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Like This is Verona, not Beacon Hills #2020

Like This is Verona not Beacon Hills Five times love isn t enough for Peter Hale and that one time it surprises the hell out of him

  • Title: Like This is Verona, not Beacon Hills
  • Author: DiscontentedWinter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Like This is Verona, not Beacon Hills By DiscontentedWinter, Five times love isn t enough for Peter Hale, and that one time it surprises the hell out of him.

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    1 thought on “Like This is Verona, not Beacon Hills

    1. Have your cake and eat it, too.Well, well, well if it isn t the elusive Petopher making a sneak appearance MMF in the Little Wild Animal verse I prefer Peter with teeth, but this was pretty darn tasty.

    2. I adore these guys.And I kinda like the look of this.But I don t feel like a mix of these two pairings is my thing shrugs

    3. This is one of the clearest cases of it s not the story, it s me I just prefer Teen Wolf fanfic with Stiles Also I prefer Peter with a bit bite I m not a huge Lydia fan to begin with I don t dislike her, but she reminds me a bit too much of girls I didn t get along with back in my school days The writing is excellent as always, but just not for me.

    4. S okay.Peter was a bit too emo for my liking.I prefer my TW fanfic to have Stiles in it Preferably with Derek, but I ve become lenient recently.I don t watch the TV show, so Chris and Lydia have always been minor secondary characters in the fanfic I ve read Can t say I feel any particular way about them, they were just sort of there But there was a strap on, and I liked reading Peter s POV.I think I ll stick to Sterek and Steter.Note it s MMF, in case that s not your thing.

    5. You go, Lydia Is DW getting smuttier with each fic or what Not complaining D I like this pairing a lot, and the menage scene was nice, but so short The backstory and dynamics between Peter and Chris were center stage, but oddly void of the edge I d expect with these two I personally want a dash of agression and thrilling passion with my Petopher They were both so meek here.But Lydia popped and sizzled Muah.

    6. Surprisingly sweet Unsurprisingly sexy as fuck A million thanks to the author for coming up with a shiny new TW ship for me to get excited about I would NEVER have thought to put these three together, so my universe o smut just got a little bit bigger.

    7. UmmmmmmSo it was inevitable really I m totally shipping these two.The final part is m m f and it totally worked because Lydia is actually a goddess but I would have really liked Peter and Chris alone time I can tell already I m going to be need Petopher in the not so distant future I absolutely loved Peter in this universe by the way LOVED

    8. 3.5 StarsIt takes some serious skill to take a character like Peter, who can be depicted as an evil, self serving, bastard, and make him sympathetic and one to root for Enlightening as this shows the various loves of his life and how those experiences shaped him He may be an asshole, but he still loves his pack and thankfully fights ferociously for them in the most gleeful and conniving of ways If it should possibly benefit him in the end, then all the better Not so sure about the last segment, [...]

    9. Beautifully done, as expected.The sex between Lydia, Peter and Chris totally did not work for me at all, and that is totally unexpected.I thought I d love it sighs I ended up just wishing Lydia would go away.

    10. Oh dearie me, this is delectable.DW and I must see parts of Peter with the same eye her insights and resulting characterization of said Peter hit the spot for me He s an asshole but oh so intelligent, and his armor is rooted in past experience and pain He hates like he loves like he wants It was sweet and bittersweet, learning about Peter s past This also made me want to reread the other stories in this Preserve universe.I also like the characterizations of Chris and Lydia She is a badass, know [...]

    11. Ehhhhh Chris and Lydia together is a little creepy for me the best friend s father thing I can totally buy both Peter Chris and Peter Lydia, though As far as the story, the damaged side of Peter is good in this one, but he doesn t seem to have the charm or evil genius thing really going for him That was better represented in Little Wild Animal I haven t read The Wolf Inside yet.

    12. Seeing another installment in this universe made my day Having it be Peter and Chris made it even better.

    13. It was Okay I didn t enjoy it as much as I have loved some others, but I did finish it, and didn t hate it either.

    14. Okay, so I had a problem with this book and this problem was my High Expectations This series is the series that introduced me to Teen Wolf fanfiction, and the series that set the bar for me in regards to the magnificence that is Peter I loved him in this series Loved, loved, loved Intelligent, snarky, morally questionable, he was just perfect And then this story came along and was so, well short It just wasn t enough I wanted of Peters intelligence, of Peter s snark, of Peter s moral ambigu [...]

    15. it was well, okay.i liked the beginning and how Peter s behavior was explained but later it was just PORN I missed some feeling I guessed.

    16. Aww, this was way too short I wanted of Peter and Chris and Lydia Couldn t there have been at least one scene where the 3 of them show up at the Hale house and everybody finds out they are a thruple is that the right word Still, I enjoyed seeing of Peter and his past it s sad really Glad to know he finally gets his man, and his woman Cute, but too short Demand

    17. 3.5 Stars.I usually have a hate love relationship with Peter but not this one, he is so devious but so easy to fall in love with and he is so much beyond the surface.This story was beautiful, emotional and so HOT, I didn t care much for the Peter Lydia even though the last scene was sexy but I was so focused on Petopher and I was drawn to them since when I first read about them in The Wolf Inside they were amazing and I would have loved see of them alone.Overall this was a good read and additi [...]

    18. At least a 4 for the starters, for getting into Peters head and enjoying what I see there but then there comes Lydia which is still okay but at the time Chris joins it s not Peter any does that make sense Have to re read Little Wild Animal to remember how that last episode fits still prefer Steter.

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