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De duistere kant van de liefde #2020

De duistere kant van de liefde Het verhaal van de verboden liefde van Faried en Rana is de rode draad in Rafik Schami s fantastische roman die veel meer is dan een liefdesgeschiedenis Het is een aangrijpend beeld van het Midden Oo

  • Title: De duistere kant van de liefde
  • Author: Rafik Schami Sander Hoving
  • ISBN: 9789028422292
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • De duistere kant van de liefde By Rafik Schami Sander Hoving, Het verhaal van de verboden liefde van Faried en Rana is de rode draad in Rafik Schami s fantastische roman, die veel meer is dan een liefdesgeschiedenis Het is een aangrijpend beeld van het Midden Oosten vanaf het einde van het Osmaanse Rijk tot in onze dagen, een gebied dat een speelbal is van oorlogen en opstanden, geheime genootschappen en wrede dicaturen.Het is de geHet verhaal van de verboden liefde van Faried en Rana is de rode draad in Rafik Schami s fantastische roman, die veel meer is dan een liefdesgeschiedenis Het is een aangrijpend beeld van het Midden Oosten vanaf het einde van het Osmaanse Rijk tot in onze dagen, een gebied dat een speelbal is van oorlogen en opstanden, geheime genootschappen en wrede dicaturen.Het is de geschiedenis van het Syrische volk, dat gebukt gaat onder het juk van politiek en religie En het is het portret van de mysterieuze en fascinerende stad Damascus, die met veel liefde en tederheid tot leven wordt gebracht Rafik Schami betovert de lezer van de eerste tot de laatste bladzijde en neemt hem mee op een reis met vele onvergetelijke personages Drie generaties omspant deze roman, die de donkerste kanten van de mens laat zien en tegelijkertijd een loflied is op de kracht van de liefde.Er is maar n woord voor de grote inventiviteit waarmee Schami een tovertapijt knoopt uit de donkere wol van bloedwraak, stammentwisten en familievetes, doorschoten met de zilverdraden van de liefde, en dat woord is grandioos Voortdurend schept hij nieuwe beelden die een onvergetelijke indruk achterlaten, noit raakt hij buiten adem, nooit verliest hij aan kracxht Ik kan de lezer een ding verzekeren u gaat een Sheherazade beleven van een stralende kleurenpracht, een grote liefdesroman, maar het scherpe mes van verdriet blijft u niet bespaard Die Zeit

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    1. Una joya de la literatura Sin duda Hac a tiempo que no le a una historia taaaaaannnnn condenadamente buena y absorbente La voz de Schami me ha transportado a Damasco como si fuera una alfombra voladora y me ha envuelto en una Mil y una noches de historias proh bidas de secretos y pasiones, de carceles y manicomios, de as imposibles y venganzas Sin dudarlo, de momento este es el mejor libro que he le do este a o No hay peor falta de libertad que la que uno se ve obligado a sopotar tras haber apen [...]

    2. This is without a doubt one of my favorite books of all time I m surprised to see that some of the other reviewers criticized for being yet another book about honor killings in Arabia one of the things I loved about was that it did NOT deal with honor killings as the all encompassing story, in fact, it was just one of the many haunting and exquisitely told stories in this mammoth of a book Definitely the length of the book should not be looked at as a hindrance once I really got into the book af [...]

    3. I am so very frustrated with this book The violence is repetitive The sex is disturbingly portrayed, and it is repetitive too There is no beauty in any love relationship Beauty.I thought I would glimpse the beauty of the Syrian landscape No I thought I would be drawn into learning about Syrian history and culture I thought I would get a feel for Damascus All of this is lacking There is no emotional tie between the reader and the numerous characters You meet a character and he is married and has [...]

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    5. While at the beginning, I had some trouble getting into the story of the family feud between two Christian families in Syria which began at the end of the 19th century and keeps influencing generation after generation, the book and its characters started to grow on me after having ploughed through the first third of the novel While I found the repetitiveness of violence and forbidden love a little bit tiring at first, it became one topic of many in the course of the book I truly enjoy the Orient [...]

    6. Since I bought this book in October 2013, is been challenge to get time and start reading it as I have never read those types of a long length book The first 50 Pages been hard to Understand what the book were about, as it was not matching the title of the book However this book is now one my masterpiece and favorite book, as the author have create a very individual and a unique type of writing, by connecting and linking then 200 characters an one novel This book is explaining of the power of L [...]

    7. Spanning eight hundred and ninety six pages and three sprawling generations of Syrian families, The Dark Side Of Love is a massive, monumental paean to passion in all its tragic glory.Decades in its creation, Schami s work consists of three hundred and four separate fragments ordered together in the same intricate manner as the mosaics which adorn the Arab world s most splendid mosques Each of these pieces tells a story, and when you have read them they show you their own secret colours, says th [...]

    8. The Dark Side of love is an 853 page tome, set in Syria and written in German Rafik Schami grew up in Syria but moved to Germany in 1971.From the description on the back cover you would think this is a murder mystery, but it isn t in the general sense It starts at the end and then works it s way backwards and forwards to create a mosaic of life and love that lead towards the end.It is set between Damascus and the village of Mala, homeland of the warring Mushtak s and Shahin families, who are bot [...]

    9. I gave it the old college try, but decided to abandon this novel after 100 pages The Dark Side of Love is a story of Rana Shahin and Farid Mushtak, whose love story is similar to Romeo and Juliet, only this tale takes place in Syria, and the fighting between the families is much violent The novel begins when a body is found a high ranking Muslim officer, and I presume that the remainder of the story unfolds like crime fiction, which is not really my cup of tea There are many reviewers who gave [...]

