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The Autobiography of Charles Darwin #2020

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin This gentle self portrait provides a unique insight into the beliefs principles of the moral man whose theories on evolution shook the foundations of traditional religion whose legacy courts both cont

  • Title: The Autobiography of Charles Darwin
  • Author: Charles Darwin
  • ISBN: 9781840465037
  • Page: 104
  • Format: cloth
  • The Autobiography of Charles Darwin By Charles Darwin, This gentle self portrait provides a unique insight into the beliefs principles of the moral man whose theories on evolution shook the foundations of traditional religion whose legacy courts both controversy the accolade of being part of scientific orthodoxy in equal measure to this day.

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    1. If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week Oh, Darwin I cannot understand how anyone could hate such a passionate and loving soul This memoir is a must read for everyone It teaches readers how the human scientist should be humble, honest and kind Darwin is an excellent example of the true scientist.I admit that I have skipped some parts especially those in which Darwin talked about the details of his journey [...]

    2. Darwin, Charles THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CHARLES DARWIN 1809 1882 1958 this ed 2008 This is a relatively short autobiography that Darwin wrote for the benefit of his children, so that they would have some idea of who he was and what his antecedents were when he was gone from this earth He spends most of his time talking about his years growing up and going to school He also hits heavily on his turn from formal religion to atheism as he grew older It is interesting how during his training for the min [...]

    3. One of the best ways to disarm critics of Darwin s theory of evolution by natural selection would be to get them to read his posthumous autobiography, originally edited by his son, then rereleased in an unexpurgated version by his granddaughter Whatever one might believe about the bible, or punctuated equilibrium for that matter, one cannot read this memoir without coming to like this man This was, after all, a fellow who dug an enormous hole in order to calculate earthworm distributions undergr [...]

    4. Reading this feels a bit voyeuristic, in that it was intended as a family document rather than a public one It s short and not a very good biography it talks in little detail about Darwin s life or character, whilst rambling about the personalities of various other contemporary scientists, Darwin s religious views and his own books It s nevertheless of some interest and so short as to hardly allow for getting bogged down It s nowhere near as fun as The Voyage of the Beagle or as important as On [...]

    5. O autobiografie scris doar pentru rude este mai sincer dec t altele Iar dac vre i s afla i mai multe despre Charles Darwin, cel cu ajutorul teoria selec iei naturale a ajuns celebr chiar dac acum este par ial contestat , a i ajuns la cartea care trebuie.Prima parte autobiografia ni l aduce n prim plan pe omul Darwin, cu dorin a sa de cunoa tere, de afirmare n domeniul tiin ific, cu refugiul s u n lumea tiin elor naturale, cu felul n care s au n scut c r ile sale.A doua parte C l toria unui natur [...]

    6. There were several pleasant surprises for me in this book, the first of which was how engaging a writer Darwin was He had a natural, easy flow to his writing that pulled me along and I found it hard to stop reading There are many very amusing anecdotes the story of how he tried to carry three rare beetles at once made me snort with glee and Darwin does a wonderful job balancing serious reflection and scientific exploration with the human interest story The second surprise for me was just how ord [...]

    7. I just finished reading the Autobiography of Charles Darwin a few minutes ago Darwin portrays himself as an ordinary man with an extraordinary zeal for science As he put it, My chief enjoyment and sole employment throughout life has been scientific work and the excitement from such work makes me for the time forget, or drives quite away, my daily discomfort Darwin was a humble, mild mannered Englishman whose great power of observation and critical analysis revolutionised our view of the world, a [...]

    8. This was a great little book to aid my quest to learn a bit about Charles Darwin.Darwin s actual autobiography is pretty short and makes up only half of the volume Not a riveting autobiography, but his rambles were pleasant enough, and there were a couple amusing anecdotes I enjoyed it.The remaining half is mostly devoted to letters and articles about some controversy between Darwin and Butler which I had absolutely no interest in, and the rest are a couple of Darwin s personal notes, which was [...]

    9. When Darwin sat down to write his autobiography for his children s sakes than because he thought anyone outside his immediate family would be interested he was 67 years old He had travelled around the world, he had met the elite of 19th century English thinkers, he had published a number of books including at least two which would still be widely read 150 years later, and revolutionised the field of science in general and biology in particular.After all this, he managed 120 pages of autobiograp [...]

    10. Qui n a jamais t fascin par l volution de la nature Qui ne s est jamais pos de questions sur les v g taux, les animaux, les min raux, la Terre Charles Darwin est l une des tapes qui me semble indispensable dans cette qu te de l observation du monde Quoiqu on puisse penser de ses th ories Ceci est donc son autobiographie, crite la toute fin de sa vie L avantage de l dition emprunt e, est qu elle met en couleur diff rente les corrections du manuscrit apport par sa femme, Emma Darwin ou plut t les [...]

    11. I kind of have a thing for Charles Darwin, so it was inevitable that I would want to read his autobiography I loved reading his own words and some of his own thoughts on science, evolution, his friends, family, and slavery he was adamantly anti slavery That being said, this autobiography was written by Darwin, exclusively for his children and grand children And as such, it doesn t cover much of his life, especially when compared to the 1200 page, 2 part biography by Janet Browne that I read last [...]

