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A Fire in the Heart #2020

A Fire in the Heart A REBELLIOUS WAIFA BROODING EARLShe fled the horrors of a British workhouse seeking refuge with the dark moody aristocrat Begrudgingly he sheltered her fighting the fascination of her saucy innocen

  • Title: A Fire in the Heart
  • Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
  • ISBN: 9780380755790
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Fire in the Heart By Katherine Sutcliffe, A REBELLIOUS WAIFA BROODING EARLShe fled the horrors of a British workhouse, seeking refuge with the dark, moody aristocrat Begrudgingly he sheltered her, fighting the fascination of her saucy innocence But never did he imagine that the filthy urchin could be transformed into a bewitching beauty a sparkling jewel that would tempt him beyond endurancercing his sA REBELLIOUS WAIFA BROODING EARLShe fled the horrors of a British workhouse, seeking refuge with the dark, moody aristocrat Begrudgingly he sheltered her, fighting the fascination of her saucy innocence But never did he imagine that the filthy urchin could be transformed into a bewitching beauty a sparkling jewel that would tempt him beyond endurancercing his surrender to the exquisite torment of a love that denied all reason.
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    1 thought on “A Fire in the Heart

    1. Spoilers ahoy Consider yourself warned I m writing this review for my friends, friends that I don t want ever to put themselves through what I just put myself through.The publisher s version of events A REBELLIOUS WAIFA BROODING EARLShe fled the horrors of a British workhouse, seeking refuge with the dark, moody aristocrat Begrudgingly he sheltered her, fighting the fascination of her saucy innocence But never did he imagine that the filthy urchin could be transformed into a bewitching beauty a [...]

    2. I don t have a lot of good things to say about A Fire in the Heart My first Sutcliffe book was Dream Fever, and I can honestly say it ranks up there in my all time favorites I was so excited about this new author that I went and bought her entire backlist I ve now read 3 of her books, and Dream Fever is the ONLY one I ve really liked Love s Illusion was OK, but this one was BARELY readable Only determination got me through this one Was Dream Fever just a one hit wonder Here are my beefs 1 I stru [...]

    3. This is also a book that I read many years ago I remember the story vividly but had been on some kind of a hunt for the book But it took me a while because I remember nothing except for the plots Alas the book is not available on Kindle So I cannot re read the story today I do hope it will be re published on Kindle though I will definitely get a copy The heroine Bonnie was some kind of an orphan, brutally abused in the workhouse together with other orphans Somehow she ended up in the hero s home [...]

    4. From the very start i was intrigued by this book the writing style was exceedingly well, plot looked promising, nearly everything was going well Then the writer made a grave mistake and everything fell apart It looked like she didn t do much homework The story plot character almost everything did not coincide with the time frame mentioned in the book People of that era simply do not behave or talk or react in that manner.And why was every character so enamoured by the annoying foul mouthed heroi [...]

    5. I read this book back in the 90 s, when it first came out This is the kind of book that stays with you I loved it then, and I love it now.

    6. Una historia entretenida que atrapa Sin embargo, el final dio muchas vueltas Aun as me gusto mucho el libro.

    7. This is by and far my absolute favorite Katherine Sutcliffe book In my opinion she hasn t written a book that outdoes it yet Although, I don t think she s written a book in years, but even so, nothing else compares in my mind Even though this book is so totally outside the realm of politically correct, it stands the test of time as one of my faves This book is full of fiery passion, angst, sorrow and absolute joy I can t believe I haven t re read this book yet Damian is a bitter hero who struggl [...]

    8. Although I enjoyed most of this book, I have got to say this book is very very long Almost feels as though it dragged on unnecessarily I did enjoy the way the two main characters interacted with eachother but I cant say I liked bonnie very much She seemed very childish and annoying and by God I hated her accent I also couldn t understand why everyone seemed to like her because she was not likeable As for Damien I liked his character He was believable and I almost feel like he deserved better I g [...]

    9. I loved this book It was one of the first book to make me cried back when I first read it when I was in high school It be good to read it again

    10. Este libro es uno de los primeros que lei en este genero, realmente es un placer culposo, la heoirna es una ni a malcriada que no se da a querer, y el protagonista no se comporta en absoluto como de la epoca a la que pertenece Basicamente la autora tenia una idea y no hizo ningun tipo de investigacion sobre lo que las personas hacian o como se comportaban en esa epoca.

    11. IT IS 2016, AND I LOVE THIS BOOK EVEN IF IT WAS WRITTEN SO LONG AGOIS IS MY FINAL SUTCLIFFE BOOK AND I AM HAPPY TO END IT WITH A SPLENDID HEART WRENCHING STORY THAT LITERALLY KEPT ME ON MY TOES OUR HERO is a man betrayed by childhood love and his half brother, so he becomes a cynical man who carries on with willing married women and in this case, Mari when we meet him Damien has a single character flaw that keeps this book running and that is his obstinacy or maybe his ignorance It didn t take l [...]

    12. I enjoy historical romances, and this was a pleasant read The heroine got on my nerves a few times, hero was too kind to put up with her in my opinion She was a horrible little imp, seduced easily into the aristocracy she reneged so much about and detested throughout the entire book She Bonnie is not very likeable, so like a previous reader stated, I am not sure as to how she managed to have everyone so whimsically enthralled with her personality or presence She seemed very hysterically mad, unb [...]

    13. One of the all time best romances Bonnie Eden is a mysterious waif and Damien Warwick the moody earl who rescues her one night and whose well ordered life is turned upside down This story never gets old, no matter how often I read it Heart wrenching at times, funny at others, these characters from A Fire In The Heart will stay with you long past the end of the novel.

    14. I really did thoroughly enjoy this book It had quite a lot of really random and quick turn abouts of plot in the story line which were irritating, and the hero and heroine each had traits that both equally annoyed me But as a whole, very well written and a great read x

    15. Sooo bad Such a horrible heroine So many mistakes because the author has not taken the historical time into consideration Nobody can believe that the ton loved that vulgar, ungrateful, uneducated heroine Bonnie Unbelievable It made me angry.

    16. Had to read it again And even though it s full of racial and 80 s writing meaning sex terms it was a whole lotta fun reading it again.

    17. Read this for the first time ages ago and really liked it Then I read it again about two years ago and, damn, Bonnie really irritated me I had to deduct one star just for her bratty self.

    18. This is my all time favorite romance Read it when I was young, and will never forget it I m going to have to get another copy as my sister kept our first one One of her favs, too

    19. This book was one of the first romance novels that I had ever read I still love it to this day and read it at least twice a year.

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