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Michelangelo's Notebook #2020

Michelangelo s Notebook Life may imitate artbut death follows it While studying art history at New York University brilliant and beautiful Finn Ryan makes a startling discovery a Michelangelo drawing of a dissected corpse s

  • Title: Michelangelo's Notebook
  • Author: Paul Christopher
  • ISBN: 9780451411860
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Michelangelo's Notebook By Paul Christopher, Life may imitate artbut death follows it.While studying art history at New York University, brilliant and beautiful Finn Ryan makes a startling discovery a Michelangelo drawing of a dissected corpse supposedly from the artist s near mythical notebook But that very night, someone breaks into her apartment murdering her boyfriend and stealing the sketches she made of thLife may imitate artbut death follows it.While studying art history at New York University, brilliant and beautiful Finn Ryan makes a startling discovery a Michelangelo drawing of a dissected corpse supposedly from the artist s near mythical notebook But that very night, someone breaks into her apartment murdering her boyfriend and stealing the sketches she made of the drawing Fleeing for her life, Finn heads to the address her mother had given her for emergencies, where she finds the enigmatic antiquarian book dealer, Michael Valentine Together, they embark on a desperate race through the city and through the pages of history itself to expose an electrifying secret from the final days of World War II a secret that lies in the dark labyrinthine heart of the Vatican.

    • [EPUB] ê Michelangelo's Notebook | by ¿ Paul Christopher
      197 Paul Christopher
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    1 thought on “Michelangelo's Notebook

    1. Boobies boobies boobies dead body dead body boobies dead body boobies boobies.There, I just summed up the fist 100 or so pages for you Moving onBasically this book follows Dan Brown s formula of attractive hero heroine art mystery Except this is an even lamer version of Dan Brown As a matter of fact, a character in this book even comments on page 304 of my copy at least that this is getting into Dan Brown territory or some variation of that quote.Which makes me wonder, first Brown wrote about a [...]

    2. Nazis, Stolen Art, SS, OSS, New York City Present, Vivid Sex oh and there was also a mystery child, and murders so many murdersAs a College Graduate, with a Germany History background I somehow keep winding up with books like this I thought it was about Michelangelo, ha fooled was I Here come the Nazis again.I actually did enjoy this book, to an extent It had an overload of characters I found myself having to go back and re read sections to figure out who was whom Funny I kept telling myself it [...]

    3. I liked the quick pace style of this book, however I found the chapter changes between past and present to be a bit confusing I think the point was to reveal to the reader the origin of the mystery that is being discovered in present day by introducing us to the characters that started it all but there wasn t any kind of date or time referenced at the beginning of those jump back in time chapters that it sometimes fell flat There was also a big build up of this boy child that the Vatican was det [...]

    4. Finn Ryan is studying art history and scraping by in New York City when she stumbles upon a long lost mythical Michelangelo drawing Immediately after finding it, her life changes forever People around her are murdered violently and someone is after Finn herself for no reason she can see She heads to her last resort for safety a mysterious man named Michael Valentine who she is only supposed to contact in extreme emergencies Together, they attempt to find out who is behind the murders and how it [...]

    5. The novel wasn t bad Certainly not as bad as some of the reviews, but there were a few cheesy lines and gratuitous sexual comments designed for cheap book promotion Most of the novel was based on the simple thriller strategy of Eric Ambler of an ordinary main character in an extraordinary situation Finn, a beautiful 24 year old art student is the ordinary character from Ohio in this novel She finds herself being hunted after discovering a sketch at the art gallery she works at that is not suppos [...]

    6. MICHELANGELO S NOTEBOOK Amateur Sleuth NYC Germany Cont WWII NRChristopher, Paul aka Christopher Hyde 1st under pseudonymOnyx, 2005 PaperbackArt history student, Finn Ryan, comes across a drawing she is certain came from the lost notebook of Michelangelo When she confronts her boss, he fires her She and her boyfriend are attacked in her apartment and he is murdered Finn calls a number given to her by her mother for emergencies, and is brought to Michael Valentine, a mysterious book dealer with w [...]

