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White Jenna #2020

White Jenna Jenna was the White Queen the thrice born child of prophecy grown now into a beautiful proud desperate woman Skada was the dark queen the other half of Jenna s self drawn out of a mirror by a rit

  • Title: White Jenna
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9780812509076
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • White Jenna By Jane Yolen, Jenna was the White Queen, the thrice born child of prophecy grown now into a beautiful, proud, desperate woman Skada was the dark queen, the other half of Jenna s self, drawn out of a mirror by a rite of women s magic, bound to Jenna s side, confined to the dark Both traversed a battle torn land turned inside out with the coming of White Jenna.

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      356 Jane Yolen
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    1 thought on “White Jenna

    1. I didn t like this quite as much as I liked the first book in the set That s mostly to do with the fact that the chosen one aspect plays a much bigger role in this book and I m not a fan of that trope.Yolen does acknowledge that Jenna s destiny relies as much on what the society expects from her as it does on anything to do with Jenna herself The people s belief in the prophecies surrounding Jenna s birth are really important than whether those prophecies are inherently true and that aspect is [...]

    2. White Jenna follows Sister Light, Sister Dark, but loses some of the first novel s whackadoo joy and general confusion Yolen pulls back mostly but not entirely on her conceit of academics arguing about a long past history for book two, leaving it much straightforward of a read But then it becomes clearer that the storyline and characters are too lightly sketched to carry the book Time passed oddly, and I felt myself surface reading White Jenna The small moments and half understood mythologies o [...]

    3. Loved it I realized at the end stories such as these are truly tales, and they are often what I enjoy Narnia, the silver apple books, these For children Sure For dreaming and flying and curling up with I m in.

    4. A great continuation I liked the way the prophecy was about spinning the facts into myth, the contrast of the way people looked back on it in history.

    5. I guess I shouldn t judge an older book for descending quite so thoroughly into rote fairy tale But it was all exactly what the ur myths said it should be Which was fine.

    6. Mythology mixed with research and then the actual events a wonderful, insightful way to present this story of war, loss, and recovery.

    7. A FANTASY OF SIBLING CHIAROSCUROAlthough a sequel to Sister Light, Sister Dark, this shadowy fantasy weaves a complete tapestry of chiaroscuro Prophecies on the slant, heroic female protagonists and cruel villains compete for the Dales an unspecified island realm consisting of two uneasily mixed races But supernatural folk intermingle with humans, as many women were born with dark sisters fantasy twins Besides the Greena Little People who possess curious powers, there is the image of the Great A [...]

    8. I read this and Sister Light, Sister Dark along with The One Armed Queen several years ago after finding them both in a second hand bookstore and they ve all stuck with me The story that Jane Yolen weaves is both magical and exciting beautiful The story is told in three parts First is the historical sources and theories written like evidence gathered from experts and historians and the like The second is the lore, stories, songs and poetry passed from generation to generation written in the dial [...]

    9. I enjoyed this story, especially the way it was structured each section told through myth , ballad , song , prophecy , legend , history , and story according to Yolen s whim, and the unfolding of the plot I especially enjoyed the voice that the history sections were written in the writer s clear distaste and even disgust at those who would allow any truth to the events of myths and legends His at least, I read his voice as male outrage and petulant whining at the end of the book, when the histor [...]

    10. I did not enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the first The ending also felt a little rushed I was expecting to feel the same sort of contentedness that I felt when I finished the second book in The Hollow Kingdom trilogy but the ending for White Jenna felt a bit flat I guess I was expecting something More adventures to happen The next book in this series feels a bit like a spin off as it s not on the main character so hopefully it will be of a fun self contained story But not gonna lie I am k [...]

    11. I found the characters and story to be rather meh, but the mode of storytelling to be fantastic I read both books simply because I loved the format of The Story, The Legend, The Myth, The Song, or The History It s absolute genius As a historian I couldn t help but be amused by the historical articles interspersed throughout the novel I highly recommend White Jenna for this alone Of course the world building was also quite funbut the way the story is told definitely takes the front seat.

    12. I read the first book in this duo so long ago I had pretty much forgotten it but Yolen was good about bringing me back up to speed It s a solid read, not a life changer but good, but it has a really nifty framing quirk in that Yolen gives multiple perspectives on the same action the myth, the legend, the history, the song, the story allowing a lot of interesting play between what actually happened and how it becomes remembered For that alone it s worth the read.I also really enjoyed how the endi [...]

    13. In my review of Sister Light, Sister Dark, I neglected to say that it is the first part of a trilogy, entitled The Great Alta Saga White Jenna is the second volume Although this continues the technique of combining the real story with the myths legends, folk material and historians analyses that I loved so much in the first book, I found the plotline rather formulaic Jenna gathers followers Jenna battles You know where it s all leading.

    14. A great sequel my only complaint is that I would have liked to see from some of the characters Pynt does not really take part in the story, and I would like to know about Skada The cast of characters set up in Sister Light, Sister Dark were so good I felt cheated when I didn t hear enough about them Still, White Jenna was hard to put down and I enjoyed the ride Should have been a much longer novel, though

    15. I didn t become quite as engrossed in this book as I did in the first, but I still enjoyed this adventure very much Yolen shows her mastery of the craft as she effectively changes tone as she switches from telling the myth, story, history, legend, tale, song and ballad She can write anything I m looking forward to the last book in the Great Alta Saga.

    16. I love any book by Jane Yolen I read these books years ago and loved them just as much this time Jane Yolen takes you away to another world, time, and culture I couldn t put The Books of Great Alta Sister Light Sister Dark or White Jenna down Jane Yolen is a masterful story teller She added music and ballads of the Dales amazing LOVED it

    17. Well before the battle, sister, When the sky is crowned with stars,And the world is clean of wounded,And the ground is free of scars.Well before the battle, sister,When content with what we know,We will sing the lovely ballads,From the long and long ago.

    18. Tried really hard to read this book, with really great expectations for years, as I ve had it on my household for years but, definitively, I can t finish it The songs and tales in between really break the pace of the story, and make it really difficult to enjoy.

    19. I didn t know this was book two of a series, so I found it a little dull and confusing It was hard to get into their elaborate world But I bet the first book explained it all so that was my bad.

    20. I like how the book is written with myths, legends, songs, and story all leading to the same tale Okay for the middle school library.

    21. Sequel to Sister Light, Sister Dark And just as good Strong female lead Good storytelling, which is to be expected from Jane Yolen.

    22. I was disappointed in the way things worked out After all the hype regarding the prophecy, it was very anti climactic It seemed like a pretty fast and sloppy wrap up.

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