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The Long Road Home #2020

The Long Road Home A novel of courage hope and loveFrom her secret perch at the top of the stairs seven year old Gabriella watches the guests arrive at her parents lavish Manhattan home The click click click of her m

  • Title: The Long Road Home
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780552145022
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Long Road Home By Danielle Steel, A novel of courage, hope and loveFrom her secret perch at the top of the stairs, seven year old Gabriella watches the guests arrive at her parents lavish Manhattan home The click, click click of her mother s high heels strikes terror into her heart, as she has been told that she is to blame for her mother s rage and her father s failure to protect her Her world isA novel of courage, hope and loveFrom her secret perch at the top of the stairs, seven year old Gabriella watches the guests arrive at her parents lavish Manhattan home The click, click click of her mother s high heels strikes terror into her heart, as she has been told that she is to blame for her mother s rage and her father s failure to protect her Her world is a confusing blend of terror, betrayal and pain, and Gabriella knows that there is no safe place for her to hide.When her parents marriage collapses, her father disappears and her mother abandons her to a convent, where Gabriella s battered body and soul begin to mend amid the quiet safety and hushed rituals of the nuns And when she grows into womanhood, young Father Joe Connors comes into her life Like Gabriella, Joe is haunted by the pain of his childhood, and with her he takes the first steps towards healing But their relationship leads to disaster as Joe must choose between the priesthood and Gabriella She struggles to survive on her own in New York, where she seeks escape through her writing, until eventually she is able to find forgiveness, freedom from guilt, and healing from abuse.In this work of daring and compassion, Danielle Steel has created a vivid portrait of an abused child s broken world which will shock and move you to your very soul.

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      246 Danielle Steel
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    1 thought on “The Long Road Home

    1. I think the last time a book gripped me this much was when I read My Sister s Keeper by Jodi Picoult On that note, I don t think I have ever read a book that made me feel so angry, saddened, and hopeful many times throughout the whole story It was riveting and left me feeling broken hearted for the poor girl who could never catch a break I have NEVER teared up this much while reading a book in my life Steele s writing made the characters feel so real, to the point where I actually HATED a handfu [...]

    2. Very easy to read and hard to put down Seems to have crazy twists and turns Very enjoyable Tear jerker and leaves warm smiles Can t wait to see how the ending turns out.Read the first half within part of a day 12 13 11 This book was very difficult to put down Throughout the whole book there are so many unexpected twists and turns Would recomment it to anyone who wants to read an unforgettable book Amazing author Never have been disappointed with her style of righting 12 15 11

    3. I honestly to God wasn t expecting to love this book, It was those books that lived inside my bag, not even my shelf I feel really guilty for not appreciating or making it a top priority on my reading list.I don t where to start with this book Being the first time I have read her book I didn t honestly thought it packed a punch My emotional stability was put to test with this book Touching on strong themes, such as Child Abuse, Love, Life Struggles, Confronting the past and a lot of life issues [...]

    4. I haven t read this since I was about 16 or so, having found it lying around my sister s house when i was living with her, but here s what I remember It doesn t just skim through like a story told, it s deep and long and solid Telling of a life, letting you live that life with her Details of abuse, aftermath, darkness, and the hard journey to the other end to the light It s an emotional read I think I might have cried, shuttered, and sat in stone faced silence through this piece of work I can t [...]

    5. It was a typical DS, I did my usual quick skipping reading, it was ok, easy to read which suits a purpose.

    6. Audiobook, abridged.The good things about this book hence the 2 stars Anthony Fusco is a great narrator Did both the male and female voices excellently and I could feel the pain and happiness as he read The first half was good, but The bad things about this book Can t Gabrielle ever have a happy life WARNING SPOILERS GALORE First she s beat by her mother constantly while her dad stands there and watches and thinks, Oh my, I wish she would stop Then she s sent to a convent where she finds happin [...]

    7. Oh, my God I have never read Danielle Steel before, and I certainly expected than what I got from this bestselling author The story was full of pathos and grabbed my attention all right, but much of the horror came from the poor quality of her writing and research Such stories of abuse do exist, but I don t think Steel has a clue about the real impact that the unrealistic conditions she set up would have on a young girl like Gabriela The dialogue was pedestrian and she continually told us what [...]

    8. Always embarrassed to admit having read a Danielle Steel book, this is the first of hers that I ever picked up The story grabs you in an Oh my God I cant believe this is happening, how awful kind of way but after the first half of the book it tends to become somewhat mismatched and I found myself feeling that I have been sad with this book long enough and wanted it to just finish The relationship between Gabriella and the nuns of the convent is lovely and I enjoyed the slight exploration of reli [...]

    9. This incredible book brought me to tears, and was one I promptly suggested for my sister If anyone has suffered at the hand of an abusive parent, you ll immediately connect with this book It tore my heart out, and gradually rebuilt it piece by piece as she told the story Incredible.

    10. Kao to sam ve napisala, ova Danijelina knjiga me je totalno odu evila Nakon to ju je majka poslije deset godina zlostavljanja ostavila u samostanu i kada su je asne sestre odgojile i u ile da bude jedna od njih, Gabrijela upoznaje sve tenika po imenu D o Pomislim da je to zaslu ila, ljubav koja ih je obavijala, radost kada su ekali bebuMe utim, kraj njihove veze me je okirao Danijela je uspjela da me ostavi s otvorenim ustima od oka D Spojleri dalje Nakon to je napustila samostan i upoznala prof [...]

