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His Christmas Countess #2020

His Christmas Countess A Christmas baby Grant Rivers Earl of Allundale is desperate to get home in time for Christmas But when he stumbles upon a woman all alone in a tumbledown shack having a baby out of wedlock it s h

  • Title: His Christmas Countess
  • Author: Louise Allen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His Christmas Countess By Louise Allen, A Christmas baby Grant Rivers, Earl of Allundale, is desperate to get home in time for Christmas But when he stumbles upon a woman all alone in a tumbledown shack, having a baby out of wedlock, it s his duty to stay and help her.leads to wedding vows Grant knows all too well the risks of childbirth, and he s seen enough tragedy to last a lifetime So once he s saved heA Christmas baby Grant Rivers, Earl of Allundale, is desperate to get home in time for Christmas But when he stumbles upon a woman all alone in a tumbledown shack, having a baby out of wedlock, it s his duty to stay and help her.leads to wedding vows Grant knows all too well the risks of childbirth, and he s seen enough tragedy to last a lifetime So once he s saved her life, Grant is determined to save Kate s reputation too if she will consent to marrying a stranger on Christmas Day

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    1 thought on “His Christmas Countess

    1. B r with Luli 2.5 stars As I was reading the story, I kept changing my opinion of it from pleasant to mildly pleasant to bored with all this perfection to perfectly boring Grant Rivers, a future Earl of Allundale, had hoped to be back home to celebrate Christmas with his son and his dying grandfather But, alas, somewhere on the Scottish boarder his horse became lame and Grant was forced to seek shelter at a lonely tumbledown cottage There is another inhabitant there a woman giving birth Grant de [...]

    2. If I want to read historical romance, my first stop is usually Harlequin Mills and Boon For all the snobbery even amongst romance readers the simple fact is that there s better and historically accurate HR coming from this publisher than any other.His Christmas Countess is better than the first book in the series, which is really saying something because I loved the first one and added it to my Best of 2015 list What makes this series so great is that the books are perfect standalones No annoyi [...]

    3. 4.5 stars rounded upHis Christmas Countess is book two in Louise Allen s most recent series, The Four Disgraces, in which the heroes are a group of young men who earned that sobriquet as a result of their daring exploits at school and university For some reason, I read the first, third and fourth books when they came out and missed this one which was a mistake, because while I enjoyed the others and rated them highly, this is the best of the lot.It s Christmas Eve and Grantham Rivers is on his w [...]

    4. Very good book Grant was introduced in His Housekeeper s Christmas Wish, as one of four friends known as the Lords of Disgrace He s a widower who is headed home from Belgium to spend Christmas with his son and grandfather At the beginning of this book, he s been delayed on his journey by an injury, has received word that his grandfather is ill, and is desperate to get home before he passes He doesn t expect to come across a woman in labor, with no one to help her except him.Kate fell for a rake [...]

    5. B r with Lyuda You can find this review in English below.Ir al grano, lo mejor de esta historia ha sido la compa a De nuevo Lyuda muchas gracias por la b r, me lo he pasado pipa Esta es de las pocas historias que me han dejado igual Ni frio ni calor, ni le he odiado ni me ha gustado Ha sido demasiado simplona, con unos personajes demasiado perfectos y con una trama demasiado conveniente Aunque me temo que si no la hubiese le do con mi amiga Lyuda, igual ni la hubiese terminado.Hasta tal extremo [...]

    6. A book that causes warm cozy emotions.I think the author, Louise Allen has hit a home run with this novel IMO, readers can expect a good romance from Harlequin books and this approximately 300 page love story does not fail.It s a good story of a compromised lady rescued by Grant Rivers, one of the characters from, THE LORDS OF DISGRACE series The story starts with a good attention grabber and continues with a thrilling marriage of convenience trope Although it contained a Christmas theme, the ti [...]

    7. When Caz first recommended His Christmas Countess I was a little hesitant because of the premise Well Wow I loved this book The writing was flawless and I tell you this reader so appreciates reading an historical written properly I loved how reasonable everyone is in this book It s all about two strangers working out a relationship that started very abruptly Well done, Ms Allen

    8. I really like this installment of the series I wish that she had trusted him sooner, but watching them fall in love was sweet and beautiful She gave him the courage to face his demons, and when her secrets came out he view spoiler actually trusts her Oh my gosh I was floored It s so rare for someone to hear part of the story, and instead of leaping to the worst possible conclusion and going off half cocked, he choose to trust her and wait for an explanation And it s hard And he realizes it s a c [...]

