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Healed Hearts #2020

Healed Hearts Even men afraid of donuts deserve a happy ending Second grade teacher Seth Ray has experienced than his fair share of heartbreak On his own since his mother s death Seth remains burdened by frequent

  • Title: Healed Hearts
  • Author: Logan Meredith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Healed Hearts By Logan Meredith, Even men afraid of donuts deserve a happy ending.Second grade teacher Seth Ray has experienced than his fair share of heartbreak On his own since his mother s death, Seth remains burdened by frequent anxiety, which he manages by steadfastly avoiding anything that might set it off including men whose names start with the letter J and donuts Unfortunately, after a nigEven men afraid of donuts deserve a happy ending.Second grade teacher Seth Ray has experienced than his fair share of heartbreak On his own since his mother s death, Seth remains burdened by frequent anxiety, which he manages by steadfastly avoiding anything that might set it off including men whose names start with the letter J and donuts Unfortunately, after a night with Jude Murphy, he encounters both and flees into the street Jude s not your typical twenty something year old gay man The youngest of six boys, he desperately wants to start a family of his own The puzzling morning after with Seth reminds him why he doesn t sleep around.When Seth discovers the man he brushed off is the uncle of one his students, he s compelled to smooth things over to save face, but Jude lays it on the line he wants Seth, but he doesn t do casual The allure of the sexy redhead compels Seth to face an entire family of J names for a chance at happiness.
    Home Healing Hearts Ministries Healing Hearts Bible Studies Gospel centered, grace driven counseling for those wounded by their past. Healing Hearts Clinic Cardiologists Conroe, TX The Healing Hearts Clinic has the facilities to treat an extensive range of heart health issues, including angioplasty, stenting, arrhythmia, pacemaker implantation, nuclear stress tests, echocardiograms, arterial, carotid, and venous dopplers, cardiac catheterization, electrocardiogram EKG , nuclear stress testing, enhanced external counterpulsation EECP , radio frequency vein ablation, coronary and Bible Study Log In Healing Hearts Ministries active online clients Skip to navigation Skip to content Menu The Surprising Secret to Healing a Broken Heart Those verbs have pretty powerful, dramatic weight They are vivid and active They do damage especially to the heart A broken heart feels heavy, laden with sadness and fear, but a broken heart can heal There is hope Many years ago, I suffered a horrible break up Sometimes the camera of my mind replays the scene of my younger self, lying on the bedroom floor, sobbing uncontrollably in Beautiful Verses to Heal a Broken Heart Beliefnet Our Providers Healing Hearts Pediatrics At Healing Hearts Pediatrics, P.L.C our pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and staff are kind, warm, loving people with hearts that heal We are the valley s premier pediatric provider of

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    1 thought on “Healed Hearts

    1. This is a very drama filled love story between two broken in their own ways men.Seven year old Seth was abandoned by his father after being told I m just going to get some donuts, son Back soon and was never to be seen again.When Seth starts ninth grade he falls in love with Jason, who pursues him until they are caught kissing together and Jason and three of his friends beat Seth ruthlessly, the last thing Seth sees before unconsciousness is the bag of donuts in Jason s hand.He s relentlessly bu [...]

    2. I m going to 5 start this book for a few reasons First, this is the first book by this author and it was such a great story without all the editing errors I expected Second, it had some awesome sex scenes Double ended dildo anyone Third, it had a whole bunch of feelsgood, bad, sad, angry And finally, I just could not put this book down I just had to see what would happen next Yes, Seth was a fucked up mess which he readily admitted Did he always deserve the sainted Jude Probably not but Jude was [...]

    3. There was lots of good stuff in this book, from sweet scenes to holy hot boysecks, Batman, but I hated Seth s portrayal, and that St Jude kept forgiving this neurotic mess time and again The writing is good, and the author created a story that flows quite nicely, if one ignores the massive amount of dramatic scenes and happenings that take place in this book It s just one thing after the others, and the reader me is left scratching her head how so much stuff could possibly happen to one couple A [...]

    4. So many good things in this book.Too bad it was weighted down with a long winded, drawn out story line and and too much angst It was well written but these characters were just so dry and at times I thought Seth was just too whiny I understand his triggers, his hang ups with J names and donuts but after awhile I just couldn t bring myself to care any Both were just too caught up with their own personal drama not putting it aside in order to give each other a real try without allowing self doubts [...]

