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Eagle in Exile #2020

Eagle in Exile Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell Steve Berry Naomi Novik and Harry Turtledove Alan Smale s gripping alternate history series imagines a world in which the Roman Empire has survived long enough

  • Title: Eagle in Exile
  • Author: Alan Smale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eagle in Exile By Alan Smale, Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Steve Berry, Naomi Novik, and Harry Turtledove, Alan Smale s gripping alternate history series imagines a world in which the Roman Empire has survived long enough to invade North America in 1218 Now the stunning story carries hero Gaius Marcellinus deeper into the culture of an extraordinary people whose humanity, bravery, love, and iPerfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Steve Berry, Naomi Novik, and Harry Turtledove, Alan Smale s gripping alternate history series imagines a world in which the Roman Empire has survived long enough to invade North America in 1218 Now the stunning story carries hero Gaius Marcellinus deeper into the culture of an extraordinary people whose humanity, bravery, love, and ingenuity forever change his life and destiny In A.D 1218, Praetor Gaius Marcellinus is ordered to conquer North America and turning it into a Roman province But outside the walls of the great city of Cahokia, his legion is destroyed outright Marcellinus is the only one spared In the months and years that follow, Marcellinus comes to see North America as his home and the Cahokians as his kin He vows to defend these proud people from any threat, Roman or native After successfully repelling an invasion by the fearsome Iroqua tribes, Marcellinus realizes that a weak and fractured North America won t stand a chance against the returning Roman army Worse, rival factions from within threaten to tear Cahokia apart just when it needs to be most united and strong Marcellinus is determined to save the civilization that has come to mean to him than the empire he once served But to survive the swords of Roma, he first must avert another Iroqua attack and bring Cahokia together Only with the hearts and souls of a nation at his back can Marcellinus hope to know triumph.Advance praise for Eagle in Exile Eagle in Exile has the pace and scope of a Michener or Uris epic Smale s action scenes slash across page after page, intense and bloody Grab your dagger and sword, for the battle continues Kirkus Reviews starred review Praise for Alan Smale s Clash of Eagles Epic, bloody, and hugely imaginative John Birmingham, author of the Dave vs the Monsters series Epic in its sweep, exciting in its narrative, and eyeball kick sharp in its details Nancy Kress, Nebula and Hugo award winning author of Beggars in Spain Authoritatively researched and compellingly told, Clash of Eagles is a modern masterpiece of what if speculation Stephen Baxter, Philip K Dick Award winning author of The Time Ships Alan Smale has done remarkable work with the world building in Clash of Eagles Yet what follows is than a standard clash of cultures yarn, for there are other forces in play in this alternate North America Can the determination and ingenuity of one man change the fate of a continent I m eager to find out Harry Turtledove, New York Times bestselling author of How Few Remain Just when it seems there is nothing new in alternate history comes this debut Library Journal starred review Intriguingly original Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Alternate history is a delicious dish when prepared correctly Mixing both real world facts with fantastical what ifs, the stories fuse the two into an amazing concoction, which satisfies a reader s need to be entertained as well their desire to be provoked to thought That is if the author is up to the challenge of juggling seemingly paradoxical themes A tricky task for the most gifted writers But have no fear, Mr Smale is one of those gifted with the innate abi [...]

    2. In the aftermath of the attack on Cahokia by the Iroqua, Gaius Marcellinus finds himself once again grieving over lives lost because of his decisions While he grieves he realizes every Hesperian life lost weakens their chances of survival when Roman armies return Gaius is committed to do whatever he physically can to protect Cahokia from all threats, especially Roma.Eagle in Exile is in many ways the typical middle book in a series There is a lot of setup, the pacing is slow, and many of the eve [...]

    3. Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyThis second book following Clash of Eagles is set in an alternate North America Nova Hesperia AD 1218 This second installment in the story of Roman ex Praetor Gaius Marcellinus, legate of Hadrianus III, Emperor of Rome, begins after the losses of the previous book He has come to understand and appreciate the Cahokian people, who are readying for war with the Iroqua.But Marcellinus has a different mission he wants to bring the tribes together and negotiate with [...]