    9. I really liked this I much prefered this book to the first one in the series.This isn t linked a heck of a lot There are the boys we met in the first book who are going to be the guys we see fall in love And they are briefly in this book as well.I think this was a much better love story I think you see them falling in love I love the author s writing style of regency romance in this book The past book I was very reluctant to start this one because it was very oldy worldy and this one was differ [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this one, despite my general indifference to Christmas romances and the fact that I find Allen s work sometimes uneven The hero and heroine both make conscious efforts to be adults and form a healthy partnership.

    11. Louise Allen is an extraordinary writer of amazing skill, sensitivity and talent and she has outdone herself once again with the second title in her outstanding Lords of Disgrace series, His Christmas Countess.Grant Rivers, Earl of Allundale, is desperate to get home for Christmas to be with his little boy and his aging grandfather, who is on his deathbed about to breathe his lost Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances compel him to delay his journey and to seek shelter in a derelict bothy in t [...]

    12. This story begins with a woman in desperate straits Caught far from any civilization except the crude hut in which she s found shelter, Catherine Harding is in the throes of labor In the unlikely deus ex machina of a bypassing earl and two casual witnesses, he delivers her baby and marries her in the Scottish tradition.Both of them are harboring secrets and nursing wounds but none so than the beleaguered earl Miserable over a previous marriage that ended in disaster, it takes tender coaxing fro [...]

    13. After meeting Grant in the first book of this series I was very excited about reading his story I was not disappointed in Grant, he s a gem of a hero I liked the heroine, Kate, also My only hesitation is in regard to the trope of secrets Both had secrets but Grant shared his with urging from Kate which I would have thought would have endeared her to share hers but, alas, she kept to herself And her secret was definitely going to impact their relationship.Of course it all works out in the end but [...]

    14. Louisa Allen has wove another great story together in His Christmas Countess It is the 2nd book of the Lords of disgrace series It does well as a stand alone but if you are reading the series keeps tabs on the other Lords of Disgrace Grant Rivers, Earl of Allundale Grant Rivers, Earl of Allundale stumbles on a woman giving birth Grant is a widower and has a son they both have secrets but he takes her home after marrying her Is an adventure and mystery of the secrets as well as watching them lear [...]

    15. Sweet story, with a marriage of convenience Heroine is running away from her greedy, blackmailer brother to have her baby where he can t get it But her plan isn t going too well, since she s alone and in labor in a tumbledown farmhouse in Scotland The hero happens by, delivers the baby and offers to marry her by Scots law, because she seems like she d be a good mother and that s what his son needs, after the disaster of his first wife And the story goes from there It s a nice story, spanning fro [...]

    16. nice enough story so far one of the things that i dislike in romances heroes who are good in bed because they are so experienced ugh, lovely excuse and esp a hero who says no one else has ever complained i haven t heard any complaints recently , i think that s what this guy said ory outline moc H comes across h laboring in a barn they re in scotland so quickie marriage both have issues H in the past, h resolved towards end of novel H is widower with a son h s brother is blackmailing her baby dad [...]

    17. I LOVE this story What a wonderful gentleman we find in Grant Kate might not be the woman he is looking for, but she is his match in every way My only regret is that I started this book in early December, and almost made it, but ended up finishing the last five chapters this past week after the holidays had finished throwing any thought of quiet reading time right out the window for nearly 3 weeks.Looking forward to Books 3 4 in the Lords of Disgrace series.

    18. light, Chrismassy read Grant Rivers has already been delayed by a blow to the head from getting back to his dying grandfather Now his horse is lame and the bothy he shelters in has an inhabitant, a woman giving birth He helps her and when two people pass he takes the opportunity to marry her by Scottish convention.Now they have to find a way to live with each other.It s an interesting story, fairly predictable but the two of them work well together.

    19. Allen charms readers with an engaging holiday romance full of warm humor, passion and poignant second chances In the second installment of the Lords of Disgrace quartet, Allen deftly pulls fans into the glittering, dangerous world of England s elite RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.Miniseries Lords of Disgrace I really enjoyed this Christmas tale and loved the characters Kim

    20. Good storyThis was a very romantic story, not a hot romance The was a beautifully written tale about a man and woman thrown together by very unusual circumstances and how they grew to love each other Very touching Please have a tissue ready

    21. His Christmas Countess Lords of Disgrace by Louise Allen fivFive stars due to the mystery,the passion and the romance at ChristmasStoryline move great, covering everything right up to the good endind

    22. Brilliant Loved it This story has substance Plot was fab with great characters I thought it such a lovely read A book you could read again and again.

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