    7. NOW THAT IS A SATISFYING STORY This book takes WWII facts, art theft, Catholic history, and intrigue to a whole new level I d come across one of the Finn books by accident and enjoyed it, but I didn t realize it was part of a series I finally took the time to look into it and am so glad I started from the beginning If you liked the fast paced deep rooted intrigue of The Davinci Code, you just might enjoy this one Personally, I thought it was better.

    8. Let me count the ways this book fails 1 It s called Michaelangelo s Notebook, but Michaelangelo, and the page from said notebook, are dropped promptly from the book after the opening chapters False advertising.2 The main character sits on her ass for most of the book Where s the car chases, the rushing from one scene to another, the DANGER Apparently this author resents Dan Brown well, the problem is you re a pale imitator.3 The author s vaguely sexist approach to his female character he introdu [...]

    9. A young art student,Finn Ryan, is working at inventorying the stored collection of artwork at the Parker Hale museum in New York City While doing the job she stumbles across an apparent piece of art work torn from the mythical notebook of Michelangelo She takes a photo of the piece on her phone before being discovered by the museum s curator, Alex Crawley When confronted about finding the page Finn s internship is terminated after she disagrees with Crawley about who drew the picture.Stunned and [...]

    10. I have to say I liked the story as a whole It is a great premise I was kept wondering about the connections between everything throughout the story Paul Christopher writes in a very descriptive style He makes it easy to picture what is happening.Now for the criticisms and they contain spoilers.First off, I think the relationship between Finn and Valentine came to a head way to quick I feel the sexual tension should have been drawn out longer Really, he simply touches her leg while they are quest [...]

    11. The book was surprisingly a good read and hard to put down The plot was interesting and the way the chapters always jumped to another part of the story kept me turning the page.However, I must say the ending was a disappointment It got to 95% completed in my kindle, but the story, to me, was still about 60% completed only So once it actually got to the end, it was a complete rush and a great big oh Thats it.After completing his second and third book, I started to think about why the stories were [...]

    12. This is a fast and entertaining read Although there are a number of twists and turns in the story line, it is overall an overly simplified plot.Finn Ryan, an intern at a small but prestigious art gallery in New York City comes across a drawing in the archives that is, in her mind, clearly a work by Michelangelo Just as she is examining it, the director of the museum accosts her, takes the drawing from her denying it is by Michelangelo and fires her on the spot Thus begins a series of murders The [...]

    13. There are reviews that sum this book up as boobs, boobs, dead body, boobs, etcd they are correct That s the formula in place There are also some incredibly detailed descriptions which prove pretty unnecessary to the forward movement of the plot I guess you could argue the scenery is a character of sorts, but it s just not that intriguing.Overall, though, I read this with a brain candy expectation and actually felt there was depth to this book than many of those types of novels that I pick up Th [...]

    14. The book is described as a lightning paced page turner The back cover also refers to a desperate race I really didn t think it was either of those Overall, the first part of the book gets you interested, and the main part of the book was okay to read Unfortunately, the ending left something to be desired It just seemed like it left part of the storyline unresolved Why did this piece of Michelangelo s missing notebook set off this chain of events That, and other items are never fully explained I [...]

    15. I debated whether or not to give this book four stars, but decided that three would be enough It had some intersecting chapters that went back to WWII so it would have been a shorter book without them Finn Ryan, an attractive red haired grad student, discovers a page from Michelangelo s Notebook, and shortly thereafter, her boyfriend and boss are killed She teams up with anotherart expert to find out why There are several other deaths, and much excitement before the end Interesting, and enjoyabl [...]

    16. This one left me a lot unfulfilled The ending sucked It seemed that instead of a satisfying finish, the author appeared to be on a deadline and felt that tossing together an ending as quickly and haphazardly was the best answer Not I think the characters were flat and all the jumping around made it confusing and hard to follow.In the end the author rushed his way through the entire book, tossing too much stuff at you without making the effort to tell a good tale It got 2 stars instead of 1 becau [...]