    4. Eagle in Exile picks up right where Clash of Eagles left off This is not the type of series where each book can be read as a standalone Eagle in Exile builds upon the fantastic characters and inventive world from the first book in the series.I always look forward to the next book in a great series The anticipation of getting back into the lives of the incredible characters who became my cohorts in only a few hundred pages the excitement of traveling away to the captivating world created by an au [...]

    5. Though Praetor Gaius Marcellinus, the sole survivor of his legion, has helped lead the nation of Cahokia to victory against the warlike Iroqua, he knows the price has been high perhaps too high He has not only witnessed now, over the course of years, the annihilation of his legion, but now the loss and devastation of his new adopted people Nova Hesperia, as Roma has dubbed this new content, now stands fractured and weakened He knows its people will fall to the Imperial legions that are no doubt [...]

    6. Received ARC for review.I really enjoyed this second helping of Marcellinus as Roman Praetor trying to come to terms with life outside of his Roma.We are transported back to early America and the onslaught of a Roman invasion.Marcellinus is again at the forefront of the tale with help from Kimi Siski Tatay and Enopay as he begins to find life better in Cahokia than he thought.He now has to try and make sure that peace is important than war.He also begins to instill in his new home a need for up [...]

    7. In the years after the destruction of his legion, Praetor Gaius Marcellinus comes to realize that Rome will send another army to Nova Hesperia and that the tribes must unite to have any chance of independent survival His advice is anathema to the fiercely proud warrior culture of the Cahokians, intent on revenge against the Iroqua.So begins another long struggle for Marcellinus He is the ultimate outsider, trusted by few and only occasionally by them The beginning of the book is slow, and I admi [...]

    8. What if the Roman Empire never fell, but continued to conquer throughout the world This story about Rome invading Nova Hesperia North America, mostly what s currently the United States continues to be interesting Gaius Marcellinus, the Roman praetor who failed to conquer the Cahokia the mound building empire near modern St Louis, MO , has to deal with conflicting loyalties when Roman legions come back to Nova Hesperia with conquering on their minds And they may end up with a battle on two fronts [...]

    9. You might assume a what if tale about Romans and Natives would be boring Mr Smale would prove that assumption wrong Really digging this engaging series A whole lot than I assumed I would

    10. It is extremely rare I give a review on a book, but I felt compelled for this series so far This review is about the context of this series not the composition or on the prose I am an archaeologist, and I worked in the Eastern Woodlands and the Northern Plains, as well as with various First Nations Native Americans, and that includes the Blackfoot, therefore, I have some familiarity with Cahokia and native North America This is the second series I encountered depicting culture contact between Ro [...]

    11. This book continues the story of Gaius Marcellinus, a Roman soldier having to re adapt to life among the native civilizations of 13th C AD America Nova Hesperia, in this book He s a compelling figure, so the book is strengthened by the fact that the story follows him, albeit in 3rd person the people around him seem real and believable.This is the second book of a trilogy, and although it s helpful to have read the first one, this installment stands on its own indeed, it fleshes out Gaius in dep [...]

    12. Picking right up where Clash of Eagles left off, Eagle in Exile chronicles Praetor Gaius Marcellinus desperate need to keep his two allegiances one to Rome, one to Cahokia from clashing together in a conflict guaranteed to spill the blood of tens of thousands And spilling blood is something Gaius has had than he can stand In Eagle in Exile, Gaius struggles desperately to first keep Cahokia together, then to somehow forge an alliance amongst all of the tribes of New Hesperia or just Hesperia, wh [...]

    13. Thoroughly enjoyed the second entry in the Hesperian trilogy, can t wait for the third one When I started Clash of Eagles, I thought this was going to be a Dances with Wolves meets Gladiator I m so happy it did not turn out to be the case.I strongly recommend this series to any fan of military fiction, historical fiction, alternate history, First Nations history.

