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The Witches of BlackBrook #2020

The Witches of BlackBrook Through space and time sisters entwined Lost then found souls remain bound Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurtles their souls forward through time Aft

  • Title: The Witches of BlackBrook
  • Author: Tish Thawer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Witches of BlackBrook By Tish Thawer, Through space and time, sisters entwined Lost then found, souls remain bound Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurtles their souls forward through time After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver Will their reunion return their full powerThrough space and time, sisters entwined Lost then found, souls remain bound Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurtles their souls forward through time After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver Will their reunion return their full powers, or end their souls journey forever

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      125 Tish Thawer
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    1 thought on “The Witches of BlackBrook

    1. I received a copy of The Witches of BlackBrook to review and really chose it because of its awesome cover I want that dress so bad I am glad that I choose to review it, I ended up liking it a lot than I thought I would.Likes I loved the whole span of time in the books The sisters were crushed to be separated and have to find each other through series of lives They grew up in Salem during the heat of the witch trials Even though they tried to help people, they still are seen as harmful.Magic is [...]

    2. I got to 20%, but the dialogue was stiff and awkward and I had a feeling it wasn t going to get much better so decided not to waste my time.

    3. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to the paranormal genre, I am very picky as to what books I will read I think it has to be done in the right way in order for me to enjoy it because it can t overshadow the plot With my fascination of the Salem Witch Trials and everything surrounding that part of our history, I knew that I would want to read The Witches of BlackBrook the moment I stumbled across the synopsis Needless to say, this one hit every single one of my requirements and then [...]

    4. Sigh I m not sure where all of these 4 and 5 star ratings are coming from I bought this book because it was 0.99, the cover looked fantastic and I ve honestly never read a book about witches that I didn t enjoy I guess there s a first for everything I don t know where to begin The dialog felt forced and awkward This was especially true of the villain I had bought the audio version as well and the narration of the villain was laughable None of the characters seemed to have their own voice All of [...]

    5. Note I received a free digital copy of this book thanks to Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.I found this book to be quite unique and very enjoyable, filled with suspense, Wiccan magic, and much .Quick SummaryTrin and her sister Kit has been looking for their youngest sister ever since they ve been thrown forward into time by a spell cast by Trin But something is blocking Trin from finding her, and everyone s souls are in danger if she doesn t find out how to defeat it Will she [...]

    6. The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer is the first instalment in the Witches of BlackBrook series however, it is does not have an open ending Quick paced and easy to navigate, the story is about three witches Karina, Kara and Kenna, who lived in the late 1600 s, when magic was practiced freely Mischief befalls the three, when a woman tricks the elder sister, claiming her baby is ill After that, Karina is accused of killing the baby and being the devil s daughter She is sentenced to burn at th [...]

    7. I received a copy of this from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.Review can also be found on The Fox s Hideaway.My Review Any time there is a story about witches, I NEED to read it Add a pretty cover on top of that, and I m basically sold While I did enjoy this book, there was something about it that was justcking It was told in 3rd person and switched a few POVs throughout so it was a little hard to connect to the characters, but I liked them I just didn t feel as if I knew th [...]

    8. Thank you Xpresso Book Tours for this book Unfortunately, I DNF d this book I put it on the DNF shelf, if you didn t see When I first saw the blurb for this book, I was really excited I was really excited because the book includes mentions the Salem witch trials I LOVE the Salem trials It was probably the most interesting topic in the Social Studies curriculum, along with WW2 The Holocaust It witch trials had so much drama, hype, tension, and false accusations Sure, this book has a lot of drama [...]

    9. I received this book from Xpresso Reads in return for a fair and honest review.This is an enjoyable and entertaining tale told in the present time but with flashbacks to Salem It is smoothly linked and always done with a reason, not simply gratuitous With lots of intrigue and suspense to keep you turning the pages, this is a story that is an easy read with plenty of references made to Wicca and the correspondences to various flowers and crystals etc.I enjoyed this story and didn t find any editi [...]

    10. 0.99 on Kindle so I decided not to pass it by The plot lacked depth in my opinion I made the mistake of getting the Audible version as well and the narrator was on my last nerve.riods are there for a reason Ms Narrator I felt the characters were also uninteresting The book had potential, but fell flat.

    11. This is one of those books where you keep thinking one chapter and then I ll stop for the night and the next thing you know the book is over and you re both happy and sad I started this book about 2am and finished it at 4 22am I though that since it was after 3 and it was officially now March 7, I could buy book 2 and continue this wonderful series, but alas I must wait a few hours Guess I ll try to get some sleep.I LOVED this story the quick trips back to the late 17th century before continui [...]

    12. Since I can remember I ve been obsessed with witches, every time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was A WITCH , by the time I was 12 I had read everything I could about witches books, witches in real life and finally had my first contact with the Wicca religion and I was in love Growing up a catholic, going to a catholic school for girls it was hard to wrap my head around a lot of this stuff but I was hooked and the I read about it the I wanted to be a witch, the [...]

    13. I bought this book from the author at Penned Con 2016 and decided to review it.Initially, the plot begins with a story that most people who have practiced the Craft know all too well a person who was well versed in medicinal herbs helped out her neighbors for a nominal fee, one of the townspeople she helped or a friend of the townsperson she helped went to the authorities and accused her of witchcraft, the person was tried, usually found guilty of witchcraft, and was summarily executed.At first [...]

