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King's Oak #2020

King s Oak He would make her whole again Leaving behind a disastrous marriage Andy Calhoun moves to the small town of Pemberton Georgia in search of banality What she discovers though is not serenity but T

  • Title: King's Oak
  • Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
  • ISBN: 9780792484370
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • King's Oak By Anne Rivers Siddons, He would make her whole again Leaving behind a disastrous marriage, Andy Calhoun moves to the small town of Pemberton, Georgia, in search of banality What she discovers, though, is not serenity, but Tom Dabney, a passionate and magical man.An exuberant poet who worships the wilderness surrounding Pemberton, Tom is everything Andy doesn t need in her life right now Bu He would make her whole again Leaving behind a disastrous marriage, Andy Calhoun moves to the small town of Pemberton, Georgia, in search of banality What she discovers, though, is not serenity, but Tom Dabney, a passionate and magical man.An exuberant poet who worships the wilderness surrounding Pemberton, Tom is everything Andy doesn t need in her life right now But despite warnings from friends, Andy is soon deeply immersed in Tom s life and his world a world he will do anything to protect When Tom declares war on the enemy poisoning his woods, it becomes clear that Andy must choose between her life with Tom and the one she left behind if Pemberton society will take her back.

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      222 Anne Rivers Siddons
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    1 thought on “King's Oak

    1. Dnf 52%Well, it is seems that beautiful writing with absolutely no plot does annoy me Especially since we are talking about 600 pages about the beauty of nature and nothing else I might get back to it someday, when I would have already read everything else.

    2. One of my favorite books of all time Haunting, magical, and thought provoking Need to re read this soon.

    3. This is one of my all time favorite books I fell in love with Tom and his love of nature His uphill battle against injustice still resounds in my head though its been many years since I read this book.

    4. I have one word to say to sum up this book Ew.What is supposed to be sexy about a man with bad hygeine and a bad habit of covering himself in deer blood I don t get it.

    5. I really loved this story Ms Siddons created a wonderful set of characters, and Tom Dabney can take me for a walk in the swamp any time

    6. I picked this book off a shelf of a beach rental, and the first 200 pages were just perfect for a beach book Then, I got home and it went downhill The writer was much to descriptive and dispassionate I think the author is a nice writer, I blame the editor for this one It could have been cut from 600 pages to 350 easily, and it would have been a better book in my opinion.

    7. Siddons writing is so infinitely rich and vibrant It was such a well written novel I so appreciated the writing as it carried me through the plot This is the kind of novel that you have to eat portion by portion and each section is just about right It s a long novel, I m giving you a heads up on that However, that being said, I have to say that I did enjoy it It is about a woman who goes through a disastrous emotional and physical relationship and leaves to be enveloped into the wealthy and priv [...]

    8. Anne Rivers Siddons will always be my favorite chick lit author and this is another one that does not disappoint My interest never flagged while reading this She manages to tell a love story, weave southern gothic elements, society drama, and family issues, and mental health issues together into one novel If you like her, you ll like this one too Regardless, it s a great beach read All of her books are.

    9. I haven t read this book in many years but remember how the story stayed with me a long time Worth a second read, perhaps

    10. This is a book about intense, all consuming love.Andy Diana loves her daughter, Hillary, and Tom, although she is afraid of loving Tom But, in the end, he makes her and Hillary happy and whole Tom loves Andy and Hillary and Scratch and most importantly the woods, the wildness of the woods, the Earth Carter loves Andy and Hillary, but he can t have them So Carter settles for Pat, who nobody loves Pat loves nobody she just wants to possess them, especially Tom It s a good book You should read it.

    11. I believe the writing was very good It is not the type book I usually read There was to many downs and not enough ups for me.I like a good romance, a little mystery,a little funny, and a very happy endingf

    12. The graphic animal abuse which I won t go into here kept me from enjoying this book I read it once before, in the 90s, and enjoyed it, but the re read proves that my heart is much tender than before I was frustrated by the main character s inability to protect her daughter throughout the novel Why not just move out of this toxic, awful town she lived in instead of staying and subjecting her daughter to so much horror I guess re reads aren t always enjoyable the second time around

    13. I understand that this printed version is no longer available, but I was lucky enough to pick it up at the Treasure Coast Hospice store for 2.00 It is a lengthy heavy book that was sometimes difficult to hold late at night when I picked it up from my night stand I was not familiar with author Anne Rivers Siddons work, but was drawn in by the cover and a quick glance at the inside flap I m giving it a four, while some would certainly give it a 5 star rating I related to character Diana Andy Calho [...]