    14. Eagles in Exile Del Rey, 28, 560 pages is the second in The Clash of Eagles trilogy, and it covers the further adventures of Marcellinus in an alternate history in which one of the worst early emperors of Rome, Caracalla, was dethroned, and as a result, the Roman Empire survived and thrived into the 13th century.At that point, Marcellinus was sent to the New World, or Nova Hesperia as it is called in the book, with a legion to explore the new lands Clash of Eagles was the first book, and any dis [...]

    15. Yet another great read Really enjoying the series I really like the way the author writes the plot ie its not all about the characters Sometimes events just happen and you have to watch event play out before reacting Books where change is only ever POV character created bother me Again I have a slight quibble over the idea that Rome did not make any significant adjustments to its legions over a 1000 year period And that quibble gets worse when I try to imagine a Roman Legion c 200AD , whose tact [...]

    16. Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell, but instead continued to expand.Thus began the back cover blurb of the advance reading copy of Alan Smale s Clash of Eagles I ve never been necessarily too keen on alternate history novels, but this one totally intrigued me I found the premise quite interesting and full of potential Mixing an ever expanding Roman Empire that never crumbled with native American lore and traditions made for a promising debut, one of the very best of 2015.It remain [...]

    17. The ending of this book was so much better than the first in the series They stand together and, although the story obviously has room to continue, it s ok to stop and wait a few years for the next installment Like the first book, this one suffered a bit from the gaps between activities This book spans a few years, and of course not every day is notable, but the gaps between events worth noting felt very empty Maybe it s the character s angst, the story s underlying foundation that he never real [...]

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book As it progressed I was and engrossed and it got harder and harder to put down I can t wait to read the final book in the trilogy There is a lot of action, emotion and political tribal intrigue I really enjoy the main characters and the alternate history portrayedRENTS There is violence, some of it graphic than I would like There is some language No sex.

    19. Gaius Marcellinus is working on preparing the Chaokians for the inevitable confrontation with Rome So he works on getting the war with the Iroquois and their allies and then survive the fallout But then he discovers that Rome is back already and the Cahokian plans go into high gear But when Marcellinus is captured he learns that Rome may not be the only enemy on the continent This volume lays the ground work for what sounds to be an interesting conclusion.

    20. The second in the trillogy, this alternate history novel continues the story of Marcellinus, a Roman Praetor sent to conquer the native people of Nova Hesperia North America , who instead finds himself defeated and alone among the savages and eventually comes to respect and love them The novel s detail and characterization are just as captivating as in the first installment, but the pacing suffers a bit It s the set up novel, necessary to get us to a certain point, from which the third installme [...]

    21. More thoughtful and focus on Marcellinius being torn between two cultures than the first book, but still plenty of action I like the fact that Marcellinius is not your typical alpha male protagonist, but of a thinker and planner than conqueror or macho hero There is a lot of good background info in the appendices and I recommend reading those first and checking out the cahokiamounds website, especially for the illustrations.

    22. A fine follow up to the first book, this one introduces Even More Complications and sets up the third installment, yet offers a surprisingly self contained reading experience I would love to say about it, but would hate to give away spoilers, so I ll just add that I pre ordered the third book immediately after finishing this one.

    23. Started slowly, but this book does live up to the first in the series I am now reading the third, and I definitely recommend reading them in order so that you can understand the characters and their motivations.

    24. clever alternative history describing encounter between Romans and the Mound People of the Mississippi 1300 CE The Mound people can fly and can fire bomb their enemies so the match between the two is even.

    25. Good second actIt has been some time since I read the first book of the trilogy, a quick summery would have been very helpful.rtheless, I took little time to get engulfed into the intriguing alternate history the author created again I m eager to for the grand finale

    26. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverEagle in Exile is a continuation of the alternate history begun with Clash of Eagles and upholds the anthropological approach of the first book I m undecided about the actual beginning because it reads as a way to remind us of the first book through summary and get us back into the world The indecision comes because it s effective in that purpose despite being one step distant from the narrative That I recognized both main and secondary characters as t [...]

    27. If you liked the Clash of Eagles then you re in for a treat with Eagle in Exile Alan Smale has created an excellent and epic sequel.

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