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Weightless #2020

Weightless After a perfect summer Sophie returns to college for her senior year Leaving behind her greatest source of strength she has to work even harder to keep her demons quiet But when her past collides wi

  • Title: Weightless
  • Author: Gia Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 436
  • Format: None
  • Weightless By Gia Riley, After a perfect summer, Sophie returns to college for her senior year Leaving behind her greatest source of strength, she has to work even harder to keep her demons quiet But when her past collides with her happiness for the final time, she s faced with a new normal Is she strong enough to stay on top Does she believe she s worthy of forever, or will she give it all upAfter a perfect summer, Sophie returns to college for her senior year Leaving behind her greatest source of strength, she has to work even harder to keep her demons quiet But when her past collides with her happiness for the final time, she s faced with a new normal Is she strong enough to stay on top Does she believe she s worthy of forever, or will she give it all up for a chance at peace One try One chance Now a college graduate, Kipton stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime Facing an unexpected long distance relationship, he s struggling to find the perfect balance between life and love All he wants is to protect his girl, but he doesn t know how Especially when she starts keeping secrets Fate has already determined their path Time controls it Are Sophie and Kipton strong enough to overcome the odds Will they conquer the past once and for all Only one person knows the answer to free her to make her weightless Weightless is the full length follow up to Lighter, and the conclusion to Sophie and Kipton s story.
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    1. Like everyone else, I fell in love with Kipton and Sophie s story in Lighter Sophie was beautiful but damaged, and Kipton was her gorgeous knight in shining armor As they continue their story, the tables get turned a bit I loved how Sophie got tougher, and Kipton showed his vulnerable side Gia created a very real story As in love as a couple may be, there isn t an easy ride off into the sunset She made their journey realistic, and nail biting as hell at times Well written with moments that melt [...]

    2. Actual Rating 4.5 Stars I feel weightless when I m with you like I can do anything, go anywhere, and be anyone I want to be all because you love me Weightless is the conclusion to Sophie and Kipton s story It picks up right where Lighter left off Sophie and Kipton just spent the most amazing summer together, just enjoying each others company and really getting to know one another Now that the summer has come to an end, their relationship will face the biggest challenge so far Kipton has finished [...]

    3. This is the beautiful, heartwarming conclusion to the story of Kipton and Sophie that began in Lighter Sophie and Kipton have spent an entire summer strengthening their relationship and learning everything about each other Even though Kipton has already graduated and gotten a job in his hometown and Sophie has to head back to school 2 hours away, the two are completely committed to making it work in spite of the distance But when the past tries to interfere, will Kipton and Sophie s love be stro [...]

    4. The conclusion is as good as the start.Sophia has fought to survive Her eating disorder under control for now Kip Cara s family taking her in after her world exploded Now she is out, recovering, and after a perfect summer with Kip , with Cara and her new family the pressure is about to build again Kip, graduated, has a new job at a school away from her Will her fragile belief in love be able to survive When ghost of the past keep surfacing and Sophia is put in danger will Kip risk it all give it [...]

    5. To say that this book was perfect is an understatement From the moment I read Lighter, I knew I needed I begged for Weightless is so much MORE I related to Sophie in so many ways in Lighter I was her She was me To read this continuation of her story was a beautiful experience Gia gives us the perfect amount of angst, steaminess, and swoon worthy moments Kipton Oh my stars, Kipton He is seriously the best BBF He has flaws, but goodness they re always with the best intentions If you ve read Ligh [...]

    6. Yes, Yes YES When I heard that Gia Riley was going to continue the story that grabbed me by the heart in Lighter, I knew I had to read it You need to read the first book before jumping into this one If you don t, you will be lost on a few vital plot points I fell in love with the beautiful mess that was Sophie and the calm, steadying presence that was Kipton Weightless is told in a dual POV which really enhanced the story and made me feel the weight of all the things that went unsaid This book p [...]

    7. This book is such a wonderful read Lighter had been gripping and surreal, but beautiful Weightless is still surreal, but hopeful and full of passion The story begins during the summer after Kipton has graduated Sophie is in her senior year and Kipton has accepted an offer to teach at another schoolis means that they will be apart for longer than they ever imagined Sophie understands that a relationship does have some rough patches and isn t rainbows and butterflies all of the timebut Kipton isn [...]

