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Please Don't Tell #2020

Please Don t Tell Debut author Laura Tims writes an intense and utterly gripping contemporary YA tale perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars Joy has done everything to protect her twin sistercluding murder Joy killed

  • Title: Please Don't Tell
  • Author: Laura Tims
  • ISBN: 9780062317322
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Please Don't Tell By Laura Tims, Debut author Laura Tims writes an intense and utterly gripping contemporary YA tale perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars Joy has done everything to protect her twin sistercluding murder.Joy killed Adam Gordon for what he did to her sister, Grace At least, that s what she thinks happened Now Adam can t hurt anyone ever again, and her sister can be free from the bDebut author Laura Tims writes an intense and utterly gripping contemporary YA tale perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars Joy has done everything to protect her twin sistercluding murder.Joy killed Adam Gordon for what he did to her sister, Grace At least, that s what she thinks happened Now Adam can t hurt anyone ever again, and her sister can be free from the boy who harmed her.But someone else knows what Joy did, and they re going to out her as a cold blooded killer if she doesn t expose the scandalous secrets bubbling just below the surface of her mundane town As the demands escalate, and she finds herself falling for Adam s half brother, Joy must figure out the blackmailer s identity before everything spirals out of control.

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    1. 3.5 starsPeople are always turning silence into a knife to stab themselves with.What if you blacked out at a party and the person you absolutely hated died You wanted him dead You ve definitely thought about ridding the world of him He deserved it But could you really have been capable of murder This is a dark story revolving around a complex sister relationship and the depths one will go to protect her sister It is about the fear of not knowing what you are truly capable of.Joy and Grace are tw [...]

    2. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss It must have been me Whether I was sober enough to remember it or not This was a YA story about a set of twins, and a dead guy.Joy came across as pretty messed up in this story, but she was fiercely loyal to her sister, and it seemed like she really believed that she would go as far as murder to protect her.The storyline in this was about this guy called Adam dying, and Joy worr [...]

    3. Love is a wonderful thing, my dear, but it leaves you wide open for blackmail Jasper FfordeLaura Tims, an American author, pens her debut YA thriller, Please Don t Tell that narrates the story of a young teenage girl who after probably killing the boy who destroyed her sister s life becomes a victim of blackmailing from a stranger who knows what she did to that boy and that stranger will go at any lengths to use her for his her own purpose.Synopsis Joy killed Adam Gordon at least, that s what sh [...]

    4. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book at ALA Midwinter, where I was even luckier to have the lovely Laura Tims sign it for me But I had no idea exactly how lucky I was that I had my own copy until I started reading because I was literally underlining quotes from every single page and dog earing at random Sorry, book It s not an understatement to say I was floored by the writing It s bold, gripping, original, evocative, poetic, jarring It s light as a lullaby, beautiful as a song, loud as [...]

    5. This review was done by KissinBlueKarenOh no Please do not believe the rating for Please Don t Tell It is so good I practically read it in one sitting.This story follows twins Grace and Joy Joy and Grace aren t really honest with each other any since last summer when Grace tried to break out of her shell and ended up getting raped Grace was raped by Adam last summer She is the smart twin and is currently having a semester out of school to complete a home study project Joy is the fun one, the one [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to get to read an early version, and I loved this book The characters were interesting and believable, and the twist kept me guessing until the very end This is a pulse pounding read that I couldn t put down.

    7. Neredeyse her gen yeti kin roman nda oldu u gibi yine ergenlik d nemindeki gen lerin ya ad trajediler, k rg nl klar ve sa lam dostluklar i lenirken onlar n kimlik bulma aray lar konu ediliyor Fakat kitap, t r aras nda bir ad m ne kabilecek kadar g l Detayl yorum thecenterwillhold

    8. In PLEASE DON T TELL, Laura Tims has managed to use an ingeniously twisted plot a girl is being blackmailed over a murder she may or may not have committed to explore a much deeper theme the ties of love and friendship, and the extent to which any individual is responsible for another To paraphrase the way I described this book to someone else come for the murder and blackmail, but stay for the poignant look at family friendship dynamics Told in alternating points of view the first being Joy, a [...]

    9. Oh my heavens this story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it I actually put it down three times so I would not read it so fast to finish I really wanted to know the ending but I was so curious about the characters and what happened to them I had to slow down reading because I was on fire Joy and Grace are twins Joy is the protector of Grace who is fragile Joy was born first and no matter what happens she will always protect her sister During the summer Joy and Grace go [...]

    10. I was so lucky to grab a copy of this at ALAMW and even lucky to meet Laura Tims and get her to sign it I knew this was going to be my kind of book and I read it ASAP This book is important It s a rape book It s a sister book It s a friendship book.Read it I also got sent a copy from Harper Collins for review So this book is about two twins dealing with a secret And blackmail One twin was rapes and the other one is being blamed for killing a boy A boy who hurt her sister A boy she had ever righ [...]

    11. A wonderful and chilling novel that revolves around complex sibling relationships, as well as different manifestations of guilt and blame The structure is a past and present point of view shift between Joy and her twin sister Grace, before and after the death of Adam Gordon Both sisters are at least vaguely unreliable, especially since Joy was drunk the night of Adam s death, and Grace comes across as progressively and unbalanced This is a book that will anger you, break your heart a little, a [...]

    12. I read an early draft of this book in January 2014 and feel so lucky PLEASE DON T TELL is a twisty fun novel about sisters, secrets, and revenge It is perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars and Damage Done by Amanda Panitch.

