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The Awakening and Selected Stories #2020

The Awakening and Selected Stories This is the first paperback edition to bring out in one volume Kate Chopin s extraordinary novel The Awakening along with the complete text of her two collections of short stories Bayou Folk

  • Title: The Awakening and Selected Stories
  • Author: Kate Chopin Stefania Ciocia Keith Carabine
  • ISBN: 9781840225846
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Awakening and Selected Stories By Kate Chopin Stefania Ciocia Keith Carabine, This is the first paperback edition to bring out in one volume Kate Chopin s extraordinary novel The Awakening 1899 , along with the complete text of her two collections of short stories, Bayou Folk 1894 and A Night in Acadie 1897 , and twelve uncollected tales The Awakening is a strikingly modern, evocative story of self discovery and female emancipation, set in theThis is the first paperback edition to bring out in one volume Kate Chopin s extraordinary novel The Awakening 1899 , along with the complete text of her two collections of short stories, Bayou Folk 1894 and A Night in Acadie 1897 , and twelve uncollected tales The Awakening is a strikingly modern, evocative story of self discovery and female emancipation, set in the sensuous environment of Southern Louisiana, where the young Edna Pontellier reclaims her own individuality, refusing to be defined by her roles of wife and mother Chopin s stories are brilliantly observed, compassionate and often humorous, alert to the foibles, weaknesses and small triumphs of her characters Overshadowed by the relatively recent fame of The Awakening, they contain some of the best work of this remarkably original author.

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      218 Kate Chopin Stefania Ciocia Keith Carabine
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    1 thought on “The Awakening and Selected Stories

    1. I did not enjoy this story, and I did not see why Edna s life was so bad I can understand feeling restricted, but I think Edna was a very selfish woman If anything, she should have thought of her children I am not here to say that women don t have existences outside of their marriages, their children I disagree strongly with that But a woman has a choice to make When she brings children into the world, it changes the decisions that she can make She can be happy and she can have joy, but she has [...]

    2. Most reviews of The Awakening begin with a qualification For a woman of her time, Kate Chopin but not this one I loved it from start to finish, loved it up, down, and sideways, loved it in a house, with a mouse, etc It s an angsty American masterpiece a Catcher in the Rye for late 19th Century women, if you will, though not only women should do identify with Edna Pontellier s internal external struggle against the social norms that strap her without her consent into the mother woman electric cha [...]

    3. Introduction The Second Coming of Aphrodite, by Sandra M GilbertSuggestions for Further ReadingA Note on the Text The Awakening Emancipation A Life Fable At the Cadian Ball D sir e s Baby La Belle Zora de At Ch ni re Caminada The Story of an Hour Lilacs Ath na se A Pair of Silk Stockings N g Cr ol Elizabeth Stock s One Story The Storm A Sequel to The Cadian Ball

    4. I spent an entire afternoon reading the short stories in this book, enthralled and enraptured, skipping luncheon to bathe in the hedonistic tendencies of Chopin s women I am now tempted to spent all of my student loans in some tailor s shop, a fine restaurant, a play I am tempted to sleep with the neighbor and call it infidelity, though I m not bound to any man And mostly, because of this, I am happy to be free and alone, to have my options open in modern day life, to follow my thoughts and no o [...]

    5. I have to put this out there straight off objectively this is a quite good book, a classic, and I have seen many other people like it.I cannot tell anyone not to read it, and, in fact, the writing style though very much of its time is clear and easy and well crafted Chopin knows her job as a writer, and does it decently, though perhaps, in my opinion only, she is not as fabulous as others make her out to be.On the other hand, my personal prejudice plays a great part in the rating of this book I [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book I read it in 3 days, over a weekend, and while I rushed the ending, I was engaged by it What I found so important about this book is that it was written in a style where I felt I understood the main character s inner process I enjoyed the limited dialogue with an emphasis on description, even during conversations However, I felt that there was only one main character, Edna, and all the other characters reflected her setting The ending which I will not spoil was particularly t [...]

    7. Free download available at Project GutenbergJust arrived from Canada through BM.A very touching novel, I loved it.

    8. Ik vond het een prachtig boekje en Edna een ontroerende vrouw De sfeertekeningen zijn erg mooi Het warme strand, de zon, de strandhuisjes, de zee, het vrolijke gezelschap op het eiland, de muziekavondjes Het leven is mooi Er is geen sprake van de naargeestigheid en donkere atmosfeer zoals die naar voren komt in Madame Bovary Ik vind het daarom onterecht dat dit boek met Madame Bovary wordt vergeleken Edna wil oprecht haar eigen vrijheid en ze wil met rust gelaten worden Zij heeft daar geen achte [...]

    9. Literature, media and public opinion has always painted a very romanticized picture of marriage and motherhood, especially the latter Without question, a mother s love for her child is, idealistically, boundless, which is why filicide is considered so terrible With that being said, there are some women who just should not be married and should defiantly not be mothers In The Awakening by Kate Chopin the character of Edna Pontellier, is one of those women Edna is the type of woman that married an [...]

    10. This is a short novel, published in 1899 It caused such a scandal that it was banned for decades afterward The furor over this book was so upsetting to Kate Chopin that she gave up writing altogether The story is about Mrs Edna Pontellier, a Kentucky girl married to Leonce, a New Orleans Creole One summer, When she is twenty eight, something inside her starts to shift She s not fully aware of what s happening, but she knows she feels different Gradually she stops obeying social conventions and b [...]

    11. I read this book for the first time when I was sixteen, before I understood myself as a feminist or an artist or had any sense of my own possibilities or power, and it changed my life This story for me is a cautionary one about the danger of awakening to your reality and trying to take control of your own life before you have the necessary skills, a community or a system of support Edna is invalidated by her husband and his world, abandoned by her lover, and not truly believed in by the one woma [...]