    14. When, in 1693, Karina was tried as a witch, she created a spell that launched her soul and the souls of her 2 sisters forward in time, but unbeknownst to her, a powerful demon got caught in the spell and was brought with them This demon knows that if the sisters find each other again, they will become too powerful, so every generation it works against them to keep them apart This generation though, Karina is known as Trin, and along with the sister she always finds, they search for the lost one [...]

    15. This book was so good I read it in one day Have you ever watched Charmed Well it s not like that but you get a Charmed feel when you read this book I adore the show and I absolutely adored this book Everything about this book had me reading and I couldn t put it down.This book is hard to review since I don t want to give anything away I loved this story, I loved the sisters and I loved the romance The story is told by Trin, that s her name in this life but she is the older witch sister Karina I [...]

    16. 4 stars based on the story not on the narrationQuick, entertaining and interesting magical paranormal story The story is told between the past and present Really liked the past parts of the story While the story was entertaining and enjoyable it was pretty east to figure out who the deceiver in the trio was Although there are a few twists in the story you don t see coming.While Michelle Marie has a pleasant voice she needs to slow down, it sounds like she is rushing through the narration female [...]

    17. This was my second book by Thawer and am falling in love with this author I d never read a novel about witches, much less a fantastic time hop one time hops can get REALLY confusing but Thawer did an excellent job of making everything clear what I loved most about this novel were the twists I totes didnt see some of them coming and it totally made the book I definitely recommend this book to fantasy lovers

    18. A very cute Wicca fantasy romance thay kept me entertained during this evening s flight delays With some interesting historical plays and classic magic, even though some of the choices and characters were obscure or a little confusing I still really enjoyed this book.

    19. Huge thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for giving me my own ecopy of this book in return for a honest review This is an interesting concept that really caught my eye It does help that I am interested in books related to witches yeah, yeah, I m sure you guys have heard this from me a lot by now and I liked that it involves three sisters fated to be together again in the future after their deaths at the Salem witch trials.Now the girls have been reborn in the present US They have been reborn in many ti [...]

    20. Book received for free from Xpresso in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.The Witches of BlackBrook tells the story of Trin and her sister Kit, and alternates between current times, all the way back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials and between Trin and Kit were separated from their youngest sister in the 1690s, whenever Trin then Karina is being burned at the stake for being a witch The three are indeed witches In order to s [...]

    21. The whole topic of the Salem witch trials is something that has always interested me I m no scholar when it comes to what happened, but I always find myself watching documentaries or checking out books that touch on the subject so it s no surprise that this one caught my eye The blurb coupled with the cover had me requesting it, as well as getting the opportunity to experience an author that I d never read before So when it was finally sent to me I was excited to dive into the world, but I now f [...]

    22. This book was very different for me After requesting a review copy from Xpresso Book Tours, I kind of thought to myself What have you gotten yourself into Not in a necessarily bad way, because that is one heck of a synopsis But it was the fear of trying something new.Tish Thawer s WITCHES OF BLACKBROOK was intriguing from the beginning I m a huge fan of the paranormal novels obviously, since I m writing in that genre , but something about her teasers scared me a bit So once I cracked open that f [...]

    23. This review was originally posted at Paperback Princess.Three sisters lived as witches at a time when the Salem witch prosecution was very much alive, Trin, the oldest of the three and the most powerful was sent to the pyre for helping a woman save her child, but as she burnt at the pyre, being such a powerful witch she cast a spell to send her and her sisters to the future, unfortunately it didn t go as well as she thought and they got separated and for decades after that they continue to look [...]

    24. Enjoyable read I m not normally one to read books about witches but the storyline in this one pulled me in I thoroughly enjoyed this book

    25. In 1693 Karina Howe was burned as a witch she and her two sisters Kara and Kenna lived as true witches in Ipswitch, Massachusetts Before Karina could be burned alive, however, she cast a powerful spell that launched the souls of herself and her sisters forward through time The demon that separated them in 1693 also managed to get caught up in Karina s spell and finds a way every generation to keep one sister separate from the others so their full potential will never be reached Presently, in Bla [...]

    26. I received a free copy of this book via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review I made no guarantee of a favorable review.Oh my God This is a book deserving of than five stars This is the story of three sisters witches to be precise As the oldest of the three sisters, Karina is tied to a stake ready to burn to death for her crime of witchcraft, she casts a spell that will forever bind them to finding each other in other lives and through time.Trin and Kit always manage to find one a [...]

    27. I have read a lot of the history of the Salem Witch Trials, and I love fictional books with those aspects and themes So I was excited for this book because it s been a while since I ve read a good witchy story Unfortunately this book fell extremely flat for me and I almost DNF d it several times I was unable to connect to any single character, or the group of them as a whole They were all very one dimensional to me and I didn t feel like they showed any emotion The bulk of the story seemed like [...]

    28. This was such a fantastic and captivating book The author has well defined characters especially with characters that are based on past lives She was able to keep the reader from getting confused with switching to the past and present of each character and in my opinion the showing of the past lives enhanced the storyline I was unable to put this down until it was finished There were so many twists and turns I was totally shocked at some points of this book Although after the twist was resolved [...]

    29. I won this book as a prize from a giveaway I absolutely loved it The author had such a great story line and history in this book As most books regarding witchcraft and the witch trials, this book takes you back to three sisters who are witches, and the oldest getting burned on trial Casting a spell that will bring the three souls together again to save her younger two sisters, it recreated them in future lives to which they try to reunite in each life Souls brought together with a mix of demons [...]

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