    5. Der Morgen nach einem One Night Stand kann immer etwas merkw rdig sein Doch Jude h tte auf das mehr als nur seltsame und auch verletzende Verhalten seines Hook ups Seth wirklich verzichten k nnen Dabei war Jude doch nur auf der Suche nach etwas Zerstreuung und Gesellschaft Nach seiner Trennung die nicht von ihm ausging hadert er mit der Welt, der Liebe und seiner berf rsorglichen Familie.Seth hingegen hat keine Familie Er hat eine Katze und seine beste Freundin das wars Mit Kindern kommt er wund [...]

    6. Before reading this book I would have never been able to see why a fear of donuts can make sense if there is such a thing as a fear making sense at all Of course none ever does, but the explanation for why Seth stays the heck away from donuts made my heart break for him Jude has not had it easy in the relationship department either, and I felt for him too While there is a definite attraction between these two wounded men when they first meet, for a very, very long time it doesn t look as if they [...]

    7. Note This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review When Seth Ray wakes up after spending the night with his one night stand, Daniel, he s shocked to find Daniel offering him a donut That may sound odd, but the thing is that Seth has a long term phobia of donuts Unfortunately, he then finds out the guy s name is not Daniel, it s Jude And that s Seth s other phobia guys with names beginning with J When Seth was younger, a number of [...]

    8. Seth does not like doughnuts Seth does not like names that start with the letter J So when his one night stand named Jude drops a bag of doughnuts on his kitchen counter, you can imagine Seth s reaction would not be all that favorable And to Jude s confusion and hurt, Seth does the predictable thing and beats a hasty retreat Jude, just coming out of a bad relationship, is hurt, but figures he is never going to see the guy again Which is probably for the best Then some time later, Jude opens a do [...]

    9. Three Stars Seth is a mess With a background of repeat trauma, he has a serious aversion to anyone whose name starts with the letter J and donuts When his one night stand announces the next morning that he d given Seth a false name last night, while also presenting him with donuts to eat, Seth freaks out Jude is looking for happily ever after, and he s a serial relationship hunter, even though he s only been in one thus far, and that guy was less than stellar What follows is a drama and angst fi [...]

    10. Seth and Jude meet at a bar only Seth thinks Jude is David and that makes all the difference.Seth has had a run of bad luck with men whose names start with J and donuts So he s sworn off both for life When Jude shows up after a night of hot sex with a bag of donuts and the confession that his name is really Jude not David as he d said, Seth runs away.When Jude meets Seth again it s as the uncle to one of Seth s students They realize they have an uncommon attraction and decide to give it some wor [...]

    11. Gave 3.5 stars but rounded up for this reviewSeth has been through a lot in his life He has no family and was attacked when he was younger Seth has issues he needs to deal with because of the attack and is mothers death He has triggers that have to do with donuts and names that start with the letter J When he meets Jude he thinks his name is different and when he find out the truth , he runs away Seth finds out that Jude is the uncle of one of his students and tries to apologies They hit it off [...]

    12. Okay I love sweet romances where a couple will help each other with everything they are going through So as much as I hate to say it this one was just not for me It honestly felt like there was some kind of drama with every chapter It just felt way like way to much after awhile Seth all I can say about him is I was not a fan of him at all The way he acted, the things he did just made me not like him for Jude at all Jude was sweet and caring, sometimes over the top but I felt like he did not dese [...]

    13. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance 3.5stars rounded down I am having a hard time writing this review Healed Hearts by Logan Meredith wasn t a bad story There is nothing I can point to to say, If this were different I would give it a higher rating There is nothing I can point to to say this is why I didn t like this book However, in the end it didn t work for me.For Complete review see Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance pos

    14. I really wanted to like this book, I thought the premise and the humor was awesome BUT the execution was lacking a wee bit IMO There was a lot of telling , but not enough showing.Not a bad book, but yeah

    15. I enjoyed this book for the most part It became a little too angsty at times and drawn out, which dropped my rating from a 4 to a 3

    16. I enjoyed this book, both MC had issues which were realistic with failures and advancement Above all love won out.

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