    14. Andy Diana with her daughter, Hilary, flee an abusive relationship husband for a new place to live near Andy s friend s place in Pemberton, Georgia There she is surrounded on one side by old money and aristocracy aka the horsey set and on the other side by a nuclear power plant and all its personnel.Running away both from her abusive husband and her sexuality, Andy meets up with Tom Dabney, a wild man That is a man who truly lives in the wild woods ina cabin in much the same way his distant ance [...]

    15. This book took me a while to get into I had actually put it away with the intention of trying again later, then grabbed it again when I needed something convenient to read Ms Siddon tends to do a lot of set up, and I felt like I had to plow through it before I got to the interesting meat of the story However, when push comes to shove, I end up rather enjoying her books, even when I have to skim through several pages about worshipping the woods.

    16. I think this was my favorite of Anne Rivers Siddons books I loved the wood lore and love of nature that was expressed in the book as well as the touch of the mystical You never knew if Tom and Diana would really turn out to be some mythical wood nymphs, or if one or both were crazy There were loose ends in the book that I thought needed tying up concerning the nuclear waste, but overall, I enjoyed really enjoyed the book.

    17. King s Oak by Anne Rivers Siddons is a wonderful, lengthy novel set in contemporary Georgia It juxtaposes the theme of modern nuclear technology posing a very real threat and, therefore, the need for cleansing of the world, with personal frustration and alienation in relationships The two are intertwined through Andy and her daughter, Hilary, and Tom Dabney, a fanatical natural man An excellent read if somewhat slow at the beginning.

    18. I found this a very slow moving book It started out very well and interesting Not far into the book it bogs you down with too may details I think Anne Siddons will lose readers with to much I am not one that needs to know which side of the head he parts his hair I was determined to finish and did May wait to read another of hers.

    19. Not with an expected twist by expected I mean I ve come to expect from her novels a person you were led to believe was good was actually evil In this one, the evil stayed evil the good stayed good And at the heart of both good evil, a great big live oak tree Love the setting of a VERY horsey town.

    20. Can t put it downWhen I first started this book I was thinking it would be another beach readfar form it.ofoundly absorbing read about a changing world we think we re powerless to stop But with courage and love all things are possible Abuse, bullying, greed, and big business corruption all with a lot of earthy love.

    21. This is my first Anne Rivers Siddons novel I will read of her books for the richness of the language I need to read this one again, with a dictionary by my side.Given the lead ins on the front and back cover, it was fairly easy to keep up with the plot No unexpected twists or turns But I wouldn t be as tolerant of the disturbed child and the confused divorcee in future novels

    22. I really liked this book but it was kind of strange I am having a hard time imagining what the main character looks like for some reason I just couldn t create a visual of him This book is hard to describe but it was an easy read I have read 2 Anne Rivers Siddons books in a row and I think I need a break now I will read of hers though.

    23. Andy Calhous leaves an abusive marriage and moves with her daughter to Pemberton, Georgia where she meets Tom Dabey, an exuberant poet who worships the wooded wilderness that is being mysteriously poisoned.

    24. Structurally well written the story line was rather disjointed, the characters weak and insecure, but the concern for the ecology and background settings were interesting and visual Glad I read it, but not on my r read list.

    25. Great book kind of reminds me of Rachel Carson and her great endeavors Goes on a bit long, but still wonderful All the characters were memorable even though it was long, I loved it REAd it

    26. I love all of Ann Rivers Siddons books I think they really speak to the boomer generation This one, however, is haunting These characters have stayed with me for many years and I usually forget the stories within a week Definitely worth reading, as are all of her novels.

    27. Don t waste your timeI am seriously disappointed,the main character is the most spineless of all of your books put together a total roller coaster ride that just didn t pan out definitely not for me

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