    10. The main story was interesting However, there were too many side stories I found them distracting I read half of the book and just couldn t drum up the interest to finish it I think it would have been an excellent book at half of its length and focus on the main characters.

    11. I really think the blurb on and on the back of my English paperback does this book a disservice, making it out to be a simple murder mystery when it is in fact an 800 page social history of Damascus and wider Syria that was 30 years in the writing The murder plot exists mainly to conveniently bookend an epic story of decades of clan rivalry, peppered with countless loosely related vignettes that serve to illuminate daily life in an Arab state and the way different cultural and political groups c [...]

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    13. This took me far too long to read The blurb on the back gives the impression it will be a murder mystery kind of story that it sent in Syria, so I figured I would see how investigations like that work in that setting It s nothing like that Around 95%, possibly , of the book bears absolutely no relation to the original event at the opening of the book There was, frankly, no need to tell a story going back over such a long period of time to only get to the original event and summarise the outcome [...]

    14. A literary mosaic about the mystery that is Damascus, where every little piece tells a story, and when you have read them they show you their own secret colours And as soon as you have read all the stories you will see the picture A story of forbidden love, misfortune and grief brought about by the antiquated Arabic notion of honour, and a nation s inability to come to terms with its multiplicity and embracing the richness of it s social, religious, political and ethnic mosaic.Rafik Scahmi is a [...]

    15. This book started in a really amazing and creative manner, which reminded me of bks like house of the spirits and one hundred years of solitude.aaand that was really promising That was untill the bk was all cenetered around Farid and the plot goes astraycusing on stuff that really didnt make any difference regarding the plot and was just used to fill and pages We could have been better off without many secondary characters and details that were simply a waste of time The backbone of the plot, [...]

    16. I ve reached page 172 and I admit I ve lost interest The book is cluttered with too many characters I can t tell who s who any.I believe Rafik Schami is gifted in story telling but needs to acquire some zooming skills.This is the second book I read for him and I like the Calligraphers Secret way better than this onethe other reason that pushed me away from this book is the amount of negative energy packed between its linesThis writer has the talent for romantic settings, so I wish to read for hi [...]

    17. I would give it 2 and half a star really The book was so long, full of details that did not really have a positive impact on me I thanked god it ended happily Diversity of stories based on different characters are amusing somethings but are useless other times The essence of the book is politics, religion and sex Would I recommend people to read it No, the book would be a waste of time

    18. The clan saved the Arabs from the desert but it enslaved them I loved this book to bits and this could quite possibly be one of the best books of this year I know it s quite early but this mammoth of a book has possibly everything you could ask for To describe what the plot is, can be complicated because I am very happy to report that there isn t a linear plot Instead, Rafik describes it as a mosaic, putting together an assortment of pieces till the big picture emerges and that is exactly what t [...]

    19. Rafik Schami writes in his afterword that ever since he was a 16 year old boy in Syria, back in the 1960s, he had wanted to write a realistic Arab love story, but it took him 40 odd years to get it right The result is a novel that looks at dozens of permutations of doomed romance against a backdrop of decades of Syrian history, though the bulk of the story is set in the 1950s and 1960s.The novel opens with a murder mystery a body has been found, and when the assigned detective is suddenly remove [...]

    20. Un buen libro respecto al que tengo sentimientos encontrados La historia en s me ha gustado mucho, y tambi n la forma de narrarlo muy al estilo rabe, de contar an cdotas y breves historias e ir entretejiendo todo, como esas teselas de las que habla el autor en su nota final Pero me sobran teselas, algunas historias se han alargado mucho para mi gustoHa habido partes que me gustaron mucho, especialmente al principio, el inicio de las luchas entre los Mushtak y los Sahin algunos personajes, como e [...]

    21. This was the perfect book to read to get a taste of Syria outside the main story, the author throws in small chapters that give little stories that seem like they came from his grandmother stories about life in Syria through the ages, and the characters you find there Stories about how people think and feel women, men, all religions So, why only 3 stars Because it was too epic i.e long and complicated It spanned several generations and hundreds of pages just to set the background for the real st [...]

    22. This was very disappointing as I was really looking forward to learning about Syria and its history Instead I got a couple of Christian families warring against each other and influencing generation after generation I wanted to slap the main protagonists and tell them to get a life The repetitive and to my eyes, mindless violence, forbidden love, stereotyped characters, poor writing in the end just got too boring, The continual forays back into history explaining yet another character s backgro [...]

    23. A truly wonderful book, very enjoyable despite the length which many reviewers seemed to refer to, doubtless to brag perhaps I should have read this in two volumes to get credits.I hope potential readers aren t put off by the length of the book for a start my edition was printed in quite a large font and secondly, the chapters are very short The story is soap opera like with a large number of stories and people interweaving over time and space.My only criticism is that one of the main character [...]

    24. So far, the dark side of love seems to be that, in Syria, if you glance at a woman not your wife or a family member, your entire family will be slaughtered and generations of men will devote themselves to revenge bullshit Muslims and Christians are both involved Muslims claiming the 1 spot but Jews may get into the action, too after all, I ve got 750 pages to go.What s wrong with these people Is it the climate Religion seems to play little part I wish I could report that the novel is set in 1200 [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this novel, a beautiful story of forbidden love I struggled with the first part, but as soon as we entered the world of the Mushtak s and the Shahin s I was completely absorbed by this book Full of lovely short stories, I felt like I was sitting around a cosy camp fire, listening to each one Don t let the size put you off, it is a very easy book to put down and pick up after a break I found it very relaxing to read, even through the very dark and gritty chapters The author shine [...]

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