enjoyed it IT has some slightly different lines from the movie so I can see where Lucas might have gone in future episodes.

    16. Even though the comic adaptation of George Lucas Star Wars by Marvel contains a few factual flaws Red Five, and what s with Jabba the Hutt and the illustrated characters rarely look like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, it was still quite delightful to revisit the space epic in comic book form Most of the flaws I can write off as being due to them writing the story before the finalized film was released, but it was a bit weird to see so much exposition within the panels Most modern [...]

    17. As far as Star Wars comics go, this wasn t my favourite I prefer the art style of the Prequel adaptations and Darth Vader comics, and there were many discrepancies between this and the film probably the biggest being Jabba the Hutt However, this did come out around the time of the movie and is definitely a throwback to the good ol 70s.

    18. What you should know if you re curious to check out the original 1st ever Marvel Comics run of Star Wars from 1977 the adaptation of the movie , is that it s taking the source from the actual screenplay that George Lucas was shooting from and not the film From what I ve read in the Making of Star Wars book the giant one by Rinzler , Lucas made the deal with Marvel around the time or just before editing on the film was going to take place So if you wonder why there are some scenes mixed around, l [...]

    19. With the movie imprinted indelibly on our minds at least for me, the original theatrical release, not the tinkered with remastered versions , reading the not final theatrical adaptation was interesting for the completist in me, but it was distracting to read the inaccurate dialogue especially the out of place oaths The artwork isn t sloppy, but it isn t all that crisp either The original cover of is Luke Skywalker a hero or menace doesn t have quite the staying power the movie did A New Hope is [...]

    20. One of my earliest encounters with comics aside from the weekly adventures of Spider Man was the Marvel comics adaptation of Star Wars , which appeared in the 1978 annual that my folks got me in the summer, to read in the car on the way to Widmouth Bay Having watched the original trilogy films over the Christmas period with Dude, I decided a re read after several years away would be in order Rather than the annual which is abridged , I went for the Boxtree version, collected from the weekly comi [...]

    21. Classic Star Wars collects the original Marvel comic book adaptation of Star Wars Episode 4 Not just newly assembled, but recolored and updated in print quality, this is a great way to experience this classic.The comic book adaptation follows closely the original screenplay then the final movie although both are fairly close anyway This means you see some of the deleted scenes but also don t get as much polish on the dialogue Anybody who is a fan of the movie will feel the loss of key timing an [...]

    22. So I bought Episode 1 s comic first, but wanted to start at the real beginning.These comics were released along with the movie, either just before like Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope or just after the movie came out I m thinking before because it has some scenes that were later cut, and some scenes are very different It also contains two kisses between Luke and Leia, neither of which were in the movie.My favorite point has to be right at the end, when Leia s greeting the new heroes Luke and Han [...]

    23. 4 stars Basically, it s Episode IV in a condensed trade comic and I adored it I absolutely love the original Star Wars trilogy Episode V will forever be my favorite so I was so excited to pick this up It was a lot of fun and the artwork was pretty good The only thing I didn t like was the way Luke was drawn He just looked really weird and off putting, but that s just me nitpicking I liked that it had the dialogue from the film and also there were some panels where it was telling you what the cha [...]

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