    11. Quieres un libro realista, un libro que no s lo sea romance ste es para ti Es hermoso, pero muy, muy fuerte y tenemos como tema central el maltrato infantil y psicol gico Eloise, madre de Gabriella, trata de lo peor a su hija, maltrat ndola f sicamente desde que naci LA historia comienza cuando gabi ten a 7 a os, d ndonos cuenta de la crueldad de esta mujer para que se den una idea, lleg a romperle el t mpano de uno de sus o dos, y a quebrarle algunas costillas Para bien de gabi, la madre decide [...]

    12. I remember reading this book while I was a freshmen in high school and even then I could not put it down I felt like such a nerd while all my friends were talking after our work was done or in between classes and I was quietly reading and at times even tearing up or crying This was an excellent book and was one of the first that would lead me to becoming a huge lover a books I remember feeling the pain from an unwanted young girl and and getting badly abused and getting very little to no help [...]

    13. Weak protagonist Gabriella is labelled strong in this book because she overcame all the obstacles but I personally feel that it made her character weak pathetic when she allowed people to kick her around And then it ends with a happily ever after with Prince Charming Boring Most things are complicated in life, arent they It s a shame it has to be that way Sometimes it seems like nothing can ever be easy But there are also times it s easier than we make it I think we all complicate things ourselv [...]

    14. I m not a fan of Steel But I read this book MANY years ago and I couldn t put it down My classmates used to tease me because they thought it was a bible Lol Now that I ve read it again, it was still hard to put it down but now that I m experienced with reading I was very irritated by how she repeated things over and over other than that, it is still a breathtaking experience A great book

    15. I have not read Danielle Steel since college, when I thought it was the greatest literary work around LOL, but this.25 pickup at a library sale was sitting on my TBR forever, it was wonderful It sucked you in completely and just when you think that the heroine can take no , is thrust upon her I really enjoyed this one, a great book and completely engrossed me, finished it in two partial days

    16. El largo camino a casaIncre ble historia de como una ni a sobrevive a maltratos por parte de las personas que deber an haberla protegido verdad es que llore por Gabriela por sus circunstancias por lo que tuvo que pasar pero me admiro su fortaleza y su fuerza para salir adelantenque creo que el libro termin precipitadamente peraba m s del finaln todo me a encantado recomiendo.

    17. I thought I would try some authors I have seen a lot but never read Danielle Steele is one I don t know if this is representative of her other books but it was not a romance It was a book about abuse It seemed she had done her homework and really understood what abused children go through and how they think The book was long and tedious though because of that.

    18. une belle lecture , mouvante ayant creus au fond de moi un profond ab me, et r veillant ce que je voulais teints jamais

    19. Hadn t read any of her books in a while Nicely done Traces a young girl through hell and back Unusual twists Couldn t wait to see what happened next.

    20. Although hard to read at times, it s still a solid and deep story of one girl going through some of the worst case moments in life, but having to come out in the end, face her past and becomes a strong young lady I only ever read it once, and that was years ago, though the story is still completely and utterly memorable on my mind like I read it yesterday, so I guess that s a good thing I have been meaning to buy my own copy, as my last one was my mothers that I read.It s not the best one of her [...]

    21. To tell you honestly, I literally cried when I was reading this Specifically the part where Gabriella s dad found her in her room unconscious surrounded by her pool of blood I couldn t control my tears any longer, so I just let it shed This is my second book from Danielle Steel, the first one was Star, which was for me, a little unrealistic Though even this book is, but I appreciate this better than Star.

    22. This book was a huge surprise to me All my friends that DO NOT read, ever, had read this book before me and each one said how good it is Very tough to read in parts due to the nature of the story, but in the end, like most Danielle Steel books it gives you courage and hope Very, very good book

    23. This book had me in tears from the first chapter straight to the last and final one Tears of sadness and anger at first but then tears of joy as young Gabriella finally began to find her happiness and let go of all the pain, anger and self blame that she struggled with for years It s a story of hope, love and faith and one that will truly stay with me for a long long time.

    24. its such a sad book one point during the read i thought, can it get any worst for the character,,but den again something happens n its horrifying her own mother beats her, the father leaves them, the mother discards her,the boyfriend tries to kill her u should know what you are going in for, u might just enjoy it e emotions and pain have been described quite nicely though.

    25. It was just to sad for me Like I ve no problem with drama, on the opposite I actually enjoy it usually But I like high level kind of drama, drama on books that you just won t forget This one was just way to dramatic and not enough Special I m not sure if that the right word, but for sure something was missing on it.

    26. Danielle Steel s books are mostly the same this one is a nice novel but all her ideas are the same the hero in the story is always a girl who suffers all her life and she goes through hell and at the end she finds the love of her life after so many failed relations so clich

    27. This book was amazing in alot of ways having a girl survive the abusive mother and a father that left her to live with her To the convent she grew up in tobe kicked out because of a preist she fell in love with She survived so much and still searched for the happiness she always wanted

    28. This was a hard book to read because it deals with severe child abuse It does show that an abused child can triumph, but not without a lot of problems I don t recommend it to the feint of heart.

    29. Not thrilled with it It s been a long time since I read a Danielle Steel and I thought they were lighter than this I began to have a hard time buying into the story when SO many bad things happened When did she get so depressing

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