    17. I liked the book, but would have liked it better ifwell, I am not sure It didn t leave me satisfied as a 4 or 5 star book would, but I did enjoy the readMaybe it just didn t end with as big an ending as I wanted or expected.And the romantic angle between the two heroes didn t really do anything to progress the plotfelt as if it was there just because the author thought it should be there to please readers who like that

    18. This book was great There wre times that things were skimmed over or the author made you go look elsewhere for the detailed information which is a method I like when telling any type of Artifact Historical Fiction Finn is now one of my favorite characters and I have only read the first book.There were times in the story that things seemed a bit disjointed but a great read none the less.Enjoy

    19. Finn Ryan is an intern in a museum As she is working, she stumbles across a drawing that she is sure is a Michaelangelo Not only his but from his lost notebook Thinking that she won t be noticed, she makes photographs of the drawing and also some sketches Her boss is furious and fires her It only gets worse from that point Murders begin to happen and Finn calls the number that her mom gave her only for an emergency.

    20. A great intro book to Finn Ryan and her character i thoroughly enjoyed this my first Paul Christopher novel, although the premise was a little shall I say, weak I expected some grand Dan Brownsian adventure with information hidden in the notebook, but was left slightly unsure of how I felt about it all Christopher has built an interesting base on which Ryan can build and I hope she does, as red heads always have intrigued me.

    21. To my fellow historical thriller lovers, please do not pick this book after reading the synopsis on the back cover It is all a lie to seduce you into the trap of art history hell.Christopher Hyde tried his luck at being in the same league as Dan Brown, James Rollins and others But this book failed him miserably.If you are reading this review before reading the book, Please do not read it, if you value your time and energy.

    22. The twists, turns entangle the reader from the beginning as a small boat docks below a convent in Italy and leaves with a woman and small boy in 1942 Then to the war years in Germany and the transport of looted works of art ance of a lifetime Cover ups, intrigue, greed, quirky characters altogether, I liked it.

    23. enjoyed this book even though just another di vinci type story Finn the heroine whilst working find a scrap of paper which is thought to be from michelangelo s book hence the title which then starts a chain reaction of events first her boss is killed then her boyfriendnext on list is finn and so the action goes

    24. A good yarn, somewhat loose jointed and connected Loved the links to looted art, and the Nazis The author interspersed the modern tail with the wartime story I had problems with how quickly the murderer moved his locations, and was never quite sure which side tried to kill the heroine A good beach read.

    25. I loved the idea behind the story looted WWII art, antiquarian bookseller as one of the heroes, art history student as the heroine, and all of it turned into a pretty good mystery Paul Christopher s style is a little all over the place for me, but I loved the premise behind the story I ll give another one of his books a shot.

    26. Loved the basic story as described in the blurb BUT have to question why so many thriller writers insist on the main characters having to get hot and heavy There is always an age difference this novel and The Da Vinci Code as 2 examples and there is no need for this type of interaction to make the story flow.

    27. Overall I liked the premise, but the execution of believable relationships didn t quite live up to my expecations, but this is a novel written by a man, so I think it might be that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus thing LOLI will continue to read other Paul Christopher novels as he seems to think up historical connections that may be plausible.

    28. A quick and energetic read I have a few minor qualms with some of the early elements of the books especially as an art history major, but for the most part is was fun to read I also agree with the comment that there are too many names to keep up with I had to review segments to find out how each victim was Otherwise, though, it was quick and fun.

    29. Tried really hard to be like one of Dan Brown s novels, BUT there were so many names and places and characters that it was impossible to keep up with the story line It kept me reading but I would not suggest it to anyone.

    30. Very good It is very much like a Dan Brown novel but I enjoyed this It is a much easier read than Dan Brown and he didn t get his character into an unbelievable fix like surviving a nuclear explosion I recommend it and will be reading of his books.

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