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Enthralled #2020

Enthralled Other vampire stories are tame by comparison The only way to love a monster is to become one yourself Ashlyn s life changes forever one night in a New York City back alley Just before dawn she stumble

  • Title: Enthralled
  • Author: Bryce Calderwood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Enthralled By Bryce Calderwood, Other vampire stories are tame by comparison The only way to love a monster is to become one yourself Ashlyn s life changes forever one night in a New York City back alley Just before dawn she stumbles across a grievously wounded vampire Ashlyn overhears the attackers reveal they re trying to kill her because she s a futanari.She makes the fateful decision to help Other vampire stories are tame by comparison The only way to love a monster is to become one yourselfAshlyn s life changes forever one night in a New York City back alley Just before dawn she stumbles across a grievously wounded vampire Ashlyn overhears the attackers reveal they re trying to kill her because she s a futanari.She makes the fateful decision to help the beautiful redhead Ever since science made it possible, Ashlyn wanted to be a futa They re despised and persecuted by society, so when she sees one in trouble, she feels compelled to help Gathering up the wounded vampire in her arms, she hurries home to her nearby apartment, sparing the girl from being burned to ash by the rising sun Vampires need blood, and futanari vampires need sex lots of sex Ashlyn enters into a Master submissive relationship with the beautiful but wounded vampire, Musette Vaillancourt, becoming her pet Ashlyn becomes a human predator, seducing victims and bringing them home for her injured lover to drink their blood But that s only the beginning Ashlyn enters into a life beyond her wildest dreams She gets what she s always wanted and so much All sexual fantasies fulfilled All secret, dark impulses acted upon Nothing is forbidden to the immortal undead The rules and laws of mortals don t matter to them They are lions among the sheep But Musette s former vampire master finds out her pet is still alive Ashlyn can barely contain her jealousy as they are reunited The appearance of Musette s master brings a dangerous threat, however the vampire coven Musette s master belongs to Ashlyn finds herself fighting both for her life and her love with Musette and not everything may survive.

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    1. Heat Level 4 out of 4 flamesOverall 4.5 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch MindySee Mindy s Blog Review HereWhat a perfect read for Halloween night Blood and gore, great story line and a lot of hot futa sex This book is not for everyone, so if you don t like to read about violence, blood play, a little gore, bloody sex, futas and their giant cocks and copious amount of cum, then this is definitely not for you Otherwise, I challenge the dark hearts to give this a try This story is acti [...]

    2. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED And I mean that in the most amazing, story gripping, original plot possible This is my first time reading a futanari book I have read vampire novels before, that being my favorite paranormal sector of the genre, but Bryce not only gives you original vampires in this story, he gives you a world so vivid, that you can see it from start to finish I absolutely loved Ashlyn and Musette and I don t know how else to do this review without giving anything away.Just pick this [...]

    3. The book we are reviewing today is Bryce Calderwood s Enthralled, which is the first of a vampire series I love vampires I love real vampires, not musty vampires who are oh so conflicted and shit Give me blood and gore and I m a happy camper I am happy to report there are some real fucking vampires up in this shit.We begin the book with Ashlyn, who hears a bunch of anguished screaming, and a blood red mess falling from the top of a very large building This is how she meets Musette, who is a futa [...]

    4. Reviewed for my website.Enthralled unfolds like a mid 90s hentai OAV brought to life a supernatural erotic tale whose extreme kink is matched only by its unapologetic dorkiness Bryce Calderwood s bizarre narrative of blood oaths, biotechnology, and futanari vampires often reminded me of my misspent youth hunkered down in my bedroom as I watched secondhand VHS copies of stuff like Nightmare Campus and Bible Black Back then, I was grateful that my parents never barged in on me and Calderwood someh [...]

    5. A fantastic 5 star read erotic, kinky, action packed and great humor My first book from Author Bryce Calderwood and holy shit what a fantastic new discovery This story is packed with out of the box sexual scenes, action, humor and a storyline that keeps you involved from beginning to end Be aware this is not your ordinary erotica read This book takes you to a completely different level of the female body and hot, somewhat violent sexual scenes with a twist of a love story, that grabs hold and ke [...]

    6. 5 StarsI couldn t put this one down This is the first Futanari book that I have read, however it will not be the last Well written with excellent character interaction Packed full of sex, action, humor The book is written in a way that makes you feel like you are right there You get sucked in and don t want to put it down for anything This is not a book for the condescending or judgmental people As for everyone else, I would highly recommend you check this one out.