    8. 4.5 stars I know how important it is to live each day like it s your last I m never guaranteed tomorrow, and for that reason alone, I realize I m alive than ever Weightless, by author Gia Riley, is the second book in the Begin Again series and the conclusion to Sophie and Kipton s story, that resulted in feelings of warmth and love I see my life as the blessing that it is instead of the mistake that it always was It is with great anticipation that we open the pages of Weightless to give some fi [...]

    9. Ok So I admit I was horrified to read this story but of course I needed to know what else could possibly go on between Sophie and Kipton after their struggles in book 1 Just when we thought the two had a solid thing going they are now going to be dealing with not only a long distance relationship BUT Sophie s past is lurking around in worse ways than in book 1 Hang on tight because the rollercoaster has yet to stop , the only thing I can say is that Kipton and Sophie have grown much stronger and [...]

    10. This is the continuation and the final installment of Sophie Kipton s story In Lighter, we saw how they both fell inlove, how Kipton became the person that stands by Sophie through all the pain In Weightless, we ll see how they would conqueror all the obstacles from their past that would go their way Sophie has been doing well, learning to control her purging, finally getting to experience what a normal family feels like as she spends summer with Kipton, Cara their parents and of course, getting [...]

    11. A beautiful depiction of how someone can overcome there demons when they are given enough love support and are truly ready to help themselves Sophie does just that in Weightless as her Kipton face having to have a long distance relationship while she s at school he s off working a few hours away While she s scared she ll lose him, he s scared she won t ask for help if she needs it and he won t be their to lean on if she falters with her recovery.While this book was an emotional roller coaster, I [...]

    12. 4.5 stars What I loved about this story the most was the growth of Sophie The way she reacted in the first book to now was amazing Kipton is still a strong man but to see him vulnerable and open up about things he kept secret They truly are a beautiful couple and this book sends a beautiful message about loving yourself and seeing your dreams Let nobody come in the way of that Forgiveness is huge and a big part of life I was so proud of Sophie and the woman she was This is definitely a great ser [...]

    13. Sophie is an amazing character I absolutely love her story At some time it s a heart wrenching story but it s still great We meet Sophie in the first book in the Begin Again series, Lighter You need to red Lighter first Weightless continues the story Sophie has gone through so much in the first book, I wondered what else could be throw at her in book two Wow, she does have stuff to deal with Kipton has taken a great job but it means he and Sophie will be apart for a little bit You know that s go [...]

    14. Oh wow I m completely speechless I thought Lighter was good, but man Weightless was the icing on top of the cake I fell in love with one of my new favorite book boyfriends Kipton and admired Sophie s strength even Cara and Drew and their support and friendship through the whole series is what true friendship really is Kipton and Sophie, what can I say What started out as a nightmare for Sophie just goes to show that no matter what life throws at you there is always good that comes out of it I [...]

    15. After the most perfect summer, Sophie returns to college for her senior year But she is leaving behind her greatest strength, so she has to work even harder to keep her demons quiet so she can live But when her past comes in contact with her happiness for one last time She is faced with a new normal She wants one chance.Now being a college graduate, Kipton stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime but their is one problem to Face an unexpected long distance relationship, and he is struggling [...]

    16. I received this arc for an honest review for Love Infinity Book Blog.Weightless is the continuing story of Sophie and Kipton In Lighter, we see how Sophie meets Cara and Kipton and finds love while struggling with her past Weightless is a continuation of Sophie s journey, showing how love can help heal your past and leave you with a brighter future than you ever thought possible Sophie and Kipton struggle with the long distance of their relationship and demons of Sophie s past while trying to bu [...]

    17. Fantastic If you were a fan of Lighter, you will absolutely love Weightless Absolutely love Kipton and Sophie They are the couple that fights for what they want in life and for each other Nothing started off easy for Sophie in life and she still struggles to keep herself whole But Kipton didn t take no for an answer and pushed his way into her life and heart whether she liked it or not She needs to feel whole, to have a forever, unconditional love and family something that lacked her whole life [...]