    12. I admit it s difficult to try to put up what I think would be my own review of The Awakening without it being influenced by Sandra Gilbert s introduction uhmm, so maybe I shouldn t bother, eh And yes, this reading was done haltingly, in between long stretches of intervals shakes fist damn you, attention span shot to hell To posit Edna Pontellier as a mother woman on the verge of going through minute yet slyly rapturous, if harrowing, changes from within which would ultimately coalesce into a sor [...]

    13. I haven t finished the entire book yet I ll get to the short stories in the next day or so But I finished The Awakening, and I m not sure just what I think of it yet, thus I ve given it somewhat of an ambivalent 3 star rating Warning my review contains information about the plot This was an interesting read, made so by understanding the era in which it was written late 1800s and that women back then didn t have the right to be as autonomous as they are in today s world Edna is in a marriage tha [...]

    14. The Awakening was interesting on some levels, and I loved how Kate Chopin expressed some voluptuous and sensual feelings, the awakening of a woman to her senses and to a freedom she never really experienced before But it was sometimes lengthy in its descriptions, and overall I felt both captivated at times and bored at others The other short stories were less interesting, for the exception of one or two, and had this same ambivalence beautifully written at times, less so at others.Not one of my [...]

    15. Everytime I read Kate Chopin, its like talking to an old friend This person knows and understands me well and vice versa It is a blessing, a heaven sent that we have Kate Chopin as part of the shapers of our history.

    16. I ve read The Awakening, but not when I was mature enough to understand realize what immense affect it was I will re read in that regard,

    17. I have tried very hard to understand why so many people like Kate Chopin s work I read The Awakening a year ago, and I am currently working my way through At Fault I just don t get the appeal Certainly, her skill drastically improved in the span of time between At Fault and The Awakening However, as a writer she is not very good Her writing is mundane, monotonous, and sometimes just plain dull at best She had a way of being blunt to an extreme and I don t think I ve ever read another writer s wo [...]

    18. Her prose is very elegant, but the stories overall don t seem to go anywhere The Awakening, the novella, is by far the best of the works included three of the other stories, La Belle Zoraide, The Story of an Hour, and Desiree s Baby, were haunting, and I feel they will stick with me while the rest of the collection fades into an indistinct blob of the Louisiana countryside.

    19. I wish there was to it It always blows when the main character just kills themselves at the end despite all they went through throughout the entire novel Doesn t send a good message, in my opinion.

    20. I get it Ennui stinks However, just like with her obvious literary antecedent Emma Bovary, there is simply nothing about Edna Pontellier that evokes even an iota of my sympathy or interest, and since I am not interested or sympathetic, there seems as little point to The Awakening as there is to Edna Pontellier s dull, meaningless existence After all, her life is one of endless privilege unencumbered by need or desire to work in any way her husband earns all the money, and she has maids to take c [...]

    21. p.19 A certain light was beginning to dawn dimly within herchokengtitik

      titikchokeng78 But it s just such seeming trifles that we ve got to take seriously such things countchokengtitik

      titikchokeng128 9 She felt as if a mist had been lifted from her eyes, enabling her to look upon and comprehend the significance of life, that monster made up of beauty and brutality.An instructive story and rather interesting read.Symbolism runs deep throughout the text The layers to peel back within the stor [...]

    22. I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about The writing sounded so modern, there wasn t any Victorian olde Engishe in this book at all Which even modern writers slip into when they get too wordy trying.Kate Chopin isn t excessively wordy She narratives everything semi removed, sort of describing an outline, but nothing in a way where I felt attached to the characters Even in the short stories, with the exception of Desiree s Baby, they seem to stop short Some of the stories I was puzzled, [...]

    23. I found it hard to elicit much sympathy for Edna Pontellier She has a successful husband who dotes on her and two fine, loving children Her emotional and sensual awakening leads to her falling for the first young man who shows her affection and when he removes himself to Mexico to prevent any impropriety with a married woman, Edna allows herself to be seduced by the local lothario Of course it ends badly, but was it really society s fault Perhaps Chopin s depiction of Edna not as a martyr under [...]

    24. This was a revelation It s uncanny to think this was written in the 1890 s She is a beautiful writer and the novella was fascinating To think that women are still held back from what they truly want from salaries to sex to discrimination and being told what you can and cannot do.I can see now that when I was born in the 30 s, although my parents were loving and wonderful, my mother did have her ideas of what a woman could and could not do and held to the idea that a woman should never scold her [...]

    25. A woman s awakening to her own life, her own agency, her own feelings For modern readers, there may be some puzzlement about why Edna, the protagonist, is so deeply unhappy since in most material ways she has her needs taken care of, and what, precisely, her struggle is One must, however, read this in context of the times, the societal place of women, and the assumption that her value came from her placidity, her lack of personal agency When she begins to awaken, her value declines, and there is [...]

    26. oh my lovely kate chopin how much i love you i had the pleasure to read the awakening much earlier this year but these short stories accompanying it are mesmerizing No wonder she was acclaimed a starter of the feminist movement although she was probably unaware of it but her protagonists were effortless strong spontaneous women who don t have to pretend to have adopted their philosophy from any kind of book or schoolingey made themselves the way they are and forced their way through life as shar [...]

    27. Re reading this incredible book about a woman in an impossible situation Love Kate Chopin as a woman, a true herione herself.

    28. You know the feminist books where the heroine dies or goes crazy in the end because she just can t keep with convention This book s the big kahuna of that genre for me.

    29. Prose so beautiful I would have to hold off continuing to read for fear of how the words would penetrate my soul with truth about the character and nature of being a woman.

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