    13. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got as a reviewer for YA Books Central.Diversity Rating 4 This is Our WorldRacial Ethnic 4 Joy s friend is biracial with a black mother and white father supporting character Cassius is black and lives with vitiligo another supporting character is half Vietnamese QUILTBAG 0Disability 5 Joy has than a bit of an alcohol problem Grace has OCD with magical thinking November s time in an asylum offers commentary on how we treat mental illness a [...]

    14. REVIEWThis book Oh my goodness How do I even describe it I truly don t even know how to put my thoughts into words The very first page pulled me in Please Don t Tell is written in alternating POV s by a set of twins Joy and Grace From the very beginning, their emotions resonated with me Their voices, so similar yet different, echoed in my head without stopping This is a book that you won t be able to ignore Once you start it, you won t be able to stop, so make sure you plan accordingly.Please Do [...]

    15. This book was absolutely heartbreaking I don t know what else to say about it Just because someone s dead doesn t make them gone Joy as the summary of the book shows thinks she killed Adam Gordon, and she believes that fact because she had plenty of reasons to kill him The fact that he s dead should calm her, should allow her to think clearly, to get her life back on track knowing he won t be there to ruin it, but none of this happens instead, it seems like he died only to haunt her, through the [...]

    16. I dig creepiness and complicated sisterly relationships and revenge stories and diversity so unshockingly I dug this one a lot.

    17. EDITED I went back to reread a few pages and I got the blackmail reveal wrong Oooohhhhh You slept with my sister He winces Adam kept telling me to do itd then she was soe was really into it, and Did you sleep with her because she looks like me or she s hotter than me I m horrible I have become a horrible person.Never been gladder I don t have a twin sister.Joy has murdered Adam Gordon The thing is, she doesn t remember After blacking out a party, she remembers the night thinly and when a note is [...]

    18. Psychological thriller Wow, pacing just right as Laura Tims weaves a dark tale of violence and the ties that bind sisters together Hooked until the end

    19. Disclaimer I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.4.5Trigger warning for rape.After Adam Gordon hurt her sister, Joy gets the ultimate revenge she kills him Or did she Joy can t remember the night, but Adam ended up dead and she had the motive And someone saw her do it, or at least they say they did Joy must do what the blackmailer asks and expose the towns secrets, or risk going to prison for the murder of Adam But the demands get and intense, and Joy finds herself falling f [...]

    20. rated down from 5 to 4 stars as it didn t hold up on rereadGrade B One Word Riveting Joy and Grace are as close as identical sisters can be, or they were before Adam Gordon raped Grace Now Adam s dead, murder or accident Joy is receiving blackmail letters, from someone who saw her kill Adam But her best friend, the awkward Preston, says he saw Adam slip and fall Wow Laura Tims hit a home run in her debut novel Her major and minor characters were rich, damaged, flawed, mostly sympathetic and uniq [...]

    21. This was a YA book that had wonderful crossover appeal Sometimes when I read YA, I start thinking to myself, Wow, I m way too old to be reading this However, this wasn t the case with Please Don t Tell and I loved the themes the author presented over the course of the story.Please Don t Tell is told in alternating points of view, hopping between Joy and Grace On the surface, Joy is the wild and carefree twin while Grace is the do gooder, overachiever But there s so much going on with the charact [...]

    22. I guess I m the odd man out on this book I felt it was too long There were no twists The characters were not likable I had a hard time grasping the difference between Grace and Joy s own voices I know that they re twins but they sounded the same and I constantly had to re look at the chapter heading to remind myself the view point I was reading from November ticked me off because you think you would warn your closest friends from danger Grace ticked me off because she still lied in her final let [...]

    23. A confusing, pointless read with the usual twin closeness at the center of the plot I have read countless other storied that center around the closeness of twins This was not one of the interesting ones Yawn Snore Zzzzzzz.

    24. Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion Review This book was was something I think the message the book portrays is intriguing however, the execution is lacking This book covers a wide variety of mental illnesses, from an eating disorder, obsessiveness compulsive tendencies, to schizophrenia and alcoholism To speak in these terms of extremes, it is clear from the beginning that Grace needs help, Joy needs help, hell half the town needs help.Personally, I feel like there is just too much goi [...]

    25. I came to this book for the twists, turns, and thrills And I was not disappointed But I stayed for the complex, sympathetic characters.Tims uses alternating perspectives in a clever, thought provoking way to show how radically people s views of the world can differ When the novel switched to Grace s POV, I suddenly had a whole new view of Joy, the initial narrator It s fascinating and believable to me how close these twin sisters are without truly understanding each other Each looks at the other [...]

    26. Joy and Grace are twins While Joy is the wild child, Grace prefers to study One is lean and loud and the other is curvy and shy Seems like a cliche if you ask me I know 3 different pairs of twins and I can say that none of them are the polar opposites of each other They all have their own thoughts and opinions of course but they re not so different This is just what we see on tv contrast between light and dark My main problem with this book started when I found out why the girls hated the dead [...]

    27. Wow this is one of the twistiest and most intriguing books I ve read in some time Laura Tims has done a bang up job of creating a dark, gripping thriller centered first and foremost on the complicated relationship of twin sisters, Joy and Grace Tims will leave you hanging as you try to figure what really happened in the aftermath of a party, when someone winds up dead How far will one sister go to protect another Tims has created indelible characters, a roller coaster plot, and a satisfying, ele [...]

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