    18. Weightless leaves your heart exactly that, Weightless I feel lighter now that I have finished the book knowing everything that Sophie Evans went through was worth the conclusion Sophie does have to endure an upbringing no one would wish anyone and she survives with honour, class and a lot of help and love from her boyfriend, Kipton Keller We can all wish for a man in our lives like Kipton Supportive and loving, with the respect any woman would swoon over, he is handsome on top of everything How [...]

    19. Arc given in exchange for an honest review Wowza Talk about a rollercoaster ride for Sophie Kipton What a wonderful heart pounding, soul grabbing conclusion to their beautiful story I ve loved her since the day I met her, and I ll love her until the day I die Book 2 picks up where Book 1 leaves off and brings us to Kipton s college graduation and heading into Sophie s senior year of college Will distance make their hearts grow fonder Snuggle up with this heartwarming conclusion to the Begin Agai [...]

    20. Another amazing read by Gia Riley.Sophie and Kipton face challenges that would cause any relationship to suffer But they prove that with commitment, understanding and compromise, it will work.They have both grown up so much since Lighter and Sophie has found her strength Kipton is as swoonworthy as ever and a lot of men can take a leaf out of his book about how to be a real man I adored this series and can recommend it to anyone looking for a series on love and never giving upVE STARS.

    21. Sophie leave Kipton and marry me please This series just blows me away its such a beautiful story about overcoming your past, letting love in, forgiving and trusting those you love not to hurt you again I couldn t put it down its one of those books that its addicting because of how beautifully written it is Sophie you will always have a huge part on my heart you will laugh, get angry and happy with this book, but the roller coaster of emotions is really worth it so do yourself a favor and pick u [...]

    22. Gah How do I write a review for a book that brought forth every emotion that just about everyone I know has gone through at one time or another Gia is AMAZING She tackled touchy issues of abuse and eating disorders and depression in such a classy way and all the while writing a story that I would recommend to anyone I loved seeing Kipton and Sophie s story continue I definitely cannot wait for from Gia and maybe some Kipton and Sophie wink wink.

    23. Weightless is the follow up to Lighter, and I wasn t sure that I could love this series any until I finished it Kipton is the PERFECT book boyfriend, he couldn t get any perfect if he tried and he s not like overly perfect where it s so annoying If you read book 1, you know that Gia has a lifetime of baggage, and in weightless it starts to become then she can bear Weightless is the perfect ending to Lighter I absolutely loved it, and a few of the ending surprises.

    24. This was such a great read Kipton and Sophie are just a cute couple When things happen that cause a threat to their long distance relationship, Kipton starts to feel very protective over what is his Who doesn t dream of a guy that comes in and wants to protect you from the bad things in the world I love this series

    25. I cannot get enough of Sophie and Kipton This book has a little bit of a suspense, thriller feel to it while still hitting the romance, and, keeping it true to Gia Riley form, discusses hard issues.

    26. Sophie goes back to college for her senior year While Kipton landed his dream job It cut into their plans They are happy but the past comes to haunt them Follow them on the journey of love loss

    27. I loved Sophie and Kipton in Lighter and couldn t wait to read of their story in Weightless As they prepared for the next phase of their relationship, I needed to know if they would be strong enough to handle the curveballs that I knew life would throw at them in their new long distance situation I dove right into this book and never looked back Chapter 15 hit me like a ton of bricks I totally did NOT see that coming Sophie and Kipton were already struggling with some things and trying to find [...]

    28. Weightless I don t know about this book I found it long winded and too self introspective The hero and heroine thought out everything going on with their lives so we read about everything they thought and felt on everything It got boring as a result and also made the story long but not really about too much else.If I read one line about how the boy loved the girl, or how much it kills him to see her sad I m gonna strangle someone with the words I skipped most of book 2 as well as book 1 I don t [...]

    29. This was an enjoyable finish to Sophie Kipton s story The story picks up soon after we left them in Lighter While the main struggle in the first book was Sophie s, in this book there s a whole lot of outside factors playing roles in their drama I don t want to give anything away I did become frustrated a few times with Sophie and how quick she was to not trust Kipton after all they ve been through But I m glad that after all was said and done they got the HEA they deserved

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