    7. My first book out of my normal soft romance comfort zone This book made me scared, turned on and crave to read This book was so powerful and intense that I cried of happiness, joy and sadness several times I loved the hot erotic intense scenes the author created I am hoping to read about these characters.

    8. This is a story about a woman who has an opportunity to her desires fall into her lap, nearly quite literally The story takes a fast pace from the very beginning, the author has his foot on the gas pedal from the first sentence If you love old school manga futanari then you ll truly enjoy the story of Ashlyn and Musette, they live up to expectations perfectly.For all the light hearted, dripping with cum sex scenes, this story is filled with blood and cruelty Make no mistake, these are not your T [...]

    9. If you are looking for a dark erotica, then look no further Bryce takes us through the blood lust, the crippling guilt and shame, the no holds barred sex, and the Underworld worthy action scenes with explicit detail Ashlyn loves everything futa wants to be one But struggling artists barely make enough to maintain a basic standard of living and so Ashlyn sates her desire by visiting futa clubs where she gets to have incredible sex with the futas there.One night, while returning home from the futa [...]

    10. This was a most unusual book to read Because the norm for Futanari is a comic type book with bubble text not having the pictures was strange The nature of the style is so over the top that descriptions of sex and violence are extreme This allows Mr Calderwood to let his imagination run wild and create a story that will appeal to a large group of PNR Hentai lovers Overall I thought the story started ok but was a bit weak in the first half However, the action and plot gather strength and steamroll [...]

    11. What a ride This book barrels through like a freight train from the first sentence to the last The story is well constructed, interesting, and fast paced It s also graphic and messy so messy I couldn t read it while I ate Bryce Calderwood has mastered the art of putting unrelated things together in a story, which I love, even when the subject isn t to my liking I raced through the last third of the book because I couldn t wait to see where it was taking me Calderwood is a master storyteller For [...]

    12. I can safely say this is the first time I ve ever read a book like this and I m totally hooked The author s writing was crisp and perfectly paced for me, very imaginative Giving the characters both male female parts was really outside the box for me and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it It was done so well and realistically which is hard to find in paranormal sometimes I was completely absorbed in Ashlyn and Musette s bloody erotic world, I could not stop reading until the end The erotic sce [...]

    13. WOW This was like no other book I ve ever read.Bryce Calderwood opened my eyes to all new world of reading.This was a fast pace, entertaining down right amazing read.The story of Ashlyn and Musette was unique and hooked me in at the very beginning.I loved the mix of science fiction, suspensed mixed with erotica It will leave you breathless.So grab a blanket and wrap yourself in this brilliant read.I highly highly recommend this.

    14. I was a little skeptical going into this because quite honestly, chicks with d cks But, I loved everything about this book It had vampires, blood, guts, gore hot sex What could you want Oh, and fabulous story line as well Definitely had that Give it a try if you like any of the things I ve just said it has I highly doubt you ll be disappointed.

    15. This is the first Futanari Vampire book I ve read I have to say it was interesting I would think everyone should try it once A lot of sex and violence May read part two if it is out.

    16. As an aficionado of all things vampire, I had a pretty good grasp of the genre I ve read everything from the original Dracula tale by Stoker to the elegance of Rice As an aficionado of porn, I ve seen my fair share of futanari, both animated and live action.That said, ladies and gentlemen, you ain t seen nothin yet What Bryce Calderwood has done is drop the aspects of vampirism into a bag, fed in the futanarian mythos, shook them up and poured out this bastard race from hell futanari vampires.Si [...]

    17. This is not a typical vampire love story and I loved it The fast paced story gripped me from the beginning as I was pulled into the highly erotic story of Ashlyn and Musette Musette is not a typical vampire but a futanari vampire, who is not accepted in the vampire community Ashlyn, finds Musette in an alley next to a club and their love story begins.The story is filled with humour and extremely graphic feeding and sex scenes Bryce Calderwood has an unique writing style which pulls you into the [...]

    18. Enthralled a Futanari Vampire Erotic RomanceThis is not the firt time I have read a Futanari story, but it is the first time I have read one like this one Though I would normally stop reading a story with so many mistakes in it gramarically I continued on becused the story was quite unique If the auther re edited it I would have given it a full 5 I have taken 2 off for the poor writing and the constant missing words Read it if you are like me and can overlook these mistakes, it is a good story.

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