    12. I found this work very interesting and charming, but as I read it I kept thinking if I were not a huge fan of the author and his life s achievements, this book would be colossally boring So I am happy to give it 4 stars, but if Charles Darwin is not a great man for you, then this would not be a good book for you.I rate Charles Darwin as one of the two greatest men who has ever lived, along with Abraham Lincoln I never get over the incredible coincidence that these two greatest of men were born o [...]

    13. It should be essential for anyone who has ever heard someone say, Darwin said insert Darwinism here to read not only Origin of Species but what Darwin thought of his life and work, in his own words This is possibly one of the best books I have ever read Darwin s ability to self reflect is unmatched by anyone I have read to date What a treat it is to be allowed to travel through the mind of a humble, compassionate, genius or a man who wrote with his whole heart This book was originally intended t [...]

    14. I m a bit fascinated by Darwin, though most of the interest in this is that it is what he himself chose to record for his descendants It doesn t cover the Beagle voyage, as those journals were published elsewhere, so it s a rather general account of his growing up and his life upon return from his voyage It gives a good sense of the man though, and the appendices are truly brilliant Not so much the letters surrounding the ridiculously blown up spat between himself and Samuel Butler, but the vari [...]

    15. Hace tiempo asist a una exposici n sobre la vida y obra de Darwin, y qued con deseos de enterarme de primera mano sobre el proceso que lo llev a formular sus ideas Desafortunadamente, el libro es muuuuuy corto, y el periodo que todos supondr amos m s interesante el viaje en el Beagle, claro nom s llega y se va En una parte habla sobre sus gustos literarios y menciona que, para l, ninguna novela puede considerarse buena si no tiene al menos un personaje que puedas amar completamente Desde el punt [...]

    16. A humbling readIt was a real pleasure to read this book It truly felt like the legend himself in his frail voice is narrating his life story It s a very short book and it talks to the ingenuity of Charles Darwin to deliver the message in a most concise manner A lot to learn in this book and it left me humbled LOVED IT

    17. It s one of the most successful autobiographies ever written as it satisfies the core purpose of getting inside the author s head and his thoughts very clearly I would highly recommend it to science lovers and geeks.

    18. A nice biography but lacks the insights we would like from such a genius, a man who changed the world He did have a charming modesty and I think was likable fellow.I wonder what he would have been like in the day of modern science Probably, he would still be outstanding.

    19. Before he made his big discovery, Darwin intended to become a pastor Fortunately for us, his passion for knowledge ultimately led him towards science and away from theology, though his thoughts on both are certainly worth reading Though he was bold, even daring, he was never arrogant or condescending, but displayed great humility and grace in his writing I have steadily endeavored to keep my mind free so as to give up any hypothesis, however much beloved I can t resist forming one on every subje [...]

    20. I m sad to say that on my first trip through a History of Psychology course, I wasn t super interested in Darwin A little older and a little wiser when I took a similar grad school course, that all changed I was assigned a presentation on Darwin s early life through his voyage on the Beagle, which led me to reading some snippets of his own writing His writing was charming, often full of wit, and sometimes deeply moving his letter on the death of his daughter Annie is particularly touching Soon e [...]

    21. A quick, easy, illuminating view into the beautiful, messy, diligent and earnest mind and habits of Charles Darwin Having been taught some untruths about Darwin in my childhood, I still feel compelled to make up for lost time One of the most interesting facts I learned in this autobiography is that Darwin did not publish The Origin of Species until 15 20 years AFTER having compiled his key observations, notes and findings As a result, The Origin of Species has stood up to 157 years of subsequent [...]

    22. Charles Darwin s son Francis Darwin states on the very first page that It will easily be understood that, in a narrative of a personal and intimate kind written for his wife and children, passages should occur which must here be omitted and I have not thought it necessary to indicate where such omissions are made This edition contains two appendices by son Francis Darwin 1 reminiscences of My Father s Everyday Life 2 The Religion of Charles Darwin.The autobiography gives information regarding hi [...]

    23. Ah, sir Charles Darwin This auto biography illustrates how impeccable the merging of persistence with humbleness can be A true analytical mind, faraway from the typical ethics restrained research, well before anyone else Writing about himself, not to be published, but for his kids to read after his death But also a kind and loving human being, in a repeatedly appearing mild depression caused by his poor physical condition and his great, otherwise, mind.If biographies can be life changers for the [...]

    24. A short autobiography of Darwin Darwin was a great collector of facts He loved to ponder on his ideas He tested his ideas He noted things immaculately He was rigorous He loved collecting facts, and scientific experiments His love of finding things out allowed him to put in the long years in forming each theory and in writing his papers books.Thanks to him we now know the revolutionary theory of Evolution A theory that has lasted 100 years.

    25. This is an interesting revised edition when you learn that Charles Darwin s family didn t want all information on his life released and hoped to keep some things out of the public I think whether you believe in the theories expressed by this man or not, he is an interesting and renowned scientist all should read about.

    26. If I were to meet Charles Darwin at a bar, I d say he s a man of few words, because this is perhaps the shortest autobiography I ve ever read With a n 2, maybe I should publish my theory in regards to men of science and short biographies With my two samples being Darwin and Tesla Key takeaway Darwin attributes his accomplishments to his love of science.

    27. A humble view of his life and sometimes interesting observations such as if I had to live my life again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week for perhaps the parts of my brain now atrophied would thus have been kept active through use.

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