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Thief It always happens when you least suspect it Love The chemistry The pull Even when you don t want it to Timing it s a bitch And then you have to make a choice Do you regret what is or what isn t Becau

  • Title: Thief
  • Author: Chantal Fernando
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 319
  • Format: None
  • Thief By Chantal Fernando, It always happens when you least suspect it.Love.The chemistry The pull.Even when you don t want it to.Timing it s a bitch And then you have to make a choice Do you regret what is, or what isn t Because when love is involved, there s always regret.And my story is no exception.

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      319 Chantal Fernando
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    1 thought on “Thief

    1. TITLE ThiefAUTHOR Chantal Fernando GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE October 15th 2015MY RATING 4 DASH STARSThis author is one of my all time favourites I am so behind with her books with time restraints with my reading material that I am FINALLY getting to this after one clicking this back in October Straight away you get those FEELS coursing through your bloodstream, you become so absorbed in the story and that s what I love most about this author is her ability to grab your attention as [...]

    2. I loved this book, from beginning to end this book was perfect Thief is sweet, sad, and hot I wish this book was longer but only because I enjoyed it so much The hero Dash was amazing, hot and a great person he loved his family so much and gladly sacrificed for them but when it came to Violet he was possessive and all in Violet was smart and stubborn and kind Reading this book I thought maybe it was a YA book but soon realized the author was just building an amazing history for this doubly amazi [...]

    3. 4 STARSGenre Young Adult, New AdultCover 8 10 Writing 8 10Heroine 8 10Hero 8 10Humour 2 10Hotness 2 10Romance 4 10Extra book Details Heroine Hero POV 1st person Stand alone Novella at 92 kindle pages.Thief is a novella, which features the trials and tribulations of the relationship between Viola Dash over a long period of time A second chance romance.I m not entirely sure if this is a spin off from another Fernando book, as there s a lot of characters added towards the latter half that makes it [...]

    4. Well, I made it to 50% and that s when I just couldn t read it any The story started out with high hopes but soon the immaturity was too much to take Also, the writing style bothered me a bit The story didn t flow as smooth as I would loved it to So DNF at 50% Safety gang view spoiler The H has two GFs One before him and h start dating I think they didn t have sex, just kissing , that was when they all still attended school Then the second GF when they are separated for I think 9 years Once he s [...]

    5. He grins and lifts up my top You re mine now, Vi All mine I shut my eyes as he kisses down my stomach, and whisper back, I always was God I really hate doing this but this book is very dull There s barely anything going on in it, it s really stale Which is a shame because some of Chantal s books are really good.I mean sure there s that drama in the first half over view spoiler Max s death hide spoiler but then it got boring And by the end of the book there s a OW drama and then we suddenly found [...]

    6. I like it when you read a book and then characters from other books show up I didn t recognize Dash as Dash from Maybe this time but when Xander, Summer and others showed up I knew it was him

    7. The first few chapters of this book were amazing and the rest were great After the shocking twist half way through I wasn t sure which direction the story would take I was happy with the way it went and it had a sweet ending.

    8. I loved the beginning of this book and honestly thought it would be the best in the series, but again the ending was rushed I don t really get why some of the books in this series were written as novellas, as the characters in all of them had lots of potential but were not given the time and space to develop Just when it starts being interesting it just ends It was very frustrating as I can see there is a great story in there which has just not been realised.

    9. This book was a short read, a little predictible at times and really brushed over everything that was important between the characters for them to achieve their happily ever after Although there was plenty about characters not important to the main storyline.It jumps around so much that you can t see the characters grow or develop into individuals, let alone a couple High school Bam 9 years later Bam 5 years later Bamat pretty much sums it up really So I guess, like this book, this review is goi [...]

    10. self note just not interested in H having 2gf s and h having to see him with one of them even though it didn t bother her at the time and they werent together just friends Just not for me right not.

    11. I absolutely love this book everything about it I did get my heart crushed a little bit but I recovered and Chantel Fernando is phenomenal writer everything she writes is perfection

    12. Dash LoveA quick and sweet story of second chance love Friends who are like family Dash and Viola s story pulled at my heart strings and left me wishing for .

    13. Should you have read Chantal Fernando s Maybe series you would have met him Dash.Man this guy had me with his violet eyes, dark hair and those dimples.In Thief we learn all about Dashiel and boy this is such a hot name how his life was form from a teenager And what a Dashing young man he was We learned how he took care of his sisters He has such character and a maturity at such an age I just wanted to grab him out of the book and hold him at times.We get to know Viola, how they meet hilarious sh [...]

    14. We start with Viola and her best friend Max in high school, they re best friends, like brother and sister they are so close They meet newcomer Dash When Viola meets Dash for the first time, she has mixed feelings On one hand he sounds like a jerk but on the other he is the most gorgeous guy with striking violet eyes she s ever seen How can you dislike someone but want them at the same time The three of them become fast friends and Viola s feelings continue to grow for Dash, it s so sweet watchi [...]

    15. How can a book have you smiling about how bloody beautiful friendship is then have you feel like your heart has been ripped out by 35% in Well this book does and I still feel like I could sob now Viola, Max and Dash are all friends in high school until tradegy strikes and Viola goes her separate way Years later she bumps into Dash again, could it be the same for them as in school, have they grow up and apart Reid, Summer, Xander and the gang appear.I did a happy dance I love Summer let him in, b [...]

    16. I m a big fan of Chantal and I ve really enjoyed the Maybe series so I was really looking forward to Dash s story.Thief was a nice quick read and it s great to catch up with the Maybe gang, but it felt a little rushed all the way through The basic plot was great and I felt there was the potential for this to be a great read but it just fell a little flat That being said, overall I enjoyed it and thought it was a great filler read.

    17. Short and sweetI was really pleased when I realised it was a novella connected to the Mine series I haven t read all of them but I loved Reid and Summer so it was great to have a peak at them Dash was great and so was Viola although I think a full story would of been better as this was really really short and sort of skimmed over events But I do love Chantal Fernando books.

    18. I had been looking forward to this book being realised and I wasn t let down This book is great and I loved it from the very beginning I always wonders about Dash and what his story was plus it s always nice to catch up with all the rest and see how they are getting on I recommend this book it s a great read

    19. 3.5 stars, good but it need a punch I ve read few books from Chantal Fernando before and I can see that this one got a better writing style I can feel the remorse through the words and I m impressed But as usual, Fernando s plot always seems to miss something I don t know, it needs spices LOL But overall I enjoyed it and I can t wait to read from this author

    20. It s awesome the whole gang is in it I was so excited Reid Ryan xzander tag summer same great friend ship a great love story a bit of Heartbreak in the middle but another gr8 read as u know from the maybe series dash is hot and just bad as the other guys

    21. I LOVE everything by this author, she has a style of writing that feel like you are reading letters from home catching up on the lives of friends This is a sweet second chance romance, no spoiler but a part at the beginning was a shock and made me well up, but we do get a HEA.

    22. Excellent This was an emotional well written book The characters are complex The storyline was engaging I have purchased and read everything that is available by this author and highly recommend her books.

    23. OkayI didn t realize this was a book about Dash until 20% into the story I waited to learn about him and was a little disappointed with this story.

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